World of Tanks – Garage Overview (Cz, Jp, Ch, & Swedish)

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Source: Anfield

literally only watch this if you have nothing better do lmao

Music: Dance of the Pixies – Machinima Sound


  1. Pro At Everything

    first xD

  2. Watch this if you have literally nothing better to do lmao

  3. In math class, so i got nothing better to do…

  4. 8:15 Actually the correct word is “Mäuse”

  5. TheBlackStoneRanger

    your voice kinda sounds like a juiced up meathead.. yet you and foch are the best wot youtubers out there

  6. Is the tvp or bc better for pub games?

  7. I’m using the O-Ho on XB1 with the 15 cm and watching 200-900 Hp fall off of various tanks makes me fell like a heathen lmao

  8. It's not what you think

    I only came here for the Type 5 is it in this video? I haven’t finished it.

  9. Kept my WZ-132 with 175k+ exp ready to spend on the tier 9 LT, but with the recent nerfs to the new tier 10 LTs I’m thinking I might just pick up the WZ-120 instead and go to the 121.

  10. STA-1 is a weaker STA-2

  11. Anfield, Do you think that the Almighty Type 59 should be sold again as there is much more T8 premium meds which are considered better, therefore making the Type 59 less OP than it once was?

  12. i have something better to do than watch you ramble on

    i can watch you play BDO 😛

  13. I have quit World of Tanks, but I still watch and listen to your videos while playing other games. 🙂 So calming and chill! Keep it up! *Brofist*

  14. Hi anfield, I enjoy your 3 mark sessions a lot( think i watched them all). And i was wondering if you had any interest in a leopard1 or amx30b 3 mark session? They are pretty rare tanks and you have nothing comparable yet.
    PS: havent done it yet but have 11 tier10 marks atm so I am pretty confident, and I do really like both of those tanks.
    ( account name brumbarr om eu server btw)

  15. Clicks on STB-1 “this is the best looking tank”.
    Ah I see you are a man of culture aswell!

    People think I’m stupid when I say it in my clan.

  16. Alowishus Davander

    Instead of being salty about the EU WOT – move to NA WOT…. 😉

  17. alot of people consider the TIGER II the best looking tank in the game =|

  18. I checked for the lulz, with the exception of aim time, 121 has better gunhandling than STB-1. It’s great when the depression doesn’t hinder you, which it does quite often. That’s why it is a meme tank, and I love meme tanks Kappa

  19. ohh come on quickyfield your rambling is funny. ohhh the salt lol.

  20. What do you think about the recent changes of the tier 10 lights?

  21. Type 5?……Send it back to minecraft.

  22. HAHAHA quickyfield

  23. NoHomeLike

    plural of Maus is Mäuse (MOY-zuh)

  24. Still scared of tvp nerf. With LTs nerfs wg showed that pubbie crying matters, not if tank deserves nerf or not.

  25. in my opinion Anfield i think the t62a is by far the sexiest

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