World of Tanks: Generals // “The Derp Particle”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Although it’s been rather overshadowed by the launch of World of Warships into closed beta, there’s another, rather different project that’s recently done just the same – ’s forray into the TCG genre, WoT: Generals.


: Generals currently a closed beta, trading card game – you can find out more at


  1. World of Warships beta key?

  2. Sub 300 hype :D

  3. Looks interesting, but I didn’t get into the beta so I won’t be playing it
    any time soon

  4. I did not realize this was a card game. I’ve only stuck with Magic the
    Gathering over the years and I don’t play that on the computer either. I
    don’t want to buy cards I don’t actually own. I have recently played Tekken
    Card Tournament on my tablet. I kind draw the line at that, but it actually
    shows the fights. If they were to make this a real card game and people
    played, that would get my interest.

    If this were free to play and available now I might try it since I don’t
    currently have a gaming system …but I’m sure this beta will last a while.

  5. Pointyhairedjedi can we see some naval action

  6. Gaming With Jack

    This reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII’s cards game 🙂 cool!

  7. pointy, at one point, an enemy tank had 3hp, you had a tank that does 3dmg,
    the medium T21 and first you attack twice with 1dmg and then finish it of
    with that. but you could’ve just killed it with one shot from the T21 and
    have those two 1dmg shots still available. let meh teach you

  8. Man, I’m a sucker for online card games. Didn’t even know this was a thing!
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Jedi.

  9. jedi, you might need to relearn high school mathematics 

  10. Most annoying fact about that unified account is that WoT Blitz isn’t part
    of all that… That’s one reason I stopped having a premium account in WoT
    or any WG Game for that matter :D

  11. Nice vid, but this game looks boring as shit

  12. well, looks kinda..not so funny

  13. Holy shit I suck donkey balls at this game

  14. looks like the winner will always quickly snowball into the win without any
    way to turn it around with the resource system being tied to units on the

  15. I will fusion summon my KV-1 and my Howitzer to special summon KV-2! Go
    KV-2! Attack!!!

  16. Generals looks a lot better than the boat game everyone’s trying to get
    keys for.

  17. Jedi… you’ve always had the derp particle in you, you’re just too derpy
    to admit it.

  18. Dont think this game will be a great success

  19. Well!…That was32 min and 7 sec out of my life I won’t get back. Thanks

  20. I’ve got some paint to watch drying in my kitchen so will do that instead
    of playing this.

  21. Moar please! :)

  22. You’re terrible xD

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