World of Tanks – Games before WoT goes full WoT

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Source: Anfield


  1. What do you mean goes full wot? Getting drunk on vodka and molesting bears?

  2. I see it was just posted. Was this done during the daylight hours in the US or some other time and uploaded now?

  3. This is so sad. Can we get 50 more tier 8 premiums?

  4. Mehmet Albaktemür
  5. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    @18:20 in the stream chat: “doesn’t lemmingrush sound like a lesbian”… BWAHAHAHAH so good!!!!! #lemmiingrush

  6. Enjoy the game and have fun, most important thing, why sit there and complain people, aint gonna change anything except your fun levels. Good video Annie as usual mate. o7

  7. Why the hell do you blow up when your tank flips over wtf? Wargaming are so retard I swear.
    On the Xbox your tank flips back over.
    The retards in wg could something from eachother.

  8. Wot wot in the bot

  9. rip, you can safely uninstall wot and move on anfield

    seriously, if the game cause you pain and grief, why waste anything on it
    sliphantom had same kind of comments while playing game, before he uninstalled it

  10. I truly enjoy you when your playing…sorry some bs has you not wanting to play. Your a WoT Mafia gangsta and let the haters go get ….ed!

  11. Dude stop resenting your followers just fucking leave the game don’t turn into sirfuck

  12. I like this “positivity” 😉

  13. What do you mean by that

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