World of Tanks || FV4101 Charioteer – Tank Review

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Full tank review of the T8 British Tank Destroyer the FV4101 Charioteer a vehicle which combines the sting of traditional Tank Destroyers with the flexibility and speed of a medium tank.

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  1. Charioteer: When the cat came back from hell……

  2. Video can be colled ” why i stopped to playin this shit”

  3. Tipp for the visual appearance: Wear nothing with tight stripes or lines.
    This leads to aliasing effects in the video. ;)

  4. Quickybaby hasn’t got Mastery Badge with JPII? 😮 :-D

  5. “No view range cap in the game”– but what about the 1000m render distance
    *box* around your tank? The point where, even if an ally is spotting a
    target for you, they will appear on your map but won’t be visible in the
    world. Since it’s square, I think your render range can go from anywhere
    around 500m directly north, east, south west- to about 707m directly NE, SW
    etc. That box is visible with the XVM map mod.

  6. Oh comon, dont tell me the exact same gun is better on Tier 8 than on Tier
    9, just because the Tier 8 is a Tank destroyer. Giving it the same stats
    wouldve made it overpowered enough but pls dont make it better.

  7. If you would never touch the SU-101 for the gun depression, Would you touch
    the SU-100M1 before it with its 4 degrees of gun depression? I recently
    got my very first Pool’s and Kolobanov’s in the 100M1 and fell in love with

  8. ha ha ha, yes we can – obama kill 😀
    Thanks for all ur reviews and gameplays.

  9. Oh, the L7 gun… that thing was so awesome it was the main gun of most
    western cold war tanks.

  10. Yep, tanks with less than 5 degrees of gun depression are very frustrating.
    Chinese and Soviet tanks, I’m looking at you.

  11. excellent,I was wondering weather to get this tank or not.minds made up now.
    many thanks.

  12. QB You forgot 1 T8 to compare with the Charioteer: the T8 German Ferdinand

  13. The cheap HESH is amazing on it’s onwn, it’s really a waste shooting
    premium HESH at weakly armored targets.

  14. That first game, QB’s dmg: 6409. Other 14 blue tanks’ score: 11331


  15. Obama Kill. lol :D

  16. isu 152 is the king of tier 8 td

  17. I'mNotGiving MyName

    You always say “Loewe” wrong.

  18. Kaid “Jun” Nickl

    “That was an Obama kill” XD

  19. Deathwalker games

    why dont u join a clan

  20. How is this tank with the 20 pounder, I’m actually quite interested as you
    recommend the 20 pounder on the 7/1, does the charioteer get higher dpm

  21. I would assume this is like what the Hellcat was like pre-nerf?

  22. Nice shirt qb

  23. both games as Toptier…
    I believe APCR as standrt on a tier8 as overpowered….

  24. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    Tier VIII, British, Pre-nerf Hellcat?

  25. I predict a Nerf in future 😉 marks my words. 

  26. Winter Chocolate

    “That was an Obama kill, ‘Yes we can'” Dammit QB hahaha

  27. Thank god the developers didn’t give this machine premium ammunition which
    possess higher penetration,otherwise it just wouldn’t be balanced.

  28. A more complete review would have been in the having a Tier X match to
    which this tank will frequently find itself. Tier 8 on Tier 8 it is great,
    Tier 9 & 10 it is tougher against better view range, more alpha and more
    penetration. This missing detail will ultimately turn off players that
    would otherwise like this tank
    In a simple description of this tank, this is a Tier 8 of what the Hellcat
    was at Tier 6 before it got beat down with nerfs a few patches back.
    This is a SNIPER, not a medium or light. Park it (YES CAMP) and use your
    binoculars to land your decent penetration at range.
    At high tier games, to which this review doesn’t even mention, you will
    find the poor accuracy hampering you and the penetration much touted here,
    lags just enough to be frustrating.
    The view range nerf, has hampered this tank a good deal. The places I found
    advantageous to camp in the past are now too far back.
    All this said, this is the best Brit TD in this line after the Achilles.

    I am not bothering with the rest of the line past this.

  29. There is a view range cap and that is 500m

  30. 2 low tier games to show the tank? Every good tank is good when its top
    tier, but you not often toptier.

    • +JadigertheReal High tier wouldn’t make much difference. Charioteer has no
      armor so it’s pretty much irrelevant which tanks are shooting at it and it
      has more than enough penetration to easily go through any tank in the game.

  31. infinitelyExplosive

    Please do more tank reviews, especially on tanks which were changed

  32. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I enjoyed this

  33. The accuracy loss (Charioeer vs. Centurion 7 105 mm gun) is significant.
    And the aim time, you ain’t losing 0.1 sec aim time, you are losing 0.1 sec
    + a vertical stabilizer (which is a shitload of aim time)

  34. I am a cromwell player and I am wondering if the Charioteer would be a good
    tank for me, is it worth it to get it?

  35. The turret and the mobility definitly seem nice to me, so does the gun (I
    know it from the Mk. 7/1), but I still go with my trusty Jagdpanther II,
    just because the gun suites me better and I like the ability to be almost
    invulnarable when hull down. So for me, best Tier VIII TD: Jagdpanther II.
    Most fun Tier VIII TD? ISU-152 :D

  36. Looking sharp QB

  37. one reason to not get this tank… the Challenger

  38. That spot is quite dangerous when arty is about.

  39. Who needs a lot of hitpoints when you have communesium armour, medium/light
    tanks speed and manoeuverability, and a lazor?

  40. *cough* power creep *cough*

  41. Psychic Electron

    That was an Obama kill lol

  42. I’m an absolute replay moron. How do you use the free camera? Not the left
    click camera, but the one where you aren’t glued to your tank anymore?

  43. Mc Gamer Daily Videos

    You know what I do on reviews? I skip the talking part and watch the game

  44. The british are the only ones who have faster TD than MT, with turret and
    better gun, because f*ck logic.

  45. ” we can an obama kill”….

  46. armor is useless, all you need is armor to stop regular HE and high pen
    mobile gun platform, welcome to wot meta

  47. challenging wit my challenger. lol

  48. you just say “go and try it out” but you forgot about the shity grind

  49. Always love your reviews. I know how much work and effort you put into
    these. Keep it up 🙂 – from Canada

  50. Question, how do i get WN8 score to show up in the results screen like

  51. thank you QB this really helps now I know how 2 handle these some of the
    newer tanks so thank you very much

  52. really wish mine was anywhere near that accurate or the aim time was
    remotely that fast..

  53. Robert Pettigrew

    I am just about through the (imho) god awful Challenger please tell me the
    Charioteer is worth it or did you like the Challenger as much?

    Also what are your thoughts on silver hesh shells for the 105? I rarely
    find the need to use gold Hesh (I very rarely use any prem) do you ting the
    gold shells are worth the cost?

  54. Why is the bloom of the gun so bad? I have not found another tank with such
    horrible values, even a T49 with the derp has better values… and gets a
    The bloom just killed the vehicle for me, as you cant push at all and you
    are way to unreliable if needed.

  55. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    did u see how qb didnt shoot the turet front and hull of tiger2???
    cos its the strongest heavy tank frontaly at tier8. people with isu 152
    cant pen the turret reliably cos the tiger2 has over 290mm of armor with
    gun manlet and turret front.

  56. Anyone see how much gold he had 70000!! Wtf I need a job.

  57. @QuickyBabyTV
    I know you are too focused while playing and you cant read twitch chat all
    the time. Thats why you need modorators in that chat room.. But you need to
    speak with ”Philippopoulos” he muted me cos i was talking to moobot?
    Never meet such a dickhead guy in your channel… Thanks qb all the best…


  58. Renata “Szybka” Rączkowska

    Awww Yisss I totally missed these reviews! ^^

  59. QB can you do an review for the M48A1 Patton since its your most played
    tank and I’d like to see how to play this tank because I’m currently
    grinding the T20 which is very fun.

  60. Dennis Schuurmans

    Is “wopping” your new word? :D

  61. Robert Kenfield (Katyusha)

    “That was an Obama Kill.”-QB 2015

  62. Can you make a Video about the Jagdpanther2 ?

  63. Hey QB, could u please do a T30 tier 9 American turreted TD review? Just
    got it and I am looking for some ideas as to how to play it. Cheers

  64. There is quite a few magical mystical players out there… ;D

  65. Nice review!

  66. +QuickyBabyTV How can you see your dmg done/assisted in your post game

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      Illuminati confirmed.
      Bible is like Batman- just fiction, not real
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    • Mr.009mm Killuminati

      sure if you say so and goes to show how much you know. there are many fake
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  68. i just buy the tier 7 TD… hoping to get that tier 8 now more than ever!!

    it is simply awsome!!!

  69. How to move in the map like at rthe end of tge first battle?!?!

  70. Hmm, lets see…good speed, great mobility, decent maneuverability,
    passable view range, a turret, a fantastic gun, decent ammo capacity. In
    exchange for armor, which is useless anyway unless in massive amounts (look
    at the T28 Prot, see what good all the armor does there), and gun

    Seems a little bit overpowered; the negatives don’t really balance out all
    the plusses. I wonder if they’re going to nerf it at some point.

    It’s a real shame about the Challenger not getting the 20pdr, or it might
    have ended up similarly powerful at tier 7.

  71. HAHA T18 on the top of the scoreboard!

  72. Should have capped.

  73. Toasty Roasty Man

    I hate crummy gun depression. I sold my kv-85 because of it.

  74. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Love these reviews. Keep them comming. 1 million likes!!

  75. Looks a lot like my T25/2 only with a bigger gun and faster speed.

  76. Would really like this tank, but i dont think i want to put myself through
    the tier 7 xD

  77. The 105 mm guns in WoT are too good…

  78. maybe show a replay againts tier 10’s???

  79. Seriously ? The tank you’ve played the most is the t18?!

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +JC is back Have you played WoT? Are you in possession of a brain?

    • Why are people so violent on the internet? I made a mistake, my bad. But i
      found it funny because i saw a comment of Quicky saying that the t18 was
      overpowered so i quickly react without a second thought.
      But quicky´s army is there to protect his reputation xD

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +JC is back 0 shits about QB, I just like insulting stupid individuals who
      rush to conclusions.

    • 🙂 let´s not pollute qb commentary
      But please be less agressive

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +JC is back Fuck you retarded mongoloid.

  80. i think we all need to applaud the super pershing for his snipe on the Lowe
    in the first game

  81. I been wanting this tank. But I can’t bring myself to play the tier 7
    before it for than 1 match at a time.

  82. Capraru Alin Catalin

    Hey Quicky you forgot to mention that it usses APCRs, wich means 1478 m/s
    shell speed (min 7.50), instead of APs 1000 +/- 100 like the others tier 8
    TDs … great for long range snipe!!!.

  83. good tank but so lame matches.Only tier8 games and no arty….

  84. The t-28 prot has a turret

  85. This TD is at tier 8 what the Hellcat used to be at tier 6. Nerf bat will
    hit at some point.

  86. Broken Heart Martinez

    no viewrange cap???????? i dint get that so u can have unlimeted viewrange
    with coated optics radio crewmember perk and binocs? o u meant something

    • Broken Heart Martinez

      i dont understand 😛 sorry so if u have a greater viewrange how exactly
      does that affects the camo of tanks?

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Broken Heart Martinez Your view range is effectively reduced by the camo
      of the tank you are trying to spot. Eg: An IS-3 has 360m view range. An
      e-25 is 350m from it. But the e-25 has such good camo that the IS-3 cannot
      spot him. But if the IS-3 had a binocular telescope, his effective view
      range would be much higher, and he could spot the e25. Another Eg: A
      WT-E100 is sitting 420m from a stationery BC25t. The batchat cannot see him
      even if he has coated optics which do give him 440 view range. But if the
      Batchat had binocs (never use binocs on a Batchat) his view range would be
      500m and he could see the wte100. However Batchat could not see the wt if
      they were 450m apart as the max spotting distance is 445m.

    • Broken Heart Martinez

      +Aroused Squirrel oh i see, but how much does camo affect? i mean in
      numbers? for example if i had a fully trained crewmember in camo, camo net,
      and anything else that lowers the camo, does that mean i have fewer chances
      of being spotted from 445 meters? or i have a chance to close more the
      distance? (sorry if its a bother but i still learning about camo in the
      game ;P)

    • +Broken Heart Martinez That questions is difficult to answer. Camo ratings
      are soft stats, meaning you can’t find them in World of Tanks. However,
      sites such as WoT tank compare give you each tanks camo ratings while
      stationary, moving, and firing but never takes into account skills and
      equipment. Tank Viewer is an application you can download that give you
      that information as it is effected by various skills and equipment, so you
      know exactly what the value is. This number is given as a %, and it is the
      effective reduction of the view range of the people trying to spot you. For
      example, if a tank has 410m view range and you’re sitting at 380m, and you
      have 10% camo while stationary, his view range is effectively 369m and he
      can’t see you. Say, you fire, and your camo rating goes down to 2%, He then
      has an effective view range of 402, and will spot you. I hope this helps.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Broken Heart Martinez
      This should make everything clear, ask if you need more help.

  87. so,a tier 8 hellcat?

  88. The video was cool but please post some gameplay in the france tier III FCM
    36 Pak. 40

  89. Hate the british guns, 105 and 20 pounder have both burned me. I love the
    idea of the tank’s themselves. But the ammo cost means you feel the rng way
    more often than other tanks. And arguably, unless the guns hit the centre
    point of aim, they’ll bounced just like every other gun of their tier, good
    pen or not. German guns are the same. It seems wot like’s to punish guns
    that sacrifice a great deal to be able to have ‘accuracy’ when the reality
    is most guns with <0.4 accuracy all seem to rng the same, and miss targets
    all the same. I'll take my high rof cheap ammo Russian guns thank you very

    • +Aspire198 Uh…cheap? The Soviet moderate RoF gun at tier 8 (SU-101, 416)
      and 9 (mediums) is the 100mm, and its shells cost 1200 a pop. On top of
      that, you only get 201mm of penetration, which is woefully inadequate
      against many tier 10s.
      Even the t-44 with its crappy 175mm of penetration costs over 1000 a shot.

      Meanwhile you have the 20pdr, which is around 600-700 a shot and has
      exceptional penetration (if not alpha damage), and the 105mm is pretty much
      guaranteed to go through if you aim properly, and it costs…1200 a shot.

      More susceptible to RNG screwery? Maybe, maybe not. But consider: if you
      hit a 200mm plate with your 100mm gun, it’s going to bounce off most of the
      time, regardless of your RoF. Hit that same plate with either of the
      British guns, and unless you low really low, it’ll go through every time.
      In the case of the 20pdr, you have just as much RoF as the Soviet guns to
      keep trying it if RNG strikes.

      I like my 416 and 430, but given the choice (and ignoring the lack of
      completely overpowered HEAT ammo), I would stick a 20pdr on them in an

  90. Hey QB could you please do a super pershing review because over the last
    few patches its been changed so much and I am considering getting it and i
    just want to see what its like when you do a review :D

  91. For me is the Charioteer not very strong, I could destroy that tank often
    with my tier eight heavy tanks by 1vs1.

  92. Gaming in a shirt eh? You never know when you’ll need to look handsome…

  93. reminds me of OPness of the hellcat..

  94. please bring back more tank reviews…..we haven’t had one in ages until
    now.Neither you or jingles seem to be doing many of them anymore.:(

  95. i thought qb would have a better winrate than 61%

  96. wow the stats are fucking sick….i think this is the next tank im gonna
    get :)

  97. teun van laarhoven

    Am i the only one who sees a tier 8 version of the M18 Hellcat?

  98. Quickybaby, I was thinking of going down the KV3 line, could you please put
    a review up?

  99. Rides Slides Flights

    When will you review the STB-1?

  100. My tank inspector doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t connect and it doesn#t
    display 3d tank models anymore. Any advice on how to solve that?

  101. WARNING 🙂
    Extremely painfull exping – Challenger is garbage, and second Charioteer
    gun is from british Tortoise line, so if you dont have it, you need 100k
    exps for top gun….yes, in top configuration Charioteer is excelent, but
    dat exping….

  102. is it just me or this tank has insane velocity bullets??

  103. can you pls hurry with conway review

  104. 20:44 Obama kill – QB 2015

  105. So this tier 8 has better pen than a tier 10 HT and same pen and dmg as the
    Leo1?? Thx WG…

  106. For me the Jagdpanther 2 is still THE T8 TD. Hulldown you even fuck up
    E100s shooting HEAT. The higher alpha is nice, and the other tanks in the
    line arent that bad either. The rest of the new british TDs are shit XD

    • +I couldnt come up with a name so i used this not really true though, the
      extra penetration still beats out AP at any angle, don’t know why this myth
      is still around.

    • +Valivali94 ISU still the king…and jpant2 can be destroyed by shooting it
      in the gun mantlet….its the weakest part…and if you have the smallest
      hull shoot you can WRECK it…so i will still take my ISU any day 😉

    • +CROMAT30 As if anyone ever shot the gun mantlet, except by accident. The
      ISU sure is nice, but in a city map its shit. It also turns like a maus
      without a turret ^^

    • +Valivali94
      I always shoot the gunmantelt of a hulldown jpanther2…i pen it like 90%
      of the time

    • +CROMAT30 And 90% of people dont shoot it, so over 90% of shots bounce 😛
      Also its not like you can hit it good at distances over 200m. Its not
      really a big target and a good driver will not stand still and let you aim
      at the mantlet.

  107. Too bad you have to grind ~100k in the Challenger to unlock it. Feels like
    I’m grinding through the Sturer Emil all over again. At least with it, I
    was able to power through on a X2 every game event. Not so lucky with the
    Challenger :/

  108. ีjust stop at tier 8 and you will be fine with this line.

  109. Seems like a T8 Hellcat. With only a bit less top speed. My best and most
    played tank is the M18, so i think i should go for this tank. Everything
    after the T25/2 and the M10 is so slow…pfff, murican high tier TDs.

    Hellcat ftw <3, im coming, Charioteer :D

    • +Aroused Squirrel Not really, Ive had my best games in it post nerf. Quite
      a few 3k damage games.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Zach Payne Nice to know.

    • +Isaak Freeman There’s one important distinction between Hellcat and
      Charioteer. Hellcat has excellent viewrange and camo and it’s down on tier
      6 where other tanks generally have poor viewranges and are driven by
      tomatoes with 75% crews. Hellcat sneakiness is not possible on tier 8 and
      above. It’s really a shame that viewrange and camo become pretty much
      irrelevant when you get to top tiers.
      No high tier tank can play those vision/camo games as Hellcat and T67 can.

    • +Aroused Squirrel I dont care. Its still great.

    • +zorkan111 of course, youre right with vision. But camo… use it effective
      and right, and it will work. Its funny driving around 380m in front of 440m
      viewrange tanks and spot them to death in my Amx 13 90.

  110. 17:00 im sorry but that was well funny lmao

  111. Great review.

  112. Qb are u watching England today in the woman’s football world cup?

  113. +QuickyBabyTV – Please tell me your secret to camping that damn bush on
    Lakeville…. EVERY DAMN TIME I try to go there in my Bulldog (100% camo
    skill, camo paint, camo net, 100% recon and 100% situational awareness) I
    get WRECKED by vehicles that I don’t even see… same goes for my hellcat
    ot Challenger…(all with similar skills and equipment loadout)… HOW are
    you able to stay there, shoot at targets and get damage for 2-3
    minutes?!?!?!? As weird and irrational as this all sounds, I’m just
    desperate.. this tactic NEVER works for me. I get spoted EVERY TIME….
    even when I’m not shooting and just trying to sit in place and do some
    initial scouting right at the start of the battle…

  114. Hey quickybaby you realize many of us have 1440P and 4K monitors right?
    Can you upload higher resolutions?

  115. How do you use that free-roaming camera, or is that a mod?

  116. Michael M (Cracked1)

    So… kinda a tier 8 hellcat then? 

  117. Alexander van Elten

    Not worth grinding this tank. The upcoming pen nerf will wreck it.

    • +Alexander van Elten Since everything will be nerfed, it will be less
      wrecked than other,s thus be better than them.

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      so the fuck what the pen nerfd are coming, its not nice for a heavy tank to
      lose its value for its armor when medium and td drivers can pen through the
      its to give the heavy tank drivers value for the armor.
      the pen nerf is good. period. yes nerf gold to…

    • +Alexander van Elten A pen nerf will wreck almost all tanks 😛

    • 11mm … its not the end of the world.

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      lol…theyr gunah stop playing from now:(

  118. Can you please make a review of the arl44

  119. They can’t see me!
    -Quickybaby 2015

  120. +QuickyBabyTV I’d like to know what your opinion is on the battle assistant
    arty mod, which lets you see in a type of sniper mode.

  121. You can almost shoot all HESH with 210 pen. Go right through the front of
    heavies, not just lightly armored vehicles.

  122. Is the challenger any good?

  123. Isnt the gun very similar to the t28 protys gun

  124. I prefer the t28 prot.

    I am not kidding

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      no way u like that junk machine?

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      it does have bad armor. tier 8 heavys can pen the front 200mm thick 50/50
      hell the jadgtiger 88 with 203mm can pen the turret.
      plus it has aweful side armor….with not good armor at all how the fuck
      does it go 18kph? id rather go for isu jadgtiger ferdi jp2 over that junk.

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      angle it till auto b? well just aim the sides as soon as angling happens.

    • +GriggsCk Gaming yeaj I guess so

    • +DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee why can’t we? Does it have to be OP so that we can like
      it? I do fine in it and enjoy it, don’t care what other people think

  125. 3:25 The T28 P is technically a turreted t8 td, so the Borsig is not the
    only other t8 turreted td…

  126. Lol, that VK28.01 in 2nd replay…

  127. JP2 all day everyday. For the loss of a turret you get: ~250 effective
    casemate, better hull armor, better alpha AND DPM, and the capability to
    ram the hell outta every mediums/lights/arty you meet, even some heavies
    and TDs.
    Also SU-101 ain’t a T8 TD, it’s more like uh, a LTTB which trades the
    turret for a T-54 gun. Every tank can sit back and farm damage but no other
    tank does it while looking like a super toilet :)

  128. most played tank the T18, well thats how you got your unicum stats you
    dirty sealclubber

  129. Looks like tier 8 hellcat

  130. 6000dmg!, for you it sounds “normal” for me it would be a dream :D

  131. This is quite possibly the worst tank in the game. No armour, shit gun
    depression and elevation, terrible gun stats, disgraceful turret traverse
    and the worst turret armour i have ever seen. Yes the gun is good but it’s
    ruined by the tank. The speed is okay but you cant turn your turret while
    driving because you are moving to fast for it to keep up. I would say avoid
    this tank if you can and don’t even bother trying to get the tier 9 and 10

    • +I couldnt come up with a name so i used this i assure i am not a noob. i
      just dislike the tank. i promise you im not trolling. that is just sad and

    • +Joey NYESS how you can say the Charioteer is the worst tank is beyond me

    • +Aroused Squirrel It’s not retarded it’s just my judgement of things. I
      under performed in the tank because i think it’s terrible and it doesn’t
      suite my play style. I don’t understand why my opinion upset you so much,
      you seem to be aggravated by something that shouldn’t aggravate people,
      It’s weird and because you are behind the safety of a keyboard you feel
      like you can be a dickhead. What’s the point? It’s something so small and

    • +Richard Gustafsson That type of tank destroyer can be fun but i prefer to
      play medium and light tanks. I thought that the Charioteer would perform
      like a medium or light tank but from my own personal experience it didn’t.
      The hellcat pre-nerf was good fun though 😛

    • Im not cookie monster

      +Joey NYESS Dont worry about these rude retards, they’re just numbminded
      quickybaby asskissers

  132. Tier 8 hellcat it seems to me. I see a lot of potential for it in the
    upcoming campaign.

  133. Nice shirt quickybaby!

  134. Love the speed. But I do like some armor on the tank like the JagdPanther

  135. Balc0ra's Gaming

    As always. 36 traverse is the worse it can get. As in with the stock
    engine. So it’s in fact way higher maxed out. So it’s even better with
    hidden stats.

  136. Iemandjwzz aa izan

    What you need to know about this tank?
    just a big NOPE.

  137. What do u have that it show like all the diffrent color writing and stuff

  138. Christian Wertti

    Lies. T-34-3 has 1 300 HP, not significantly more than TDs is it?

  139. 10 minutes ago

  140. Love u so mutch

  141. yess, I was thinking about going on the british turreted td line and
    this’ll help me very much thnx quicky!

  142. Ivor Mlinarević


  143. Great! 

  144. good stuff Quicky. always top quality videos :)

  145. QB, I just wanted to say: keep it up man! You are awesome! I like your

  146. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  147. I hope you all enjoy this review of the Charioteer, one of my frequent go
    to tanks when you want to be sneaky and snipe but have the flexibility to
    carry a few situations.

    I’m LIVESTREAMING right now!

    • +QuickyBabyTV You completely forgot the T28 Prototype. It’s a Tier VIII
      turreted TD as well (OK, it feels like a heavy in many respects due to
      speed and armor). It’s the oldest Tier VIII turreted TD in the game. Why do
      people keep forgetting it? Thanks for the review though. I was already
      wondering, if I should try out the British turreted TD’s.

    • +QuickyBabyTV this is what you get when you put legendary gun – L7 105mm
      being used as mainstay of western MBT up to 1970s onto a very maneuvrable ,
      turreted chassis 🙂

    • +QuickyBabyTV Two things: British accuracy is nowhere near as good as
      Soviet accuracy 😛
      And the second thing: That map lag is annoying (just look at the Tiger 1 in
      the Himmelsdorf battle. He’s capping, but the map shows that he’s about 20
      meters away from the cap circle.

    • +QuickyBabyTV hello. I had one in a battle against the nine tanks . I
      killed 8 tanks . 1 tank died . because over time . if you publish your way?

    • +QuickyBabyTV sory google translete 🙂

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