World of Tanks – Funny Moments | Goodbye Summer Edition!

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Source: JustforlolzFYI

Time for more summer FAIL / RNG compilation from World of Tanks, where things seem to be quite slippery! Also, apologies for the graphic scenes…

MUSIC: (courtesy of Epidemic Sound)
Blue Texas Trucker 2 – Victor Ohlsson
Love Peace And Fuzz Pedals 1 – Victor Ohlsson
Back To Black 5 – Victor Ohlsson

SEND IN YOUR OWN FUNNY & EPIC MOMENTS and get featured in one of the next videos! Just upload your game to a preferred file sharing service (like OR, and send your links to:


  1. That O-I Exp vs AT2…….hahahaaa!!! Best one seen in a long time….

  2. This hack tool is сrazy
    its on google here =>
    created by russian hackers…….. World of Tanks – Funny Moments | Goodbye
    Summer Edition!

  3. Like Xbox captures ?

  4. Rip summer is there any way to send console clips?

  5. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    You got room for someone on your stream next week?

  6. what i have to press for free camera in replays?

  7. thanks for featuring my replays :)

  8. like ^-^

  9. Pls dont add memes into this RNG. I hate memes

  10. Mod link?? pls

  11. Thiago Yoris Bertschi

    i sent u a friend request in wot elmacho666

  12. 200 subscribers without any videos

    6 like ^-^

  13. DatOneTurtle - Random Stuff

    I cri evry tiem school starts .*. going into grade 5 wish me luck .*.


  15. Hi All, hope you had a good weekend!
    Here is this weeks’ schedule, I think you will like it 🙂
    MON – WOT Funny Moments
    MON – WOT Twitch Stream [ENG] from 6PM CET
    TUE – WOWS EPIC (9 kills, 200K DMG – yes, THAT one!)
    WED – WOT Funny Moments (Arty Party 3)
    THU – Websites Around WOT (worth a click!)
    FRI – WOT Tank Review [PZ 58 MUTZ]
    SAT – WOT Pure Gameplay [AMX 1375 – 3400 DMG]
    SUN – WOT Pure Gameplay [JAGDPANZER IV – 2500 DMG]
    See you around!

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