World of Tanks || FV4202 (P) – 2897 EXP…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 4202 (P). Finally unlocked the T8 British premium medium tank and have a first game for the record books!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free . It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. When the O-I hit you the second time , you should have gone at him as it
    has more than 20s reload time…

  2. superunicum vs. tomato players, what a luck he done an ace this battle xD

  3. A few days ago you looked sick, you look much better now. I like this

  4. thats funny did my post get deleted I don’t see it now

  5. Shame this thing is so damn slow..

  6. I was the churchil 7, and you won that game because O I was noob. 24k games
    ~1k wm8. while i was trading with you what is not disadvantageous for me
    but i thought O I gonna flank you. so i was holding you. BUT O I stood
    behind me and when i was 1 shoot from death and wanted to retreat he
    blocked me. So O I won you that game.

  7. QB, where to get such enemy teams? :P

  8. Clubbing king

  9. Oof, close game. Very exciting to watch :)

  10. Shit game against these tomatoes.
    Show me battle with equal oponents.

  11. Nice Quickybaby first battle in my stug 3 g with the derp cannon I got 8

  12. That O-I use HE gun so it have more than 15s reload time … QB you are so
    careful =) you can kill him after he had fire you at his first shot =(

  13. gg man respect :)

  14. Jan Arvin Fetizanan

    Mr quickybaby, Thank you for guiding us wot player to play better, and also
    Thank you for inspiring me to study well because i’ve watched your
    graduation video? and it really inspired me alot. Thank you so much hope
    your channel to grow big.

  15. QB’s video titles are getting a little confusing these days…

  16. ok, so, they give you a crappy tank that you have to grind for and it’s
    probably not even worth the grind, but after the grind is over they say
    they’ll buff it and they put it into the premium shop?

  17. must b nice 2 get mm or rng like u do all the time all tomatoes on both
    teams how hard is that wish I could get get sponsored so I could have a
    buffed account

  18. Christophe Deblaton

    It was a very great game, but why the hell didnt you rush that O I at the
    end that has 20secs reload time??

  19. Just Qb-y things… first game, 5k damage, 9 kills, almost 2 k base xp… 2
    gud 4 me :D

  20. Nice. A bit lucky and unlucky at the same time in the end tho :O :D

  21. Qb is there anything about improving that awful Japanese Ht No VI?

  22. I’ve had 8 games so far in the FV and it seems a pretty good tank, I do
    love that pen. I had good games in it, but indeed it feels way too sluggish.

    I think they will definitely increase the top speed, as that would be an
    easy fix and wouldn’t invalidate the previous balancing, but buffs to the
    rate of fire or aiming time could be problematic if overdone.
    I could live with the current stats it if it was just that little bit

  23. remember the OP type 59 and 2.9 seconds aim time and 0.39 accuracy with 181
    pen and 7.3 seconds reload after rammer and vents

  24. Hey quicky why did you have to do a damage mission to receive this
    tank?didn’t you use to own one at tier 10?i am on the NA server and they
    sent me an email saying because I used to own the fv4202 at tier 10 they
    are giving it to me free.when I logged in next one free garage slot added
    and 1 fv4202p.did you guys on the EU server not get the same deal?

  25. I like how he pens an IS-3 with standard ammo, but bounces multiple times
    on an O-I with APCR, O-I totally balanced ……..

  26. what a game!!! QB you’re so good! Always a pleasure to watch you play :D

  27. Try that in a t10 game against good players instead of tomatoes,i did,this
    tank is shit!

  28. * 2.3 Aimtime
    * 0.32 Accuracy
    * Max Dispersion
    shot: 3.836 -> 3.356
    traverse: 6.21 -> 5.52
    move: 7.38 -> 6.71
    turn: 8.44 -> 7.67
    * Terrain resistance
    0.575 -> 0.384
    0.671 -> 0.479
    1.151 -> 0.959

  29. Aim time to 2.3ms and Top speed to 40Km/h would do…

    I’ve had a couple of good games in mine (lost them anyway), but it’s still
    a terrible tank in its current form.

  30. Hope, that I get the FV today, only one win with 750 XP needed.

  31. They are not doing many tanks justice with fake values everywhere. this
    tank, tier 9 VK, etc. (if that tier 9 VK was real it would weigh +20 tons
    or more)

  32. Trees OP plez nerf

  33. 1. He is defending with the ability and location to go hull down.
    2. He is playing against the worst dumpster fire players ever.
    3. He is top tier.
    4. No decent top tier arty.

    I would fucking hope in a T1 cunningham he could do work.

  34. Why didnt you just drive away for the win

  35. ARC94JonasWenninger

    accuracy shold be improffd

  36. Surprise surprise…another high end tiered tank….

  37. QB paniced so hard. :D

  38. this game takes no thought process whatsoever

    i try so hard and its worth fuck all every time and the one game i go full
    retard and stop caring i get a damn top gun


  39. But the FV4202 (P) is getting buffed in 9.15….from the research i did,
    9.14 is going to be too early, they want ppl to sell them…

  40. what recording software do you use?

  41. Did you get a haircut QB? It looks really nice.

  42. Hi there folks. Here’s what I think: first they should lower the aim time
    below 2.3s – it is type B barrel and it should be better than type A.
    Second is the speed. But that’s what I think. We will see what they will
    do. Had no time at all for marathon so maybe I’ll buy it someday. Maybe.

  43. Has Wargaming given a reason for why they’ve given British tankers such a
    statistically bad tank haha? Did they not give them enough money recently?

  44. I got the steelwall on my comet lol

  45. yes … all enemy is red WTF QB

  46. WOT takes bitcoin as payment, can anyone tell me where to get more free
    bitcoins other than this site?

  47. Glad I got one for free on NA. Would have hated to have this as a reward
    from a difficult mission.

  48. Wtf you talkin bout qb you dont need premium ammo in other tier 8 mediums
    to go through that is3 i do it with the t54 mod 1 and that has 175 mm of
    pen with ap…

  49. He’s always against shitters lol

  50. Has anyone else notice that lately QB has be doing replays of his games and
    not others? And there has been so little replays of any Chinese tanks even
    with the puffs, still no replays. QB needs to do more replays of random
    replays from all of the WG community players from the European and North
    American servers. We all know that QB is beast at tanking but we never get
    to see how others play their own tanks.

  51. Dick butt Nick butt

    quicky please do a review on the M3 Lee

    P.S. i am serious i suck in it

  52. QB one bad play you made was not rushing the O-I when he just fired at the

  53. I’m confused, why is he bitching about a premium tank that he got for free?

  54. i won’t buy this British MT.

  55. What horrible play at the end of the game i’m sorry….

  56. won the game, lost the battle.

  57. I’m sure the Super-Pershing is slower than this thing

  58. The hull Armor is a auto pen if the OI loaded AP….

  59. When is this tank coming to the teck tree and how much gold will it be

  60. Should I get a KV-2 or KV-1S (I’m on update 2.6 on IOS on Blitz)

  61. Buff will be tea compartment in turret!

  62. But the O-I’s reload is measured on a calendar, why would you not rush him,
    but run away after he had fired? Unnecessarily endangered yourself!

  63. Quickbaby saying hes stupid for letting an is3 pass right through phfft

  64. You may now return from the edge of your seats XD

  65. Yeah QB, I got an Ace in my FCM 50t by denying battle to their final tank
    (a Lowe) who had almost full HP on same map and assault.

  66. This tank does not look very good to me. It seems to have medium tank armor
    but the gun and mobility is that of a heavy tank. Kind of the worst of

  67. Ah the old gold spam! ;)

  68. I generally like your videos but omg quickybaby you are seriously milking
    these videos now, 3 videos just on this one tank, how to get it, tank
    preview and now this one. milking so much youtube money from what is a free
    tank from wg. same with the toldi.. free, and recently its video’s for
    videos’s sake, loads of them and even is it worth it when a ‘collectors
    gem’ goes on sale, yet theres a good youtuber being doing ‘is it worth it’
    videos for a long time. but cant really blame you i suppose though, its our
    silly faults for watching, not yours. keep up the milking :)

  69. Selmir Kahrimanovic

    no offence but you always play vs red and orange players, i rarely see your
    replay where you dominate vs blue or unicum players…

  70. I don’t like how new the fv4202 is

  71. Try it in a tier 10 battle. Different story when you have IS7’s whacking
    you and Action X running rings around you. FV4202P sucks but so did the
    FV4202. Just make it competitive WG! I wouldn’t pay $40 for this and you
    shouldn’t have to when it enters the premium shop.

  72. It says it mounts the B barrel but the stats are the A barrel with a longer
    aim time. This tank could benefit from the actual B barrel stats. Wonder if
    they misidentified the main gun?

    If it got a speed buff and mounted the actual B barrel that would help a

  73. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    Nowhere as bad as the community makes it out to be. Aced it in my first
    game as well with 1.2k base xp.

  74. Congrats on the win but most of the enemies were not even looking at
    you QB. Its easy to kill tanks that are totally ignoring you. As to the
    improvements my guess is that they won’t make the changes too drastic so as
    to make it OP. Mild change at best I’m thinking but with WG you never know.

  75. since when the tomatoes are scary?:P

  76. bad play on the o-i but I’m sure it wasn’t intentional even though he knows
    how big the gun is.

  77. Sr. Archibald Crabgrass

    At 7:47 why didn’t quickybaby just go circle strafe the OI? He could have
    at least trolled the OI into missing a shot if not circle strafing him?

  78. If you were defending then why couldn’t you just run away and let the timer
    run out? There was no need to risk the loss by fighting him at the very
    end. Unless you really wanted the eighth kill…

  79. Love the videos QB – informative and I learn from watching! Thanks!

  80. FV4202 has heavy tank speed…

  81. Fucking awesome game! Well played Lord QuickyBaby! Keep up the great vids!

  82. speed & aim buffs. Or mine gets sold sadly.

  83. congrats on an amazing game!!! excellent use of the strenghs of this tank.,
    mate. WOT buffin up a british tank? nah, i cant believe that they probably
    fuck him up more, those nazi-commie cumwhores.

  84. Even Quickybaby can play like a noob xD
    First of all it was asault, second, he didnt use the rate of fire against
    the O-I. He could have killed him allot sooner.

  85. give it back the 105 and better aim time.

  86. looks faster than the Super Pershing in my garage. How about having a drag
    race between the FV4202 (P) and the T26E4?

  87. you should have just rushed him when he hit you the first time. he would
    have had to shoot you again and you would out DPM him.

  88. I think it’s crap…. since I got a mission 4 it… I did it…cause why
    not…. but I would NEVER GIVE MONEY 4 this tank….

  89. I believe as you in better aimtime
    Better top speed (40 to 45)
    less engine power or worse ground resistance

  90. Actually it was 2896 xp. Kappa

  91. Quickybaby, lmao. Does 5.6k damage in a tier 8, first thing he mentions is
    his lone mistake…?

  92. really well played

  93. Wait… Title says 2.9 k exp, but post battle result screen says 1.9 k

  94. OMG M badge first game!

  95. To many attempts at Snapshots but a great game anyway.

  96. I’m so triggered right now. Got my new PC, 3 days before the missions
    started. For some reason I already had the FV4202 P in my garage, but the
    next day my BRAND NEW PC breaks down and i have to take it back. I’m so
    freaking mad. and now it’s too late cause they took 3 days to return my
    money. I really wanted this tank too, I really enjoyed playing it.
    #1stWorldProblems :'(

  97. Thought this might be making it to Youtube after I saw it on stream!

  98. Qual mod vc usa ? xD

  99. nice hair man :)

  100. +QuickyBaby Do you think doing 4k damage and 10k damage blocked is a good
    enough game to post on your channel/TheMightyJingles??

  101. Maybe I’m missing something here, but at 7:45 I’m pretty sure he could’ve
    side hugged or at least pumped 1 extra shot out. I realize that if he
    pumped one more shot out, the O-I could have possibly rushed him and taken
    him out, but the O-I wasn’t playing very smart at the end. Oh who am I to
    criticize this great win by Quickybaby, well done on your 5700 damage game

  102. Poor decision my ass. Well played mate. Poor decision is what the Top Gun
    lady would say juust so they don’t see right through her. Take my breath
    away bitch.

  103. It’s easy to play with such a handless players on your server (according to
    XVM statistics in your teams). You will never play so good on my RU
    servers, when it’s more skillful players in opposite team. Look at your
    players in opposite team… It’s like a professional boxer vs. kids

  104. Hopefully, it’ll get nerf again.

  105. And it’s not as good as the CDC!

  106. i think its gonna get faster

  107. QB got a haircut

  108. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Nest ever played game on this so far?

  109. its 1931 EXP not 2897

  110. To be honest 40kph and 2ish second Aim time I think would suit this tank
    well it just doesn’t have the power in the engine at the moment and its a
    med it should be able to pop some shots of well

  111. 2897 xp????/ whered u get that number????

  112. Personally I think you could’ve just went all out against the O-I after he
    took his shot, maybe get beside him so that he can’t shoot (if the FV is
    short enough)

  113. i do not like that tank it sucks

  114. O-I =O-P

  115. so when the OI hit you the first time, why did you not go and engage him? I
    think he has a 20 sec reload or something, and you could have easily killed
    him well before he had reloaded. mind you, im not a very goot WoT player,
    actually im statistically a very bad player, but im just curious, i am
    trying to learn

  116. dat texture derp at 10:19

  117. Why is it when QB is showing us his gameplay the enemy team is almost
    Always red?

  118. And now with a score like that he can never play that tank again!

  119. Good job quickybaby

  120. I got this too and love it and helps with grinding my British crews

  121. My first game in this was kind of like yours. 2.5k damage and 1.8k xp and
    5.3 damage ratio. I sold it right after just to keep the stats for fun :P

  122. surely with the bad ROF on the O-i you could have put in several shots most
    of the times that you tried to engage him

  123. does FV4202 have bad money earning?

  124. HAHA when he said “holy mother of credits” i almost died XD

  125. scary red IS3 platoon

  126. Apostolos Kouzoikas

    you suld know that 0-I have 20 sec reload .. you shuld have killed him way
    erlyer ;)

  127. The only thing he needs is engine from old tier 10 FV4202 and his traverse
    speed, aim time ?? well we will handle it somehow :)

  128. How come QB seems to always have battles where enemies just sit right
    infront of him taking damage without even trying to retreat

  129. “Scary platoon of IS-3’s”
    *Looks at the tank list*: platoon members have 47% win rate.

  130. but surely QB already had the old FV4202 and so he would have got that tank
    for free without having to do the mission

  131. this tank makes me puke

  132. I really like that quote you said “A broken clock is right twice a day.”

  133. QB what headset do you use, i need a new one and always liked the one you
    use in your videos. please let me know and keep up the great videos always
    fun to watch

  134. Do you think you are ever going to do a video about the ‘VK 72.01 (K)’ ? i
    saw it on TanksGG, and it looks interesting.

  135. great game… but I wonder why didn’t you take advantage of his loooooooong
    reload time after you took that he damage???

  136. QB how can you cet a lot of credits very quickly because i dont have a lot
    of money and i want to buy the centurion 1

  137. Glad you fought the O-I to the end, QB – it was fun to watch 2 players who
    actually knew what they were doing have a duel at the end of the game :)

  138. I honestly don’t know why I watch this guy.

  139. Exactly Quickybaby, the T26E4 Super Pershing is slower

  140. i think they wil buf the healt to 4000

  141. Awesomeness jrk (squiggly diggly)

    Hey QB can you do a video with me on the test server. thanks

  142. such a bad play at the end

  143. still no Kolabonovs for you QB lol

  144. I was at QBs house in my dream last night…

  145. I think the designer wanted to make FV4020P more like T54 first prototype,
    as they have exactly the same rate of fire and accuracy. However, its
    aiming time and speed are even worse than T54 first prototype, which cannot
    be even compatible other tier 8 premium medium tanks. Therefore, I agree
    with QB that its aiming time and speed will improve a little bit in the up
    coming patch. In my opinion, its overall armor will also improve as well.
    However, I do not think there improvements could make FV4020P a compatible
    premium tank. They just make it like a British T54 first prototype. T54
    first prototype is now the worst premium medium tank in common. Thus, it is
    still hard to have fun with it in the future.

  146. Watched this on stream during lunch, the ending was tense

  147. Ahrg so ugly :-(

  148. LOL vk4502a is better with everything than this tank other then the pen and
    gun depression

  149. lol sidescrapping vs HE

  150. Mc and Wot

    RIP. top gun medal… you will be rememberd as the forgotten medal by

  151. 7:50 – O-I with the 152mm takes 20+ secs to reload. After taking the shots
    you had the opportunity to hit 3 and kill him easily before he reloaded
    ending the game then and there…

  152. quckybaby can you play the vk 30 01 the tier 5 german heavy tank

  153. 8:03 quicky baby why you run he has 25 sec reolad poor play for real. You
    for could put another round in to him

  154. It was funny to see it live ;)

  155. why u all show easy games with noob enemies … i played today 9 games all
    lost bec of my noob team …
    i stopped playing bec i couldnt handle anymore …

    if i watch u and 4tankers i am motivated to play again but then its the
    same like before … makes me wanna quit the game fully… don’t understand
    how u guys play so good, so i think it’s just easy games with noob enemies

  156. So you mean to tell me my Super Pershing is faster 40.2.That’s just SAD.

  157. Great game – shows that you can have good games in bad tanks too.

    I like it how WG now says “we might have to buff it” when everyone saw that
    this will be a garbage tank right from the beginning.
    for myself i couldnt motivate myself to do this “marathon” allthough i
    kinda liked the fv4202

  158. OI needs a BIG nerf it’s not funny anymore…its just blatantly OP

  159. Hi when the Oi shot you the 1st time; why didn’t you out dpm him straight
    after knowing that he has at least a 21 secs reload?

  160. At the post result screen. It says that the second best player was driving
    a KV-1s instead of the KV-85…

  161. Stats are fuck as hell!
    I dont care about a unicum scum player in wot! even on polish scum players!
    All care just about a wn8 shit! THe community of wot is crap as hell!

  162. Are those missions also on EU? i know it was on NA, but havent heard it was
    also on EU.

  163. wait QB, so you never had the FV4202 as a tier 10? or did the EU server not
    get the FV4202 P for owning the FV202 at tier 10?

  164. Very good replay! But the O-I has about 21 s reload, you could have shot
    him about 3 time every one he shot you QB?

  165. I have 9 skills on my Panther/m10

  166. Well played man.

  167. Clickbaiting… I thought the tittle said 2.9k base exp. Sweet game anyway

  168. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    9:15 all you had to do is run away and survive, he had no time to cap, but
    you chose to attack him and win the battle in glorious fashion. Your choice
    was super risky, but it was a brave choice that only true heroes can take.
    Fantastic play!

  169. 2896 XP…*

  170. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    No fire extinguisher in a 35 km/h tank? Brave!

  171. Why don’t you just go around him…

  172. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    1:27 wrong
    3,4 seconds aim time….. T-34-3 feels more like an SPG then a medium tank.

  173. Quicky,you very good player on World of Tanks. :)

  174. QB can you show how can you use one crew in multiple tanks?

  175. im keeping the cent ax until 9.14 comes out purely to test how it handles
    in the new physics if my opinion doesnt change of it im selling it because
    right now its a hateful tank with all the module damage it takes constantly
    id say in one of every 2 games you play your ammo rack will get damaged on
    the 1st shot of the game you take

  176. the tank will get a cup of tea :D

  177. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand stil not geting this tank….

  178. Oh come on! I hate these videos where you are the only one purple, and the
    29 other are weak, It’s easy to perform well!!! This kind of game what i
    played only few times. You have a realy good match making…

  179. Truly are a skilled player.. GG’s! Also great video always enjoy you’re

  180. Aw top speed… top speed…(begging WG to buff it?)
    Super pershing is much slower. I know super pershing have higher top speed
    but you never reach it.

  181. Whats wrong with Simon123456789….. ? In the replay he drove KV85 and in
    the stats is KV1S ?

  182. I like this tank but I keep getting fucked over by artys.

  183. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  184. Hey QB, please help me if you see this comment. Your modpack is realy
    helpful to me but i have problem with carousel in my garage, my tanks
    disapers at slots, i have to go to tech tree and then show in garage every
    time i want to drive them.

  185. this thing is still better than the lowe honestly better gun dep and better
    aim time and fires faster

  186. QB… OI has a 20 second reload even with a rammer and a good crew. Dont
    know why the hell you’d run from him after he just fired.

  187. You are really good player and i enjoy these videos. Oh Im tomato winRate
    47% =)

  188. Easiest Kolobanov’s medal… xD (Kolobanov when i was rly rly rly bad

  189. Two instances where QB could of ended the game against the O-I but instead
    he chooses to prolonged it because reasons…

  190. QB the FV4202 isnt the slowest T8 premium…
    The T26E4 goes like 10km/h max

  191. Two instances where QB could of ended the game against the O-I but instead
    he chooses to prolonged it because reasons…

  192. Wow…epic fail on the O-I…why didnt he come around when you were
    engaging the Church? People just dont play together!

  193. My FREE FV4202 comes in 3 days with the completion of the 750 base xp per
    day run and a random game in anything with steel and wheels. Already got
    the complete on the 450k run so its off we go! Thanks for the game of

  194. i just thought baby HE BABY HE BABY HE HIM!!!!

  195. WOT is better than War Thunder. Like if you agree

  196. Why does he refer to himself in the third person?!

  197. Is this not like 10 days old? Btw nice hair cut m8.

  198. This tank is so bad that is super nice tank for good players like QB

  199. Could of rushed HIM and got under its gunline

  200. the t54 mod 1 goes 35km/h too

  201. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming

    his first battle in this tank aswell :D

  202. i think everyone will be selling that painful thing in 9.14

  203. Pretty easy enting tho

  204. Nasty Wargaming 😀 I didn’t make the grind cause the tank was so bad, now
    they buff it before selling it for money…

  205. i m not the best player qb but u made some bad mistakes with dealing the OI

  206. play T-34-1

  207. The second-best Player on Quickies Team, simon+lots-of-numbers drove a
    KV-85 in the replay, but a KV-1S in the Post-Game Stats, heh?^^

  208. You should fire HE.

  209. i think as they were giving away a free tank they decided to make it look
    pants less people would do the mission. But soon as its not possible to
    start and complete the mission then buffs are announced as lets face it
    there not going to sell many as it is.

  210. QuickyBaby is balding ?

  211. the big misplay in the end is not that he should have kited the O-I. after
    the O-I fired, you should have just sidehugged him and u would have an easy
    win on your hands. greets

  212. Doesn’t the O-I take 24sec to reload with the 15cm gun he used?

  213. So this makes you a good player XD, Almost every player is below 50%
    winrate these a just bad players, your the only unicum and you find this
    good result LOL… Quicky nub

  214. Can’t the O-I just load AP with the 150mm and overmatch the 50mm upper

  215. First Order Stormtrooper

    correction QB the type 59 have the worst aim time at 2.9 sec

  216. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    GG QB great result ! But that aim time it’s just…..?? It just looks
    like a derp gun !!! The accruacy is also sooooooo bad !!!! but as usual you
    carried the game thanks for this replay ; -)

  217. I enjoy your reviews but I think you need to stop trying not to offend WG.
    This FV4202 is a joke compared to the other premiums and needs fixing not
    just readjusting. If they need to make it not as good as the Centurion I
    and produce this then it shows how bad the Centurion I is compered to
    everyone else’s T8’s. Don’t be so diplomatic all the time.

  218. I dont have many problems with this tank as a support med. I do NOTE that
    in MY case, I usually log 90% gold rounds shot at me. It really is a waste
    of creds to do so if you are equal tier or even one lower, but I suppose if
    you can spend it, have at it!

  219. Why you dont shoot this o-i more ? He was using DerpGun (you got HE dmg) so
    he had like 20-21sek reload.

  220. Martijn Huis in t veld

    i did get my first ace tanker in my stock valentine 1vs4 sadly i don’t have
    the replay

  221. Saw this game live on twich;)

  222. That low roll on the T25/2 at the end which maid him lost the possible 10

  223. Kinda sad to see you talk about taking multiple shots between enemy reloads
    and then you just give up 1 more free shot into O-I while he for sure was
    still reloading. Also i can uderstand you had to been nervous, but once it
    was sure he wont be able to cap you out… you could always just disengage
    from combat and wait. Even tho FV is slow, O-I is much slower.

    Anyway good game, hope i will manage to do something like that one day in
    my FV4202 😀

    And to FV buff… i think it will get to numbers similar for Centurion Mk.
    I 🙂 well…i hope 😀 :D

  224. How you do well in wot… Get a enemy team like that….

  225. nice game :)

  226. Amazing game!

  227. Quicky, you could have just killed the OI after the first time he hit you,
    he reloads more than 20 seconds which is enough for 2 more shots from you

  228. i would much rather see new tanks come into the game weak and than get
    buffed instead of new tanks being OP that they then nerf into the ground

  229. Well .. you are OP compared with that red team lol

  230. I’ve had the tank since yesterday and, to my surprise, I really like it.
    Got a 67% win rate after about 30 battles. The armour is surprisingly
    bouncy, even on the front of the hull, and the penetration on the gun is
    excellent. Agree with QB that an aim time buff and a speed increase to
    40kmh will make a big difference – fingers crossed.

  231. New tank PogChamp

  232. when the OI hit you the first time, you backed off, you should have rushed
    him and hugged his side to abuse his poor reload and gun depression over
    the side

  233. Quick! I’m early, let’s make a joke….
    The Russian Player Base

  234. Congrats QuickyBaby! Nice job.

  235. Mr. Hua (Kullimies)

    i was watching this on stream :DD

  236. thats why i dont use the 122 mm on the IS i use the 100 mm

  237. do a review on the jagdpanther

  238. There is a buff coming for this tank wot america gave a hint

  239. fresh trim

  240. Thanks QB for getting me back into playing WoT :D

  241. lol im early

  242. Glad you got your FV4202 (P) 🙂 Hope you enjoy it ^.^

  243. Geometry Dash Warrek

    QuickyBaby, how is it going with competition for your new intro?

  244. i was there for this!

  245. Hey Quickybaby some people cant get up to tier 8 9 10 can you do a few tier
    5 6 7 Thanks

  246. Forest “Lican” Bear

    FV have a bad aim time….

  247. Hi QB whats up

  248. QB thank you for all the content. Watching you has raised my Wn8 from 800
    to 2300. and my Wr from 48% to 54%. Thank you so much. Keep doing what
    you’re doing.

  249. I was 9th

  250. REALLLY!!!?? I didn’t get the first comment?

  251. Fuck u qb

  252. I always like its light outside on videos and dark on stream ;)

  253. oh baby, sup stream.

  254. First to get ammoracked!

  255. Hi from stream!

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