World of Tanks || FV217 Badger – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – FV217 Badger. Update 9.21 brings the FV217 Badger – future most dangerous tank in the game and here’s why!


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  1. Lol he keeps calling it a tortoise

  2. I hear this tank doesn’t give a shit.

  3. Take a shot for every time QB calls the Badger the Tortoise. ???

  4. Wtf is 355 mm of penetration of amour

  5. Could you do a review on the Type 4 Heavy please?

  6. Tomás Turbando Pinto


    That’s not an issue with the Badger, that’s an issue with these stupid huge alpha derp guns that WG thought it would be nice to implement.

  7. Highest dpm in the game and no upper weakpoints at all. And yet people say the 183 is unbalanced bullshit and this is somehow a welcome change. After all of these tech tree changes for the worse I’m basically done with the British line

  8. World of tanks is broken beyond repair

  9. Are you my dad?

  10. This tank should only meet tier 10. This will be a nightmare for tier 8-9

  11. 8:31 its the badger, not tortoise

  12. RIP Badger if ramming destroys the gun. But then again in WoT the gun can be hit but can’t be touched. Much like it’s there but it just isn’t.

  13. yea so balanced

  14. Good fucking luck t8 to trying to pen this shit

  15. Take in account that, as he says, he is playing with improved equipment, a directive enabled, a 8 skill crew and premium consumables. A configuration that no one will be able to use. I think qb should do this previews with a more realistic configuration. This is not very meaningful how the tank performs in real life. Even in a normal game you will never be able to get on the hill with the Badger, when there are lights an meds on the team.

  16. Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM

  17. Honestly the type 5 is the best starter tier 10…it doesnr require much skill

  18. QB you said sooo many times that you are driving the Tortoise in this replay that it is not even funny ? the tank is called badger, man ?

  19. Has someone counted how many times he has called it the Tortoise?
    I think it was like 4 or 5.

  20. war gaming is becoming more rridiculous

  21. Here in the US servers we have a meme that grand battles dont exist, why? Because you hardly get to play them ever…

  22. that thing handles like a badger

  23. looks promising…..It makes more sense after the Tortoise, to play this TD in tier 10

  24. I think its good to have arty in test so you know what its like to be hit by arty XD

  25. lol i quote “such a great tank” when the first second into combat it gets damaged

    my personal feelings on the tank is that its really just another SU 122 55 tank. Great reloading time and its cool and all but I like the FV215 B a little bit more with its 1000+ damage gun just saying. I:

  26. Wait a sec APDS? Sabot rounds?

  27. This preview went the wrong way the moment the Badger was compared to the T110E3. The Badger is so much better it is not even funny.

  28. All that whining is how we got tier 10 LTs nerfed so badly. Just let the badger out and then complain after seeing how you perform against it in live situation. Theory will always give way to reality. Some talk about 1 vs 1 situation or how it has friends, but you do too; the game is way more about situational awareness and positioning than individual tank characteristics because it’s 15 vs 15, not duels.

  29. Fv217 with Grille 15 0.27 despersion

  30. Super badger

  31. the stats hardly make sense. lighter, more powerful, faster. yet greater ground resistance.

  32. Did you guys count how many time he called Badger Tortoise?

  33. Apathetic Bystanders

    grand battles is stale and boring (while playing on fucking mines at tier 10)

  34. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for years for a true tank to follow the Tortoise. Absolutely love my Tort and this will be so much better then the Derp183

  35. there is a weakspot. The armor at the sides of gun mantle bridge thingy is the same that of the sides

  36. ‘Don’t over-angle your Badger, ladies!’

  37. Yes QuickyBaby. Always better to have a Beaver on your face than face a Badger

  38. Isn’t the Obj 263 a closer comparison?

  39. so we get the Chieftain’s planned gun on a uparmored conqueror chassis.

  40. While I really hate casemate tds I am really looking forward to playing this. But that extra radio operator ? Nah come on war gaming there’s no radio operator in tanks this late in design. Very silly.
    Btw 2 repair kits a must like I use on my tortoise

  41. Trie to play on 8 tiers now, match makier suck now awfully. They set to make money no pleasure from the game!

  42. welp….. T110E3 is now irrelevant. bye bye T110E3, Hello badger.

    • E3 has 400+ effective armor, it has barely 330. + E3 has 400 pen on gold, which can pen almost any armor in the game. Badger? 320 on gold…

  43. Dab that 2 key

  44. Indeed – armor vs arms race right there.
    1. Make decently armored vehicles with decent penetration.
    2. Create premium shots with high penetration.
    3. Create ridiculously armored vehicles which can at least to some degree bounce even premium shots.
    4. Create vehicles with even more ridiculous penetration to make them now competitive.
    5. Repeat 3 and 4 until you get 400+ pens and effective armors. On 60-tons tanks :).

    Look at tier 8. Back in my days, 190 pen on tier 8 vehicle was OK. Now its trash and you need 220+ pen at tier 8, otherwise you always find something you can’t really pen frontally easily. I don’t say I can’t make 190 pen work. I can. But I just need to get side of way more vehicles than I was made to like 2-3 years ago. New tier premiums are getting 230 pen to be competitive. We can already see things like Obj 252U (Deffender) at tier 8, and soon we will see tier vehicles with 250 pen to be able to pen things like Deffender. Then there will come Offender which will get 280 effective frontal armor even on lower plate. Guess what happens next.

    Ridiculous this shitstorm originating from prem ammo combined with vehicles lacking actual weak spots.

    Vehicles like Jagdtiger are getting less and less relevant. 200mm effective frontal armor on upper hull? Used to be decent against lower tiers, now its useless. Utterly.

    • funny, the only X tank in last four-five? years released with 350+ pen on gold is the useless chineese TD. All playable tier X have at max 350 pen on gold, inluding Badger with pretty shitty gold ammo, its armor is also FAR from being 400 effective. the only recent tank with awesome armor is Kran, with the worst golds on tier X, excluding LTs. The only tank with 400 armor and 400 pen is E3, which is rather old vehicle, and noone calls it OP.


    I hope WG do something about this in the release… front ‘weakspot’ is still cant pent by tier 9 reliably and tier 8 wont even had chance

  46. The amount of times QB called the Badger the Tortoise xD

  47. Well…screw This tank lol and also haha he kept calling the Badger the tortoise?

  48. If they decides to add these things in Blitz, should I be worried?

  49. Nick Schmitz
    8 hours ago
    Does anyone else find it concerning how WG is uber buffing armor on A LOT of tanks as of lately?

    Dude, I do enjoy this as it does actually add some skill to the game to take down your opponent, yes I know that having alot of armour on a tank makes the skill of that player decrease, BUT!.. Gold rounds don’t actually have to cost GOLD to fire! It means that War Gaming is kinda doing us a solid by adding tanks where new players can learn and experienced players can thrive. And yes i do know about how spending quite a large amount of credits on ammo is gonna take a toll and isn’t possible for a free to play player to be able to afford it. And the armour thing does actually tie into MM too. What I don’t get is how teir 5 guns are supposed to be able to do okay against teir 7 heavys such as the O-Ni and tanks like that… Come on War Gaming. PLease FIX MM! One teir difference!

  50. What is APDS ammunition?

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