World of Tanks – Gatekeeper

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In what's probably going to be the only time I get to make a Ghostbusters reference in a World of Tanks video, we join Gatekeeper on the Lakeville map as searches for the Keymaster.

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Tier 5… TS-5… close enough!

    • Jingles … a request, if you please.
      There are some WoT / WoWs battles where you having control of the camera (if possible) is warranted.
      This was one of those. All that flippin’ around, rapid zooming in & out is fine when you’re playing and your mind is expecting it.
      But when you’re just an observer? Phew! All that unexpected camera motion can cause nausea!
      If/When possible, please take control of the camera.
      Sincerely Yours!

    • Reward of my hard earn cash 68$ with a gi joe skin

    • Gave me a whaaaattt moment did he say what I thought he said. Though I have an excuse I picked up Covid from the trip to England that I just got back from.

    • someone has been huffing tank exhaust

    • I love his right front mantelet plates sentiment for on coming enemies to read just before entering the abyss. “WELCOME TO HELL”. make one feel all warm inside.

  2. ospf – Open Shortest Path First (a computer networking algorithm) – telegraphing his play style – “get there the fastest with the most-est” tank!

  3. Damn. He should change his name to Ziv Greengold.

  4. Great game – – some luck in bouncing for a ‘tier 5’!!!

  5. The Tiger did not do a good job in that game.

  6. Love my TS5 πŸ™‚

  7. ah yes my favorite tier 5 reward vehicle in the campain TS-5

  8. Thanks Jingles!

  9. We haven’t had a jingles moment in a while, he was bound to screw something up. Welp, that’s my 1 minute break over, back to the salt mines

  10. Hmmm yes the t50-2, famous tier 7 tank destroyer.

  11. Are you the Keymaster?


  12. I have put meeting Jingles on my ‘Bucket List’, I know that leaving a photo or two with both of us talking about our Naval Service will be good for a few well earned smiles and a laugh or two.
    I thought I knew some about tanks before I learned about WOT and the ‘Mighty Jingles’ now I have gone from grade school to high school and hope I can use the points so far to get into advanced levels of education as I started playing WOT, but my W/D #’s are sure to be at the bottom of any list, I do not have the ability to play like we see in game adding my having MS, Glaucoma, very bad Arthritis and feeling the utter BS that is the world as we suffer it now days, I get 3-4 games in and log out, maybe I can get better in 10 years or so LOL.

  13. Justin Kashtock

    TS-5 gun = Troll Cannon Jr.?

  14. Alexander Townsend

    so much hp lost at the beginning, needed to hide the massive lower plate

  15. That was a very IDEAL game Mr Jingles!

  16. You are wrong Jingles! TS5 is actually a tier 6 not a tier 5. By the way, nice try on the easy Jingles.

  17. flipping the cap? is this World of Landships?

  18. If you want to see how much WOT has changed. Look up Fun with Physics Lakeville map and compare it to this.

  19. αƒα‘¦α‘Žα“‚α–…α“―α…α‘α–… α‘•α–…α“΄α–…

    This replay really shows most of the problems with this game. If they didn’t have a very lucky TS-5 driver, the match would have been over in 2 to 3 minutes, it seems like the TS-5 was hit by more premium rounds than standard ammo, he got a very powerful premium vehicle into a match with only 3 equal tier opponents and basically seal clubbed the tier 6s. You have to be something special to still find enjoyment in this game in 2022

  20. Wow.
    This business with Youtube and Jingles has become so bad that they are shoving their sports stuff into his own videos now!

  21. ZeroPony Creations

    the TS-5 is by far one of the most powerful tier for tier TD’s in the game, it’s frontal armor, good pen, and very good dpm makes it an insanely good brawler, and that’s before taking into account things like equipment and field mods. this thing outclasses it’s tech tree counterpart, the T28, by a wiiiiiiiide margin

  22. I gotta say, his team in the town fought valiantly and fiercely to escape the encirclement that was developing. Very fun to watch

  23. KV2 didn’t sacrifice enough dissidents to the Gulag

  24. As Claus Kellerman says when the enemy started losing the “The Dollars Per Minute Algorithm” suddenly kicked in all his shots started hitting.

  25. OI You Over Here

    That gun bobbing about all the time, it reminded me more like a Dalek…… Exterminate, Exterminate!!!!

  26. I swear to God I thought that was a Phlydaily thumbnail

  27. Tier 5? Reward American td? You mean the t28htc? Always love to hear Jingles being Jingles. :p

  28. Jesus Christ… Carlton, cant you just stop pretending the game isnt freaking RIGGED, and that FKN SHIT PREMIUM TS-5 is fkn OP and unbalanced like everything IS on this game… bleed my eyes, if youre not man enough to do that, go back and keep on advertasing the autism ships game…disgusting…

  29. Should’ve invited the other living tank for Crucial Contribution. Or is that no longer a thing?

  30. Just this once, we saw the cold, dead hand of Patton reaching up to guide his shots.

  31. If that kv-2 had fired HE at him he would most certainly been dead

  32. Creature Monkey

    tank sounds like a lawnmower lol

  33. Great player!!

  34. William McKnight

    Love that tank.

  35. Hey Jingles, back in your Elite Dangerous videos you were naming your ships after a science fiction book series that you highly recommended. I have some audible credits I need to use up and can’t for the life of me find the name of that series you mentioned. Could you help a salt miner out with a reminder?

  36. The firing arc is really BAD??

    Jingles, have you been playing the Bathtub too much lately or something?? 20 degrees of traverse is positively AVERAGE for a casemate TD. Slightly below average at worst.

  37. “Tier 5 reward”

    Lol its a tier 8 premium

  38. I don’t drive tanks nor sail ships but bugger me your voice is soothing, It’s like listening to grandad tell stories of walking 5km through the snow in bare feet to get to school. All lies but good ones. Josh from NZ

  39. World of RNG and gold ammo… Even if I still enjoy watching those replays, I haven’t played it for over 3 years now and every time I give it another try I play half a dozen games top, and uninstall it again. It really has become a completely trash game with core mechanics not working as they should and results only based on RNG. Nothing worth giving time at all! And I will never spend a penny on WG’s games, as I have never spent anything for the last 4 or 5 years now. They simply don’t deserve it!

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