World of Tanks Gameplay | Obj. 704 | Aggressive Play

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. I’m there too :D, was pretty balanced platoon. TJ you so lucky tho xD

  2. this game was pure skill and demonstrates the might of Russia!

    No luck i swear…!

    Also great vid as always man

    being featured feels good :)

  3. Bison here :’D I got a little salty when I died 😀 4 guys just turned their
    turrets at me,snapshot and managed to hit me… And killed me :’D

    But this game was so funny when we talked on ts :D

  4. TheHopkinsCreative

    Only recently subbed to Maxwell, but I really enjoy the way that he
    commentates! Good vid! :)

  5. Das wrecking crew at work lol.

  6. Soviet tank destroyers are ridiculous. XD

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