World of Tanks || FV4202 (P) – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m reviewing the T8 British in World of Tanks, The FV4202 (P) a replacement for the old FV4202 at – let’s see if slow and steady wins the race!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    QB please get your facts right. The is-3 has got 225mm of pen. 225. 225 and
    not 226, which I’ve heard you say by far too many times. Now you know it,
    you just need to stick it into your brain;)

  2. “If you’re new to WoT…” you have nothing to do with at this tank
    actually, cause you know you are at T1-2-3 …

    Speaking of which, haven’t seen you do any videos of smaller tier tanks.
    Give it thought.

  3. i ll take s free, and it has a good gun! Thank you WOT!

  4. I am on the Na server and I was given the tank for free.they gave it to
    players on the Na server if you used to own it when it was the tier 10 getting it for free is bloody awesome.if I had to grind it though
    I would say it’s not worth it.but getting a free tier 8 premium that has
    never happened to me wg is in my good books at the moment.

  5. They nerf it soooo much…but it’s free so..

  6. what did they do to my beatifull fv :'(

  7. how much free exp did you spend to get all those skills and perks ? :P

  8. 390 mm of viewrange xDDD

  9. Man I got mad at the tank watching the reply…

  10. Overall it’s a pointless vehicle to grind as if you need a med prem tank
    for training just use the epically good Cromwell B well done WG on creating
    the worst medium tank in the game….. Pfft

  11. By the way i am very disappointed, that chieftain/T95 is probably going to
    be the “real” tier 8 british premium tank. Wargaming just makes this thing
    terrible to ensure that players who grind this tank for free will also want
    to buy that thing. Vultures.

  12. I just don’t understand why they can’t balance it properly compared to the
    other tier 8 premiums. Like QB was saying, its as if they’ve deliberately
    made it crap. Maybe they just wanted it to be worse than the Cent 1.

  13. Back before my time, WG gave the T34 away to all the players who owned it
    when they rebalanced it as a tier 8 premium. Now, you’ve got to have the
    tank AND do some missions, one of which is to earn like 450,000 damage
    IIRC, to earn a completely junk tank with minimal capabilities.

  14. Why do you compare this tank to the caernarvon? Centurion mk. I seems more
    relevant to me since it also has the 20-pounder and is actually a medium
    tank, the Caernarvon for example actually has armor.

  15. “dominating all of the vision” against Russian tanks though so thats like
    the best situation you could have been in

  16. Brand new Matilda BP :))))

  17. does the EU server not have the 4202 yet for the people who used to have
    it? I got the 4202 almost a week ago as it used to be my first tier 10, and
    I’m on the NA server

  18. Quickly can you do a centurion action x full tank review pls pls pls

  19. wow look at all those tanks that we don’t have. the chieften, vk100.1P, and
    the panzer 58

  20. It’s kinda “Eh…” but at least it’s not OP or anything like that

  21. This grind is not worth it!!!! I grinded my way to the tier 10 FV4202
    where’s my chieftain I’ve been waiting for years Brit tanks totally owned
    the Russian ones in the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars. :)

  22. Based on the other premium mediums tanks that have been released somewhat
    recently, wouldn’t the Cent I being worse than the FV4202, which is
    arguably lackluster in comparison to said premium mediums, be an indication
    that Wargaming needs to do a balancing pass on some, if not most of the
    regular tier mediums?

  23. if they raised the speed to 40 made the 20pdr the way it’s supposed to be
    added 200hp to the engine and maybe doubled the hull armor this would be an
    amazing teir 8 premium medium tank

  24. you say that the tank is not a competitive tank for its tire maybe due to
    the fact its a mission tank. but that’s not so true because wg said that
    thay are going to be putting this tank in to the shop to bye for rl money
    a short time after the missions are over . so how does that work out fair
    for the players paying for it ?


    Cool Video 🙂 For me the Tank needs a buff because its very difficult to
    handle that tank in T10!

  26. I got this tank in NA server

  27. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Good shot on the jackson!

  28. I got it for free, been loving it so far, fits my playstyle well and I do a
    consistent 1600 damage per game.

  29. It sucks QB… Just say that…

  30. @Teddy 365 QB is a War Gaming groupie.. Wouldnt surprise me is he let the
    slavs take him up the ass.

  31. @Martín Fábregas Hahahhaha where all the tanks at?!

  32. Yerk, i’m still waiting for the amx m4 49 :P

  33. So it’s only good on the right map in the right situation – a specialist,
    but not an all-star.

  34. Why don’t you show how is this tank in action, I can snipe with any tank
    and do damage, I wanted to see how this tank is in shit situation.

  35. Nope.I wont buy this sh*t.KV-85’s will steam away of me like i am bunker

  36. well i like mine… and cue all the comments saying how bad it is 😛

    i know, stats wise its terribad, and i thought i would hate it, but i gotta
    be honest, i kinda like it.

    and killing Quickybaby himself whilst he was streaming on the NA server the
    other night whilst in this tank only slightly biases me… ok maybe a lot

  37. as a huge fan of the old fv4202 this tank makes me sad. although hard to
    complain when the NA server gave them away for free to anybody who owned
    one before the switch.

  38. British mediums are my favorite tanks, but I’m not going to grind this
    piece of junk.

  39. Like the video. but won’t be in my full collection of the Brit tanks as it
    is not worthy of a Premium tag.

  40. 390mm of view range is nice indeed.. 12:26 :)

  41. T26E4 have more then 250+ Armor XD

  42. What the fuck have WG got against the Brits?

  43. I think that if they are going to make the tank this bad on paper at least,
    (ie. low DPM, low Speed, bad Accuracy, poor Aim Time, poor Turret Traverse,
    etc) they should have made it faster. 40+ kph would have been perfectly
    balance. It would have made it handle similarly to the Panther 8’8.

  44. Polishing a turd doesn’t turn it into a gem.

  45. This grind is not worth it!!!!

  46. IMO the 58 mutz is actually much much better than the indien panzar. ti
    loses a bit of DPM for way better acceleration and gun handling. the indien
    is absurdly sluggish.

  47. First Premium tier 8 british and its complete shiit

  48. You’ll be participating in the mission? Didn’t you get it for free? I’m
    certain you had the FV4202 unlocked and purchased…or was that change only
    for the NA server?

  49. Opinions on the Tiger Patton!?

  50. You’ve already expressed your disappointment with this tank while
    streaming, QB. No need to seem so enthusiastic about a tank who, in it’s
    wildest dreams, is mediocre. Tell it like it is! It’s a piece of crap!

  51. i like this tank

  52. Don’t be fooled folks, just get the tank if you like Centurion I
    gameplay-style!! General Stats are now rather underwhelming simply to
    discourage people from participating in this marathon, especially ones that
    need to grind through Cent.7/1 first and then buy the Cent.AX… but
    believe me, as soon as the marathon finishes and FV4202(P) hits the store,
    vehicle will, most likely, be buffed and thus the stats will be improved

  53. i dont know why but when the KV-2 pokes around the mountain it looks so
    silly. :’D

  54. as usual all tier 8 premium worth buying according to your view ,,fantastic

  55. Can you review the AMX 50 120?

  56. Complete shit . Only comparable tank is Tiger 1 which is better in most
    aspects include mobility 😉 and has better armor …. and is tier 7 so it
    will never seen tier 10 ….And don’t forget most expensive shell in tier
    (regular) for premium. Another crap premium 🙁 I will definitely dint
    advice waste time and money in this game till this year may Why ? May be
    some balance/game improvements may be will be if believe rumors from WG
    developers. So when they get something interesting may be they it will be
    worth looking …. If You still want tank action game go for AW and
    remember that tier 1 there by performance is equal tier 3 in WOT and so
    further and yes in AW you will soon get tier 10 or in terms WOT tier 12
    (right now just tier 11) by their possibilities.

  57. ahhh one question is there anyone going to buy this?

  58. great video, could you please do a review on the stb 1

  59. they should have kept it having the same armor it had at tier X and re
    designate as a Heavy. Cause in reality the F4202 was the prototype for the
    chieftain MBT

  60. This thing sucked as a tier 10 medium, so nothing has changed, it still
    sucks as a tier 8. The only difference now is instead of people grinding
    for it, their paying for it.

  61. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    Its a poor ridgline warrior. Cause its poor aim time makes it’s ability to
    poke over for as little time as possible thanks to its poor armor, makes it
    crap. sturdy turret? pfft shoot to either side of the gun and done. its
    armor is now useless

  62. Mysoulisatuningfork

    Cartoony tank world, where Waffentrager E 100 owns a tier X patton in a
    city zone, big FU wot. Can’t express how much i hate this game. The formers
    gun should break as soon as i shoot the turret, this game has no attraction
    once you grind for a top tank just to know it sucks. Don’t grind for a
    Patton, newbies.

  63. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    i already got it free. It sucks. It pissed me off seriously.

  64. So a free garage slot + 3.2 million credits.

  65. Lol on na server us old 4202 drivers got this thing for free without the
    missions because wg na fucked up, and they’re awesome =D

  66. International snackbar

    It’s pretty much garbage. Don’t buy it.

  67. Can anybody say ‘nerfed into the ground’?

    Fucking Slavs could never accept the fact that everyone is better than
    them, could they? British tanks historically outperformed soviet tanks to
    the point of humiliation…but nope, can’t let the Slavs cry here.

  68. Love how he doesn’t even bother to put the T-34-3 in there…

  69. Does it get HESH? or is it standard HE

  70. I have to agree with the reasoning that due to it being a premium tank that
    can be unlocked, it is no where near as competitive. Look at the
    FV201(A45), the British heavy that you could unlock through missions, it is
    one of the worse heavies in the game.

  71. wargaming is drunk when making this shitty tank

  72. If WG tries to sell this thing to the console players there’s going to be
    one hell of a backlash. I hope they’re never going to be stupid enough to
    try and sell this thing.

  73. Im from NA and I got the tank for free the tank is a POS but the accuracy
    is great even though its derpy the thing makes great credits though

  74. Cut to the chase the tank suckz but it makes good credits

  75. Cut to the chase the tank suckz but it makes good credits

  76. Every 14 Days a new Prem. Tank? World of Prem Tanks Tier.. 6 and 7 is
    getting nothing else than Cedit deliverers for the Payers. Matchmaking was
    around 70% mid and low Tier. Thankfully i stoped playing World of Prem

  77. As someone who plays British mediums, this would be the perfect premium for
    me. But it’s so bad! Slow, bad armour, bad gun, bad DPM. Do Wargaming not
    want our money?

  78. This tank is shit. It’s not a medium. It’s not fast enough and the gun
    handles like a turd covered in molasses. It’s not a heavy, it couldn’t
    bounce a shot to save its life under any normal circumstances. This thing
    it a tank destroyer. A terrible tank destroyer with no alpha damage, no
    dpm, and no accuracy. Don’t ever waste your time with this turdwagon.

  79. at least give it good gun handling… or bump the top speed to 45 like it
    was before, but slow and shitty gun handling should never be in the same

  80. It makes me sad that they turned a good tank into complete garbage.

  81. Shit hull armor
    Shit gun handling
    Shit tank handling
    Shit top speed

    Good gun penetration

    If I wanted a tank with all of those I would drive my T34, which I might
    add, was free.

  82. I grinded my way to the tier 10 FV4202 all the way from the crusader in
    just a bit over 2 months over a year ago when I heard there was a
    possiblity that the owners of the tank would be getting a free t8 premium.
    However because of the bad timing of the missions I’ll not be able to pick
    up the tank since I don’t have time to play games at the moment. Quite
    ironic really. But looking at the stats of the tank I’m not upset, since
    all I would do is just play it until ace tanker and then just let it
    collect dust at the back of my garage.

  83. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    очаквано зле за премиум

  84. Sean Tomlin (Sneakin Shinobi)

    I think they should buff that tank a bit. I mean if it’s going to stay like
    it is then they should give it preferential matchmaking. It’s almost the
    same as the super pershing, but instead of a bad gun and mobility with
    decent armor. It has a decent gun with bad armor and mobility.

  85. “Having 390mm of view range is very nice” -QuickyBaby 2016

  86. OT: I can not believe after viewing Wargaming conference in Cypress for
    2016 that you said “you did not think that there was a problem with WOT’s
    MatchMaker. Did I hear that correctly?

  87. Emma Jean Grindstaff

    please bring back the good guy

  88. Nevermind comparing the other nations tier 8 prem *mediums*, how about that
    there isn’t another tier 8 British premium *at all*? I mean, this is a big
    improvement over having to grind my crew in the Matilda BP, but the AT 15A
    doesn’t even see 9’s, and has the exact same gameplay as the rest of that
    TD line. Unless you got the FV201(A45) in that one-off (grind) event, there
    just aren’t any other options to train british crew at high tier….and
    that’s *bizarre*. It makes the nerfs to this tank even less logical,
    assuming they’ll make it available for gold later…which they *should*
    considering everything I just covered.

    I can stand the gun being inaccurate given it’s penetration, but limiting
    it’s top speed *and* it’s engine power is frankly ridiculous. It’s original
    version was never fast but at least it could go up a hill faster than a
    heavy. WG deserve any flak they get for it’s current stats, it’s just such
    a missed opportunity. =(

  89. hahha 390 mm of viewrange xD

  90. i expected more from the fv4202 horable stats

  91. The P stands for penis, cause this tank sucks dick.

  92. 390 millimeter viewrange is terrible!!! :-)

  93. its not as bad as the super pershing. my pershing has forced me to play
    better but its underpowered imo compared to the rest of the tier 8 prems

  94. +quickybaby Comparing this to the other medium premiums and I agree it does
    not look flash, but is it right to really be so harsh on it against a
    Centurion I and a Caernarvon? My thought is that when grinding up those
    lines, they may well have a 100% crew, but likely no skills, depending on
    the average player gold and credit level. But once you hit the Centurion
    Action X, which may well have BiA plus another skill or two, dropping that
    crew back in to this tier VIII seems like it would get interesting again.
    What are your thoughts on the impact of some of those extra skills that
    they may have, like BiA, clutch braking, smooth ride, and the like?
    Comparing it to the other premiums that it appears similar to (AMX CDC,
    Panzer 58 Mutz, M46 Patton KR), it does look like it is going to struggle a
    bit, so I am still not expecting much from it :-)

  95. wot xbox/ps4 is about to get the type 59…. so half of the games will be
    those things running around

  96. Dammit QB! IS-3 has 225mm penetration!

  97. So Wargaming got to you eh? You’re reviews went from pointing out how
    obviously the tank sucks to praising some of its slightly better than
    average stats and completely ignoring all the downfalls

  98. lol still dont get why i have to be in a cen action X to earn this tank….

  99. It would be a balanced and decent premium if the 120mm of frontal armor
    would have remained. Its as slow as a heavy so it should bounce like a

  100. FV4202 should have the same turret as the AX and the Caern. Why? Well
    because its the same turret with a different arrangement of exterior

  101. It look very very bad for a meds……….What a joke WG have make !!!

  102. already got mine

  103. FV4202 (P) vs T26E4 or M46 K ;)

  104. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    This tank is not for “free” cuz all need to have tier 10 Centurion, to do
    mission first. Second it’s pure shit, and WG wish to sell it after. Fuck
    them. If tank is slow, no armor, should have dpm, and gun handling, but
    noooo…not this one.

  105. It has pretty expensive shells for a premium tier 8 medium.

  106. BustRobot's Gaming Corner

    Well I can see why Wargaming is doing this tank as a marathon event rather
    than trying to sell it – this tank has practically no selling point. Bad
    mobility, bad-average gun handling apart from the gun penetration and in
    general the armour isn’t that great either, even with the gun depression.
    What a shame that the tank which was my first ever tier X tank has been
    turned into such an… abomination. (I mean really, if the tank has poor
    mobility and armour that isn’t the greatest, you’d think the gun stats
    would be at least good, but nope.)

    And yet, somehow I expect Wargaming to sell this tank for real money down
    the road anyway. My advice, don’t.

  107. Such a bad tank… Don’t bother with it. It doesn’t even remotely represent
    British mediums. It is just shit.

  108. it’s not Russian, it sucks…the end

  109. Yep. Don’t even bother with it, it’s just so bad…

  110. at 2:26 what the heck is the Chieftain/T95? … looks like an absolute beast
    and what is the T-44-100???
    are these upcoming premium tanks?

  111. QuickybabyTV I rented the Panzer 58 Muts and almost M46 Patton KR cause
    it’s a mission in NA ! Do you have it?

  112. If i had to guess i would assume it’s a lot like playing a caernarvon with
    worse stats.

  113. I want the type 59G for NA server :)

  114. *cough* *cough* garbage of a tank *cough* *cough*

  115. It is quite sad to get FV4202 (P) in such state. I really need a premium
    tank to make credits so I can play more on my Centurion AX, and it would be
    nice to have some way to train the crew for it as well, but sadly this tank
    might be just painful to play with. Sure the penetration and gun depression
    is good, but the rest is just awful. If FV4202 (P) would at least have 40
    km/h speed it would be so much better and I would consider doing the
    mission marathon for it… In meanwhile, I will have to keep my eyes peeled
    for Cromwell B. sale so I could get my hands on it.

  116. Or you could well just drive a caenarvon…

  117. Quickybaby- You asked if we wanted to see a tank review 45 mins long OR two
    videos broken up. I don’t think it really matters, I do like having them
    apart I guess for if some JUST wants to see the stats of a tank. Other than
    that as long as you keep making the video I don’t care. Thanks for all that
    you put into youtube and I will continue to subscribe.

  118. I really love my centurion mk 1 and comet, I really wish they would make a
    better tier 8 premium for the UK line so I could train my crew faster.

  119. Monkey Man101 (MM101)

    Well I play Xbox One and I still have this thing as a Teir X, sucks to be
    on PC ?

  120. Churchill GC should be a gold tank. It’s so silly like the TOG…but worse

  121. if i can get this tank in a mission marathon i sell it with pleasure!

  122. People say that the FV4202 is bad. I’m a mere 1400 wn8 player. I have 2000
    average damage per game in the FV4202 after 30+ battles. My maximum damage
    in the tank is 4700 damage.
    Solution: Nerf FV4202 P

  123. #BufftheFV4202P

  124. they have taken all that was good about the fv4202 and given it no buffs
    and made its gun handling shit aswell there is no point this tank being in
    the game.

  125. He mentioned it suked alot on his stream…..Sorry Britannia.. you now have
    ur version of a Super Patton …lmao..
    P.S. Russia Suks

  126. Probably will go with the Panzer 58 instead. That aim time and weak(ish)
    turret makes this tank seem like it’s not worth it.

  127. Welcome to world of tanks were the stats dont matter and the gameplay Is
    Unfair XD Tier 8 premium 226mm pen
    tier 9 medium 201 mm pen GG WG

  128. Web review the T-15 light tank pls I kno you don’t review low theirs
    usually but this tank is great pls review

  129. At first i was happy to get a free FV4202 again because it was my first
    tier 10, sentimental value you know. But then after i saw this i realized
    it was like admiring a piece of crap…

  130. so many new premiums! yikes!

  131. Cowboys and Indians??? I thought you should have went with the Brits vs

  132. The last missions were for a FV201/A45, why did anyone think this FV4202
    was going to be good

  133. congratulations to QB for calling it straight when it comes to WG policy,
    not so much of a paid mouthpiece as someone who says his opinions. Fairplay
    to that!


  135. Probably the premium tank I have been looking forward to the most as a 2nd
    home for my CAX crew looks like its shaping up to be the worst premium in
    the game. . I could live with the bad speed, dpm, armor and turret ring
    weakness but that ridiculous aim time just killed it . :(

  136. ‫محمد حمادة‬‎

    I have a quantity of slow 999ms Is there a way to reduce the amount of slow

  137. Lovin deez reviews
    Thanks QB!

  138. I like my British mediums. I love my Cent I. The FV 4202P isn’t a “little
    underwhelming”, it is complete trash. Give it nice gun handling and a DPM
    buff and it could at least be a Caernarvon with terrible hull armour. As it
    is, it is a travesty. And ti makes no sense. This tank will be available
    for money, and it can’t do WG’s bank balance any good to release a tank
    that is so poor.

  139. Why play this over Pershing except pen and more creds. It’s absolutely
    fucking awful

  140. Ill get it but not use it is a shame what WG has done it would have been ok
    if it kept the 105 with reduced reload and kept the speed up then it could
    have been good but now it just sucks EVERYBODY hates it even QB, maybe
    after the 3rd or 4th round of buffs it will be playable but for the for
    seable future it will be in my garage with a big fat 0 battles played

  141. Don’t worry guys, there is a Chieftain/T95 waiting to be introduced, you
    don’t have to buy this crap to train your MT crews.

  142. FV 4202 P “Captain Slow”

  143. effing shite tank

  144. it makes no sense in having this tank except ifyou dont have any prem. tank
    but even that premium benefit isn’t going to make up for it’s bad

  145. what a shit tank man all is weak

  146. always like even b4 watching 2 the end ;)

  147. Hey QB i’m about to get a my panther 2 and T-34-2 unlocked can you do a
    review on one of these?
    BTW how could you leave our the STA-1 Japanese T8 med 🙁 I mean the gun has
    218 pen with a wicked rate of fire

  148. FV4202 (P), and u thought T-34-3 and Panther 8.8 are bad….

    Seriously though, let’s recap.
    1. Bad Armor all around, even when hull-down using as much gun depression u
    want, so even tier 6 mediums firing gold can pen u straight through, Check;
    2. Worst in class mobility of any tier except perhaps the Superpershing, 35
    kph top speed, Check;
    3. Mediocre Alpha, DPM, and bad gun handling, Check;

    The only saving grace for this pale of extrament is the AP pen, not bad for
    a tier 8, 226mm. Yet premium APCR pen’s nothing special.
    So I guess this tank can stay on a ridge line, hull-down while take shots
    which most likely to miss if its half-aimmed and IMMEDIATELY pull back
    while reloading cus this thing has no turret armor no matter how much gun
    depression it uses……

    ~What a joy~

    So, WG. How about buffing its top speed to 40 kph and gun handling to
    Centurion I’s level…… I’ve never seen a premium tank perform this

  149. the funny thing is that whales will buy this tank for NO reason hahah talk
    about how you learn to handle with ?

  150. garbage atm, but i will get it and hope for 1 little buff 🙂 ….. was my
    favourite t10 med (troll front, awesome gun, good gun gdp, not the fastest,
    but it was enough for me) and now ….

  151. Why cant they give us a good premium British medium?

  152. Seems like a t92 can aim faster than this.

  153. i hoped it was going to be a tier 8 cromwell

  154. the tank was free for me on the NA it seems ok but i have a lot of other
    tr8 prems so i don’t know how much i will play it. but i always like free
    tanks so i wont complain.

  155. This tank is so bad, but yet still better than the Super Pershing

  156. I don’t think I’ll be getting this tank. There are better options at tier8

  157. This thing need buff on aim time and top speed or accelerate, cause if it
    doesnt it will gonna be rotten mash tomato tank collections on the garage.

  158. Should I get this or the m4a1 relevision

  159. Instead of the caernarvon you should have put the m48 kr on the compare

  160. lol o-i exp is faster

  161. Dont fool us qb or talk around it 😛 we all know it will be the worst tier
    8 prem tank in the game

  162. Free tank so they are giving us rubbish, what is it with british Prems
    anyway apart from the OP Cromwell Berlin they are all awful (a45 I am
    looking at you and you Matilda Black Prince). The very fact that every
    other new prem has been competitive and then this is not ;(. Also will not
    likely get buffed when it is in game as no one is going to buy them and the
    only people who have them already have tier 10 tanks and have done a
    marathon for them. Simply buff its accuracy and aim time and you would
    still have a poor tank but at least a tank with a role on the battlefield.

  163. if its not Russian its no good i guess.

  164. Little show off here i did 6k dmg on my very first game with it had this
    tank for very long time liked it as tier 10 med it had its flaws but i
    liked it 🙂 i lost this 6k dmg couldnt carry more it would be 8k game if i
    did, avrage xp for that game was 2300 on win it would be more but meh as i
    said show off 🙂 peace

  165. this tank is a turd

  166. can you purchase the fv4202 ??????

  167. meh just so many better t8 tanks or t8 prems, i guess if u can get it for
    free like on the NA it would be fine xD

  168. lol This tank is just complete and total garbage. If WG want people to
    actually be happy with this tank, they either need to drastically increase
    its mobility, or make the gun more British: 2.2 second aim time, .34
    accuracy, and at least 2000 dpm.

  169. When the mission comes out?

  170. To understand the WG “logic”:

    The Tier 8 STANDARD BRITISH TANK, the Centurion 1, has the TYPE “A” gun
    barrel, but that gun has BETTER STATS than the FV4202s TYPE “B” barrel
    (which is supposed to be an UPGRADE). Fuck logiiicccc!!!! :)))

    OHHHH!!!! AND BTW: THE FV4202 (P) will be available for gold after the
    “free” missions end (it says that on the WoT official page), so the reason
    it is much worse that the Centurion 1 is not because it is a “free” tank,
    but because WG “logic”.

  171. imastalker - something :D

    Which tank should I buy; the Panther 88 or the super pershing? Have a great
    friday. :)

  172. The speed is just the problem, if it could go at 40km/h, it wouldn’t be too
    terrible (for a premium). It would jus be a cent. 1,but a bit slower, and
    slighly worse armor and gun handeling.

  173. Garbage

  174. Wheres the point of having an absolutely crap gun, mobility and armour!
    Whats the point about this tank? There are tanks like the t-44 that are not
    good at something, but they are not bad at everything!

  175. Slower than the Super Pershing?

  176. this is the worst t8 medium they’ve ever introduced from premiums to
    non-premiums it’s so shit i don’t know how did wargaming think this tank
    was gonna be competative and wouldn’t need a instant buff…

  177. I go to Jingles for the history of the tank. I come to Quicky for an
    in-depth review and to see what a tank can really do. I go to Foch to hear
    if the tank is shit or not.

  178. you mentioned it was the slowest medium tier 7 and up? its worse than that,
    its slower than any medium from tier 6 and above excluding the Sherman

  179. Take out your opponents one by one with that slow dpm? Well it better as
    it’s to slow to outrun even HT’s if s**h hit’s the fan. The reload should
    be buffed to compensate for everything else that lacks on it. And the
    turret ring is huge on it. Get’s stuck all the time according to NA. It’s
    basically a tier 7 medium with scout MM more or less.

  180. Urban Bačar (fPVenom)

    It is funny how I love all of the british mediums expect the Centurion MK.1
    (I hated it so much). The Centurion MK. 7/1 is one of my favourite tanks
    and the FV4202 was one of them. I also love the Centurion AX, and when I
    was thrilled to get another good british medium tank partly for free (I was
    even angry at the beginning when they anounced we won’t get it for free but
    I kind of accepted it) those tards from WG decide to do this kind of
    bullshit. It is just sad… I mean wtf WG this tank is even shittier than
    Cent. MK.1!? SRSLY!?

  181. fv4202 is the slowest of them all….and i said to me “well maybe because
    it has more armour?” NOPE fuckin shit

  182. That KV-2 mantlet and mobility outplaying the FV4202P. Glorious.

  183. “Can’t pen the roof?”
    It’s 60mm a lot of tanks will overmatch it and just autopen.

    On another note I don’t blame WG for not giving a tank away for free that’s
    as good as other full mm prem tanks because you only NEED one tier 8 prem
    tank to feed credits so why deny themselves sales? :)

  184. They took away my Tier 10 FV4202 – the first T10 medium tank I unlocked –
    and put it back as one of the worst tanks, tier for tier, in the game. I
    loved the competitiveness of the T10 version, great hull armour, okay
    turret armour, amazing p/w ratio, and a fantastic gun. Now it’s simply a
    shadow of it’s former self…what a shame.

  185. Gameplay starts at 10:00 :P

  186. Is there any option to enable those little icons, so i can see, which
    module I damaged ?

  187. What do I need to do to get win chance? I have the quicky mod pack and xvm
    is active and up to date. Any info would be appreciated

  188. I’m just disappointed that this tank is as bad as it is. it wouldnt take
    much to make this tank likeable, up the speed limit to 40, make the 20pdr
    perform the same as the Centurion mk.1 and I’d be happy, but given
    everything is worse, not even the same, is very disappointing

  189. Let’s wait for the chieftain/t95. It is gonna be much more competitive
    since its not for free

  190. If Chieftain/T95 does ever come out it’ll probably be the much better Brit
    tier 8 premium medium. The 4202 (P) is only worth it for fans, collectors
    or people who want to grind the mission regardless.

  191. Nemanja nene Mirosavljev

    I’m not a bit disappointed!
    I am very disappointed !!!
    not fair 🙁
    at least to reduce the time to aim 2,6 too a 2,2
    it would be more valuable and more likely to get people to buy it

  192. Woah now, “dream” is a very strong word when referring to the FV4202 in a
    positive manner. Let me FTFY:

    “The FV4202 is going to be a ridgeline warrior’s dream most disappointing
    experience if expecting anything outstanding. Sure, it’s not the worst
    ridgeline fighter because it has good gun depression and it will beat
    Russian meds in the aforementioned scenario, but nobody expects to do well
    in a Russian med on a ridgeline because that’s fucking stupid. Because of
    the FV4202 P’s apparent ‘good’ turret armour and ridgeline capabilities
    players might expect something like a more mobile T29 with a bit less
    turret armour. This is also fucking stupid, because the T29 is a good tank.
    The FV4202 is not a good tank, it’s an immobile, paper thin piece of shit
    with no camo that might be able to bounce a shot if hit at the edges of its
    turret ring, and can outrun a T95, and maybe even a Maus on a good day, at
    best. This is barely even an exaggeration, because it has the worst
    mobility stats of all tier 8 meds, in fact it’s worse than most tier 8
    heavies. You might be thinking “oh boy, it has a 20 pdr. with 226 pen on a
    tier 8 med. Maybe not all is lost”. Well, once again this is also fucking
    stupid. Have you seen the gun stats? Let me fill you in for a second: <1800
    base DPM (utter shit, literally the worst of all tier 8 meds), 2.5 second
    aim time (utter shit for a low alpha, low DPM Brit 20 pdr), 0.34 accuracy
    (see: description for aim time), dispersion values when moving hull and
    turret: still utter fucking shit, literally the worst of all tier 8 meds
    except the super pershing (yes, it's worse than all 23 tier 8 medium tanks,
    bar 1, and this is meant to be a Brit 20 pdr). Have I missed anything?
    Probably, but guess what? It's shit at those as well. How do I know without
    even knowing what I missed? Because this tank has consistently the worst,
    or very damn near the worst, stats all across the board apart from like
    terrain resistance, but 12 hp/t anyway so ayy lmao fuck you. Yeah, if you
    have an Action X pick this thing up because the mission is so easy you
    can't not get it, just be sure to never play it ever otherwise you will get
    cancer, and instead just sell it straight away. Free 1.5 million credits or
    whatever the fuck it will be. Bye!"

    Shortest full tank review ever, doesn't need to be a 28 minute video. Trust
    me, comrade, WG know how to balance prem tenks. IS-3A with the same mm as
    this thing? No problem! IS-3A has 300 better DPM, almost double the alpha
    damage, barely worse accuracy (in fact it actually snap shots better), it's
    faster, has infinitely better armour, 400 more shell velocity, etc., it
    literally only loses to the 4202 when it comes to mobility (barely),
    accuracy (barely), then gun depression and view range.

  193. lol at SP overtaking FV…

  194. Anyone else see Frankie’s stupid ass wot gameplay?

  195. Say that again? 390 MILImeters of view range? Sounds like this thing
    doesn’t have any viewports.

  196. 12:28 390 mm of view range isn’t that good hahaha

  197. Wow. Being overtaken by a cykapershing 🙁 ?? ///EDIT/// didn’t watch the
    whole vid at the time I did this comment.

  198. Quickybaby you sly devil!! I saw the cheiftan on that list!

  199. worst than the caernarvon centuriun 1 and at15 .this just a bad tank

  200. meh, i’ll still do the grind, just to have new tank in my garage. I think
    they released it nerfed, just to scare some players off mission 🙂 after
    couple of patches they should buff it 🙂 so i suggest everyone who has time
    to do that grind, it’s not specific so you just have to play whatever :)

  201. lol. the JP2 is a friend in my clan. this lucky bastard? bad stats but
    freaking lucky

  202. It’d be alright if it had the original turret armour and Caernarvonesque
    gun handling, but no. Thanks WG :))))))

  203. A massive FU from wargaming with this garbage, I guess they want your hard
    cash for a true premium

  204. That is my brother in that KV-2 !!!

  205. Exploding Baconeer

    In short, this tank is poor.

  206. why why why not as good that,s easy NO one likes the British that is why

  207. anonymous “i see you” !

    Yes, good review. ??

  208. can someone please tell me how much dmg per day you need to do in order to
    complete it in time ?

  209. What is your opinion on Armored Warfare?

  210. gun on caernarvon good gun put the same gun on the FV shit with ok pen

  211. Aleksandar Kospenda

    Nothing fair about that replacement. They basically stole a T10 tank that
    takes ages to grind for one of the worst tanks in the game. If I was still
    playing Id be pissed.

  212. Loved the Intro preface to the video! Continue doing it.

  213. Is this tank on xbox one ? if yes i will buy it, if it’s on pc….well then

  214. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    so its slow yet gets worst gun handling of all British high tier med and
    heavies. how unfortunate.

  215. Hey WG!! Even the very polite and pro WG Quickybaby admits that this tank
    will be very weak! Thiink about that. Wait, what am I doing here? They
    can´t even hear me, because the mountain of money they´re sitting on is to

  216. wow so i have been busting my ass to get the centurion ax to do the mission
    and this is the reward i get? an absolute piece of shit just like that tier
    3 gift tank thanks wargaming u screwd us on this one
    i could heve lived with the crap mobility and lack of armour if this tank
    at least one thing of the centurion mk1 if it had the same gun performace
    as the mk1 or the same turret i would have been ok with it but 0.35
    accuaracy and no turret armour means u cant use it as a sniper cas u wont
    hit the side of a barn from the inside and u cant use ridge lines cas u
    will get pened by almost every gun so this tank will be usless on the
    battle field and u will drag the team down cas they have to carry u

  217. quickybaby can you do World of tanks on mobile devie..

  218. I really wish Wargaming would start at least seeming like they care about
    their community (from all over the world) and like they care about the
    subject of their games (be it tanks or ships). I just feel like they do
    what their money men tell them all the time. I understand they need to make
    money, but it just feels cold and it’d be refreshing to see a games company
    caring haha

  219. whyyyyy :c whyyyyy me

  220. all these lackluster premium high tier mediums lately have been a big load
    of meh

    but at least it saves me money since ill never buy any of them

  221. This tank is utterly disappointing. I don’t care if it is grindable. The
    Centurion I isn’t that great a tank for its tier and this thing is so much

  222. P2P > F2P ez :3

  223. Samuel Giovannucci

    I agree QB. The FV4202 needs some buffs to make it competitive. We need a
    good teir 8 prem med. I play mostly British and this makes me sad.

  224. You know why they added the P? Because it’s so bad that all other tanks pee
    on it.

    I predict that they have it underpowered right now to keep the interest low
    during the mission, and then buff it before selling it. However, there is
    another point that kind of kills this tank even if they do buff it and make
    it competitive: the standard ammo is expensive as fuck and drastically
    reduces its potential as a credit farmer. Meanwhile, Cromwell B kills
    FV4202 as a crew trainer since it’s both very good, and it gets a way
    higher crew XP bonus for being a lower tier premium. As I see it, the ONLY
    reason to want FV4202P is if you really like the tank design… or if you
    like pee.

  225. Slow tank with ok gun and decent turret armor – no strengths = wasted money

  226. 9:10 4Head ?

  227. Super perishing top speed of 40??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. 36 is more like it

  228. Probably the ugliest tank in the game and it performs like it looks.

  229. Very unrepresentative that you use the test account crew. How about
    sticking a more realistic crew in it next time?

  230. Can you please do a review on the AMX 50b ?

  231. centurion1 is much better

  232. what an absolute shit boat. got one for free and still don’t want it. worse
    in almost every respect than premium tanks with preferred match making. I
    think Serb is mainlining vodka and snorting coke of hookers tits again.

  233. worst view range in the game too? come on wg!!

  234. QB can make any tank work – but most of us can’t make this one work… It
    is great for people that want a free prem tier 8 though…

  235. Hello QB! Nice video. Can you do Tank Review about SuperPershing or VK2.01?
    You didn’t do any video about T26E4…
    I love your videos…

  236. So, a excellent gun in a poor armoured and slow chasis…thanks WG, for
    showing YET again your bias towards british tanks.
    The bias is more clear when QB makes the comparisons aganist the other
    tanks: The nazi ones: perfect, the soviet ones, perfect and the murican
    ones, perfect too. A british premiun tank? nah, that one is the crappy.

  237. They took a garbage tier X and turned it into a garbage tier VIII prem.

  238. Wow the beginning sounds so epic and looks epic…now ur intro ;)

  239. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    is this tank worth it?
    and i like your videos so much qb but i cant do my missions for OBJ260

  240. I think they should have left either the armor or the mobility/gun handling
    untouched. Then it would have changed the flavor of the tank while still
    remaining competitive. Currently it’s just a really bad centurion, as
    mentioned in the video.

  241. I think for me (I love the Centurion I) it would be ok, but they really
    needs to push the Top speed from 35 to 40km/h…

  242. emyl ro (emylro99)

    Wargaming are such idiots, why they don’t give a good premium tank (for a
    grind like this), like amx cdc and t-54 prot.

  243. 390mm of view range nice…

  244. The Centurion 1 was not funny for me. This tank is gonna be awful, but i
    probably gonna participate in the missions just to like “have-it” .. What i
    dont like though is, that on the NA-Cluster its managed so that people who
    got the FV4202 in their Garage before the replacement get the Fv4202
    COMPLETELY FOR FREE, guys who now got the AX after the replacement can
    participate in the missions.. on the Eu cluster u have to do the missions,
    dispite the fact that u got the FV4202 before it was replaced.. that pisses
    me of, WG

  245. WG hate the British, its taken them how long to add a T8 Gb tank into the
    game and THIS is what they release.
    Fuck you WG. My money goes elsewhere nowadays Fuck WoT.
    Hey QB how about pointing out some of the British players concerns the next
    time your getting your pole greased by WG?

  246. it was a ok-ish tier 10 , now its .useless

  247. I love ur new intros qb ?

  248. this tank is baaad. not even considering grinding it

  249. It sucks. The end.

  250. total boring tank… it should be FV4202 G(garbage)

  251. This proves the anti brit-bias, and its a damn shame as a brit tank driver.

  252. As I thought before. It’s crap. Crap gun handling, crap mobility and crap
    armour. Congrats WG you’ve just implemented the worst T8 premium in the
    game. A Good player can make any tank look good. Doesn’t make the tank
    itself any less crap.

  253. Needs buff!!! Or never buying.

  254. Come work very hard for this crappy Caenie! or hey ever wanted to buy a
    crappy tier 8 heavy? here is your chance!

  255. Good that WG puts in a different type of tier 8 premium tank. It’s not the
    best one, but it has his potential

  256. Nice long review QB :)

  257. great video as always, very sad that NA get it for free and we have to
    grind. Also shame that it’s so poor by comparison.. we need a good T8
    british prem.

  258. 4202 blaze it

  259. correct me if I’m wrong but on the NA server you get the tank if you had it
    has a tier 10 for free. and if you got the Cent AX after it replaced the FV
    you can do missions to get it.

  260. that is just awful

  261. when is the test server?

  262. At 12:25 he said 390 mm of viewrange

  263. 2:27 chieftain/t95?? i’ve never heard about that that tank for the

  264. Can you do plz a IS review

  265. Has power creep ever applied to British tanks? Wargaming’s nation bias is

  266. quicky derp. 390 mm of view range? that isn’t really nice 😉
    *just thought i’d point it out because it’s funny, no offense meant

  267. 12:28, 390 millimeters of view range, interesting 🙂

  268. great aim time

  269. 390 mm of viewrange… not too shabby.

  270. You said 390MM of view range . I thing its not too good :D

  271. notice me senpai

  272. Does “P” stand for “pad” Tank?

  273. 467 views

  274. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    240th!!!! Under 300 club is still here!

    Well tank is free so it need to be shity

  275. It’s crap

  276. First Order Stormtrooper

    odd seems I’ve seen this before.

  277. How about the E4 and T30? Don’t think i have ever seen you do those before.

  278. 133 view ahahahah :* i Love you quickybaby!!!

  279. love your videos!!

  280. Grammar Nazi Chief


  281. Third with 5th like !

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