World of Tanks Generals | Surprisingly Fun | Gameplay

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Tanks Generals | Surprisingly | Gameplay
▶ World of Tanks Generals is out in Closed Beta test and I got in to play! I’m secretly a lover of card based games and this has turned out be a surprisingly fun and satisfying game!

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  1. Didn’t think I’d be the sort of person into card based games but they’re
    surprisingly good! Just casual, easy and relaxing to play yet challenging.

  2. Dreadnought mattherious

    *snif snif* i smell payed to review and give positive feedback only.

  3. did you get payed for this?
    you have to disclose.

  4. I have like 4.5K Pokemon Cards. I never played with them, I just collected
    them for fun haha.

  5. Please, if you’re being sponsored, nobody is going to judge you. You have
    to earn money, and getting paid ti promote things like this is a great way
    of doing so. Though I *know* that things will go downhill if your subs find
    out you’re being sponsored and you’re not disclosing it. So please, for the
    love of god, if you ARE being paid, make an annotation and please say it
    (vocally) the next time you do a paid promotion.

  6. Played it for 10 battles and stopped after.

  7. Jambona - Funny Videos - Gameplay - Parodies

    Payed review. Nice try though.

  8. Wish they would of made an RTS instead tbh, or maybe combine them both

  9. Video some Hearthstone matches! would love to see you play. 

  10. Guys, I’m not getting paid/sponsored for this vid. Genuinely found this
    game to be fun so I made a video on it.

  11. You know, when I read ‘generals’ I thought RTS

  12. you might not be getting paid…. but theirs something fishy.
    was sighning an agreement to only say nice things….. like one would read
    a review sheet that CPU and GPU cards come with…..the only way to get
    into the closed beta?

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