World of Tanks – Future Tanker

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Source: The Mighty

In which the suspiciously familiar sounding Tanker_Master plays a suspiciously futuristic tank and… well you’re just going to watch and see.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

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  1. reminds me of a Begleitpanzer 57

  2. Why did you feature this video?
    He had 99% luck 1% RNG and 0% skill. That kv3 or Foch should have killed him. He did jackshit 70% of the game.

  3. Since when the Tiger II named King Tiger, not even one in both teams, Jingle~

    • Lots of people call the Tiger II the King Tiger. It’s because in German the tank is sometimes called Königstiger (Bengal Tiger in English), and so a lot of people mis-translate it to King Tiger, that and the fact that it is significantly better than the Tiger I in most metrics.

  4. Just got done watching Drachinifel and Commander Walwyn of the HMS Warspite. Voiced by the Mighty Jingles. I enjoyed it very much. Ok back to salt mine.

  5. So are there more fake tanks then real ones in the game now? World of Fake Tanks!! lol

  6. Look on the bright side of the loss: the french loose once more🙃

  7. ngl tankermaster isn’t a good player, he’s just lucky af

    • WINoodles Noodles

      There are two ways to look at that statement.
      1) The more I practice, the luckier I get.
      2) You often make your own luck. By that, making the correct moves (aka being good) puts you in the position to get lucky more often.

      To be fair, there is a third way to look at that statement. I would rather get luck than be good, especially on a Friday night. 🙂

    • Yep, carrying pointless HE clip, doesn’t have equipment to give full view range (can’t pull the ‘bad crew’ excuse because the tank comes with a 100% crew), shockingly poor reactions and aiming skills (refer to his first clip on the standard B and somua), autoaiming when it’s not a good idea (you can easily bounce the front of the somua with a bad pen roll and good angle from him), focusing on targets that are not likely to expose themselves and are not a threat when there are targets in the open, neglected the possibility of them trying to cap and chasing arty instead, revealing his position to get an insignificant kill and allowing the lansen and kv3 to catch him off guard and on reload, and having to rush back to base instead of playing it smart which ended up costing the win

  8. I wasn’t there to play frontline so i could not get my hands on any of the reward vehicles.Can someone tell me if there is still a chance to collect enough points in the steel hunter mode and get one of these tanks?

  9. As always liked the video. For a side note on the char future 4 you forgot to mention its 1461m/s standard shell velocity. With that velocity and good gun handling, the char future 4 is a great sniper and can do wonders at long range. Its reload and interclip reload is something to get used to but this tank for me at least feels unique and different in a good way from other autoloaders. I enjoy and love my char future 4 but yes it is not for everyone and for me at least it is easier to play than the amx 50 100. but to end I love your videos

  10. The King Tiger is an absolute shit tank… But it is not a bad sniper.

  11. Oh Jingles you’ve done it again! He just killed the Skoda T50 (6:00) lol

  12. social3ngin33rin

    So basically…a tier 6 Russian can always pen it…got it

  13. Thanks Jingles.

  14. so do we average those speeds and add 3 or what? 😛

  15. I haven’t played WoT in a year or two. I clicked the video solely because the title led me to believe that Jingles was going to be a dad and I needed something cheerful today. Well played, sir.

  16. Wasn’t TankerMaster the dude who sent in the awesome armored car replay a few weeks (or months?) ago? 😀

  17. maybe they figured out that it wouldn’t work and that went into the Leclerc as ‘do it different this time around, guys’

  18. 5:42 You mean the Skoda that he literally just killed? Jingles Jingles….

  19. And that’s why I uninstalled this piece of shit game, teams like this on a constant basis.

  20. My theory about all the French tanks. why are they so fast? Well the reason is so they can run away as fast as possible!

  21. Love how he bitched about an AMX 1375 (bottom tier light) firing gold – then loads a whole clip of HEAT for paper tanks that are [mostly] lower tier >.<

  22. So good mobility with 32 kmph and 60 rmph, with reverse of 8 and 20. Go home Jingles, you are drunk 🙂

  23. I have enough tokens from frontline to choose a tank I have a problem choosing, I already have AE phase 1, the object 777 is one of the most boring tanks i have ever seen, i feel like i have 50 tanks that are like that and I know I will probably never play it if I choose it, because its uninteresting to me. And the Char Futur is so garbage, i cant even explain how much I dont want that tank. So i dont know what to do, I have to choose a tank and I dont want either of them. What do I do?

  24. It looks like a udes and and Su 130 had a kid and that kid was adopted by an amx13

  25. so much luck -.-
    but paired with much skill 🙂

  26. Noooooooo

  27. “sit here and watch”
    yup, that’s what I do when playing amx50100. Sometimes I got my crew hit and the reload jumps to 80 seconds or more. Fun stuff.

  28. When people say knowledge gained from constructing a prototype made it into the development of the actual model, that could also mean: we figured out we don’t want any of this in the actual model.

  29. reported for not bringing a pay to win tank, he was clearly trying to force a loss with a free vehicle…..

  30. Under_score Productions

    Why do you feel the need to break my heart like that

  31. Love the vid, but like half the things you said in the video were wrong..

  32. Jingles I have an idea that could fix the scout tank and wheeled vehicles they need to implant a machine gun mechanic making it easier to shoot out wheels and giving like tanks immunity to loosing traction

  33. Nice game, but the tiger made the right call.

  34. Martin Griffiths

    Jingles have been at the home brew agains (3 mins into the vid…) How fast does it go ??? how many km/h ???

  35. Jingles should do ASMR

  36. Matheus Rondel Leite


  37. “Tier IX Premiums are rare”, laughs in world of warships

  38. WHAT A FUCKING HEARTBREAK. I am so glad my parents were out shopping while I was watching this, as I swore the house down.

    I got the Char Futur 4 after doing the Frontnien grind. It is by far my favourite vehicle in the game at the moment, although that may change and become my second favourite after I get the 120mm for my conqueror. I rarely get a game in it where I do less than 2k or nearly 2k damage. It is an absolute terminator if you keep distance between you and the enemy, scout between reloads and USE CONCEALMENT. It can really fucking move when you need it to, so much so that it is easy to drift around corners with it. In all, it is a deceptively versatile vehicle, allowing to fulfil the role of a long-ranged eliminator thanks to 390 avg dmg X 4 =1560 and also a scout that can easily have its view range maxed out with only binocs (eventually I may end up replacing it with optics, situational awareness, eagle eye and vents). However the vehicle has one heck of an Achilles heel and that is the magazine reload. It means you need to have live teammates in order to survive in many situations, and ofc that is not always possible. To this end, if you intend to get the Char Futur 4 after completing the Steel Hunter grind, I cannot recommend more platooning up with your most trusted tankers for the best experience.

  39. Hmmm yes a tank video for my 15min break while working on tanks 🙃🙃🙃

  40. Oh so Sorry for lost mate. Well done the game

  41. Since when did they let the king tiger be accurate again in WOT? hahaha

  42. Too be fair this was a classic example of no matter how hard you try if the team is shit you are doomed. Look at all the useless glue-sniffers starting at the T-34-1 going on down to a zero damage WZ-111. 9 of his team contributed nothing of any real value unless you are one of those people that believe incorrectly that driving around and doing 1 or 2 shots of damage is valuable.

  43. JINGLES. Nice stuff. Been a bit. DOGGER quick. KELLERMEN RAPTOR. Etc etc. Things are well GETTING. More interesting. Past few days. Tech ISSUES. TANKS FOR ALL YOU DO YOUR WORK. MATTERS. USING. MY. PLAY TO NUDGE THINGS BIT BY BIT. if you follow
    Ttyl BUDDY nice play

  44. Jingles you old goof, that’s not a Skoda up there, that’s a Somua up there, the Skoda was already dead at that point

  45. Dylan van der Velden

    the odds are against this tank. it’s very situational, looking at targets gets frustrating really fast.

  46. Tempered Tantrum


  47. he just couldnt carry hard enough!

  48. I mean honestly I think the way he dies expresses in the best way why doing that weird reverse forward and back thing is pointless. It helps you in no way and only allows you to get spotted so why not sit still… if it sat still he would have been fine. Moving back and forth doesn’t throw off someone’s aim as they just wait for them to do the repeating pattern like I don’t get it… why not just sit still, kill the kv 3 and he would have been perfectly fucking fine from the KT.

  49. don’t show us these sad results come on.

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