World of Tanks – Frontline Sandbox First Look! (New Game Mode)

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  1. Pro At Everything

    first again xD

  2. Finally, fenks GhostPrime

  3. ImNotMad_ImDisappoint

    actually looks like a decent gamemode.. about time for one of those 😀

  4. did somebody put brains in WG devs or why do they make so good decisions recently

  5. Love your content Anfield Do you think this game mode is too much asin map wise or balanced enough for 30 v 30

  6. Warcrimes incarnate

    What tanks dominated in the games you played? Sure it’s too early for a real meta to develop but I for one would love to hear your thoughts on which specific tanks are suited for this gametype.

  7. What is your favourite tier 10?

  8. did ur ammo loadout change when u respawn?

  9. Anfield micropatch thoughts, other than what the fuck are they doing?

  10. Those turrets, you can easily pen them by shooting it’s rear.

  11. attacking side OP

  12. You have to shoot the back of those huge guns. The side is also penetrable but with high pen.

  13. After testing this for 10 or so games the first day on the sandbox, I felt like the game mode was very refreshing, a great break from the corridor maps. I’m sure more maps will be introduced, but this one certainly felt varied and interesting. It might be better to give the defenders better positions to defend the objectives from, because assault felt a little one-sided sometimes, but as far as an initial test, this was very fun to say the least.

  14. I love your videos but I personally dont wach videos without commentary. I dont mean to offend you, just I thought you’d appriciate an honest, constructive opinion.

  15. Foch was right, one hand of WG doesn’t know what the other is doing ;D
    Implement great gamemode – Nerf Light tanks to unplayable state
    Nerf E5/Grille – Buff Maus/Type

  16. No! I want ur comments! do a commented version or riot! haha

  17. sooooo…you happy with the tier8 light tank nerfs, gotta say they are just as good as the tier8 mediums…………

  18. Just for the record; I actually subscribed to you for the commentry (as well as your skillful play).
    Please give an explanation to what the fuck is happening. This is the first time I have seen this mode.

  19. Now I need a tier 10 :c Unless we can play this gamemode with lower tiers…

  20. Not so salty anymore I wish:D

  21. I like this because it’s basically War Thunder. Which isn’t shit.

  22. Nice improvement. Would like to see WOWs implement something similar.

  23. Akuretaki Nikolay

    i dont have time to watch but i love uuuuu

  24. Now all you pretentious crybaby UNICOMs have a place to measure your Johnson’s…fewer of you in pub matches padding your stats.

  25. this map so big its 9km, how long it take to reach some point with slow tank?

  26. My current issue with the mode is you bleed credits so badly playing this. There is no other incentive to play this other than something different. Some missions to earn rewards, credits, etc would be nice. But no tank rewards, we don’t need a repeat of the T-22 debacle. I can do the best on my team even destroy an objective yet still lose over 100k credits. However I found playing arty you can still make credits even on a loss and running food too. The arty changes might make it even better once they go into place. I like the effort in this mode, but Wargaming needs to make it worth playing if they want it to live longer than Rampage.

  27. Did they find a way to completely dilute out arty with this ???!!

  28. 16:26 Odd how when you redeployed that it spawned you without gold rounds or rations. Wonder why that happened.

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