World of Tanks || FV4202 P Mission Guide

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Source: QuickyBaby

Starting in Februrary the FV4202 will return as a T8 British premium medium that will be unlockable through completeing a series of missions. Here’s an overview for you 🙂

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  1. I cant complete mission 1 because i’m on vacation (with no possibility to
    play) – if i’m back there are only 8 days left. Thx WG … atm the FV4202P
    isn’t worth to buy in the premium shop – the other T8 premium meds are

  2. I even don’t have a T7 GG
    im only playing with german tanks gg

  3. Was excited at the start of the video but after hearing that it will be
    another in a long list of weak British tanks im annoyed, but since im still
    over 200k xo away from unlocking the Action 10 centurion im not going to
    even look at this event again.

    Being British i do feel most of the tanks in WOT, with a few very good
    exceptions, are hilariously weak and it feel pointless to play or own any
    of them, so i dont. But i’d love to i have my patriotic streak too… shame
    Wargaming only care for their new or Russian tanks.

  4. While it may be the easiest ever, that is only assuming you have already
    completed the lengthiest grind, getting the Centurion Action X.

  5. What can I say? No rasha tanku…

  6. Lol,easy tank to get was T34…

  7. Gun penn is very good so u will not need shot a lot of premium at tier X.
    Looking at speed this is supposed to be a sniper but this accuracy is some
    kind of a mistake? Gun soft stats are also horrible and it will not be
    possible to quickly pop out of hill and shoot reliably. Combine it wit low
    DPM … and I do not know what this tank is for.
    I hope this tank has a low profile like old FV4202 and not as damn big as
    Centurion AX.
    I think this is another WG setup. This tank is now bad (opinion only based
    on this video so I may be wrong) so that as few as possible try to get it
    for free and when the missions are over MAGIC will happen and accuracy and
    soft stats will improve so that actually there will be chance of someone
    buying it :)

  8. ‘Easiest to get free premium tank’ yeah, nevermind that it requires you to
    actually have a specific t10 tank to even qualify. Granted that might not
    be that hard if you focus 1 line, but for people that dont happen to have
    the t10 British medium line its impossible.

  9. Idk why, but one of my favorite moments with this video Quickybaby is when
    you see the aim time and went “Nuuuuu!….”

  10. Hey QB can you compare it with a T34

  11. I remember when we got the T34 for free because we had it in our garage
    when it went premium, but I guess I’m just old fashioned like that where
    customer service is more important than turning things into a day-time job.

    Especially for one of the worst tanks in the game this is not worth it time
    wise, even if it’s for free. It’s an insult to players of this game.

  12. What they should have done, is give it the same armor it had at tier X and
    re-designate it as a Heavy tank. Cause in reality the FV4202 was one of the
    prototypes for the chieftain

  13. this tanks is going to be an xp pinata for every tank it meets in battle…

  14. Thanks for the highlight.
    How will be the credit-making potential for this tank? It seems not all
    prems are as rewarding.
    Anyway, to spend 75 hours gaming in 14 days is just ***. I’m sure most of
    us can earn enough real life money with that time to buy and enjoy a
    competitive tank.

  15. Too bad some of us have jobs….

  16. You can deal with slow speed and bad armor. But why the gun? Why destroy
    the gun. Just give it Cent 1 stats and nerf speed and armor 5%-10% on
    everything else…. it’s fair and still workable. With this gun it will
    need to be closer to combat and it has no speed and armor to do that.
    Perhaps it will have prem MM ? That can make things a bit better.

  17. Oh I’m sure WG will add some sort of a “buy this then you get the FV4202
    without doing missions” kinda option.
    Also, nice calculation QuickyBaby o/

  18. Switched off after you mentioned that you need a Action X first to
    qualify….thanks again WG another fucked up mission

  19. This is a disaster…. nice move wargaming

  20. I had high hopes for the FV4202 at tier 8, but as usual WG have given the
    british a turd of a premium tank, (like pretty much all British premium
    vehicles in this game) I assume it will be available to purchase at some
    point in the future and “maybe” they would buff it at that point (otherwise
    no-one would part with real money for that thing). Sure the missions to get
    it aren’t that tough, but Im not sure Ill bother!

  21. Good info, there is just one problem, I need to grind out the Action X
    first, and the big gun on the 7/1 first, så theres an uphill climb.

  22. hey quickbaby umm I was wondering if u could make a video on how to drive
    light tanks I not a good player win it comes to souting thx

  23. Aleksandar Kospenda

    I wonder what kind of retard comes up with these missions, then again it’s
    probably just so people start playing / grinding again towards something.

  24. Dont do it…. im still having nightmires from TogTober

  25. Well damn, cannot do this because no Centurion AX… I am only at the comet

  26. GeoRgE “DeViLoS” ChRiSto

    Down Right insulting..You shouldn’t ”HAVE TO DO” anything in a game. If
    you wanna give it out as a thank you or whatever give it away with no BS,
    if you want to break peoples nerves you should change bussiness ASAP..

  27. nice to know I sold my isu to get the action x in time for the ORIGINAL
    ANNOUNCED DATE (January 19) only to find it’s starting in February. and
    it’s gonna take forever to get it. and the fucking scrooge bastards can’t
    even give you a decent crew with it. FUCK YOU WG.

  28. It is from the 1st to the 15th Februar

  29. nice i always wanted another free garage slot

  30. Another Premium turd gg WG.. for once can you give us a strong premium…

  31. That slow, that under armored? I’ll eat the FV4202 in my AMX 50 100 then.

  32. this is disappointing considering I played since May 2011 and still don’t
    have a teir 10, and I only have one tier 9 and one tier 8.

  33. Richards Slebonick

    Quicky, I let my little bro play and he slottered my WN8 from 2k to a
    SHHIITT 330wn8. Now I’m being critized for being a so called “shitter”. How
    can I hide my stats from your EVIL mods?

  34. Frankly put, it’s not worth the effort to get. Even if it’s the easiest
    tier 8 premium to earn for free. This thing is a pile of shit. Sorry but
    god damn this thing is disgusting…

  35. This mission should also be available to people who haven’t unlocked the
    Canturion Action X. It makes no sense to have to grind out an entire T10
    tank just to unlock the ability to start a massive grind to earn a
    relatively weak T8 premium.

  36. I quit the video as soon as he said “you have to have a Centurion Action
    X.”. This makes no sense, WG. Why make players have to earn themselves a
    tank they’ve already unlocked? It should be a gift for people who unlocked
    it before it was replace by the centurion. What about why happened with the
    American Heavy line changes way back? If you had unlocked the T30 (as a t10
    heavy) than you got a free T34 as a t8 prem heavy instead of a t9. You also
    got an M103 and a T110E5.

  37. 450000 in 14 days lol. No way, I got a work and a life. Have all tanks I
    need, e25 & e75. ?

  38. Disappointing. How is this meant to be a British tank, while its gun stats
    are so goddamn awful… If I have Centurion Action X, I might as well just
    use mine Centurions to make credits, these are way better than this
    over-nerfed piece of junk. It has nothing that it excel at, except for
    Penetration and NOTHING else… Still, it is going to be an easy pick up
    for anyone with time to spare.

  39. Easiest mission to get a tier 8 premium or longest to get a free garage

    I think they have nerfed it too much. The armour nerf I could get a long
    with, the gun nerf, can be managed. However the speed and engine nerf,
    seriously WG, it’s not as if British meds are know for their speed, but
    decreasing the speed of an already slow tank, pfft. I will get the tank in
    the hopes that in a year or two, WG might buff the tank.

  40. Not worth it.
    90% of playerbase does not have unlocked tier X.
    Easy mission, but still no use.
    Nightmare to drive it.

  41. I’ll do the mission because it looks easy as hell with a few good damage
    dealers, but then it’s just going to sit in my garage in anticipation of a
    buff. It’s kind of a shame though, my time with the old 4202 was short and
    it wasn’t really good on paper, but it had it’s own kind of charm.

  42. need help im on asia but my server is USW/USE how can I go asian server

  43. hi sir.plz u halp me i buy 7500 gold and i loss plzzzz tht gold

  44. This tank has to be buffed since they are planning on selling it
    afterwards. This would be a joke if they are gonna sell it for standard
    tier 8 premium tank cost.

  45. ok wargaming, you’ve lost me this time for good

  46. You do need the Centurion Action X to get the FV4202 P?

  47. RIP haven’t grinded the British MT line yet so no premium for me

  48. Sure looks dismal. I’m moving on from it.

  49. When they replace the tank you own and give you the old one as well as the
    new one, they’re almost NEVER actually premium tanks. For this reason, I’m
    actually quite miffed at the fact that you need to have the Action X
    specifically to qualify for this… It’s like punishing players for not
    being able to see into the future. Oh, at some point this line will get me
    a free tier 8 premium? I guess I’ll do that one then… The rewards for ‘On
    track’ missions are never even close to this good. I’ve spent a ridiculous
    amount of time playing this game over the last five years, and only chose
    to grind out 6 or 7 tier Xs. Why don’t any of them qualify me for a free
    tier 8 premium tank? This will ANGER more players than it sates, mark my
    words, WG.

  50. What an absolute POS. Most people dont have the cent X anyway

  51. Wargaming logic, make tier 10 into tier 8 premium. Nerf it to uselessness,
    roll in money.

  52. they have been suffering progressive retardation at greedgaming… what a
    fck joke tank and mission concept… fck them ?

  53. Looks like they took a good tank and gave back near garbage…typical.

  54. Bad news for me….I haven’t researched any tier 2 British

  55. Worthless tank.

    British line has needed a tier8 premium for a LONG time for medium tanks,
    but that tank is a completely worthless piece of garbage.

    Worse than the t34 on the garbage scale.

    Terrible TERRIBLE gun (aim time ruins it)….
    Zero armor
    Garbage engine

    Might as well just give it away for free.

    I thought that meeting they had with the youtubers/streamers was supposed
    to be a positive turn in direction?

    This is horrible……does this mean we won’t get a decent premium tank for
    crew training on the British tech tree???

  56. For a tank with full mm this is garbage. I am reconsidering even grinding
    for it now. Cromwell B is good even in tier 8 games as a scout.

  57. heard i needed the ActionX, and well there goes all my interest, I won’t be
    getting a Tier 10 tank anytime soon, and the one i would get is the IS-7

  58. very unsurprisingly they nerf the tank to the grave.. got my hopes up but
    it came down double fold… do they hate brits in some other way? hahaha. i
    am in a dilemma now.

  59. oh look all that effort for a free garage slot :D

  60. Dat google translate proxy doe XD 1:40

  61. The problem with using this tank on ridgelines is that it has to stay
    exposed in order to put a 20-pounder gun’s rate of fire to use and to avoid
    the reticle blooming like a field of flowers from ducking back down between
    shots as a poorly armored tank should. I had thought that I might work for
    the returned FV4202, as long as the mission requirements were tuned down a
    bit compared to other missions for earning a tier 8 (since it was supposed
    to come from already having a specific tier 10), but I don’t think I’m
    going to bother now. Also, I look forward to watching KV-2s and HESH
    equipped tanks demolish this machine with its 50mm of hull armor. I’m
    curious if this tank has the same absurdly vulnerable ammo rack hitbox that
    the Centurions do.

  62. My god, wargaming better realize this is a mistake and buff the 4202 P, I
    might have disliked it when I played it at tier 10, but what a tank it
    could be at tier 8, makes sense to make it a good tank at tier 8 to make up
    for how crap it was a tier 10, but to make it worse? I will get this tank
    just to have it, but I don’t think it is worth playing at all… unless
    they give it back its engine power, top speed, and great gun performance
    that the British are known for.

  63. What a hunk of junk!

  64. I’m a console player, but if I were a PC player I wouldn’t worry myself
    with the missions, honestly I feel like they’re shafting us, again. If
    nobody grinds this PoS out I wonder if WG would get the message… Probably
    wouldn’t make a difference.

  65. tbh…i lost interest once it required the top tier tank to get it…the
    mission is easy but…a lot of players won’t be able to get it by that fact
    alone unless it goes on sale soon….just lame dude, utterly lame

  66. As I see it, it is quite useful tank when events such as x5 for victory are
    implemented. Other than that, garbage…

  67. The mission to get it is so easy I bet a lot of people will unlock it on

  68. This is a horseshit giveaway on their part, locking it to only people who
    have a particular tier 10 vehicle unlocked…

  69. its not a tank enny more its a steel coffin 🙁 pritty sad, sins the T10
    FV4202 whas rader oki

  70. It does really make this tank a bit pointless. Have been checking it out
    myself & came to the same conclusions. I will probably get it cos I play a
    I think that Wargaming realised that so many people had good crews that for
    their Crommy’s that would go straight into this. Where worried about it
    being over powered consiquentially. So they have made it a Dog!
    Yes it looks like it will be strong upon ridgelines, but every other stat
    screams! WTF!!!!!!
    Who in their right mind will ever buy this?
    I’m very aware that premiums are in general not as good as their standard
    counterparts. But this really is taking the biscuit!
    My Crommy B is my British med crew trainer & that will not change. it will
    not change for most other serious players out there.
    But can it not have some redeaming features???? Yes good on ridgelines. But
    will it ever carry a game???
    I will have to wait till I actually get it 7 play it!
    But I am not feligeling inspired by this vehicle!
    : /

  71. my hope is that it is only crap until the mission is over, wargaming notice
    that only 5 people bothered getting it, and they buff the shite out of it.

  72. Join the thousands of Centurion Action X drivers on a mission to get a
    horrible Premium Tank which you will sell for a free garage slot and

  73. Britain finally gets a tier 8 premium!

    Worst tier 8 premium in the game…

  74. Obvious Shill is obvious

  75. So if you can get it for free…ok I guess. But I can’t imagine anyone will
    pay actual money for this, assuming it’s going to be in the Premium shop. I
    can understand most of the nerfs except for the top speed. 40kph is already
    crap, did they really need to knock off another 5kph?

  76. no cen X lol………

  77. It’s shit because it’s not russian.

  78. and who do not have the medium line is fucked up … very good!

  79. Some say that his shells ignore spaced armour and that he once accidentally
    went into a battle with no shells and earned Radley-Walter’s. All we know
    is, he’s called the StuG!

  80. wow that’s bullshit having to get the cent x just to get it fuck that

  81. Why give the tank AWFULL armour and then nerf the speed so much that your
    going to get overtaken by most heavies.. And what the hell is that 20
    pounder? Why mess about with the stats on the gun? Fuck WG, they fucking
    HATE British tanks.

  82. Of course, been waiting for this mission for a year and it comes as soon as
    my computer breaks.

  83. Mr.QB, were you a statistically bad player, like light red on xvm, when you
    started paying world of tanks?

  84. I just play wot with quicky, i never thought that will gonna heppend…
    Only bad thing was i was in enemy team and we lost really bad :D

  85. Easiest ever? Man i would never get 450000 damage in 14 days

  86. even the best moderator cant make up for a shit content/Tank :-/

  87. You forget the Super Pershing! That one is the slowest tier 8 in game 🙁
    Love my SP, but i wud be a lot happyer if they buff the speed :)

  88. Yeah this is totally not worth the grind -_- not at all

  89. It’s basically a way worse Super Perishing. Horrible hull armour, meh
    turret armour, not so amazing 20-pdr, slower than most heavies at this
    tier. Shesh, WG really don’t like Britain, do they? -_-

  90. Fuck doing all that I’ll just fucking buy the thing when it’s available

  91. well, I’m glad I have a Cromwell B for my crew training, I’ll get this
    because I’ll easily do the mission and hey, free tank, but I am disgusted
    at the stats. They introduce balanced tanks for other nations, USSR has a
    shit tonne, France has the 50t and CDC, Britain….? nope, fuck all decent
    stuff for us. Can’t be hard to make a premium Centurion or something ?

  92. wtf! this tank is god awful!

  93. Man I’m so upset that they took out the FV4202 out of tier X. It was so
    awesome! Man, even in my tier VIII’s I could take it out just like that!
    Well, I should’ve known that it wouldn’t last, getting those Tier X

  94. Time to warm up the T1 Cunningham!

  95. STB-1 Vid on Thurs calling it now.

  96. They trashed a good t10 that i liked into a shitty tier 8… Plz Wargaming
    bring it back a t10… I like it’s armor

  97. wtf… keep that shitty tank Wg and that 450k damage.. its gotta be all
    noobs on the servers soon then, ( more then most days)

  98. disgusted they have wrecked this tank dont think i will bother

  99. Wow, way to absolutely murder a Tier 10 so badly that it might aswell be a
    Tier 7.

  100. Id rather work and earn $50 to spend than sit in front of a screen to get a
    subpar premium

  101. “You are pink fluffy unicorn” :3

  102. fack world of tanks and that stupid missions

  103. what do you think about wot on ps4?

  104. “not a grind at all” five hours a day yeah totally if you don’t have a job.

  105. my god WG! just give us the t22sr for 20k gold already. I know you want to
    bc greed is your language – just take my money.

  106. Unlike the WZ111, this mission is actually easy lol

  107. Finally its here because I have had the old FV at X and got Cent and
    waiting for my free prem

  108. It is not the easiest mission, the russian SU-100Y (log in every day for 60
    days) was the easiest that wargaming has ever put in the game.

  109. so so so BAD tenk…… WG is totaly drunk. FV4202 (p) is the worst prem
    tenk ever… 35km/h 2.6 aim time WTF like… SRSLY ?! + paper armour…. i
    cant belive this. *facepalm*

  110. Might, just for credits

  111. Is this in Xbox to?

  112. pen and gun depression… and thats it
    TOTALLY WORTH IT, well atleast the missions are easy

  113. blitz is the girls und panzer tank that is awesome and only 50 wins

  114. First t8 premium for the brits and it is shit well done war gaming you

  115. I had the old FV4202, but I’m never ever gonna grind the missions for this
    crap. Imagine playing with this against T10…
    This aint cool Wargaming! At least make that gun work, if everything else
    is garbage.

  116. Wow!
    This POS is really going to suck!

  117. Wait… Can it be true? FINALLY, A TIER 8 BRITISH PREMIUM! I’ve been
    waiting years and years for such a tank. Finally wargaming has added one to
    the game…..
    Wait…. Wargaming added a Tier 8 british prem? This can’t be right, there
    most be something wrong.
    Where is it? I want to see it! What do you mean it’s over there? There is
    just a metal plated turd there, is it behind it?
    Ow wait that is the tank! Should have known.

    This was a little story of how Wargaming once again crushed all my hopes
    and dreams for the British tank line.

  118. mission is available now

  119. The FV4202 was a lemon at Tier 10, I simply couldn’t play it successfully
    and it was horrendously slow. Now it is even slower, the gun it worse and
    its armour is worse. Oh yes, it will still go against tier 10 tanks. Good
    job this will be a free tank, because I wouldn’t pay money for this and I
    love my British medium tanks.

  120. This should be called: Mission Impossible

  121. Not Worth It.

  122. This tank is a joke the completly killed it loved the tier 10 version

  123. 9:47 you immediatly said” which is…..” didnt talk about the penetration

  124. This tank ist sh… No player should grind and buy this tank. Maybe then
    the rethink theirs stupid behaviour.

  125. ’tis shite mate.

  126. you have to get a TEIR 10 TANK!?!?! I CANT DO IT THEN D=

  127. Mission sounds interesting and good, but only for players who own Centurion
    AX. I can only dream now, that i would own Centurion AX. :D

  128. I remember the days when they would have given it to us who already owned
    it for free

  129. 6:04 oh, complete in a tier XII-X tank? What? xD

  130. i understand the reasont, to not giving a shining and brutal “free” tank
    for the players. But this mission is a little bit unfair for me. What abaut
    the players how don’t have or even dont play brithis medium tanks…they
    just have not the oportunity to get this tank. And i think its not worth
    for buying it anyway. Thanks for the quick preview Quicky!! keep up the
    good work!

  131. Am I the only person who watched this entire video with an absolutely
    disgusted look on their face? That thing is just…Christ…there isn’t
    even a word for it. The best part about the thing apart from the gun
    depression is the gun, and that’s only mediocre at best. They should have
    either kept the mobility and armor roughly the same, or let it keep its gun
    if they were going to butcher the rest of it so badly.

  132. Am I the only one thinking that the necesity to have the Centurion Action X
    in the garage is the killing factor of this event? This means only people
    with CA X will have the oportunity to get the free* tier VIII british
    medium. *free means not so free to most of the players (like me) who have
    to spend some free xp to get to the CA X
    Ps: I have just unlocked the Centurion Mk. I :|

  133. the damage part is horrible i would just use ISU-152 then

  134. What the hell! really wg this tank looks like shit and no point in even
    grinding for this thing. And if you want to buy it there is so many better
    tanks to get ( pretty much all of them). And I was looking forward to get a
    tier 8 premium tank finally for my British tanks. But not anymore!

  135. no words tank is bad, bad and bad and again bad
    maybe one more garage slot and rammer !

  136. Easy,easy but I don’t have a centurion action X so I have to grind a lot to
    be ABLE to make the marathon..

  137. PvPwCD (ComboDombo)

    nice video!!

  138. Lone survivalist314

    Too much work Ill wait for the FV4202 to come on sale in the shop and buy
    it there.

  139. The worst premium tank in this game

  140. i will definfatly give this pile of crap a miss,it only works on ridge
    line, but its dispersion is crap,its aim time is crap, itsd accuracy is
    crap & what happens when your working ridge lines??? YES! you get artied!!!

  141. WTF honestly. Was the 35kmh really necessary?

  142. The f4202 has become a horrible tank…

  143. This is trash

  144. hahahah what a trolls in wargaming.

  145. new intro soon? 😀
    nice vid man, as always ;)

  146. Basically it exaggerates everything the Centurion 1 is bad at and in
    exchange doesn’t really reach the level of things the Centurion 1 is good

  147. i’m stil at the centurion 1 :(

  148. Thank you again for that really worthwhile piece of information, QB! I did
    consider forcing through the British medium line to the Centurion AX in the
    next weeks (currently enjoying the Cromwell, so a rather long way left to
    go…), but after watching your lesson I’d rather skip this event and
    instead continue to enjoy this line whenever I like to.

  149. this is so dumb…

  150. Damn the nerf blew this one into smithereens.

  151. If i don’t have Cent. AX… or if I won’t complete this marathon of
    missions, can I get FV4202 for money or it’s something like reward tanks
    are (you just can’t buy them)? :)

  152. They shouldn’t have nerfed the top speed

  153. I’m watching it twitch stream

  154. can you give me a shout out to my channel

  155. #PLAYERBAN every player on both teams should use one daily complaint of
    unsportmanship conduct on any player queing in an FV4202.

  156. Should be good at least, for the players that loved this tank . Please
    bring back the SCOUT PANTHER , A.PANTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. 9:40 – I am confused :D

  158. Its a teir 8 premium for almost free, did you expect it to be good? And
    based on its paper stats its actually goimg to get to 35.

  159. it´s worth it for the garage sloth.

  160. I would not have changed the mobility, i would have made the RoF 8 r/pm,
    the armor had to be nerfed otherwise it would be very OP

  161. nerfed to the ground

  162. Well its not Russian so of course the nerfed it into the ground. Just
    dropping the gun to the 20 pounder and dropping hull armor to 90-100 would
    had been enough of a nerf. Aim time should have been 2.0 seconds with .33
    accuracy. And should fire every 6.5 seconds to bring dpm up to a better
    place. But hey its British not Russian.

  163. well, no more marathon

  164. oh god. i am happy. I have no chance to win this sh*t tank

  165. I thought the T26E4 was the slowest Tier 8 Premium medium???

  166. what a whole piece of bullshit, it is now the crappest t8 prem, what kind
    of fucking speed and accuracy is that????

  167. So basically you have to go no life for 14days to get a pile of dogshit
    thts barely even mobile enough to be a med, gg wg

  168. I’m happy they chose to give away such a mediocre tank for this marathon,
    as I won’t be able to complete it anyway. This way I can ignore it without
    any worries.

  169. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Not the best tank, but besides actually driving the action X (I realized I
    don’t like mediums but finished the grind anyway) I would finish this
    mission anyway. a couple of battles in the JPE100 every day and normal tier
    8-9 grinding and done.

  170. wargaming is rewarding the good players again for just playing the game

  171. can you buy it whit real monny to?

  172. OMG…they wrecked a fair tank…

  173. well its British so what do you expect oh yeah crap

  174. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Aighn’t nobody got time for that….

  175. Good thing i am quite literally a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.

    Did QB just do a shout out to our clan? xD

  176. Welp… I gonna Miss This tank 😀 i only have Centurion l :(

  177. this is just completely fucking ridiculous, starting players who want a
    prem tank who doesn’t spend real money on the game (me) and who doesnt have
    a top tier brit med can’t get one, fucking incredible WG

  178. they should do the same for Afkl.Panther

  179. I will never ever manage to do this!

  180. If I would have the centurion AX… I could easily complete the missions
    (not the gun lying drive one) and I have 500 wn8…

  181. So if you do not have a Centurion X you can not complete the mission? Not
    fer Wargaming!

  182. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    226 pen and tanks like my STA 2 or SP has less than 190 ???

  183. w8, 2,6 second,..aiming,.. for 230awg dmg,… that 1725dpm loooooooooool

  184. Oh and btw with the Patton KR i got about 250 games in it a winchance of
    54% and i have a WN8 of nearly 1200 so if you get lucky on the Patton KR
    you can bounce tier 9 and 10 tanks i bounced T-10 (IS-8) shells in this
    thing :)

  185. What have they done to my beautiful tank! And there’s no chance I’ll be
    able to get it through this mission as I’m doing a ski season with the
    worst wifi ever.

  186. UltimatePotato Dude

    WHY?? They fucking murdered this tank with that speed limit and that armour
    nerf. The 4202 was actually a good T10 medium, and now its a pile of

  187. I’ll stick to my CDC

  188. Is WG a bit early with their 1st of april joke?

  189. I think anyone trying to get the medals you get for killing every tank in
    every tech tree had better hurry up, once these missions are over, because
    after the initial interest has vaned, no one’s going to play this turd
    again. Seriously, a medium tank with 35km/h top speed? WarGaming, what the

  190. trash tank, 35km/h is a rly bad joke without any amour, T26E4 also is slow
    but bounces a Lot of shots and have a good dpm….but this one…wg u done
    a bad job.

  191. 35km/h? oh well its atleast gonna have that fantastic hull armor OH NOPE

  192. people dont have Action 10 ayyye have it deeep
    and the tank is a garbage box tier 5 can kill him 🙂 KV2 can 1 shoot him TY

  193. did anyone else notice at 3:32 “XII(12)-X(10) Tank”

  194. worst tenk in the game… 35 km/h with a super heavy like power/ton?!?
    OMG… get me out WG you are drunk

  195. my wn8 is going to drop so badly, rushing dmg every game and die fast ;(
    im already ashamed

  196. Wow i am at the Comet o men if they do this with the FV 215 b as well ….
    i mean ok but really my only tier 10 so far is the IS-7 i only have 6k
    games but i would love to have the FV as a tier 8 medium cause i loved it
    on the testserver…

  197. you worked so hard to get 450 000 damage and than you get a shit tank
    welldone WG

  198. lame! you have to have the 10 before you can get the free tank…

  199. you have to play a lot + this is a s*ity tank? gg thx but nope

  200. thisntank is pretty shit… the other rewards are actually more usefull and
    expensive than the final reward… unless you sell the thing and buy
    something better…

  201. its not from mother rushaaaa so y are u even hoping for a good tenku?

  202. Nope, not worth it, even if i had the action X

  203. well done wargaming, well done….xD

  204. sad 🙁 it was me favorit tank :-(

  205. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    Give it a couple of months and they’ll undoubtedly buff the FV4202. it’s
    just not competitive with those stats.

  206. The only tank I consider ‘truly’ free in terms not having to grind to get
    it is the T34 Heavy Tank.

  207. More T95 videos and FV4305B 183 pleas

  208. as I say on the Bob Ross stream… RUINED

  209. Hey look guys, a mission to gte a free garage slot :P.

  210. Its no wonder the mission is so easy. Its a turd. Bad gun, bad armour, bad
    mobility, bad everything except the base pen…

  211. It has bad armor and cannot take a shot so close combat is out. It’s too
    slow to escape dangerous situations and probably not fast enough to flank.
    Its gun is inaccurate so it’s no good for sniping. Why exactly would
    anybody want this?

  212. Ok so at the bottom of the page on the EU server it state that the FV will
    become available for sale after the event if that’s the case who will buy
    it I am guessing no one WG are going to have to go back to the drawing
    board on this one i think titsfkn shocking what they have come up with.

  213. OMFG, seems WG is going to put in game a crap t8 medium tank. I think this
    FV4202 will be worst then the Super Pershing!
    Sincerely I was dreaming about a tough version of the Comet, or maybe the
    Comet full equipped. Would be much much better than this crap.

    Still have to decide if spending time for these missions.
    Probably doesn’t worth.

  214. in other wards if you want a slow medium take the super pershing at least
    you can bounce

  215. Easy mission. If you don’t have life. Like me. I will have it. Enjoy. Bad
    Ass bro!

  216. So, people dislike the T26E4 SuperPershing medium tier 8 premium because
    it’s slow so let’s introduce an even slower medium tank! Well done,

  217. Allô

  218. ugh I hate these kind of events. I’m quite a busy student and don’t have
    that much of time on my hands, I won’t ever be able to get 450000 damage in
    14 days

  219. Long story short, this tank is complete shite.

  220. wished i had a centurion ax.

  221. Some of the missions are ridiculous. They aren’t simply meant for casual
    players, unfortunately 🙁
    However, even if it’s free, it won’t be competitive at all :(

  222. Jesus this thing is bad now

  223. Looks like this tanks sucks hard, wg only pulls out bad prem tanks except
    the russians ofc. Only make the hull armor to 150 effective because than
    you can maybe drive like a heavy, no it is just a worse m103; to slow for a
    medium and it doesnt have the armor for heavy tanks jobs

  224. Ok thats crap why do we need to have that one specific tank to unlock this

  225. I want to do things with you ???

  226. so the brits finally get a tier 8 premium and its the worst premium in the

  227. Why does wargaming make every reward tank so bad?.. It’s the missions all
    over again.
    I feel like they would get so many more players happy if the stug and T28
    Concept where atleast avarage.
    The other two are good but those missions are a pain in the ass even for
    unicum players.

    Make them special or atleast avarage wargaming!! Make us want to spend the

  228. This comment was read ?

  229. another premium t8 cancer…

  230. What a joke. Kept on going downhill. Moment I heard you had to have the AX
    I had a bad feeling about it

  231. Wow this tank is garbage

  232. OMG, that ‘Noooooo’ moment was PERFECT

    Oh, also Quickybaby, have you got an E-50? What are the chances of seeing
    the 88mm L/100 in a video? You know, the gun that nobody uses? Just for


  234. It
    has now been announced on EU, 15/2/16 – 29/2/16

  235. Dont know what to comment

  236. hello quickybaby

  237. 1st comment

  238. im watching stream right now!

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