World of Tanks || FV215b 183 – Tank Review

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183. of the , with the joint biggest gun in the game, the FV215b 183.

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I’m on the AT7…

  2. Shave the pedo stache maybe?

  3. why do you have google earth on your desktop?

  4. what is the song at the end of the video?

  5. This is my Nightmare Tank, deleted it TWICE but still like a $#”% lot, if u
    want to have a lot of games in this tank and not lose thousands of credits,
    u may need premium or the hand of god when u shot.

  6. Well, It’s not a Pay to Win tank, it is a Pay to Troll tank. Broken
    mechanics for broken brains…

  7. 20:31 I was so happy to see that arty get what it deserved! Being one shot!

  8. Wait wait wait… isn’t it the caliber of the gun has to be 3 times the
    armor thickness and not the penetration? I may be wrong but I feel like
    that’s how it works

  9. pershing review please

  10. Please show us a review of one of the tier 6 and down tanks from the German

  11. more tank reviews update some of the old ones that are like two years old!
    love your channel!!!

  12. QB what’s about 3 caliber rule? how can overmatch 183 caliber gun 100 mm
    armor? It can overmatch max.61mm armor. No one tank in WOT can overmatch
    100mm mm armor;)

  13. Why have cammo when using this ‘up close and personal’? Just wondering.

  14. Now witness the power of this fulled armed and operational *battle station.*
    – 14:03

  15. This can’t overmatch armor of 100mm, unless something changed. 183/3 equals
    61mm of armor it can overmatch. Go home quicky, you’re drunk.

  16. Holy damn. You are a god when you are in that tank QuickyBaby! XD

  17. Fuck world of tanks! fucking broken game!

  18. Eh, with standard rounds, the OP TVP has more dmg per clip, reloads and
    entire clip faster, unloads a clip in 3-5 secs, and gets great mobility.
    Those Mega TDs are out-classed now. talk about damage creeping, i remember
    WG nerfed the hell outa frenchies because ppl complained about auto-loaders
    but the TVPs are just ridiculous.

  19. You need to have eagle eye on this tank. It’s not for any real tactics, but
    it sure as hell is satisfying.

  20. the 183 is Alot weaker on the console version I always want to sell it but
    it does so much damage that I dont

  21. What, 12 shells is a fully load out ?

  22. World of Tanks Gaming

    looking forward to getting this just in time for its nerf :(

  23. lol? gold rounds in a teir 10 THE DEATH STAR none the less?

  24. Qbaby is Vegeta

  25. yesterday i shoot a t54heavy from 200m from a higher point on top of the
    Front plate…. and did 171dmg :(

  26. It can overmatch <=61mm of armour not 100mm. QB got caliber and penetration mixed up :D

  27. Trần Dụng Phan

    is there some thing wrong? 4 min battle????

  28. I prefer FV4005 to FV215b 183. Because of its better mobility and aiming

  29. Isn’t overmatch mechanic based on the caliber of the gun instead of
    penetration? If so, why did QB say that the 183mm gun can overmatch 100 mm
    of armour?

  30. Quicky, I’m a huge fan. But, please – for the love of God – please, call
    this beast the Death Star rather than constantly repeating it’s awkwardly
    long full name.

  31. I love this tank. This was my reason for playing for a long time. It was
    all about playing my tier 8s to get the money to play this. (its expensive
    to play) Would have a friend in a autoloader take out low health tanks that
    i deemed unworthy of spending 8k on.

  32. if is easy to get this tank I will get it but before you get this tank your
    status will be 30% because of losing every row I don’t want to play anymore
    my status is 44% HMMM?????????????

  33. How I play World of Tanks

    Love the double standards. It is hilarious to one shot other tanks with the
    premium rounds but it is wrong for artillery to do the same on the random
    times it hits. And I know you will say artillery can hit you from anywhere
    but it is so random while a premium shell is absolutely not!

  34. This tank is such a trashcan. I hate playing against it in my is7. I go
    hull down and it just shoots my turret for 500+ dmg. No aiming required.
    Just shoot anywhere. HE is such a lame mechanic.

  35. That overmatch bullshit bug… Quicky was carried away by 310 pen value and
    started thinking about 310 caliber :)… Geez – 310 mm gun – It will be
    something 🙂

    Anyway – great review, but tank is… specific… I cannot play with it…
    Tortoise gives me much more satisfaction, even if it has no traversible
    turret – gun dispersion when rotating tortoise is way better than rotating
    FV’s turret… This thing feels like arty with sniper mode… When You
    finally hit something – it is great, but like arties (except bishop and
    lefefefee) – most of the time it hits bushes…

  36. And this is why I playing only on HESH ammo :). Maybe you will under the
    line after match and penetracion of this rounds got nerff, but still the
    best fun on DeathStar in Prem ammo :).

  37. sidescraping… right. the numbers may say it works but it really doesnt

  38. 4 min games wtf I though it was 15

  39. Bonus code?

  40. what do u mean drop for this skill when u reach 1 skill or 2 skill if i
    reach skill 1 on my crew i retrain them and get a better skill is that it?

  41. real good review but i just sold mine and bought the tourtuise back. it is
    just nerv brakeing to play it when in random.

  42. wht is ur clan

  43. What is with the 390 meter view range? A couple of years ago TD view range
    was reduced to the point a TD player wanted to puke – or quit.

  44. One little but important note QB. You forget to say that never shoot HESH
    rounds in tanks with spaced armor parts or in extremly angles especially at
    long distances because a lot of penetration lost. Also, if the enemy is
    behind a wall, the HESH will destroy the wall but not the enemy. In these
    situations, APs are preferable.

  45. thats why you play this tank in wotb

  46. I disagree with you.. I am never buying this tank ever… just a waste of
    money…and waste of time… after the nerf its pretty much useless tank.
    but nice game tho good job

  47. I like jagdpanzer E 100 who agrees plz like why if u do

  48. While it’s undeniably fun to the driver of the Fv183, doing 1750+ damage in
    one shot is completely broken. It’s too simple a machine to play with too
    much alpha, since the armour buff there is not really much risk in playing
    close range at all.

    To be completely honest the maximum damage any tank can do should be capped
    at 1000hp in this game, that would greatly benefit the overall gameplay.

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