World of Tanks || FV4005 – 9.5 Preview

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Check out the new T10 the coming in patch 9.5!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. ilarionas avgoustou

    deathstar 1 is better cuz the armor

  2. Am I first?:o

  3. So close to first!

  4. What turret?

  5. Pinocchio.

  6. Conway please.

  7. I hope you enjoy this FV4005 preview – do let me know what you think about
    the extra analysis I did 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  8. Going hull down for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. haha – 14mm of shot me any where :D

  10. Would you mind telling why you were blue in the first round? >:)

  11. why are you blue ?

  12. It should have alot more hit points but like you said over 2 billion times
    its only CTE

  13. lol whats that T28 concept?

  14. 254mm of frontal hull armour on the 183… you sure about that? 😛

    I’ll probably keep both because why not, but the 183 is objectively better.
    It’s just that the line towards the new Deathstar will be much more
    approachable than the old one, e.g. the new British tank destroyers look
    like they’ll play similarly to a sort of Hellcat, rather than the old
    British tank destroyers which are rather unique and sometimes frustrating
    to play

  15. Subtitles say : Hello I am Creepy Baby:))

  16. 5:16 why are you blue?

  17. weaker than glass cannon

  18. It’s like a tier 10 KV-2 to me.

  19. So a British tier 10 KV-2?

  20. 2:42 i know this isn’t about this but, the T28 concept is on the little
    bar, and that thing looks awesome!

  21. How to get to the test server??

  22. Never gonna play on a test server … Just hearing the sizle of the HEAT
    spam makes me sick. Fucking noobs everywhere.

  23. You’d think that WG would realise that bullshit tanks like the Waffle E100
    and the 183 are bad for the game and thus they’d steer away from stuff like
    this but nope; they’ll just make more of them.

  24. 5.33 Oeh dear is that mister Quickybaby who turned blue :P

  25. Why are you blue in the first gameplay?

  26. Ugly :P

  27. World of Tanks meets Top Gear :D

  28. why you are blue qb?

  29. I’m just going down that line for the t8 and the fire fly

  30. Dad of KV-2 xd

  31. Is call Death Star 2? NO! Is should be call Stupids Star 1! For is
    firsts to say is size for to be like house. Is turret is size same asfor
    to haves BDR sits top of Death Star. So stupids. Is can for to be spots
    from moon. Is sits for to aim and for is to be shoots in side turret all
    time. Look me I drive be in Stupids Star 1 i for to be size bigger than
    for to be KV2 please for not shoots me turret is size house! LOL! Is no
    moves fast. Is no turns fast. Is sits back for to wait for stupids
    players for to spot? NO! Is die right ways all time. Is for you for to
    gets this tanks is for becaus eyou for to be too stupids. Gets T49 is for
    to be better. Is Claus is right for yes like for to be all time. 

  32. Jonas Van Kerckhove

    He is probably blue because he shot a friendly because i know a lot of
    russians are on these server and just shoot everything that moves. He
    probably shot back 

  33. Rofl that IS-4 at 9:32 is using the stock gun

  34. QB why are you blue you teamkilling scumbag! :P

  35. No reason to play this if you still have a WT Auf E100 as an option. 

  36. Im a Horse

  37. Great analysis QB, but i’m still wondering, is it worth it? Or will i end
    up sobbing “i should have gone for the FV215B(183)”?

  38. man just another reason to make the Death Star even better, what’s next a
    different auto loading line for Germany?

  39. Aaaaaand across the line!

  40. Great preview QB like how you did this preview

  41. Maus is cry

  42. I bounces a is4 ap shot off it 0.o no idea how…

  43. That thing is like a tier 10 KV2 o.O it even looks like one

  44. Why the account show he is a US?

  45. i hop that they buff the turent at least to 90 mm armor

  46. I think that 183 is like 2 times better than 4005

  47. wot is getting ridiculous…

  48. Its the Boom Box/Death Box

  49. Am I the only one who uses AP over HESH on the 183? Also I think the FV005
    should perhaps have full turret rotation, it is historical.

  50. pimmerdd Gaming & Meer

    Why is QB’s icon in the first game blue? I don’t assume he’s a

  51. Hey Quickybaby, what’s the story behind you being blue in that Ruinberg
    replay? Or was that just a replay error?

  52. death star II

  53. T49 will love that one just as they love WTe100 :D

  54. Is t28 concept new tank?

  55. idk how efficient the Death Star’s armor is, but if it is actually useful
    in tier 10 matches then i don’t see the point in the FV4005. Im glad
    another real life tank was added, but it’s just huge weak armored and not
    agile enough for those blunders

  56. i dont want more tier 10 kv2s ;(

  57. the death star will always be the star,this copy of a tank has no value

  58. Brittish cousin of KV2 i see, big head, big nose.

  59. Its the perfect mix of what is wrong on the Wt E100 and on the FV 183, so
    exept for few very good play, this tank will be unplayable 90% of the time
    and will not often did more than 3 shot per battle

  60. Shit tank that no-one in their right mind would grind for when you’ve got
    the FV215b 183 in the game.

  61. TheMusicFanForEver77

    There’s no need for this tank. Point.

    Just another troll noobtaxi.

  62. Good preview and like the analysis 🙂 are you doing a preview on the T28
    concept awsell ?? thanx

  63. I hope they buff this vehicle. 

  64. gosh that tank is so ugly

  65. Little detail to make the math straight. If lap times were 45-46s vs 62-63s
    then it means that FV4005 was ca 33% faster then 215b (4005 had 133% of
    215b’s speed). On the other hand 215b was 25% slower then FV4005 (215b had
    75% of FV4005’s speed).

  66. I swear Wargaming is approaching some sort of retarded bullshit
    singularity. This tank has all the worst features of the WT E 100 and the
    FV215b 183. Having another tank with a ridiculously overpowered gun mounted
    in an utterly worthless turret is going to further undermine tier 10
    battles. Good FV4005 players are going to rack up huge damage scores by
    camping in bushes and gaming the shitty spotting system, and bad FV4005
    players are going to die right at the beginning of matches the instant they
    get spotted. It’s fucking stupid.

  67. if i will have one of that i will name it “Obliterator”

  68. I am not a big fan of OP tanks and td’s, in my opinion wargaming is doing
    this more for clan war’s and stronghold. this will be the worst tank for
    pub match’s I mean the strong meds in a pub match will kill this thing
    before it is able to use its OP gun. I see it as being a guard for arty not
    much else. it would be hard to conceal as a sniper, not good for frontal’s.
    I just don’t see it for to much, other than a guard, and that is if it
    kills on the first shot if not, the fast new lights will destroy it. not
    one of wargaming best for sure, stop trying to put out op tds, let skill
    win the battles.

  69. Why would you get this, is the xp to get it lowered? Even so i’d rather
    wait to get the 183mm on a decent lower profile turret.

  70. You should do a video on the t95 concept.

  71. It’s blind and has very poor gun depression too from what I have seen on
    the test server. A Wolverine or better yet a Hellcat could out maneuver it
    and just pick it to pieces from just about any angle. I’d even be willing
    to give my M-4 Sherman or M-7 a try against it. And before you assume I’m
    “anti-British TD oriented”…I’m not by any stretch….Again, from what I
    have seen on the test server, the massive, slow(er) British Assault
    Guns/Tank Destroyers (i.e.: AT15 and above) could wreck the new FV4005 from
    long range. I am glad you took the time to play this vehicle and post the
    results and your views as the others I have seen, save one other, have been
    rather obtuse at best. Keep up the great work.

  72. SPGs are not tanks?

  73. Bit off topic but I loved the race idea. Really puts the ground resistance
    into perspective. Someone should do this with the ussr tier 10 mediums. .
    Might help me decide which one to go for as they seem so similar. . I think
    the deathstar 2 could be epic in the right situation. Maybe the ultimate
    scavanger killer. . Wait till the enemy has shot at someone else before
    exposing yourself for a sneeky shot ?

  74. looked little weird when you didnt talk on cam and we heard your voice :D

  75. So you went blue I see ^^ Nice video btw. Keep it all going. Greetings from
    Germany :)

  76. I like how there’s literally a full size door in the back of the turret 

  77. 7:47 That looks exactly like kv-2

  78. great, the next extreme glascannon…

  79. another glass cannon.. I think it is another WT auf E-100. But my opinion
    is not that valid yet because I don’t have a tier 10 tank yet. 

  80. IMO the old 183 is wayyyyy better than this piece of trash

  81. +QuickyBabyTV I am more worry that I saw that the obj.260 a russian HEAVY
    tank got APCR for it’s MAIN ammo. That tank is gonna be OP. But for the
    FV4005 I believe this is a nice change. It gives the British a more
    maneuverable td line. In the other one you negate speed for armor. In this
    new line you negate armor for speed. It’s a nice change ^^.

  82. this tank strong gun but it is so ugly i wouldnt want to drive in it i can
    live with the armour because the game has to stay balanced but it is so
    damn ugly no nothing for me

  83. On the test I one shotted another FV4005 Stage 2 with HESH, rage inducing


  85. Don’t really like that they bring new tanks in game (premiums and those
    mission tanks don’t count). And over 50% of those new tanks are copies of
    tanks that are already in game. *Cough cough American mediums*

  86. Let’s compare it to arty.
    FV retardstars has 4 times more health, aim two times faster and are two
    times more accurate.
    Arty guns have ~100mm of pen and can’t really pick at weakspots, while the
    FV retardstars are up and close with 230mm of pen are reload ~10s faster.
    You people shit on arties, and yet arty is handicapped by distance,
    terrible accuracy, painful aimtime and ~40+ reloads as well as terrible gun
    dispersion, while these bulls**t tanks you are an arty in TD mode with
    better health, accuracy, aimtime, reload and penetration. And they’re even
    buffing the armor on the first one!!!
    All that “skycancer” and what not, when the real disease are these two tier
    X FV tank destroyers.
    These tanks can’t die sooner on the battlefield. I’m sad you didn’t have to
    say anything negative about this tank’s presence in the game. I’m not
    concirned, I’m disgusted.

  87. Reminds me of a WT E-100 with even less hull armor.

  88. Qb nasty teamkiller, you are blue

  89. Ohhhh bad guy teamkiller xD fuck russians

  90. Give it a humongous acceleration to jump in and out of cover and it might
    become viable. Top speed should remain low and could even go down a notch.

  91. for a bit of armor buff, all the mobility nerfs to the 183 seem a bit much.
    seem wargaming wants to push you more and more towards the jpze100.

  92. hey quicky will you test world of warships ? i want to know pls reply

  93. Well done QB. Thankyou. This tank seems to be much better balanced than the
    Waffentrager E 100.

  94. I don’t think HESH is actually “high penetration” HE ammunition. HESH
    stands for High Explosive Squash Head. It’s similar to the American HEP
    High Explosive Plastic. Basicly the rounds sqaushes on the armor, burrying
    a great big lump of plastic explosives inside the armour. Or at least
    bringing the plastic explosive in direct contact with the armour. And when
    the explosive goes off, you’re going to have a bad day if you’re inside.
    Even if the armour withstands the blast, the spall coming from the inside
    of the armour kills the crew. That’s why more modern tanks have spall
    HESH was originally designed by the British in WWII to bust bunkers.
    Burrying great lumps of plastic explosives inside the concrete walls of a
    bunker is the right way to blow it to bits. For the same reason they drill
    holes for explosives in demolition jobs. HESH proved to be effective
    against tanks as well.

  95. Quicky Baby is blue in the test server? What did them Russians do this

  96. i think you needed to compare turret with wt e 100

  97. Bravo!

    The epitome of balance. Great big damage, big, paper turret.

    Good job.

  98. i personally prefer the FV215b 183

  99. Pls do the preview of the t28 concept ;)

  100. I need help please. I want to play wot buy I’m getting 30-40 fps and I
    really don’t like playing that low. Should I change something on my pc. I
    have an amd multi core pc 4.1 GHz turbo max 3.8ghz base, 2gb geforce gtx
    650, 1tb Seagate hard drive, amd a88x mobo and a 650 power supply. Please
    anyone I need advice

  101. Sounds like the WT auf E100 to me.

  102. I think it’s bad and will be unpopular. The gun is still very similar
    and a 25% speed buff isn’t nearly enough to compensate for complete armor
    Now i really don’t want another “OP tier 10 tank destroyer” in the game
    and i definitely won’t be getting one, but in my opinion this thing should
    probably get an even bigger speed buff, perhaps kind of the same as a
    Centurion I.

  103. the FV4005 is just another glass cannon type tank just like the WT E-100
    german tier 10 tank

  104. you was blue on the first match

  105. Yet another joke tank that has nothing to do with why I started play the
    Glass cannons and racing cars are all they seem to be bothered with wish
    they would spend some time looking at skill ammo and skypigs.

  106. Can you do a review of T28 C after obj. 260?
    T28 C is a tank that many people will be able to get, and it’s quite a
    interesting tank casue it has kinda good armor with good gun and ok
    mobility (for size and weight)

  107. it would be good to use as a td in the rear and have your team pull them
    into your view range, if your TEAM plays right this monster gun can clean
    up the field, but team work is a must and with a good team i think this td
    will prove itself on the field of battle as a excellent addition to any
    team battle or clan wars

  108. Garbage vehicle, oposite of Death Star. Survability Zero.

  109. To be honest,
    I hate the FV4005 because it has week armor and it is so a big target. The
    gun and mobility is good, but if u play this tank like the uder british TD
    (forgot name 🙂 ) u will NOT be effective!!!

  110. nothing should have alpha above 500 hp. this is getting out of hand.

  111. Lol quickly baby your a smurf

  112. Great review ! I really liked the tests at the end. It reminded me of the
    type of detailed tests, reviewers would do for weapons in MW3 videos I used
    to watch. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  113. QB, how do you get the Object 260? Sponsored?

  114. Loved the race, it really brings home the differences, I hope you do more
    comparisons like that in the future!

  115. QB make one vídeo about the t28 concept he want to see him in the game

  116. I think the alpha should be at 1200hp but not freaking 1500 dmg. Ya its the
    biggest gun but it can 2 shot a tier 10. Come on there is no fun in playing
    and the person who is getting shot could only be in the game for 3min or

  117. Quickfingers_US??? Since when are you US citizen? (+you were blue :D)

  118. FV4005 Vs. WT auf E100

  119. I think you could have shown the viewers better game play. You could have
    done more damage and it could have been a little longer too. Also, you
    could have held back instead of going straight on the front lines but thats
    just how you play +quickyb.g 

  120. i would have loved to learn about the CAMO values of this new td, as camo
    is just as important as the gun to a TD. If it has a better gun and
    superior camo then we are all shit outta luck.

  121. very much a support tank, i think people will need to stay back and use the
    regular ap

  122. if they keep up this shit, WOTshould buff arty accuracy

  123. T 18 is the best tank

  124. wg wants to stop players from camping and yet they are putting more and
    more glass cannons in the game

  125. Trying to angle the turret is a bit of a fruitless endeavor. Any tank over
    tier 5 firing AP will simply 3x overmatch and go in regardless of angle

  126. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    Hey QB, will you play War Thunder tanks again? Patch 1.45 is coming out
    with American tanks.

    Also another great patch preview as always!

  127. The death star 2 is faster but its still not fast and your realod is so
    long that you have to stand still for 20/25 sec so you dont have enithing
    at that speed wel it has a better gun but you dont 1shot tier 10 and they
    wil shoot your bigger head then the kv2 whit he…..i think you shut fear
    the death star more the death star2

  128. Am i only sho saw Blue color on QB tank in game?
    HAHAHA QB hate RU players!?

  129. Funny that first game, the ONLY thing that Foch idiot did was wait for
    people to poke that corner

  130. And the wt auf e100 can kill tier 10 with its drum

  131. A full turret traverse would be a good buff to the FV4005, to set these two
    tanks apart some more. Because with armor like that there’s no real point
    in trying to keep your strongest armor at the front.

  132. Quickybaby forgot to mention that this is an autoloader

  133. How much damage with OBJ 260 per shot ?

  134. Why are u bleu ? o.O

  135. i dont understand why they put this tank in the game ? i was hopping for a
    british t10 td with a lot of Armour ?

  136. Gonna be fun killing these things. :p

  137. Okay, this tank is interesting and all but now what is the point of the
    JagdPanzer E-100? The FV215b (183) after the patch now has comparable
    armour and a more devastating gun that doesn’t even need to pen?! I just
    feel like all the old tanks that were feared now stand no chance. The
    reload isn’t even that much worse!

  138. Biggest gun… are we leaving out arty ;)

  139. In the vid why is he blue dose that mean he did team damage? 

  140. The turret kinda reminds me of the first turret on the ARL 44 (house).

  141. looks like the WT auf E100 

  142. Yes another op tank added. And Yea make the death Star even better why

  143. Qb is blue? hahaha :D

  144. qb the 21 cm mörser is the biggest caliber. tier ten german arty

  145. Ummm…QuickyBaby why are you blue? have you been shootin some teamates???

  146. That thing is basically a tier 10 borsig/kv2 combo..
    Good gun. Reasonably fast but dat turret size…
    How’s the camo rating on it? 

  147. Out of curiousity, whats ur System specs?

  148. how can there be 5k views if there is only 5 people on mars??????

  149. The biggest problem isn’t even the armor, its the gun depression.

  150. So this tank can only hold 8 shells? Compared to 12?

  151. this tank is going to die so quick

  152. Hello Will! :D

  153. QB, from what you have played on the test server should I start towards the
    fV215B 183 or this when it goes live?

  154. Interesting to see yourself in QB’s cross hairs (YummyPork in the 15%
    FV4005 at about 10 minutes in). Thought I had the drop on folks coming
    around the corner – guess I was wrong (and slow). As for the FV, I was
    struggling with finding a way to maximize the punch of the gun while hiding
    that massive turret. I’m thinking that this is a tank that need to hang
    far back and camp. It’s almost like arty with a sniper view.

  155. Death star getting a buff…kami save us.. 

  156. I wasn’t so sore about the new tank

  157. There buffing the death star wtf. There adding a ton more armour to the
    front but luckily with the added armour the traverse takes a massive
    penalty from about 32 to 24-26. So the new tier 10 that was almost
    identical in speed to the death star it wont be anymore

  158. Procrastinator Desend

    If a TOG II* and a KV-5 had a baby, this is it….

  159. The only real thing the new 10 tier td has over the old one is that it has
    the hull of the centurion and i would guess the same tracks so it will be
    going 40 anywhere. Unless that turret armor is buffed that thing will be
    even more of a glass cannon the the waffentrager e-100 and at least the
    waffentrager has 2200 hp and a auto loader. 

  160. actually Quickybaby the biggest gun in the game is on the tier 10 british
    I think is caliber was 223mm gun I think that’s what it was

  161. was expecting some good gameplay from qb…or someone else actually…i
    personally have much better games than those two

  162. Am I being stupid or is QB forgetting the 250mm howitzers? 

  163. Is QB blue in the first replay?


  165. Quicky’s name is blue :3

  166. QB I am definitely worried they are going the way of the Waffentrager

  167. I have a video of a russian player bringing a T28 Concept into a training
    (hangout) room

  168. Quicky, a review on the FV215b183 when the patch hits the live server
    focusing on it’s turret armor would be great, I really am not sure which
    one to go through. Also, in your opinion, would the FV4005 fit the current
    CW meta?

  169. quicky next preview you do do it on the centurion mk 10

  170. For me tier 10 is not good but tier 7,8 and 9 is good …. 

  171. Am I the only one why thinks that big turret looks like a huge tin biscuit
    box? I can’t be

  172. The problem with the test server is that you can’t actually test anything
    out. Because of the premium spam you won’t be able to know how a tank
    actually performs in a live server. If they were to just remove premium
    from the test server it would actually be a “test server.”

  173. since we have the death star can we name this one the AT AT?

  174. It will be the first tech line where my final goal will be the tier 9

  175. 12:34 Voiceover?

  176. Tier X Kv-2 basically lol 

  177. As much as I hate to be ‘that guy’ this tank looks awful. The WTFE100 might
    have had a horrid turret, but the clip does more damage than a single shot
    from this thing. It also has troll hull armor and can go roughly the same
    speed as this, making it a nasty rammer. The only thing this tank really
    has going over the Waffle, is the fact it has camo, but at higher tiers it
    won’t matter as much, since the gun will give you away after every shot.

    I can’t see it doing all that well, tbh.

  178. even 76mm gun auto pen that turret

  179. I’m pretty sure wg is promoting fv4005 drivers to snipe

  180. THIS IS A REAR SUPPORT VEHICLE.. Let OTHERS find the targets, but you need
    beter View range, and it tall enough…ITS NERFED

  181. It’s just me, or that new Obj its the same that an IS-7 whit a diferent
    turret look and a gun whit less alfa but better accuracy and pen. Im asking
    cuz I didn’t play in the test server.

  182. That Old Milk Carton

    For all those who watched the Inside the Chieftan’s Hatch on IS-7… yes,
    Obj. 260 is literally the “Working title” of the IS-7. So there’s now 2
    IS-7s u can own at once. WoT is becoming more like WT everyday.

  183. It’s like a cargo container on tracks.

  184. Whats up with that T-28 Concept? Can we see that sometime? That was a
    strange looking tank.

  185. Lol noob is4 was driving with stock 122

  186. Quickybaby goes blue Version 2.0 lol


  188. Wait, shouldn’t HESH have really good normalization? I thought it was
    designed to conform to the surface of whatever it was fired at before
    exploding, basically making a shaped charge.

  189. I’ve got a question which is better object 263 or the Jag PZ E 100

  190. Iam thinking that this FV4005 Paper armor turret would fly away if this gun
    is fired. They should fix that xD ^^

  191. Why were you blue QB?! who did you TK? :-D

  192. 4005 has taken the 215b 183’s old support role, whereas the 215b is able to
    take on more of an assault role imo.

  193. The ELC AMX has the same turret armor has a Tier 10. At 14mm the Hellcat
    has better armor. LOL

  194. 16:51 did bunkers really put crates of ammunition outside like that? If the
    ammunition got hit the whole thing would go Boom along with 1/4 of the

  195. Biggest gun in the game is actully the T92s 240mm Howitzer.

  196. the turret just looks like it was suppose to be a gun on a battleship 

  197. I’m not sure what to think of the new status quo that’s being established
    in WoT. If the FV215b183 is getting an armor buff and a mobility nerf,
    doesn’t that intrude on the Jagdpanzer E-100’s niche? Besides that, there’s
    the question of just what sort of gameplay WG is trying to promote. I’m not
    impressed with the notion that a tank will gamble everything on one massive
    shot. Success will likely be based on the RNG lottery and little else.

  198. You should play world of tanks blitz it is really fun

  199. You put a lot of work into this video Quicky. Thumbs up!

  200. He was blue!!!!!

  201. That was good stuff; I liked the elimination of variables and the variation
    of approach :)

  202. Should I go for either of the FV’s? Or should go for the Jg pz E100? I feel
    like the FV183 and the new FV4005 are one trick ponies, just a massive
    single shot, but I guess the same can be said for the Jg pz E100. It seems
    like the only think the Jg pz E100 has over the FV’s a lot better armor.

  203. lol shape ><

  204. what is the reload?

  205. fuk h8 this tank

  206. Why were you on the blue team? Did you deep somebody by accident?

  207. Half of me is like “me want.” Half of me is like, time to HESH it with my
    183. Of course, if I get the chance to trade out ammo, I’ll use the
    cheaper version, since it can go through the turret just as easily.

  208. when is the chieftain coming 

  209. Åłëxãńdęr Łéûńg

    For the first replay, why is QB’s tank icon blue? Does that mean…..

  210. why the hell is WOT doing………..really!

  211. Lol anyone notice that QuickyBaby was blue from team-killing in other games
    at 5:24 lol!

  212. This new FV may… MAY… have a saving grave over the W-100 in that of a
    quicker reload. Other than that, both are trash. 20mm and 14mm of armor?
    Yeah no.

  213. Wargaming are tricky bastards. Every new tank they add is cleary superior
    to it’s old counterparts. FV 4005 is more mobile and better armed than old
    FV, with the sacrifice of armor that was never a big deal in the first

    New light tanks, especially the American ones, are faster, better armed
    (T49… I swear to god….) and are in general superior to old Chinese or
    French lights, this new Soviet heavy seems like an IS-7 Gold edition, the
    list goes on.

    They basically add a bunch of new tanks that make old ones either inferior
    or just obsolete to keep us playing the game and spending money, and don’t
    give a fuck about balancing issues.

  214. The turret reminds me somewhat of the German glass cannon line. To me the
    FV 4005 is basically a less discreet waffle dragon with a higher alpha
    damage gun. 

  215. UltimateCraftStudios

    Also the FV4005 doesnt have any gun elevation. While the FV215B 183 does
    have gun elevation. And they both have about the same gun depression 

  216. So basically, no reason to play this over the 183, at all.

  217. Lol your name is blue in the first game. 

  218. IMHO this tank is one big mistake. Besides good traverse speed, absolutely
    NOTHING convinces people to play it instead of FV 183. The armor of turret?
    Misunderstanding… Completely unsuccessful project of WG in game.

  219. It is a detriment. There is no reason for anything on the battlefield to
    have a 1700 alpha. And who cares about the lack of armor? FFS, any
    russian medium will have to shoot the thing five or six times just to kill
    it, armor or no armor. An E5 will have to shoot it four times just to kill

    Wargaming is adding stuff to the game that really has no purpose to the
    arcade model, i.e. Tier ten TDs and Tier nine and ten arty. If they really
    are moving towards a one penetration / one kill mentality then just switch
    over and do something like WarThunder where a tank can just be knocked
    right out with a single penetrating hit..

    I can only imagine how much more frustrated tier 8 drivers are going to get
    trying to grind their way up. This is like arty that shoots straight. The
    only saving grace to this is the change in map design that is killing the
    “camp bush and snipe while invisible” game play that TDs used to enjoy.

    This thing still isn’t as bad as the Waffletraktor E100 though… I guess
    that says something about it… I guess…

  220. Arty’s favourit target.

  221. I’ve had the FV 183 for ages, its not a bad tank, though the long aim time
    and reload make it balanced. This thing is just terrible, I cannot
    understand why anyone would choose one. The slightly improved version of
    the gun just doesn’t make up for the ridiculous turret! Thanks for the
    review, I will be avoiding this TD!

  222. What is the t28 concept ????? 4:35

  223. how lucky were you against the obj LOL

  224. Obj.260 was the name that the is-7 had but now its called is-7 so is
    obj.260 same as is-7?

  225. How QB got his Obj 260 is what I am interested in

  226. I dont understand why wg introduces such a crapy tank. The only worthy tank
    in this line is its tier8 td. 

  227. Just another juicy target for my T49

  228. what a disgusting and stupid tank to add to the game. just a big HE magnet
    that RNG derps people at teir 10. WG please stop putting these ‘tanks’ in
    the game, they arent tanks, its just an excuse to sell HESH. This kind of
    shit slowing degrades the game.

  229. Mihailescu Vladimir

    Death star, Wafel Traktor and now Death Star 2 … in about two years the
    Tier 10 will be called 30 seconds game ….. cause 1 shot tanks. 

  230. Fv4005 tank is utter dissaaster and ugly as bearded thief!

  231. Benjamin Romeo Salalima

    So, it’s basically a KV-2 with a bigger gun and a Waffle Dragon combined?
    Shut up and take my money!


  233. i still think that the 183 mm gun pen with HESH is a joke

  234. wounder how it look when that thing gets ammoracked

  235. FV4005 is only paper tank with biggest gun.

  236. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    not the biggest gun on mount, but the 203 on Soviet arty.( arty is a tank)

  237. QB what are u planing to do for your 200k benchmark

  238. why are you blue?

  239. wtf is that t 28 concept?

  240. @QuickyBaby, can you explain how to install Tank Inspector like you using?
    I tried to google it, but with no success. Or you can give us a link?

  241. test server is a good laugh but the td is not great

  242. so the new USSR Heavy fires APCR Rather than AP? the FV4005 is basically
    Waffentrager E-100 “made of glass” and High Explosive is going to be this
    things worst nightmare, except with a single shot gun that will ruin your
    life in a blink of an eye.

  243. Q/B I just tried out the WOT arty mod ” Battlefield Assistant 9.4″ Can you
    do a video of this mod with one of your arty pieces please. It appears to
    make nebie arty users like me much more dangerous indeed. For you it should
    be a game changer. :)

  244. Wow, with 14 mm of steel that shipping container of a turret will deform
    significantly if it makes one shot with that oil-barrel-launcher.

  245. nothing for me!!!!!!!!!

  246. I know it’s pedanctic but HESH does not penetrate. No idea why Wargaming
    sticks to giving it penetration. with HESH armour thickness basically does
    not matter as long as it is a solid piece. 

  247. This tank line was unnecessary.
    We have enogh american, british, soviet tank lines.

    Do a hungarian line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not that useless joketanks….

  248. this thing just looks like a bigger version of the ARL44 with stock turret

  249. This tank looks awful. QB was lucky that the object 140 bounced and people
    are going to destroy 14 mm of armor. HE will go right through the turret
    and destroy it. 

  250. nice… the brittish version of the Woffeltraktor has arrived…

    I really don’t like the idea they keep on introducing such tanks that will
    sit at the back of the map because their armor is garbage and have a gun
    that will nuke you to another planet.

  251. Oh look another glass canon :|

  252. What mods QuickyBaby use?

  253. Hey QB. Why are you playing on a us-account?

  254. (tears down eyes)*sniff* Ty WG for giving my T49 one massive Tier 10 target
    that I can always pen with the derp gun.

  255. another op glass cannon…..wot is going full retard

    and since all the maps these days are about corners…guess what will this
    do to your tank…

  256. Personally I would like to see wg introduce some new meds (that are not
    Russian) and maybe some new tds that don’t have a navel guns on them. They
    seem fixated on these glass cannons. I do play arty and very occasionally
    obliterate someone in one shot. Usually I roll for 5-600 hp and then wait
    for my 40 sec reload along with the 6-7 sec aim time. These things just
    nuke everything in front of them. Breaks the game IMO. 

  257. Compared to WT E100 – i think this won’t be even a close match to the
    German. The WT’s magazine somehow compensates for the poor Turret armor
    (not mentioning the hull from E100 compared to hull from Centurion(?) ),
    you are able fire whole magazine/kill enemy before they can usually hit u
    more than twice. The FV caught 1 on 1 doesn’t stand a chance… even if u
    penetrate the HESH it still doesn’t guarantee the kill on full tanks most
    of time.
    The 10% faster reload on this gun and increased mobility compared to FV215b
    183 just simply doesn’t compensate the lack of the armor in my opinion. The
    mobility is useless because if u advance at start to aggressive position
    you probably can fire 1-2 shots, before you will be destroyed or pinned
    down to place from which u cant even poke. If you going to snipe out of
    spotting distance (450m+) then you don’t need the mobility at all.
    Yea, in right situations and good hands, the mobility can help to support
    the other flank because you can simply get there much faster then other TD
    monsters like WT, JgPz or E3. But there are other TDs like the Obj. 263 or
    Foch 155 which are also very mobile can do significant damage and are
    harder to penetrate than this. Yea, they got weak spots, but aiming at
    those is significantly harder than just aim anywhere at this ridiculous
    gigantic box and shoot.
    Was looking forward to play this agile TD, but judging by the previews the
    cost for the “bonuses” (mobility/gun reload time) seems just too much.
    The only way how i can see this can be played is “Hellcat in Tier 8
    game”… and pray you won’t get spotted in the open… Guess there isn’t a
    bush huge enough which you could hide in.. i guess the camo rating on this
    “house-on-tracks” isn’t one of the best also…

  258. oh quikybaby,why you would not say the FV 400…bla..bla..bla the Death
    Star II like jingles said?

  259. realisticly speaking the deathstar II should have like a 10sec max reload
    due to the massive turret

  260. Why in the world would they buff the deathstar

  261. I for one welcome our new tier ten KV-2 overlords.

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