World of Tanks || FV4004 Conway – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m reviewing the T9 British turreted tank destroyer the FV4004 Conway a hybrid of sorts with monster DpM!

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  1. Thanks for the review. Just another 13k of exp and I can buy it.
    what about ammo costs? the charioteer is expensive.

  2. So I’d really like to get better at this game, I’ve recently got my first
    t9 tank (su-123-54) and I just can’t seem to win games in it and lately
    I’ve just been on a really big losing streak going almost below 50% wr.
    Although I don’t care much about stats, I would like to have respectable
    stats at least. I wouldn’t say I’m a bad player either, I’m maybe just
    above average but I can never have monster games and carries for whatever
    reason and 90% of my losses this week have just been mostly a wipe where I
    couldn’t do anything to win even if I tried. So I don’t know exactly what
    I’m getting at but I would appreciate if anybody who’s pretty good at this
    game could share advice or possibly help me learn better how to play
    ingame! Thanks

  3. Mark van der Steen

    Lovely to see a elektricitymast penetrated the Conway at the end of the
    first match :)

  4. often wonder why u fire prem rounds to enemies that are low hp instead of
    he ammo (like on that e100 on first replay), you rich english man :P

  5. why play the T30 when you can play a heavy tank?

    because T30 is pretty much a heavy tank…..?

  6. L0L Centurion Mk. 7/1 HESH has !!!210!!! mm pen — 100mm more than Conway

  7. No reviews on the Challenger still?

  8. what’s about that T23 DPM with 8 dmg and 27 pen???? what? did they mount a
    pz Ic gun on a tier VII med?

  9. I think its a very nice tank to play. Can you also make a T30 review to? :)

  10. tiger 2 review?

  11. Well I imagine you play td’s because of camo values

  12. I just love it when you load gold ammo and either miss/bounce or make a non
    damage critical.Justice being served.

  13. What web page is the best for WoT mods?

  14. t30 is all about the fear factor. nobody wants to peak out and take a 750
    alpha shot from a t30, lots of people will brave a 400 alpha shot from a
    tortoise or conway.

  15. “Now I’m talking about the APCR ammo in this tank they’ve got 326mm
    penetration rather than 359mm that the normal ones have” Yeah that’s a
    standard QuickyBaby video xD

  16. he didn’t review the gun?
    good video otherwise

  17. I have not had much luck in the Conway. But after watching this, I will try
    to be use some of the tactics observed here. Great tips.

  18. can v hv a replay on the amx 12t

  19. quicky, will you do more good guy videos?

  20. In this tank reviews you only show good replays; I think you should have
    just like a little bit of a replay when everything goes shit. Atleast in a
    tank that has like no armor. Just a thing I thought would be great. Keep up
    the good work bud :)

  21. How do I send in replays?

  22. i am not impression with demage!

  23. All I can think about whenever I see this tank is Conway Stern from
    “Archer”… no wonder the Archer tank feels insecure about the Conway
    tank… bigger gun.

  24. Well you see the sweet spot of the T30 is that half the time it 2 shots the
    Conway so…..

  25. Conqueror is King! My damage standing in that beast is 99.2%…..Only tank
    I have ever managed to get three marks of excellence (so far) :D

  26. kratos killsyou69er

    12:40 “now i am going to load some apcr rounds which have 326mm of pen
    rather than 359 (reffering to ap) ..??” bit of durp moment lol

  27. *14:43** -> **23:14*
    *23:47** -> **15:27*
    *21:38** -> **23:46*

  28. Isnt this, the Charioteer, Achilles and Archer basically the only good tank
    for it’s tier?

  29. When are tier 11 tanks coming out? I’ve been waiting forever

  30. 30 FPS is better than 60 FPS.

  31. i want this

  32. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    About month ago FV4005 line get to Xbox Console!
    and i love conway!!! but tier X is like tier 9 but better gun

  33. and i think the 4004 should be 4005’s older brother isnt it? :p

  34. Weaknesses? Shoot anywhere=win

  35. I sold my Conway when I unlocked the fv4005, and was vary disappointed with
    the fv4005… Although I did have a lot of good games in the Conway and it
    is one of the few tanks I have owned that was just pure amazing, and fun to

  36. ladies and gentlemen mr. Conway twitty

  37. lol that t18 on the dpm list….wat….

  38. still think the charioteer is better than conway

  39. Hey quickybaby you’ve inspired me to start my YouTube channel back up, I’ve
    been a sub since the original account, then moved through the others into
    this one. Thanks for the content

  40. why is your render range indicator square again ? have you got a new patch
    for the QB xvm ?

  41. QB, why no video in 3 days?

  42. I’m actually sold to give the Conway a try now, just need to grind up the

  43. please do a new review of fv4005 stage 2

  44. Quickybaby. Are older tanks tier 1 or 10??

  45. Twitty?

  46. QuickyBaby, can you do a review on the AMX AC 46 or AMX AC 48?

  47. sooo much woot!!!! finally

  48. dat dpm

  49. Wow! Did he just diss my T30?! That is my best tank and first (and at this
    moment only) tank with 3 marks. T30 has been my favorite tank to play after
    the Hellcat got nerfed and I wreck in that tank. The reason why it is
    better than playing a Heavy is that 750 alpha, but whatever QB, I think we
    can still be friends.

  50. can Conway APCR penetrate the frontal spaced armor of a superpershie?

  51. Looks like my kinda tank.

  52. theNEXTBIGTHING 44

    T18 with a 3k dpm? at t2? no wonder Wargaming said it should be a t3 arty,
    it was an OP american, but god forbid there are OP russian tanks

  53. poor foch its out classed by everything :(

  54. The T30 IS a heavy tank. Playing it any other way is just an exersize in

  55. Now put me behind the wheel of that baby and lemme show you how captin kirk
    does things

  56. Fantastic battles, great overview of the Conway, loved it!

  57. Really like the video, not quite the tank tho… Could you do a tank review
    on Leopard PT A or Leopard 1? love those tanks :)

  58. Grinding through the Conway at the moment to get my british engineer award
    back and to me its just as bad as the rest of that line.
    Beeing used to the Tortoise, the gun handling/dpm on the Conway is just
    annoying.Combined with that extremly lousy vertical gun arc, non-existant
    armor and that mobility (medium mobility my ass…)
    its just a bad tank to me.
    The Charioteer at least had great mobility and the 105mm which made it
    ok.I´ll be so glad when i got the exp to unlock the deathstar II(even
    though i wont buy it).

  59. So I understand a prem fire extinguisher is instant (And I can’t remember,
    but may reduce chance of fire?) but I never really understood it:

    I wired my fire ex button to space bar, and it’s nearly as fast and SOOO
    MUCH cheaper.

    Plus I find when ever I’m in a situation that causes a fire in the first
    place, I usually don’t last much longer for the huge chunk of credits it
    costs to be worth it.

  60. 8:45 gameplay starts

  61. this tank is like the tiger, dont have the armor to bounce, has almos the
    same turret traverse and really good gun and not a good turret

  62. I do love my tort but it has a lot of short comings but that 120mm every
    5.6 sec wow.. and it’s armor is good at Times my first pools medal was in
    the tort

  63. This piece of shit oneshoted me in my T-10 with one round of premium HESH

  64. God i really want them to add the centurion AVRE….

  65. why does it seem like only the British tried to counter the is3? what was
    the American counterpart?

  66. Finally a tank review!!! It’s about time!!!!

  67. Blooming blooming!

  68. How do you know where the fuel tanks are on various tanks?

  69. The Conway was my first Tier 9…I sold it because I didn’t get how to play
    it and I was playing bad on it. now I want it back

  70. 17:22 Think you are forgetting about AMX 13 57 there QB. I’m used to
    pointing out Jingles’s fails, but I think it’s the first time I’m pointing
    out QB, which is a good compliment cause I’m a WoT stat nerd.

  71. The FV4004 was based on a Centurion Mark 3 Chasis, which has a 114mm
    frontal armour…not 76mm but that historical inaccuracy doesn´t bother the
    nazi-soviet cum whores of Wargaming.

  72. For me the Conway is the pinnacle of the versatile tank destroyer. :|

  73. I`d say conway has the edge over tortoise at the begining of the battle
    since it is faster, and in some cases when you need to chance flanks
    basically and there is no lights or meds left. That is not enough. tortoise
    can have more influence to the battle in most situations.

  74. lol Conway vs Conqueror. .

    well 1 is brilliant. and the is total garbage..
    review done.

  75. Don’t shoot the gun mantlet of the Conway…basically I play the T30
    because IT IS a heavy tank with 750 alpha. T30 cant do damage at long range
    because it’s so inaccurate. However, 750 alpha means you can hold a corner
    since not so many people will take that damage and push. In some situations
    if you can hull down like T29 or T34, you can hold enemy team for a long
    time. Different playing style.Also,,, get penned by 1375 is very

  76. Poor Foch, another victim of the power creep… Good video QB!

  77. Man i got to grind the tier 8 one to get to this ^^
    Though I kind of like the tier 8 one to :)

  78. Hey quickybaby, I was the IS4 on the enemy team in that game, I do
    apologise for my platoon mate for all the rage lol :P

  79. FINALLY! I have been waiting months for you to do a review on this tank!

  80. I loves my Conway it was a beast

  81. The Phantom Wobble

    Quickybaby would be a great salesmen. The way he delivers the product is

  82. This tank is quite good but the next in the line is completly disaster….

  83. Doesn’t the Mt-25 have a selection of smaller guns thana 75mm?

  84. That Is-8 just giving no shit about him at 19:00

  85. 17:20 Actually QuickyBaby, the MT-25 can mount a 37 mm gun with a very
    large magazine and sees tier 9s.

  86. Fun fact: In AW, the TDs are a low dpm class, yet they are still feared.

  87. Why compare a Conqueror to a Conway, they play completely differently.

  88. Amund Brein Jenssen

    Are you going to play WoT on the ps4?

  89. <3 my tortoise the Conway could never have my love

  90. The Replays of the Tanks are So Old Btw ._.

  91. cornellius cornwall

    Hey quicky, play the T18

  92. cornellius cornwall

    Gold noob Xd Kappa XXX_MLG420SkrekN0Sc0p3_XXX pip in riped

  93. Old tanks power creeped by newer tanks? youdontsay.jpg

  94. Vision and sniping meta down, this tank’s value greatly down, unfortunately
    not a tank worth getting in my opinion. The Charioteer is better for it’s
    tier since it has flexibility in an all other way than the Conway – it’s
    gun isn’t as good for the tier, but it can move around the map in a way the
    Conway could only dream of, it’s much smaller and has better camo. The
    Conway picks a spot and either wins or loses the game from it. Kinda.

    When the Conway is spotted, it is dead because it can’t get away, and
    whilst it’ll remain alive a second or two longer than the T10 because of
    one lucky bounce, it won’t really change much.

  95. Not only Hesh round have better pen and damage that it also can knock out
    multiple modules and crews with one shots. I end up messing up one lightly
    armor Medium Tanks so bad, I end up knocking out three of his crew and
    including damaging his ammo rack.

  96. When I read the title I thought it said FV304 Conway and I got excited for
    a variant of bert, I am disappointed :(

  97. I am back from the livestream

  98. Tortois, FV4004 conway or Doom Turtle?

  99. T30’s “sweet spot” is 750 alpha of fuck you combined with that epic turret.

  100. Basically, If you want a DPM machine get the Tortoise, if you want a
    flexible tank with a good gun get the Conqueror. I honestly don’t see any
    point going beyond the Charioteer in that TD line.

  101. It seems to play a lot like the hellcat

  102. omg the foch looks completely outclassed…french life : /
    The 4004 looks promising

  103. Can someone tell me gow the Ac 48 and foch are suposed Où es-tu? Have a
    glimps of a chance to compete? I am so deceived…. Stop buffing the wrong
    vehicules WG

  104. like your videos, just wondering if you’ve ever played wot on an xbox one?
    and what are your thought about this version….

  105. And still the “fear factor” on T30 is much bigger then this non-armored
    box. When u see T30 (even with his “small” DPM) u don’t go full in – 1 shot
    = 700 hp ..unlike this as I say box … I’m really not scared to attack
    this FV if for example I’m with heavy. Just the chance of bouncing this
    sh*t is like bouncing AMX 13 90 I honestly don’t like this line.

  106. Gameplay starts at 8:48 :)

  107. You almost went full shitter towards the end of the first game. :/

  108. 359 AP pen pls nerf

  109. Well, in my eyes the Conway is a step backwards in Comparison to it’s
    predessesor, the Charioteer. It has the same kind of advantages like the
    Chario, but has lost a quite noticeable chunk of the speed and maybe other
    pieces of the mobility the Chario had, which is a massive factor on such a
    tank destroyer concept. It also got a bigger size which makes it more
    difficult to hide, and the high positioning of the Gun itself makes the
    turret very vulnearble against enemie fire and well…. By that juicy
    weakspot no one really wants to shoot at the gun mantlet. The higher DpS
    doesn’t pay off in my eyes for this.So all in all i stay at the Chario who
    imo takes the playstyle concept into better use than the Conway. It may has
    not the accuracy to snipe like the Con, but it has the way better speed to
    put it’s gun where it’s needed to be an retreats faster to assasinate it’s
    Opponents from a different location.

  110. GermanCommentaryLP /Immer bereit für Neues

    What is the T10 tank from this td?

  111. Wow quickeybaby’s videos are so professional. Noice.

  112. that dispersion :O

  113. Don’t have the Conway but t30 is one of my favourite tenks

  114. German Tanks: VK Russian Tanks: KV British tank FV why all those V’s?

  115. “Donkey’s Serenade” :D

  116. Panther International Shipping

    12:46 “326mm of penetration rather than 359” :D

  117. Hey Quickybaby why don’t you do more reviews on tier 8 premium tanks it
    would be really helpful

  118. Love your videos:)

  119. because m103 is suce a poor tank

  120. No comparison to the WT auf Pz IV?

  121. so basically my tortoise better in every regard. The charioteer is the
    reason to go down this line.

  122. Sooo…. I got the t23 e3 on the console version. completely mounted and
    crewed. so it has the second highest dpm in the game … hah

    btw its t7 on console and has premium matchmaking. I’ve dueled an e-100
    head to head and humiliated countless t10 when fail platooning with its
    76mm gun (btw I don’t use gold ammo)

    just felt like sharing :P

  123. That T23 in the dpm List is T8? it says it has an MG as main gun, 8dmg
    alpha and 27mm of penetration :)

  124. Sorry sir but your comment is nonsense

    perfect tank for people who like OP stuff: ELC mobility maus hull armor
    thickness with soviet sloping/angling T-30 turret armor some kind of light
    tank turret traverse and the tortoise’s gun

    or… you know, a challenger 2

  125. 668th like

  126. conway or kawnyay

  127. Always aplasure to watch your videos Qucky, and learn a lot from it! many
    thanks for doing that for us!! Keep up the good work.

  128. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    error 4005: system crhesh

  129. “Donkey’s Serenade”

  130. 12:48 (APCR) They got 300 and … penetration rather than 359 on the
    standard rounds ??

  131. hi qb what is the t23? why it have a tier 1gun? is it a bug?

  132. It seems great…I just don’t know why I would go through the shit grind to
    get just this and the 8 though :F All kinds of other things that do this
    but better unfortunately.

  133. Quickyscrub shooting gold at scouts

  134. What did the british commander say at the beginning of the battle? ob an
    anan Lance ..or what?

  135. QB, where dat AMX AC 48 Foch 155 review or AMX AC 48 review at

  136. Awesome vido QB I love these tank reviews

  137. Has anyone else noticed that hes using footage from old patches? The second
    gameplay has the IS-8, when it’s name is now T-10

  138. in 7100 plus games, I’ve only seen a handful of these tanks so no clue QB.

  139. I do like FV4005, sadly I only get total retard teams with it. 30 or so
    games in and 33% wins…

  140. the gun depression got me killed so many times, because the gun is mounted
    so high up, i could not get the gun down on targets around me

  141. I was waiting for you to mention the HESH rounds the whole replay long.
    With this mobility you can get an INSANE amount of DPM against lightly
    armored vehicles or if you are shooting the back of american/french/british
    tanks … Its lovely
    Kind the same like the RU 251 who gets kind of russian tier X medium DPM
    when he gets to shoot the back of such tanks.

  142. Hey QB how would you play the T71 after the HD rework? Or could you da a
    new review on this tank?

  143. you should of have shot he at the E100 rather than apcr

  144. He is spaming gold and overpraising every british tank.

  145. the video is desynced….

  146. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    t7 should never be able to Meer t9 this is really not fair

  147. t18 dpm…. such balance, much amaze.

  148. LOL. He says you really dont need APCR rounds on this vehicle, yet still
    has almost 30% APCR rounds on his tank

  149. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    i played in PS the Panzer 2 j and i needed apcr to take down a artilery xD
    but is is also funny to have this armour

  150. Lol the “Soldatenkaffee” sign at 18:22 never noticed that before.

  151. Васил Василев

    On the DPM ranklist a wild T18 apears… Lmao

  152. you can publish one video with su 100y

  153. doxizar “doxisa” the first

    hey QB, if ypu go in the tank inspector, at the british line, you will se a
    premium medium tier 7 tank, is that new or not?

  154. Forbidden 4004 CONWAY NOT FOUND

  155. The T18 has 3k dpm, damn

  156. That t18 dpm…

  157. Thanks quick

  158. first

  159. wow the british had one of the most modern tanks for a ww2 to cold war era

  160. Joshua the Scotsman

    Wait… this video is longer than the last 2 Jingles videos combined…
    what is happening?

  161. Grammar Nazi Chief

    Hey QuickyBaby, what tier 7 do you think I should get? KV-3 or IS? To
    simplify it, my play style is aggressive and like to get into close
    quarters combat. Thanks in advance!

  162. last time I came this early I became a father….

  163. 77 likes 0 dislikes
    Seems like all Haters had to go to bed already :)

  164. subtract 1,000 points just for looks right off the bat.

  165. Video starts at 0:00 thank me later

  166. Stream or Video? BOTH

  167. Why must u hate the t-34-3 QB

  168. In all honesty the tier 10 tank for this tech tree should have a gun which
    is severly more powerfull than its counter part. I just feel that the armor
    sacrifise and gain in size is too much to sacrifise for the small gun
    improvement which the tier 10 recieves

  169. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail


  170. It uploaded

  171. nice video

  172. Charles Craig-Bennett

    Earliest I’ve been 😛 84th

  173. First

  174. What do you think of the FV4004 Conway?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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