World of Tanks | FV4202 Epic Damage, Epic Kills, ‘X’v 1

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Source: SirHavocTV GamingVideos

Hi Guys!! Its World of Tanks and we see this show us how it is done on Ruinberg!!
maybe you can return the favor…

Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
●Its Time – on your team being Dicks
●Really Funny things in game LOL moments
●And Thug Life moments

●Please title the email with from above and put in the time stamp of what there is to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
●Looking for a Clan~?
Must be over 16 Years Old
Must be in Teamspeak when ever in game
Must not be a pain in the arse
come to my teamspeak;
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

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  1. Tea slurps = best commentary. ;)

  2. Is it me or are those score’s completely fucked up. First pane (personal
    score) without premium was 153,522 Detailed report he only received 102,348
    without premium but with premium would have been 153,522 … Looks like he
    lost money looking at that ….

  3. nice one sir havoc. Love this on-the-spot type of series.

  4. I don’t know if you realised this, but that’s an FV4202(P) not an FV4202.

  5. cool

  6. your profile pic looks a bit like keemstar on his twitter

  7. Awesome vids Havoc, really love the tutorials on how to play better, I
    don’t think anyone does them as good as you ;)

  8. intense game!

  9. At 15:40 m12 takes his shot and you say “take the shot m12”. Well he just

  10. Jan-Willem Jansen

    I got so many brothers in arms and some crucials this way. I am such a
    dirty scrub XD

  11. the m12 shot right befor u said land a shot 😛 he just had no chance of
    hitting :P

  12. Hahaha Seksi_Gnjurac is pronounced Sexy Gnyou-ruhts

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