World of Tanks – FV215B Carry

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WGL Camo Mod –


  1. Good game MisterAnfield

  2. Log in and see Anfield uploaded a video. Morning after my birthday,
    complete. . . . . <3 lol

  3. On which server is he playing?

  4. Anfield man, pls teach me how to win in Fv183 thingy …. 48 win rate ffs,
    and im good player T_T dlcatalin game nick EU

  5. Anfield which version of the Camo Mod do i have to install to get every
    Tank in the Sexy Red Camo?

  6. Is that camo a mod or clan wars reward?

  7. lol I was the Skorpion G. Game crashed when the match started,

  8. That T49 though…. Going for arty during crucial end game…only to crash
    the tank as the lights arty. G to the G

  9. wat is that echo? did u do this on the toilet or somtn lol?

  10. SIlentXHunter gaming

    how to play wot step #1 blame team step #2 whine about something step #3
    get gud like anfield

  11. The 215b has been taken out on Xbox and replaced with something else ?

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