World of Tanks – Frontline Mode Returns and It’s Fun!

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can it be real?


  1. The new frontline battle is nice and better with tier 8’s, I just wonder about the economy, hope we can at least make credits with this game mode. The little tanks above your HP marker mean how many times you can respawn quickly and if you die when there are no white tanks you’ll have to wait a really long time for a respawn. But I’m just quoting someone else so I might be wrong. I think its there to prevent idiots from yolo’ing and getting killed first minute of the battle

    • not sure what repair and ammo cost was but you can clearly see the victory netted him 246,109. Would be nice to see the nett values.

    • Luke Roberts Yeah, that’s 200k for all the tanks combined, when I played it I saw that with premium tanks alone you still lose a lot of credits because you play with 1 or 2 tanks twice maybe 3 times (if your team can hold out for that long) and everything stacks up, I’ve never gone over 250k credits and I’ve lost credits using the same loadout as I use on the Live server, but then again its the CT so it can change and Russians aren’t really reliable teammates when it comes to testing on the CT

  2. 3 marks easy on is3?

  3. no way, Anfield called something in world of tanks fun? Is this real life? 😉

  4. Nice vid Anfield! I’m actually really looking forward to playing this mode. I especially like that it’s tier 8 only, since that’s going to make it more accessible and give the players a less frustrating alternative to random battles for playing their favourite tier 8s.

  5. i would play this. thanks for the video

  6. Too bad this mode won’t count for marks. Also you can make tons of money with prem tanks considering your doing 6-10k per match.

  7. 300 FPS? 10:45

  8. This game mode perfect for clanwar battle

  9. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    I think this will save this game.

  10. Wasn’t this a tier X only mode?

    • It was, but people playing the mode bled credits like crazy and, frankly, most tier 10 vehicles aren’t as fun as tier 8.

  11. Oh it’s live server?

  12. those planes sound annoying as fuck

  13. Imagine having the T-44 lightweight on this mode (if theyd ever release the damn thing).

  14. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    Too bad my only tier 8 in my garage rn is the T69. I’m too poor to rebuy my other tier 8s I had

  15. What ? is ? so ? funny ? about ? copypasta? ? Someone ? put ? a ? lot ? of ? time ? in ? writing ? out ? a ? wall ? of ? text, ? and ? all ? you ? do ? is ? just ? copy ? and ? paste ? it? ? Unbelievable

  16. I love it: “he’s not dead (boom) he is now”

  17. Man i wish this would be a permanent gamemode its so good to farm credits in tier 8’s

  18. Ghost Mana

  19. This looks really nice and promising! A fun way to grind tier 8s and actually fight on fair terms 😀

  20. 38:30 lmaoooo

  21. Akuretaki Nikolay

    hellooooo :3

  22. Akuretaki Nikolay

    14:36 MY BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It’s a good way to siphon some tier 8s from the matchmaker. Also why the hell do they allow artilery into this mode?

  24. Hey Dez, I finally was able to get a new pc!!! It was hard keeping up with you but I used my wife’s old one. Take care, Vern

  25. Welp, time to play Defender, Lorrain 40t, Patriot, and 41 90 only in what looks to be a fun mode

  26. Sounds like Frodo yelling at Hitler, lol

  27. shoutout to theloveshitman

  28. Finally we can play a mode where every one is on even footing. Bonus that it is T8 🙂

  29. only play slow tanks when you are at a beach landing or in the final sector where the turrets are.

  30. can’t wait for this game mode.

  31. Make map bigger and head smaller, please.

  32. This looks great! Credit farming even on a defeat. You need to pay attention to the consumables’ though. This video would have been better if you realised you had extra slots

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