World of Tanks – Fv215b 3rd Mark Session Finish

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Source: Anfield


  1. 5:44 everytimes i see a Type 4 i thinks at Prufflies

  2. Hey anfield, are you planning to 3 mark any lower tier tanks in the near
    future? not many people have these specific tier 10’s. Maybe the t54

  3. Could you please, please make more videos like this. I could watch hours
    and hours of just you playing and commenting. I have learnt more about this
    game from you than anyone else on Youtube. You come across as a bit
    arrogant when referring to “pubbies” sometimes, but I pretty much agree
    with all that you say and stand for in the game (especially your hate for
    clickers and how they ruin the dynamics of this great game).

  4. thx,great vid,gz on 3rd mark ,you are great player,gj :)

  5. so smooth Kreygasm

  6. An field you are unbelievable keep t up my friend it’s appreciated. .

  7. My first heavy was FV215B. I get it with big hope. I know its a very
    special heavy. However i still cant use it. When i see 3 marks of
    excellence i feel a little bit shy. I completely respect this video. Its
    something i ll never do…

  8. Hi Anfield. Does wot numbers making in game ms/ping worst? I would like to
    see more detailed status in long tearm but even in normal times my ms is
    around 90-100 ish. Thanks and all the best.

  9. It’s awesome to know what you where thinking and why you did certain
    things. Really helpful

  10. These videos are the most helpful WOT vids on YouTube.

  11. hey anfield 🙂 i havent played wot in a while because of my soccer season
    but i still watch your vids . keep up the good work:) -helbert998

  12. hows the clan documentary project going

  13. I always enjoy ;)

  14. Sorry this is so late it took 3hrs 30m to render and then 2hr 30m to
    upload, hope you enjoy all the same :^)

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