World of Tanks Garage Overview Premium Tanks

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Source: Anfield


  1. Ayy lmao

  2. Notice me anfield 🙂

  3. selling premium tanks smh

  4. Frederick Schulze

    Anfield was saying that 3/5/7 matchmaking means that preferential matchmaking is less important…except that having preferential matchmaking means that you’ll be in the top 3/5 and not the bottom 7.

  5. Well after 9.18 comes in black bulldog will be matched as regular tier 8 tank because wg does not want to nerf it they cant change that so i think it will be much more fun to play with

  6. i guess ppl say type 59 instead of type 5 9 is cause the numbers less then 100???? idk……lol when u said it tho i thought of a type 4 and type 5 combined cause…..5,4+5 is 5 9….idk…

  7. I play prems a lot. I prefer to play the pref mm prems like the t-34-3, super p and is-6 because I know i can be really dominant in tier 9 games. In total i have;
    Skorpion G
    Black dog
    M46 KR
    Super P
    T54 mod 1
    Jg 8,8
    Type 59

  8. Scorpion G . is the best. You have mobility of medium tank and turret with tier 10 HT gun. Same gun with Maus .

  9. It's not what you think

    Thanks for the shout out. <3. It's still fifty nine though.

  10. No e25? Let me inhale in loud and sharp manner!

  11. You forgot to look at the 2 tier 10s you have that aren’t American, German, Russian, French or British.

  12. Not having Panzerkampfwagen VII Löwe… smh tbqh fam

  13. I’d love if WG would add the ability to earn credits for the Tier 10 rewards… atleast the CW rewards(as they did with shit like the Is-5 & Kv4 Krev, Cheiftan/T95

  14. I don’t have the Defender but really, that armour… the “weak” lower plate is about 210mm effective front on. That means a tier 8 medium with decent pen is still rolling the dice. The cupolas are tiny – try hitting them with a T32 from 100m. The drivewheel is cheese but above that is Rasha side skirt! It’s a tough opponent in a tier 8. It’s a fucking bunker in a tier 6.

  15. Carlos Valenzuela

    Afro-American Bulldog Anfield, if you may.

  16. Half of those tanks are no longer for sale on the NA server…

  17. i have the fury and so far it was only on sale during the duration it was first sold and once for during the holidays in 2016. it may be sold in the future holidays but only for 1 day.

  18. You can still get Type 59 in Asia server.

    Also, most defender driver are crap with winrate of 46%-48%.

  19. no please fuck no not the esports camo, those bright colours look stupid…camo my ass,

  20. I did all the TD missions fr Obj.260 pretty easy with Hellcat and Grille.
    Also Lorr 40t is really good. After 150 battles I can say that this is the tank that gets me called a cheater most often.
    People just hate being clipped I guess.

  21. from my experience tiger 2 in higher tier games performes better then the liberty

  22. That German Bulldog will be nice after 9.18 hits the server. It will be better than the non-premium lights at tier 8 in most respects. The Strv has the same caliber gun as the tier 10 with the same alpha. It is nice. Thanks for the garage videos. And yeah, I still want a Type 59. 🙂

  23. Nice overview! What gun do you advise me to use for my rhm borsig; the 12.8 or the 15 cm?

  24. I don’t really care at all how you pronounce Type 59 but your argument for 5-9 makes no sense… Like you said T-34-85 normally, M46 normally, T-54 normaly…

    I actually think we just pronounce numbers that are 100+ differently because hundred in the name is ugly, so T-1-10-E-5, 1-13, 1-40, etc… So yeah, by definition on how be say the names of tanks in this game, you normally should say 59.

  25. Anyone got any idea what will happen to the type 62? It will be broken against shit like t37s

  26. you know, “type five nine” is actually the correct pronunciation

  27. Rudy has a free BIA crew, so the crews 2nd skill will train at the speed of any other regular crews 1st skill…. and so on…RUDY is worth it just to get a hold of that crew it comes with.. And who doesnt like a rapid training soviet med crew!!

  28. wg will never buff “all the others”, nor nerf the new wave of premiums… The new wave prems will soon be tomorrows garbage superseded by an even shinier models to part the community from their real world money. Why make the is6 tank for example competitive, wg already has your money for buying it, now they offer something better to get you spending again…

  29. Hoping you’d have given the Lowe a mention. Noticed you had 500 games racked up….guessing early days and long before buff. Anyways…..thanks for another great vid.

  30. *Triggered* The CDC gun is not accurate man! and it’s a shit! DON”T BUY!
    I have one and I know

  31. i shit on super Ps in my jadgtiger 8.8……i shit on anything slow and stupid in the 8.8 really……and im not THAT good (1300 in 5K games…..last 1000 more like 1500 1600 WN8) dat rate of fire doe

    its the best feeling in the world when you track someone and just shoot them every 3.5 seconds for massive farm……

    i play 95% solo…..and if you get to tier and have a few competent people to back your ass up….the JT 8.8 can be played like a heavy tank……very much like a t32 american heavy

    i love my 8.8……i know it has weaknesses and its slow-ish…..but the way teir 6’es react when they see it charging down a hill twords their ass, shooting 240 damage rounds every 3 to 4 seconds….shear panic

    blocked 4K damage in the 8.8 yesterday……..then a pesky, for me at least, emil 1 tried to charge me…
    tracked and did damage with every shot….farmed him for full health

    that was a GG……

    however…the 88 is the ONLY prem i have (besides the teir 6 german TD with the 105mm and like 20 degrees of gun depression…..i regret buying that, even on sale)

    so, i dont really know the ULTIMATE POWER of the new prems……but i still have a lot of fun in the 8..8 so

  32. Im clad I won the scorpion g from the top tanker event!

  33. Jan Sebastian Sutt

    This video no battle me dislike thisvideo

  34. “252 armor is very underwelming.” -Anfield 2017

  35. I thought saying getting the lorraine when I already have a lot of premiums and only playing a few battles would be a waste would be enough but to the fella generous to send me a lorraine I really appreciate it but I feel incredibly guilty

    Maybe I can review or something as a gesture to repay your kindness i’m not sure

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