World of Tanks || FV215b – Tank Review

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of – FV215b. Today I’m reviewing the T10 heavy the FV215b a sidescrapping monster with a large pool of hit points and one of the best rate of fires in the !

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Dislike the tank A lot… Had fairly good games with the conq, however i
    cant get this one to work…. So i sold it and bought back the conq with
    which i have a lot of fun…

  2. “But with my second shell I managed to – look at me, I’m so good”

  3. Could you do IS4 Review soon?

  4. I hope they don’t remove it,its my fav tank!!!

  5. I had the FV215b a while back – and I had some great games in it – but it
    really is nowhere near as good as the stats make it out to be. The turret’s
    at the back, which wouldn’t normally be a problem if it had decent side
    armour so that the tank could sidescrape corners, but it doesn’t so it
    can’t and that’s a pain. And it’s not really fast ENOUGH to counterract
    that. Really, the tank would work much better if they moved the turret
    forward, dropped the health pool, and redesignated it as a Tier 10 medium.

  6. i like to give my back for enemy’s better than my side on FV2015(B)

  7. I think, WG should add Chieftain Mk VI as a tier 10 British heavy tank
    after FV215b . So, Conqueror have 2 choices for selecting tier 10 heavy
    tank .

    You know why, FV215b is a sidescraping tank but its still rubbish when you
    mentioned a hull weakpoint near turret early . And the firechance quite
    easily to catch .

    Round armor FV215b for heavy tank not suitable for Tier 10 . I shall
    choosing Chieftain for it’s OP turret . Suitable for hull down despite
    great gun depression .

    If wanna keep FV215b in British tier 10 heavy, i suggest WG just adding
    Chieftain Mk VI as a second tier 10 British heavy tech tree .

    Some player rather choose sidescraping gameplay . So they can choose FV215b
    . If wanna choose hull down gameplay, they can select Chieftain Mk VI .

    This is my opinion . I hope you considering my opinion . Thank you .

  8. I STILL THINK 113 NEEDS MORE BUFFS, like a lot better lower plate , 2.5 aim
    time and 255 penetration …

  9. I love the tank! I can punish anyone and hull down it is a monster.

  10. I love at 22:45 how the E-100 just gently brushes past QB all ‘Step aside,
    I got this’ and goes “IMA FIRIN MA LAZOR” and the T57 Heavy is just blown
    away xD

  11. I feel like I would get much better results with this machine if I wasn’t
    the one right at the front lines without a shred of cover in sight.

  12. why you dumm ass why did you tell evry one basterd

  13. This tank gets set on fire every match… EVERY MATCH! Still nice DPM

  14. i don t understand if u uploaded this 9 h ago …why is stioll the old
    patch…and dude..U are so boring now…u have to change something…

  15. this needs a HD model and buffs like the e5 got.. you get this tank for the
    gun that’s it

  16. You just had to mention the “awfull” panzer at the end “cries”. I miss my
    “awfull” panzer 🙁
    Nice review.

  17. i saw this first game somewhere? qb did you use it already?

  18. the curse of the 215b. Lose 50% hp in the first 3 minutes then bounce
    everything the rest of the match.. Always happened to me when I played that

  19. I really like the gun handling on the brittish top heavy tanks. But i do
    like the conqueror better than the fv215b :)

  20. QB PLEASE! Stop using German language for numbers on German tanks. Why
    don’t you say SU-152 in Russian? or the STB-2 in Japanese? Just say:
    Waffenträger auf Pz. four…

  21. wh would they remove it, it’s not like the British have too many tanks in
    the game

  22. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    My friends say that this Tank is shit….

  23. Do you think they will convert this to an HD model or will it actually be
    replaced by the Chieftain?

  24. Review the buffed T-34-3, please Quicky. Great tank now.

  25. God dang it make a new intro already!

  26. cheftain is way to OP

  27. I researched the Carnearvon and have the guns for it, but I refuse to play
    that heavy line until they finally implement me a fine old Chieftain.
    The FV is meh-ish through and through.

  28. The reason the FV215b is going to be removed is that it was made up 100% by
    Wargaming. It never existed, not even in blueprints.

  29. Very nice tank, really a pleasure to play, although a tad hard to be good
    with it. However, as you see around 26:30, every retard will start spamming
    HEAT at you, at which point only the decent HP pool helps. Also, this tank
    is rather rare, so most people don’t quite know how to take it out. This
    makes it feel a lot stronger that it has any right to be, considering the
    rather big weak spots all over its armor profile.

    Overall, one of my favorite tank in the game, due to the beautiful gun and
    somewhat decent armor. Enjoyment of this tank depends on how much premium
    ammo is shot at you. If someone just decides to spam HEAT you’ll melt away
    rather fast and frustration kicks in rather fast.

  30. why not mention hesh rounds……

  31. It really is a beast of a tank. Very high skill cap, and also very
    difficult to play well. It was my second tier 10 heavy and still my
    favourite. I hope we keep this as well as get a Chieftain sub line.
    Chieftain looks to be a similar mix of tricky to play and very high skill

  32. my WoTfriend got 3 Marks on this tank, while i was super happy about
    getting them on su-100……. but then i saw a replay where he was
    playing……. aaaaaahhhhh gold spam fag ;)

  33. whyyyy would u not kill the ru=251… u let ur big TD die :(

  34. +quickybaby As always, a very good review. AND: nice that you finally
    recognize yourself that the DMG Log (both the short one with blocked/hits
    taken above the tank pictogram as well as the more detailed one right to
    the pictogram) does not work correctly. Especially after being so arrogant
    about “it works fine, if it doesnt for your PCs out there, it is your
    fault” statement during stream (my Xeon gaming rig crashed once in 4 years,
    but your Win10 infested once per stream ;)). But, there seems to be some
    pattern: it vanishes when u use TAB key, and comes back after you used tab
    key again. Look at time stamp 20:20 from this review, or your yesterdays
    stream when you drove the Conqueror…the “vanished” damage log reappered
    at time index ~19:50-19:55 (first recording) after you pressed tab.

  35. The best WoT Youtube channel in the world!

  36. who is the Wii

  37. FINALLY! :D:D

  38. *I wuv my FV215b for side scraping and hull downing however I almost always
    lose because of the speed and those ‘corners’ on the armor….*

  39. and it will only take me an year to get it -_-

  40. I love this tank

  41. we got Chieftain in War Thunder already, it looks awesome and has the
    highest penetrating stock rounds in the whole game

  42. You are doing a great job quickybaby with these reviews, showing us weak
    spots on ohter tankss.I watched the ferdi review a while back and I’ve been
    penning it’s front hull shoulders every time ever since.You really help get
    better at the game.

  43. Yes! Finally!

  44. Do you think the FV215B became a T8 premium heavy tank like the FV4202 ?
    Thx for your video quickybaby It was super

  45. Am I the only one who wishes he talked less in the garage or at least more

  46. i recently rushed down and got the fv215b counting on that it was going to
    be replaced with the chieftan, but i really like the tank and i hope they
    keep it in the game. however, i wouldnt mind receiving a free chieftan tank
    if they do replace it, perhaps wargaming will turn it into a tier 8 premium
    tank like with the fv4202

  47. Do a is 4 and 7 review

  48. oh my goodness! this video looks so professional! the intro where you talk
    a little with some gameplay is so cool! i really like this video!

  49. I play blitz and got a maaaaassive game in my is3 I had only apcr 5 shells
    and 2 HE shells left i did 5k damage and 5 kills

  50. good shot? you know that obj 268 was only lucky xD

  51. could u do a tiger 2 review please

  52. Ram an fv215b in a kv4 ;)

  53. my internet froze at “queue the ambush.” Great timing…now load

  54. Is the chieftain still gonna replace this tank?

  55. Why Wargaming want to remove the FV-215b? anyone knows why?

  56. sounds like a commersial from wargaming in the begining :D

  57. Who else noticed that the first game he played was not in patch 9.14

  58. Use the new microphone

  59. The callers of my clan highly demand FV-215B, but this is one of the tank
    that I am afraid to grind so far. Who knows if Chieftain is going to take
    it over or not. Maybe there will be another replacement instead of

  60. Charles etienne bouchard

    Would be amazing to see a review of the is-4 🙂 !

  61. The Crazy Pineapple

    I assume that WG is gonna do the same thing as with French mediums, just
    the line branching off into two tier 9s and two tier 10s. I wonder what’s
    the new tier 9 gonna be then.

  62. Before I sold this tank I used to get set on fire 2 to 3 times a match and
    that was with 2 fire extinguishers and every fire fighting crew perk you
    could get! My friends and I call it the FV215 BBQ…

  63. Why not 2 tier 10s splitting off the conqueror? Like the T54 T62A Obj 140
    situation, removing Ng it seems pointless.

  64. Nothing said abt crew skills or equipments !!!

  65. Sweet tank. Keep them coming.

  66. Tanker discovers one weird trick… FV 215b drivers hate him!

  67. could be kept as a tank destroyer

  68. at last!

  69. The new mic is definitely noticeable, sounds a lot better during the intro

  70. fv215b turret is amazing

  71. Love the new style!

  72. Death star

  73. BDR g1 review plz

  74. Hi QB rumor has it that the Chinses server is beginning to recall&refund
    all the sold Chieftains, so maybe something is going to happen soon.

  75. I’m hoping for a tree split like the way it does for the T-54 when the
    chief comes in

  76. Great. Now you just convinced me to go for it from my Black Prince.

  77. is this 9.14? Noticed it doesn’t have the new sounds

  78. Satanam Daemonicis

    T110E5 is not an overpowered tank, it’s just how a HT should be. I don’t
    think it needs a nerf, I think other top tier HTs need a buff.

  79. FINALLY QB..!!

  80. Can you review the 121 next?

  81. do a pershing review someday soon plis

  82. t57 h only haz 36

  83. I had this tank when it came out originally. But they nerfed it and turned
    it into a crap tank so i sold it. Looks like it may be worth getting back.
    great video Quicky Thanks.

  84. We want both!!!

  85. I’m just a million credit short from buying it

  86. I’m 2 mil creds from the Conqueror (QB any suggests on saving/gaining
    creds? I’m terrible at it), and this video just solidifies my motivation to
    get this thing before it gets replaced (If this happens. I really think the
    Chieftain should probably be a Tank you receive from a set of missions; or
    make it a Premium tank or something, just DON’T replace the reason I
    started WoT in the first place), despite some of the the frustration of it
    and it’s predecessors.

    I really did like the replays you showed, as usual, they’re always awesome
    when I get the time to watch one. 🙂
    I’m gonna continue working my way up to the FV; as well as the Obj. 263;
    Maus; and the FV 183. I’m trying to make myself better in WoT too (I’m a
    darn 45% lol), so watching how you play kinda helps me adjust my tactics
    and style of play.

    You’re awesome QB! o7

  87. Technically the Chieftain will have the highest DPM as after equipment and
    skills, it can go higher then T57 Heavy

  88. EEEEEE! I didn’t know that you could drive over those tank traps on
    Siegfried line!

  89. why reviewing a tank now that’s most likely going to be replaced with the
    chieftain soon

  90. Sidescraping monster? 50 mm of side armour is okay until 152 mm guns,
    unless they know to shoot the turret ring or the angled cheeks near the
    turret. It has the best gun on any Heavy tank, amazing accuracy, aim time
    and dispersion and opf course DPM. It has a really low amount of ammo
    compared to other heavys, it’s frontal armour is only the upper plate, if
    your playing against good players or tanks with 152 mm + guns, you can’t
    expose any part of your tank when at corners as you will get penned easy.
    The only thing good about this tank is that it is the best gun platform for
    a Heavy at tier 10, but comparing it to the T110E5, it’s armour is worse
    which makes it a lot harder to play so is truly only good when hulled down.

    QB you said about the side being a “auto bounce” when at 70 degrees, but
    you forget again about the thickness, only auto bounce upto 150 mm guns and
    you’ll have to use 70 degrees or more

  91. +QuickyBaby Could you please do a review for the IS-4 at somepoint? As i
    feel it constantly get’s over shadowed by the imfamous IS-7!

  92. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    Low velocity guns are real good vs that Coppola due to the shell arc, even
    at medium range.

  93. I loving the conquer so far and working on the FV

  94. hahaha you done that mission now when you finished seee it is easy

  95. One of my favourite heavies in the game, Hopefully they don’t remove it,
    Even if i’m not playing wot much at the moment :D

  96. Well, i think its time to buy again the fv215b, thanks for this review

  97. I heard that WG finally decide to nerf Chieftain a bit and replace FV215b

  98. QUICKY BABY when are u gona do tank giveaways i like the game but not
    enough time to grind as much

  99. Why should one play the FV215b???

  100. This thing just goes up in flames all the time… Twice a game

  101. The FV215b was the first tier X tank I got on WoT Blitz and I love it! It’s
    very quick and an excellent brawler.

  102. Biggest misplay you can do is to carry 5 hesh or more with this tank. You
    have 30 normal shots to make which is the same amount as a batchat.
    Sometimes 30 isnt enough to carry games. Hesh is good but the advantage is
    still not very large. Use 1, max 2 hesh with this.

  103. jokerspet karlsson

    not a single mastery badge,

  104. You make the FV215b look like an easy tank to play! :)

  105. Add in the chieftain but don’t remove the fv215b. Add it as a tier 10 from
    the firefly

  106. Recently when I was picking a Tank Girl for my Medium I had noticed that
    you could train the girl into a Medium tank called Chieftain/T95 a new
    Medium Campaign Tank?

  107. QB pls give the IS-4 some time on your channel. Cya

  108. FV215b as featured in WGL gold league

  109. The old sounds are back in this review !or are some old matches !

  110. I feel that the Chieftain shouldn’t replace the FV215b, why can’t War
    Gaming put the Chieftain next to the FV215b like what the T-62A and Obj
    140. That would make more sense.

  111. I like the intro format, nice overview and excellent camera work. Keep it
    up QB!

  112. FINALY!!!! ive been waiting a year and a half for this

  113. QB can you update the mod pack because there is a new version of xvm

  114. QuickyBaby pls can you pls do a IS-7 rewiew or 121 plssss tnks :)

  115. sup

  116. The problem with this tank? you cant play a game when there is an arty…
    And the only good thing this tank does is sidescrapeing
    Result:Dont buy this tank, if you want to sidescrape there are IS-7 IS-4
    MAUS E-100 and if you want a tank like fv get the t110e5 so you can
    actually bounce some shots and stay alive longer

  117. yooooooooo qb, why is possible to train your crew for chieftain but not for

  118. QB please do a IS7 review?

  119. How to two shot a T95

  120. Great Video QB. You got your Mark of Excellence on the last match as well.

  121. Where is your new Mic??? :O

  122. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    Is peper pregnant?

  123. qb… which tank would you feel most comfortable in to win a 1vs1 against
    an unspecified enemy?

  124. Razed In A New Division Of Agony

    There aren’t enough British tanks in the game. I don’t see why they can’t
    branch both this and the Chieftain from the Conqueror. I used to think this
    tank was just ok until I learned how to take advantage of it’s advantages.

  125. I started the british heavy line just because of the Chieftain, I dont need
    any of the other tanks there at all. Im at the tier 9 now, the conqueror,
    and they decided to change their minds?

  126. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    45ms of ping, complains about lag…

  127. whats dbm?

  128. Is-8/t-10 review!!

  129. Plz wg do this: add chieftan as 2nd tier X. I mean after conq you can do
    fv215b or chieftan. Same as obj 140 and t62a

  130. I love hitting this tank in my 261. It’s so squishy to arty shells

  131. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Why didn’t you compare it to the IS-4, the other sidescraper.

  132. Would be nice if they fleshed out the British lend-lease line with the
    Chieftain at the end.

  133. Please, can you do conqueror review becouse it’s recently been buffed, and
    the last review of it was 2 years ago?

  134. In my games all I remember is reckons this thing in the t34 when hull down

  135. Hey QB if you haven’t already can you do a review of the Tier V
    American/Canadian Medium Tank the Ram II?

  136. I think the thing people most underestimate is the upper frontal plate.
    After having 600 battles in my FV, I can confidently say that plate is a
    ricochet to anything except gold spamming jpe100

  137. Check this place out, More HD Models

  138. Christoph Zerlega

    maybe you want to discuss Crew skills in your next review too; )

  139. did anyone else notice a document called MOO on his desktop? xD

  140. What’s your upload schedule?

  141. the fv215b was my first ever tier x and I have been waiting two years for
    this review.

  142. what does the brake force mean QB?

  143. Fredrik Sundström

    E 50m review next? would love that ☺

  144. Both tanks shoud be in the game

  145. “one of the best rate of fires”? As in “best rate of fires caused”? I kinda
    doubt that… 😛 Try “one of the best rates of fire”. /grammarnazimodeOFF

  146. Hell yeah!!!!! A dramatic zoom

  147. I just loved his face when entering gameplay part.
    He was like “yay!”

  148. i hope it stays in game

  149. Why does HESH need to pen? It’s made for destroying a tank without even
    pen.-ing it

  150. The first thing I notice is the very hexagonal gun

  151. VERY BAD tire 10
    easy ammo rack
    easy dead gunner+commander+driver after 1 shot..
    hit from arty is……..lose 2 crew member and ammo rack very easy..
    + only the gun…
    FV215b is only for snipe 250-300 m….in close combat….is..paper and easy
    dead meat
    nice video QuickyBaby

  152. i have your mod pack. when i have it i cant unlock is3. but when i delete
    it, i cant start the game. what to do?

  153. just when your feeling board quikky baby saves the day

  154. Do an obj 430 review

  155. did you use the new microphone for that bit at the start?? it sounded good
    if you did!

  156. WG, put in the Chieftan but DON’T remove the Fv215b

  157. i left my phone in the truck while i was working and the sun branded my
    phone overheating warning onto my screen. so now i have to look at
    everything through an attention thing… :(

  158. 15:12 – Try to press Tab key. It works for me

  159. Do you think they might just branch the chieftain off from the conqueror
    because I love the 15b

  160. theycallmeRiot xDD

    ooo… 30min… *grabs popcorn

  161. First thing I thought was “Isn’t this tank being changed?”. Obviously an
    IS6 buff was more important.

  162. you should have done parts of the review in 9.13 and other parts in 9.14
    just to mess with us lol….alot of work tho.

  163. I would like to have FV215b because i testet him on the test server and i
    really like him but the problem is not that but the tier 6/7/8 is just a
    pain to drive compared to the others heavy tank and they brutal guns/stats.
    Even if you have good front armor nobody cares everybody penns you anyway
    with gold ou with luck/weakspots.

  164. yup i hate you now

  165. Lovely video and very nice battles. ^-^

  166. Yes I have been asking for this

  167. The British heavy line is so slow…literally. Half the grind feels like
    you’re playing World of Snails.

  168. Beniamino Coletto

    thanks for using your own replays :)

  169. Joe McClure (illchilles)

    Quickly, I do tank reviews and such on my channel as well and you missed
    talking about how the super high caliber guns (155mm and above) like that
    on the jageroo or something like the T110E4 or E3 can auto pen the side
    armor of the 215b. It’s my favorite tank and the game and I feel that that
    is something that can be game changing whether or not you know it or not.
    Thanks for the review though, been waiting for you to do it for a while

  170. You can unlock a female crew member after having completed the missions,
    you can recruit them as Chieftain Mk.6 crew members. I unlocked four female
    crew as the chieftain crew ( Driver, Commander, Gunner and Loader) in the
    hope that it would unlock the Chieftain but nope :(. WG be trolling

  171. Nah Chieftain better

  172. Instead of replacing it why not just start another heavy tank line?
    I think they should have done that to the medium line as well heck they
    started it anyway they just needed to carry on from the firefly.

  173. Pessi Lyytikainen

    got the FV 215b few weeks ago and completed the HT-15 for T55-A with it.
    I’m loving it. hope it does not get replaced

  174. Pls do a Jagdtiger review + best equipment video

  175. Are u allowed to record on supertest?

  176. i love sidescrapping, that side armour is worth so much nowadays :>

  177. Triumph Spitfire 2

    With all due respect, its side scraping, not sidescrapping as you said, no

  178. i was waiting for this

  179. FV215b, average as far as tier 10 heavy goes.
    The good first,
    1. That gun handles like a dream. Best dispersion vaule of ALL tanks in the
    game, same as T-62A. Best aim time and accuracy only add to that.
    2. APCR as premium ammo instead of HEAT. HEST instead of regular HE.
    3. 2nd best DPM out of all tier 10 heavies.
    3. Very good turret armor, (the weak spots on the turret mentioned in the
    video are tiny and can only be taken advantage at close range with good
    handling guns) coupled with great gun handling and DPM making HULL-DOWN
    tactic very effective (Which the 2 replays didn’t show). Also the turret
    turns very fast.

    So why FV215b isn’t as good as say E5? Short answer, lacks effective armor
    besides turret front and low top speed.
    See how little angle must QB do while side scraping in order to avoid pen
    in the first replay? Rear mounted turreted tank suppose to be great at side
    scraping, but FV215b has too little side armor to do it effectively. And
    once u didn’t do it correctly, ur opponent will be able to take advantage
    and pen ur side or lower plate, maybe even tracking u in the process.
    And because of the shitty module placement on this tank, u will also get
    ammo racked, set on fire or driver killed while be tracked.

    Therefore, FV215b’s supporting heavy. Fighting in the frontline with other
    heavies can go wrong very hard, very fast. Always stay at least a line
    behind the “true heavies” on ur team and let the superb gun handling and
    DPM surprise u.

  180. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Lit up like bonfire night ;)

  181. Sidescraping monster ? Really ? Lmao

  182. Is-7 is better

  183. when ur watching a replay video and remember how hard you sucked in that
    game :/ and when you realize that the person who totally rekt you was qb
    ;_; i would have spamming chat if i noticed that ig xD



  185. Man you most of all suck dick at this game! The fv215b is a monster of a
    tabks but tomatos only like The OP tanks!

  186. Have you guys had a ton of bugs lately? Game freezing or game getting wrong
    signals, e.g. tank turning to left without player input.

  187. Whats the best equipment to use?

  188. Unless you are a unicum newtype that can see the future like quickybaby,
    the 215b probably isn’t a good fit for you…

  189. Tu better not replace my fv215b!!! I love that tank :,( i do want The
    chiften but i still want my fv215b:,(

  190. so the fv215 is staying in the game?

  191. TankVideos23 Jokes

    Wasn’t the chieftain supposed to replace the 215b

  192. what no chieftain surely they will replace fv215b i hope

  193. do a KV-4 review

  194. How do you pick which tanks to review?

  195. Unless the FV215b is remodeled in HD before the introduction the Chieftain
    Mk. 6, I doubt it is here to stay, at least not as a tier 10. I think what
    is going to happen with this tank is the same thing that happened to the
    FV4202. Wargaming will probably replace the FV215b during this summer,
    replacing it by the Chieftain Mk. 6, before bringing it back into the game
    as a HD remodeled tier 8 premium tank reward for the next mission marathon,
    in 2017. Just like they did with the FV4202 in 2015.

  196. What T10 tank should i grind for plz tell me it is a hard desision :)

  197. One of the best rates of fire? It’s good for a tier 10 heavy I agree, but
    not nearly in like the top 50 best RoF’s in the game.

  198. What I don’t understand is how QB only has 350000 subs he should have much

  199. When you have to play the tank like that, i think, it is just a weak is4

  200. I’ve got the Conqueror !!! 11000 xp and I’ve the Fv215b !!!

  201. About time! This tank has quite a high skill cap. Thats why you dont see it
    as often in random battles as easy mode tanks like the t110e5. But when
    mastered it can outplay alot of tier X vehicles.

  202. This is that tank i have been trying to get ever since i first started
    playing this game, I’m currently at tier 8 on it ;-;

  203. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    This tank should be compere to Mause, not E5 or 113, cuz has similar play
    stayle of Mause. And this tank out class Mause in everything but Side and
    rear armor, on lfp, but it’s faster, gun is ages better, and FV can def
    himself vs meds, Mause cant.

    This is example how Stupid WG ballance department is. FV has way better gun
    over Mause, its faster, got less HP, but turret armor is better, and can
    side scrape too….So what Mause gets….3k HP….yes……

  204. DW I already know about that weak spot quicky, that’s why the FV is not
    that well armored IMO, but what it does get is that DPM and gun handling to
    trade off for that. And tanks with sub 240 penetration can struggle against

  205. Tfw you have no armor

  206. @Heed LessOne i see what you did there ;)

  207. TOG III?

  208. i’ve got this tank and i play like a noob inn it, but if my friends play at
    my account they rek everony in this tank

  209. TheSoulOfTheSith YT

    Hey QB, mind doing a map change video? Unless its just too little and not
    worth the bother then

  210. What’s dpm?

  211. h

  212. same matter with the grille 15 but i think that would be a realy good

  213. you told all the FV215B secrets… You brit traitor

  214. do i feel like i miss the old sounds ? :P

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    it is then

  217. New sounds are amazing did anyone else hear the fuel splashing out of the
    fuel tanks in the beginning of the second game?

  218. This sounds a bit random but could you do some gameplay on the M4 Sherman?

  219. IS 4 review next? :)

  220. love taking them down on my E3. though they have high pen to get my lower
    plate, but I always use the 8 degrees gun elevation on a small hill. still
    the fv is a tough opponent

  221. Tough tank to play on some maps

  222. Hey quickybaby i downloaded your XVM mod pack and i have a few issues, the
    % chance to win doesnt show, the dmg given is under the team count thing
    and the Winrate % next to names doesnt work, the coloured names doesnt work
    and the wins needed to go up a Win rate %age doesnt work either Please help

  223. no skill only lack babe pozdro z polski :)

  224. The_Lee_ Man (Wyatt_Plays)

    i got the mod pack you made, but my damage i did is under the team bar, how
    do i move it?

  225. Great tank! But my problem is that I have heared that the tier 5,6 and 7
    British HT are very bad. Is that true??

  226. I always watch QBs vids at 1.25 speed. Otherwise it’s too slow for my taste

  227. just got my tier nine csech

  228. ralroost einsnulldrei

    this thing is awful. I loved the conq, this thing is marginally better imo.
    Gun was good though.
    Sidescraping is pointless because there is a flat box directly below the
    turret on the sides, Tier tens can often pen turret cheeks. It’s super hard
    to go hull down with that giant ass nose. etc.

  229. oh yea

  230. Lots of respect for u from a noob blitz player , always learn a lot from
    you , thank you for such a detailed reviews always ,

  231. Paulius Rinkevicius

    as i was thinking how good fv215b….

  232. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  233. Ironically, I had my first game in the 215b on siegfried line assault and
    got 9k damage, which was nice. I’ll submit the replay to your site QB and
    if you want extra gameplay to show, you can show that.

  234. Honestly guys. Dont be fooled by seeing a skilled player play this tank
    quite well, the realetyis that this is a damn hard tank to master. It all
    seems so nice on the paper but really it just get recked by anything if you
    make the slightest mistakes. My advise before picking it up…. try it out
    on the test server when you get the chance !

  235. under 5000… 1547 to be exact

  236. Wait that intro is different nice! and i am going for the charioteer line
    is that any good in tier IX and X?

  237. I know you never do, but I feel like you should have mentioned that with a
    rammer, vents, and Brothers in Arms, the FV215B actually has the highest
    DPM of the T10 heavies. It only beats out the T57 Heavy by a very small
    margin, if I remember correctly, but higher is higher.

  238. how can the ammorack get damaged while shot in the tracks explain it ammo
    is in the turret

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  240. FV215b is dead because of thee Chieftain

  241. The FV215b is not a bad tank, just very awkward to play, i’d take the
    Conqueror any day of the week.

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    new favorite tank

  243. And your new mic

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  245. GG nice people

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    This tank is superfun if d enemy team doesnt have ant spg

  247. Hey quickybaby, i just got the Jpanther ll, any suggestions?

  248. I think it is a grate tank and if you can use it well then it can be

  249. Been waiting for this replay. Could you also do a T54E1 review in the

  250. What do you think of the Grille 15 QB?

  251. What do you think of the Grille 15 QB?

  252. Cédric Möhlmann

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  253. Worst tank in the game….

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