World Of Tanks Gameplay! THE IS-6 W/Circon!

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Source: PhlyDaily

Gameplay! THE W/!



  1. World Of Tanks at 60fps :)

  2. Inb4 “first” comments ;P anyways good vid phly!

  3. matt damon and BABA BUTTHEAD

  4. nice played, m8

  5. When do you stream with circon normally? Can you stream at the same time?

  6. You guys show the sides of your turrets and tan WAY too often, keep the
    hull pointed forwards at an angle, and you will bounce shot :3

  7. War thunder is so much better. 

  8. Have you been doing sacrifices to the RNG gods? Because you are sooooo
    lucky with not fully aimed shots…

  9. Really impressive how fast you improve in WoT, Phly! Platooning with Circon
    and Jedi went from ‘Carrying the baby seal’ to a three-man destruction team
    in no time :D

  10. war thunder is way better

  11. ”W/Circon” lol poor Jedi xD

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