World of Tanks || FV215b – Bonus Gameplay

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of – FV215b. So yesterday I fully reviewed the T10 British super heavy, today I’m giving you some additional bonus Ace Tanker gameplay in the FV215b!

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a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. The new Mic does sound better but its not that much better to account for
    how cumbersome it looks, the headset was find i think.

  2. nice twitch hoodie qb

  3. Enough for HT-15 for the Obj 260 there. Underestimated the chance of the
    215b doing that.

  4. lol love you man

  5. why is your render circile square

  6. lucky noob e100 to dump 4 HE

  7. Wearing a Twitch sweatshirt on YouTube what a scrub.

  8. Thanks for these great videos! I m currently driving Conqueror so this came
    just in time. The hull armor of this tank does not look good on paper and
    it can be quite challenging to combine it with a rear mounted turret.

  9. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    I hope i can get the last 40k xp for the FV215 b this weekend :)

  10. Good drivers can really shine when there is no arty in game, or its only 1
    arty max.

    8 out of 10 “awsome” replays on youtube are with no arty in game.

    I came back in WoT after a year+ of not playing. WoT will really be better
    if they put a “no arty” option for random battles, or at least lock it down
    to 1 max.

    After they added the “gold shell spam with just credits”, the tier9/10
    mediums with powerfull guns and the arty spammers, you just gimp yourself
    if you play a heavy tank in an open map. A boost to the HP of all heavy
    tanks of about 10% would seem reasonable too.

  11. Love this tank, don’t want it replaced

  12. lol, that camping t/34 was bout as useless as used toliet paper

  13. Holy crap bro, that mic is awesome.

  14. Mic sounds lovely

  15. one question:
    Is a reloadtimer mod legal or illegal.

    I mean many use it and it gave a major advantage…

  16. how u got 5x for first time win of day ?????????

  17. nice mic QB

  18. QB you sound so manly with the new mic, feels a bit weird

  19. amazing gameplay nicely done

  20. well showing always top tier games or of matches of people who played quite
    a lot becomes boring, show the truth, show replays or games of players, who
    play without mods, who just started to play, oh well this will be short
    films, about 1 minute or so. WoT the game of mod users who cannot play
    without anymore

  21. Still love this tank

  22. Quality has improved! Sweet!

  23. You aren’t even side scraping in this haha if you angle anymore than just
    the tracks the side armour is shit and is penned every time but if you only
    show tracks by quite literally just pulling straight back as shown , the
    height of tank barely makes it over that rock, not a side scrape imo if all
    you’re doing is pulling straight back

  24. I finally got it yesterday and it is awesome!!

  25. You don’t need to have the mic right in front of your face to be heard.
    Pencil length distance, speaking to the side of it so less pops which was
    heard even with the screen.

  26. Mr IS-7 is mad at you QB

  27. Now, the mic is better :)


  29. I see you got the mic stand :)

  30. Quickybaby, do you ever play Warplanes at all? Would be awesome to see some
    gameplay videos!

  31. Lose the derpy microphone, the audio is no different that usual.

  32. Mic is sounding good QB.

  33. Great gameplay, as usual.
    Oh, and the mic sounds great!

  34. I started this game back last October and I have this as my first tier 10,
    and almost have the tortoise. What can I say? I love my brits

  35. Nipun Windowslive

    I have really high spec, but no gloten.. haha

  36. Quicky why carry so much HE?

  37. QB,we love your video……but don’t scare us everytime……my heart
    almost stop…… :(

  38. loved the way how the lemmings go after QB and leave the north flank
    die….than they die as always….

  39. if that t-54 wanst afk and had 15 or so heat rounds….. probably would
    have been GG a long time ago.

    yesterday i loaded up my t-54…bringing 15 ap, the rest gold because fuck
    you….ended up being 1 of 2 teir 9s…..
    i went heavy tank alley on himmelsdorf… and got 4K damage, took no damage
    in return

    my sister started messing around on the wifi….so i was dealing with
    spikes of 999+ ping, probably could have got at least 500 more damage…but
    4k is good enough for me!

    that was about the best game ive ever had in the t-54….i was prepaired
    for teir 10 spam and got teir 7 and 8 spam….sorry boys. i tried to shoot
    mostly AP

    im 100% sure that if i didnt go HT alley, we would have lost.

  40. you are doing it wrong qb…. stop aiming so long, use the great snap shot
    potential as your armor and don’t take hits

  41. Not better or worse, just the same.

  42. i miss these sounds :(

  43. That Schrader look alike But not

    I was wondering if i should go e5 215b or 113 as my first heavy line. Thank

  44. I do like the sound of the new boom microphone you use!

  45. Every time you say an “S” it;s like a snake hisssssing.

  46. Eurovisonis MyLife

    love this video! I think I might just go for this tank sometime. Nice work

  47. That Schrader look alike But not

    I was wondering if you would start doing daily vids like you did in
    december. I loved it then. Thanks for you vids though, very helpful!

  48. QB how do you get the damaged blocked/taken panel activated on xvm? It’s
    not working for me

  49. Loving the new Mic!

  50. I have been playing for 4 years and I still want this tank I feel I will
    never grind my way here but still trying biggest problem is I drive a
    lorry and most weeks I only get home 1 s a week and don’t always get the
    time to play

  51. Sweet game. Keep them coming

  52. Bonus video my ass.
    You just wanted to show off the new mic. :)

  53. TheBaconGamer LargeBacon

    QB OneandOnly016 made you an intro and maybr you should like it :)

  54. Nice replay….however, was wondering if you still have the square view
    range that’s what the replay shows rather than the new circle view

  55. By the way if u use adrenaline on this thank u can permanently detract

  56. report T-54

  57. omg finallyyy the mic ACTUALLY sounds better now…. last time he sounded
    like shit but now its good…. all good

  58. Everyone like this video for more content, keep up the great videos
    quickybaby! P.s if ur really bored come over to Wot noob gaming where we
    have some awsome gameplay for you guys

  59. just started playing again after nearly a year off and i am really enjoying
    all the change

  60. Brilliant!!

  61. @QuickyBaby is it bad to use premium rounds on the T26E4 on a hull down
    positioned IS-3

  62. Quicky baby is very inaccurate in this tank(according to his standards) ,
    is this because of the good gun handling people become overconfident and
    take more potshots? even in the review video same case, he is more accurate
    in the guns which have worse gun handling.

  63. can you plz do a IS4 plzzz

  64. you should shoot the Jz Pz E100 one more before you fell back.

  65. The mic sounds much better now. Just don’t like seeing it. :)

  66. well i have to get some shait shots on this Jpz :D

  67. Plz do a t 57 heavy gameplay video. Love you Quicky, keep it up.

  68. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    the JP-E100 could’ve simply fired HE?

  69. I must get it before it turns into something stupid!

  70. my first and only tier 10 in my garage.. played since 2012. lol

  71. buy sound 9.13 for 5000g or $

  72. How’s the mic? I can hear the difference but personally I thought u were
    clear enough with the headset mic. Maybe a little bit of a waste.

  73. do a t26e4 review

  74. This tank is incredible once you figure it out. It just takes a bit of
    know-how and a lot of practice

  75. That replay was from before 9.14

  76. i was going to say where are the new sounds? where the new physics? til’ i
    realized this was BEFORE 9.14 :P

  77. I really want them to add the 17cm gun to the maus

  78. Maybe you could turn your tank around when you are going around a corner to
    kill someone.

  79. Great vid, like the new Mic

  80. Everytime you say: ” There are some good players in their team.” And
    they’ve played 30k games and have 1500 WN8, I start laughing. And I laugh
    and I laugh………

  81. *cues epic music* *stutters* 12:30

  82. Alexander Eriksson

    how do i use the free camera??

  83. George “Thundergeorge” Karayiannis

    For some reason,in the past I was unstopable with my sidescraping but now
    with the Cearnavon I get penetrated by anything.Can someone help?

  84. I think, the new microphone feels a bit strange for the first time, a
    little bit worse, but after a few minutes you don’t even mind it any more

  85. I get your point QB, but i`m more of scrub so i i`ll take my heavy tanks
    with enough side armour that i i`m not screwed if my angling is 3 degrees
    off :)

  86. Great play going back after the opposite flank fails. If only more players
    were that competent…

  87. I need about 1500 more xp to get this tank

  88. im not rly good in that game my best tank is the caernavon, but im happy
    that you make two videos in a rope for my favourite tier 10 vehicle.

  89. With a wr of 64.9% and over 3500 dmg per game in over 400 battles, the 215b
    is my favourite tank.

  90. will you upload the arty mission that you completed yesterday eving in the
    livestream (the one where you screamed in happiness) in your T9 batchat?

  91. QB will you ever make a video on the T23E3?

  92. i rather do damage than kills

  93. Why it’s 9.10

  94. So going from your experiences of this line guys, would you just stop at
    tier 9 or buy this afterwards?

  95. You’ve got the mic setup nailed, now, Will. It provides better bass without
    reverb, and you got it up in the air so you don’t have to lean over it,
    improving your vocal quality as well. A good step toward improving your
    streaming output!

  96. Hifi nerd here. I like the new mic since it has less echoes and gives more
    i dunno what to call it english, botne to your sound. All an all your
    articulation sounds more clear and easier on ear I’d think atleast on not
    so fluent english speakers. I like it a lot, you should definetly use it
    for youtube.

  97. Why didn’t you use the new mic yesterday?

  98. Wow you suddenly sound like a grown man after that new microphone :D

  99. Its still a piece of shit. Yes it has great gun handling but you can only
    ever side scrape if you are playing against donkeys. If they know where to
    shoot, the thing is full of weakspots. Sorry QB, you are playing against
    donkeys; any player worth his salt will punish the crap out of you. And I
    am averaging 1k xp in that thing.

  100. when new map tactics?

  101. So basically you’re trying to convince us that this tank is good by showing
    us a replay with no arty and against a team of dummies trying to fight at
    long range with inaccurate guns. Sorry QB but I’m still not convinced…

  102. Hey QB! Im struggling a bit with the french light tank line. I was a real
    scouting And sidehuging troller in the ELC AMX! But i have the 12t for a
    while now And got it maxed out. But i just dont Deen to perform as good as
    i did in the ELC AMX, And maybe in bit the only one with this problem. So
    my question is: Can you make a video about the french light tank line? And
    tell about the problem i have. And hoe do you think about the statement
    that from the ELC on it wil get good at the 13 90? And how do You play in
    these tanks? And what is the most important Role in these tsnks

  103. You went full potato vs the Jgpz in the end. Good game though.

  104. Arnas Kazanavičius

    +SirMalo if l didn’t hear couple of words it doesn’t mean l have ear

  105. im doing the british heavy tank line, im now at the Churchill I, nearly to
    the churchill VII

  106. Is that Province map?

  107. I had an amazing game in my at8 but it was on xbox so i couldnt record it:(

  108. E100 player very good. Shoot nothing but HEAT yet still haven’t even got a
    mark of excellence. Too much skill

  109. The Mic is awesome!

  110. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    the new mic quality is AMAZING.

  111. There´s a Chieftain in War Thunder 🙂 before WoT (execpt the Asien servers)

  112. The mic is much better now but it still accents your S’s A bit just
    probably an adjustment issue

  113. how old is this replay… you still have the render range as a square? oO

  114. david martin-garcia

    that game was really well played nearly 14,000 damage recived/done and I
    believe that could of done heavy 15 on all sets

  115. All these noob disagreeing with you……shame.?

  116. Is this 9.13 be cuz I can’t hear the engine and the gun diffrances

  117. 9.12 replay? :D

  118. Brendan Underhill

    I had my best game on that map and in that tank 10,954 damage

  119. Hey QB, try out the KV-4 KTTS, as i see you don`t have a video made on it.
    And as i see there are`t so many people playing it, that`s for a reason i
    guess, but any way`s.

  120. This tank was my first t10 and I just hate it when they know that one
    weakspot near the turret ring, the super side scrapper just dies in close
    quarter battle but I still love my FV215b and that it match my name hehe

  121. I’m playing on ps4 and this tank looks very nice, once I’m done with the
    German I want I might go for this line.

  122. Oh check out that mic stand…..Legit!

  123. somerandomcodplayer

    you steal kills too. so stop being butthurt when it happens to you

  124. this is a really old replay isnt it? square render distance

  125. Which heavy tank line is most worth to pick up(Fv215b line, AMX 50B line,
    IS 7 line , IS 4 line or Type 5 heavy line ? I am not interested in the
    other heavy tank lines or ,for example, the Tiger 1 and 2 and the E75 are
    “must-haves” because I am German() !!!) I stuck at different tiers at these
    lines(Fv215b:tier 6 ; AMX 50b:tier 2; IS7:tier 6; IS4:tier 7; Type 5:tier 6
    still; ) I ask you that because I have not got a clue what line to choose
    now !

  126. For some reasons your videos in HD has a stutter or lagg. Anoying and only
    on your videos. A shame as i loke your videos.

  127. best vids in the world

  128. Kattle Prod.uctions

    New mic sounds much softer and clean. I had no problem with your old mic,
    but I notice a difference.

  129. If I was driving the FV215b, the Jagdpanzer would shoot HE and killed me,
    that is a difference between a good and bad game…

  130. This tank doesn’t carry much ammo for its DMP.

  131. Are you Married QuickyBaby?

  132. Quickybaby can u play with me some day?

  133. i don t like likes

  134. i disagree and think this tank IS trash. even side scraping, it is quite
    easy for me to put shots into the lower plater because it is so wide and
    flat. unlike the IS7 that is hard to hit the lower plate when it side
    scrapes. also the view port on this tank is easy to hit usually and the is7
    doesnt have that weakness.

  135. guys can someone tell me when you are on the testserver do you have
    unlimited money or something

  136. yesterday, today… I still dont like this tank… sorry, QB…

  137. ohyes! Bonus! :D

  138. Axel “AxlRzr” Noveiri

    14:02 “Ok, Great, i miss an afk tank” xDxDxD
    16:51 Good Troll QB, Good Trolled

  139. Hey QB can you play with Jg.Pz E100

  140. Quicky you should totally do tank comparisons like the T110E5 vs the FV215B
    and the Maus and the E100 that would be really nice.

  141. good microphone

  142. Still waiting for a sale to actually buy this.

  143. Really Love your work 😀 im right now playing wot not really every day…
    or week but ill keep on watching your videos to keep me up to date. I
    really like your work. especially that you almost always keep absolutely
    calm and you carry on. maybe apart from when playing with stupid VK 28,01
    drivers LOL
    So keep on your work and have a great time :D

  144. Gold noob!!!

  145. One, the turret on that is trollesh, and two would wigging the turret be
    bad? I play the KV-4 and the stock and upgraded turret have small view/gun
    ports on the top of the turret, I use wigging the turret so that they will
    (hopefully) miss my week spot. I saw your tank review over the FV215b and
    how that mini turret is and isn’t a weak spot and would wiggling the turret
    be bad? Really only the heat round went though your view port.

  146. I like the bonus videos

  147. Hi quickybaby can you Play the Löwe? pls

  148. Whats the name of QBs headset name??

  149. what is a sidescraper i was searching for the german translation but i got
    no results

  150. Sneakykid_Thehunter

    Hope u realize i was first

  151. +Quickybaby would you do next is7 review? that will be nice :)

  152. QB, in what tanks would you recommend using large repair kits versus small,
    is there tanks where it is smart to use a large kit?

  153. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  154. Hey I Like When You Had 1000 Views !!! Cool Replay GG !!!!!!

  155. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Im quick a joke

    Nah to lazy

  156. Guys, should i keep playing amx1390 to grind for amx 30? Is it worth it?
    And is 1390 best played as a flanking aggressive tank, “with teeth”, so to

  157. Nice video

  158. Nice more Gameplay

  159. Arnas Kazanavičius

    What version of the game is this? the minimap shown a square…

  160. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    Why do you carry 21 AP and 9 HE instead of 20/10?

  161. very good

  162. please rewiew the T-34-1

  163. 15th!!!!!! Yessss

  164. hi QB I just won a CW with my clan xD

  165. Was a long and dark December
    From the rooftops I remember
    There was snow
    White snow

    Clearly I remember
    From the windows they were watching
    While we froze down below

    When the future’s architectured
    By a carnival of idiots on show
    You’d better lie low

  166. like my comment cuz im poor for no reason

  167. I lIKE EHHHH,..,..,. SOMETHING! yes!

  168. first ?

  169. Steve “Weapons Engineer” Archer

    I love the bonus videos with all the extra game-play, it’s like dessert!

  170. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    I know everyone will ignore this comment, because I am nothing and even
    immaginar tanks are more useful than me.
    But I just want to tell you that I sell potatoes

  171. good gameplay

  172. 1st comment

  173. yassine boudakhana


  174. Sneakykid_Thehunter

    Nice vid quickybaby i just got my isu

  175. Boom first comment and third like!!!!!!!!

  176. Sneakykid_Thehunter


  177. hello

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