World of Tanks – Funny Moments | Arty Party 3

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What’s made of pure RNG and holds a gun? Artillery of course! Welcome to Arty Party 3 with one in a million shots, and the best and worst of arty RNG!

MUSIC: (courtesy of Epidemic Sound & Audio Library)
Hit The Dance Floor (Instrumental Version) – Mattias Andreasson
All In At Night 1 – Niklas Gustavsson
Cockpit – Silent Partner

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  1. What is ur WoT mod pack can you tell me ??

  2. Miguelangel Piñate

    hahahahahah i die 3:49 hahahhaaa

  3. 2:24 i dont know what i do wrong but i never hit with Fv304 thos shoot
    range is to small, a t2 arty have a bigger shoot range… and tue bullets
    fly very long

  4. you need mod to do a this in 0:48 or how do you doing it?

  5. How do I change view in this game?arty

  6. That phrase at 01:57…
    Some truths aren’t supposed to say loudly… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(

  7. ej to mój kolega skoczył.Tym amx12 w 33 sekundzie

  8. ner nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf very nerf arty !!!!!!

  9. Once I shot gunned a full speed Luchs in my FV304 from about 150 meters.

  10. M44 at the and was best. I lake arty players like him. Not sitting on te
    base whole game and doing nothing.

  11. how to toggle that aiming at 0 40

  12. Artillery rewards skillful play, also heavy tanks reward speed and rapid
    fire combat

  13. I forgot why I kept my M44. now I want to play it. :P

  14. i hate artyes

  15. that bot M44 wants Pascucci with an arty… sure, very skilled

  16. Right at the second on the Sand River map with the M50/53 (I think it was),
    when the caption “I have a bad feeling about this” With the AMX 12t
    appeared…… My phone went off, and the ring tone is Star Wars……. How
    Ironic!!!!! Wow!! Should I leave work and go home for the day now? Lol.

  17. how do you use that arty shotgun sniper

  18. ?, how about 30s after the start to send one is7 to garage? Ammoracked him
    with Grille on Pilsen (he was trying to be cheeky on middle right corner).

  19. DatOneTurtle - Random Stuff

    one week till school ? ill miss you guys

  20. Jeremy Trading Cards

    soon going to 1000 viewerz

  21. Nice video , i wish u could visit my channel :).

  22. Jeremy Trading Cards

    hah 7th

  23. Hello

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