World of Tanks – Future Updates

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Dance of the Pixies, Battle of Kings – Machinima Sound


  1. seems like wg went a bit mad with the “greek” theme xD

    anyways it looks amazing

  2. They missed an opportunity to title the article WOT’s Next. I am disappoint

  3. I really hope there will still be full or almost full tier 10 games. I much rather those than farming 8’s and 9’s.

  4. anfield do you think the FPS will drop when they add the HD maps or will it only change slightly?

  5. No tier 10s with tier 8? That only works if tier 10 lights are implemented :/

  6. Yeah btw, you’re right about NA and EU. EU is just one huuuge clusterfuck that contains shitloads of people. But NA does not share the same fate I think. Well good luck for and hoping best for NA.
    Salute from EU.

  7. zzzzzzzzz

  8. correct me if im wrong, but surely this 3 5 7 system will mean you will almost never be top tier in tier 8, as everyday there are more people playing tier 10 and theres nowhere for them to go?

  9. Wargaming definitely deserves all the fuckin’ credit for those graphics, shows they actually care about the user’s experience

  10. Hmmm, I actually hope they don’t roll out those maps before the Finals. It looked like they removed every single boost on Mines and Cliff.
    Do you think this is a good thing? Should boosting be a part of this game? It certainly seems that WG thinks not.

  11. Ranked battles will probably work in a similar fashion to World of Warships’ ranked battles. Given that it’s worked well previously, I can imagine it working for a larger more popular game like WoTs.

  12. WoWs has ranked battles but they’re 7v7. I guess a read up on that may give a hint of what’s to come.

  13. I’m curious about the new MM. 2/2/11 battles? Not so much potential HP to farm, but damn a med could roam around and kill everything. Anyway I’m not sure about limiting top tiers to just 3 per battle is a good idea for 3-level battles. It might be too easy for the top tiers then, so something like 5 top tiers seems better in my eyes.

    I also like the idea of balancing arty, LTs and TDs to equal numbers on each team. It’s just so frustrating to end up with 8 TDs on one team and none on the other team. Perfect balance isn’t strictly necessary though, and I feel that they should take meds and heavies into account as well.

  14. AnonyMouse Poaster

    The maps look so beautiful!

    By fixing mm, arty, and giving us the HD maps alone will massively increase the player base.

  15. They do ranked fine in wows. Dont see why it would not work for tanks. The server population on ships is even less.

  16. jimbeam the redneck

    Fail platoons is a good fix for the tards but some missions need a tier 8 platooned with tens, it sucks for the team wise but some missions would take forever with that implemented. Personally the missions that are map and team makeup dependent should be redone to where it is skill based, not waiting on matches where there is enough hp of a specific tank or so forth.

  17. That matchmaker is exactly backwards. They should try to do 2 tier spread as much as possible.

  18. So how will this affect preferential matchmaking tanks?

  19. I don’t agree on the maps, because this is a fkin WWII game not a Medieval motorized wheelbarrow game with almost modern tanks. This game is losing it’s identity. If the apply the arty, LT and map updates im gonna quit Tomato Rage Simulator.

  20. why dont they call it WOT s next?

  21. Nicholas Margery

    What I want to know is what they will do to tanks like the m41-90 and the amx-13-57, the two grand finals tanks. When they change light tanks to have standard match making what will they do with these? If they keep them at the same tier but reduce the matchmaking they will end up more powerful than other lights of their tier. If they move them up a tier and then give them normal matchmaking they will fall far behind their counterparts. Seems like an odd one to call.

  22. do you think the graphical changes will effect the climes and boost people currently do?

  23. i think it should be level 2 mm first followed by level 3 and finally level 1

  24. How do they want to avoid getting bottom tier too often? When there are far more bottom tier tanks as top tier (7 bottom vs 3 top) then consequently you have to be more often bottom tier or do I get it wrong?
    PS: doesn’t this make tier 10’s much better? Only 3 enemy 10#s to counter you? wow

  25. Triple the arty,Triple the fun YAY thanks WG

  26. Ranked battles exist in Warships and I believe they will implement the same in Tanks.

  27. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Had to fuucking zoom in my browser to see the thumbnail, fuucking Medieval! 😀

  28. Most excited for? Arty changes obvs

  29. Might be wrong, but everyone platooning in tier 10 will win like 90% of the battles with that mm change. You are allways toptier ofc and most of the time only 3 Tier10 tanks. GJ, really goooooooood jooooooob…

  30. who did the subtitles rofl

  31. Advanced technology.

  32. So my PC that manages to get up to 45 FPS while away from bushes (20-30 within them) is going to be fine with the new graphics? I find that really hard to believe that my low-end PC will be fine.

  33. It sounded like on the live stream when they described ‘single-tier platoons’ it means that you cant platoon vehicles of different tiers in randoms (so no tier 9 and 10s together. No 7s and pref 8s). It’ll mean platoons can only consist of a single tier (8s only or 9s only).

    EDIT: And ranked has no skill rating… its functions very similarly to the World of Warships ranked battles.

  34. I posted this MM logical idea about 4 years ago, and in wot community punk fashion most though it was crazy.

  35. I think new MM it problematic for low tier up to tier 5. What should 7 tier 3 tanks do vs a platoon of KV-1s or a Pz IV? This MM should work in Tier 6 and upwards but the balance below that is so screwed up that this will be a disaster if it goes in the game that way and will fear away even more new players and shrink the playerbase. 🙁

  36. Now clickers can drown themselves in HD! What a time to be alive.

  37. Really awesome video as usual, very informative. One thought, I think maybe the mm changes and arty limitation to 3 per battle could be a real positive. Yeah you might get 3 in every game but according to the most common 3 level battle system they will mostly be bottom tier. It would only be the 1 level battles where there are 3 top tier arty and then there is enough hit points in those games for that to make sense.

  38. Richard Gustafsson

    I never played WOT for the hraphics, I think it’s quite useless

  39. thanks for this video

  40. all those HD maps are removing the bosts and what not. to me it looks like there is more solid cover at each end which could make the games for long and campy.

  41. skeptical of those mm changes, NA has like 10% of the EU’s active playerbase

  42. I may considering coming back with these updates

  43. I have a weird idea: Like tournaments mode that have different game modes.. Like one would be that when you press battle it picks you random tier 10 tank and you need to play with it or something 😀 Dont be mad, it would be fun

  44. Alexander Addison

    I was initially a little critical of the matchmaker changes, the last thing I want is more games with few top tiers and a complete mismatch in the ability of those players, however there should be plenty of tier 8 only matches which may go some way to alleviating the pain of those of us that like to play at tier 7 (there are some fun tanks but all of that is sapped by the poor MM) the only negative I see over the current system is that it will probably take away our ability to stomp in the current MM sweet spot at tier 9. In all as much as the prioirity seems to be the wrong way round (trying to make 2 tier spread, then 1 tier, then single tier) it still appears to be a huge improvement

    Ranked battles is something I am actually looking forward to having been critical of calls for skill based MM and the viability of such a thing, perhaps it could help people in my position develop their game further (Technically sound if strategically naive Bluenicunts that can’t idenitify what it is Unicums are doing that would elevate their game further)

    As for new graphics; finally we can start looking at those on consoles for the dirty peasants they truly are.

    [/wall of text]

  45. Very good video. Informative.

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