World of Tanks – Garage Overview (RU, UK, & French)

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  2. Just more ramblings of a madman.

    I’ve got a TVP related video in the works that should be done this weekend also, thanks for watch guys o/

  3. When the game launched in EU, and slightly before that, there were 3 T10 vehicles. IS-7, Maus and T30. Given that the US tech tree wasn’t complete back then I assume that earlier it was only germany and USSR. I’d also assume that they only had one nation at one point, probably in alpha or something.

  4. Hey Anfield, I got a question or should I say, I need your advice. I’m grinding the 3 marks with my AMX m4 49 but I don’t know how to position properly on different maps. If I play safe and less agressive I end up with 2k dmg or less. If I am agressive I get rushed or devastated by arty, but in most cases being agressive while top tier helps me to deal 5-6k combined. It’s a heavy so I can’t really pull back or run away with 40kph. The armor holds up pretty good against tier 8-9 unless they figure out the weakpoint on the top of the turret. Can you help me what am I doing wrong? It makes me angry to lose 1% of the gunmark because of bad positioning.

  5. The real problem with the 140 is the fuel tanks constantly getting hit, not so much the ammo racks. It’s a great candidate for ditching the first aid kit and getting a commander with jack of all trades so you can run rations and an auto-extinguisher, like you’ve talked about in the past. I found it’s also a lot harder to 3 mark than the 62a. I mean, a LOT harder…

  6. how come the 140 is used over the t62a in high tier strongholds and stuff?

  7. My favorite tank in the current patch is probably the 103b. Not a fan of camping in the back with a td, so i go and bounce everything, especially 50b’s since they don’t have heat, and pen everything in return. That being said, it’s all fun until the arty nation attacks.

  8. First of all i am pretty sure that ATLEAST %95 of your subs are non competitive players. So stop using pubies or whatever the fuck that is. Second i know there are lots of brain dead people playing wot but atleast they got a real life. How nerdy is that to waste your time playing a game in competitive level and underestimating others by calling them pubbies 😀 lol. At least they got a life m8

  9. Guig Mohamed Lemin

    y i enjoy is4 and 50 120 alot so i guess bae will be worth it

  10. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    I like all the World of Tanks video makers but Anfield has the best advice for players

  11. The interesting thing about the Leopard 1 and 30 B when it comes to their accuracy is they’re actually better than Russian meds when it comes to base accuracy, aim time, *and* turret traverse dispersion soft stats (which are 0.08 and 0.06 respectively compared to the T-62 at 0.08 and 140 at 0.10), so when stationary they actually both have insane, best in class snapping potential combined with best in class hard stats that are far better than the Russians and M48 too. The soft stats that kill them are the hull movement and hull traverse dispersion soft stats, which are 0.18 and 0.16 respectively, compared to the Ruskies and M48 which all sit between 0.08-0.10. Combine that poor movement and traverse dispersion with below average DPM (especially for the 30 B) and you get pretty lame guns, which is kind of what the Leo-esque tanks are all about other than mobility.

    If the Leo and 30 B both got their DPM buffed to just below M48 level (with the 30 B still being slightly worse than the Leo), and had their soft stats buffed to M48 level they’d be pretty dank.

  12. I’m really enjoying the Cent 7/1. Should I upgrade to AX when it’s unlocked? It would be my first tier 10, but tier 9 is a great tier by all accounts.

  13. Hey Anfield just to let you now i like your vids and have learn stuff from them so thx m8 and keep on.

  14. do all the tanks in your garage not only X

  15. Notsogoodguitarguy

    I generally agree with your opinions on the tier 10 Russian mediums. obj 430 is really the worst of the 3, however, I don’t think the gun handling is the problem with it. it’s supposed to be this “DPM monster”, and yet, the DPM difference between the 430 and the other two is basically neglegable. So, poor gun handling plus not really better DPM and shitty turret equals bad tank. what would really make it stand out in my opinion is a change on all 3 tanks – Nerf t62a and 140 DPM by like 150, and increase 430 DPM by 50-100 – basically, make the 430 fire 1 more round per minute than the other two, or maybe 0.8-9 rounds more. also give the 430 a similar turret to the 140, maybe a touch stronger – something between 140 and t62a. that way, you’ll have clear distinction between the tanks – 430 is the “DPM monster” brawler tank, 140 is the sneaky, fast one that can work ridges, and t62a is the one that tucks it’s wang in a dip and tanks with it’s turret. this would be a good way to distinguish the 3 tanks in play style, and not have 1 great, 1 okay and one meh tank

  16. +Anfield when you get the chieftain on PC I want to see how fast you can 3 mark because it’s slightly broken on console.~3600 dpm and its pen is insane for it. The only thing on I don’t like about it is the ammo rack but what British tank doesn’t suffer from ammo rack problems

  17. Love this vid and the previous one – many thanks

  18. Grinding the IS4 and AMX 50 B as per your recommendation… It better be worth it 😛
    Also I 2 marked the 50 100 so I think I might be able to handle the AMX 50 B when I do get it !

  19. Nice dude! We are both stuck with the marks in the 140 and the bat chat! I almost had the marks in bat chat but of course the game doesn’t want me to get them so bat chat arty hits me for 1k dmg and sets me on fire and i was running coffee. Basically got dropped from 94,84% and now stuck at 90%. gg wargaming

  20. You should play the st1 I loved that thing. It has a good turret and I believe it had 8 degrees of gun depression on a russian heavy I was suprised when I played it becuase most russian heavies have crappy gun depression.

  21. I need to watch some of your t-62 gameplay. I fail with it so bad. Funny thing is I am good with the T-54 but I get in the T-62 and I get owned constantly.

  22. Man I love the 50b so much as well but I m just so bad in the tank. it was a shame

  23. Damn you haven’t unlocked OBJ 260? 😮

  24. Amx 30 1st prototype is so much better then Amx 30 tier for tier, it is the best tier 9 med , well, at least it was before Skoda. So a piece of advice, if you go down that line just keep tier 9 and don’t bother with tier 10.

  25. just got the 50b, first game i got to 3k damage in the first few minutes and all was going well, then arty hit me for over 1k and ended my game

  26. chinesse tank are my favorite 1 :3 poweful gun and sometime it can be trolll 😀

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