World of Tanks || German Behemoth – 300k

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Adrianb1979 is going to show you why the heavy tank the is a true Behemoth. Prize winner in the 300k competition.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. My O-I has more alpha damage.

  2. And this is the winner?? What a retarded loser…only spamming premium
    shells and like 4 regular wtf, i get it he knew what to do, he was good but
    the prem….omfg go ahead change it to be bought by gold only…idiots

  3. my first tier ten tanks was obj 140 its dynamite also cant wait for t-62a

  4. WoT is gonna go P2W soon, so embrace it guys.
    A battle between heavy is always about the premium ammo, you want to win
    the game? load HEAT/APCR, or your team gonna lose the other flank before
    you can finish off your target.

  5. dont deserve to win…

  6. He played well, but such score was given to him by stupidity of enemies

    reading that again it is more like motto of wot

  7. Idiot gold shitter not worth it at all

  8. I dont expect this is won by a gold noob.
    1k wn8 in 51k battles, terrible..
    WOT is currently a pay to win game

  9. Guys, 2 things to all the salty people out there. 1. This is not
    gymnastics, there is no modifier for difficulty in your execution. Its
    purely max damage and EXP based. 2. This player is not at fault for the way
    WARGAMMING have decided to make their game. This player has won the
    competition fair and square using the tools ANYONE can use to win.

    Thank you QB for all your effort with these videos, and congratz to the
    winners of the competition.

  10. He is just an average pay to win gold noob. Nothing is special with this
    replay. I hate people who are spamming goldammo without any reason. Learn
    to play!!!!

  11. lucky game + gold spam…… can be done by anyone.

  12. i dont mean to spill the hater-aide but that was gold spamming with hso
    many mistakes, HEAT and HE at tracks, cool he did 11k dmg but that was not
    skillfull at all

  13. I really do think that WG should set a certain amount of gold shells that
    you can carry, I think it should be 1/4 or 1/5 of your total amount of
    shells for exemple. That would be great at fixing all these gold spammers
    I’ve seen especially this last year, it’s really killing the game.

  14. …after all that build-up, this was the winning upload?
    good =/= great
    I want my money back ;)

  15. I dislike so much this fucking replay of SHIT, it’s just a big noob in a
    E100 full gold ammo.
    Well played my ass!

  16. Dirty HEAT spammer

  17. type 59 🙁
    i want one as well…qqqqqq

  18. That wasnt a mastery badge?


    i fucking looked at which tanks was the most sexy.. i rushed the t34-85
    with fucking like 100 wn8

  20. You realy should exclude this premiumammo noobreplays!

  21. fist i wanted to get Mause … but that tire 9 VK was crap back ten… so
    was easy to get in E-100

  22. Gold NOOB. :-)

  23. So many salty players in the comments here. get a life really.

  24. Why 445 dis. ?

  25. Hey QB, I joined WOT 5 days (yes 5 day!) before you on May 11th 2011, and I
    went straight for Tiger :-D

  26. another game where a pretty mediocre player does crazy damage proving once
    again, just like the last T110E3 game QB posted.
    that all you need is gold and good rng to get amazing games. hardly any
    skill shown

  27. I First Wanted The M110E3 Coz Boss Armour

  28. Also 2011, also straight for the Tiger! 😉 And wow was I dissappointed –
    those IS’s seemed impenetrable! Me at 08:33: “What the hell! Forward! Ram

  29. U forgot to say see u in da battlefield

  30. All I seen was gold spam and mediocre game play at best…. Guess all you
    have to do to win a contest is load some gold ammo.

  31. Nice video :-)

  32. Gold noob. HEAT all the way.

  33. Thxs for all the videos QB – and Gratz to the winner – I wanted a KV when I
    first started playing – I grew up really liking anything WWII but most
    particularly Tanks

  34. Ah, yes…. A potato spamming gold and winning the competition… GG

  35. Undeserved Type 59 winner IMO. Nothing wrong with using Premium, but this
    replay shows a lack of skill combined with some very bad play from the
    enemy team to get this guy a Type 59. I think QB made mistake on this, so
    disliked the video., WG put premium ammo in the game to make themselves
    money on tanks like the E100, and it works for them. But it doesn’t made a
    bad player good, it just makes a bad player stay bad in this case. I have
    the E100 and have great results just firing standard.

  36. Im not going to cry ohhh gold spammer, but I personally did not enjoy this
    replay, because it perfectly illustrates the problem with tier 10 games and
    why I hate them. Not the fact that gold ammo in itself is necessarily bad
    or nooby. But in tier 10 EVERYONE spams gold, because well who would blame
    for example e100 players. If u have the choice between the shitty pen and
    the great pen, you take the heat pen. Sadly everyone thinks this in tier 10
    games, and things like Armor or skillfull angling become irrelevant because
    the already with AP very effective tier 11 TDs load unnecessary gold and
    spam away…

  37. QB absolutely love your videos, but I was certain you weren’t gonna do
    strictly tier 10 videos? So far all your 300k winners have been tier 10
    unless I’m mistaken…

  38. E100 was my first tier 10 tank and then my second tier 10 tank was the is7

  39. Bah… Hate this premium shells!

  40. E100 was my 4th tier 10.
    My question is, how the heck did he get so lucky with his shots?
    The shot against the Batchat arty? How did that fly straight?
    3 SHOTS IN A ROW into that Vk4005b, if I was in my e100 I wouldn’t even
    bother shooting at the small flat armor of its turret, because they would
    just miss, regardless if I was shooting HEAT.
    Nice to see a good replay from an average player though ;)

  41. It’s not really the amount of prem ammo he uses that takes away from it,
    but the fact that he doesn’t really give that much thought to when he uses
    it, which suggests he’s more of the mindset of firing gold = better in all
    cases. Which is ignorant of a lot of game mechanics. That, and some of the
    sillier plays makes this seem less like a good player utilising a tool
    which is available to them when it is called for and more like a potato
    spending credits and winning through some dumb luck (the RNG on some of
    those shots was like betting on a single number at a roulette table) and
    his enemies being equally potato at times.

    But then it’s not me giving vehicles away, so whatever.

  42. I studied armor, its history and use and development waaay before this game
    existed. It simply gave me a creative outlet for enjoying tanks. The E-100
    was also my first tier X :)

  43. I still enjoyed this replay because even though he did use prem heat
    rounds, it was not an arty using prem heat rounds. “Cough, cough” last 300k

  44. i rushed to the chaffee not knowing white light tanks where:p, i used it as
    a medium tank flank and spank, died most of the time, damn i miss my old
    chaffee, meeting tier 10’s in a tier 5 glorious xp and repair bill:p

  45. just bullshit… my T69 replay! where is it?..
    if the game puts me in this battle with any of +8 tanks…
    what we saw here was a random guy who can’t play at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    after 50k battles!!!!!!!!!!!
    he used autoaim like hell. he started to cap instead of helping his team
    like a real noob.
    pathetic. and he gets a type59. he will have a nice 600 dmg avg with it
    with a nice 46% win rate and that’s all. what a waste

  46. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    first tan was prob the js 7 im in the js 3 now really close to the js 7

  47. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    I was into tanks when I was young then I saw you and I got into this game.
    thankyou quicky ;)

  48. You guys have to understand, that with the long reload of the E-100, or any
    other tank with long reloads — it’s hard to switch ammo types during high
    intensity phases. If you fire HEAT at a tank’s flat side for one moment and
    begin loading AP, by the time the shot is ready, the opportunity of a
    guaranteed penetration may no longer exist, and you’re stuck in a situation
    where the higher penetration was required.

    Meanwhile, for faster firing guns, it’s safer to switch between ammunition
    on the spot, not to mention the lesser consequence of loading the ‘wrong’
    ammunition. It’s much more punishing to bounce a longer reloading gun.

    Now do I advocate for excessive gold? Of course not, but you have to
    understand why people do it.

  49. Captain Amazing1337

    not much to say for this one. completely distasteful in my opinion but i
    wont dislike it because i like quickybabies intention, its just that the
    fact of the matter here is that there wasnt a whole lot of skill to be
    shown here, and the spamming it HEAT shells simply compensated for any lack
    of skill or awareness. it simply isnt justifiable when over 75% of his
    shots never wouldve required the use of gold rounds. just goes to show what
    a difference they make to an average player

  50. For me I really wanted the Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger just because of how
    cool they looked. I remember when I first saw KV-1’s, Sherman’s, and Pz 4’s
    and thought I hit the big leagues and was frightened when I first had to go
    up against Tigers and Panthers lol. That was back when the T30 was the tier
    10 heavy.

  51. this hurt my eyes

  52. Let’s be honest here, at one point watching the video, we all have to admit
    this is not the most skillful replay I have ever seen here on QB’s channel.
    I know many viewers are already calling him gold n**b through the first 5
    mins of this replay. But I’d say even when I packed 20 gold rounds and I
    would be still nowhere close to achieve what he has done here. “Oh god…
    this guy has played 51k games already… and still…” This is my first
    reaction when I saw his stats. Sometimes stats don’t matter and he did have
    some oblivious flaws towards the end of the game play; however I’m guessing
    one of the reasons why QB chose this replay is for a great encouragement to
    him. So whether handing him the Type or not… I think in terms of his
    skill, maybe not; but as for a great encouragement to him and his
    achievement, I do think he deserves it! Hey… at least QB didn’t give the
    Type to other E100 on the enemy team! So for ya haters out there, keep
    hating and be jealous!

  53. My first and only tier 10 so far is the obj. 268

  54. Players that use the premium crutch, get no respect from me.

  55. Holy shit this dude haas 51k battles…

  56. GOLD NOOB!!! that’s why i don’t play this game anymore :)))

  57. personally, I knew next to nothing about any type of warfare as I entered
    this game. My knowledge of armored vehicles has grown astronomically since
    I joined and they now fascinate me a lot. My first lines were the Churchill
    line and the crusader line, first and second respectively. I liked the idea
    of a “British” tanks as to this day I enjoy the sound of your accents :D

  58. Oh yay another Yellow retard in a Type 59 he doesnt deserve

  59. Shame that he wasted so much heat on inferior targets. Had that enemy e100
    at the end also fired heat he would probably have lost. I`ve never had a
    11k damage game in my e100 though. But I never use prem ammo either, when I
    beat another e100 that is firing heat with my 235 pen AP-shells the
    satisfaction is more enjoyed than if I had just spammed prem ammo.

  60. Only scrubs and plebs sling prem ammo at all times. I’ve got 3 MoWs on my
    E100, Mastery badge, games with 10k+ damage all on standard rounds. I never
    bother loading premium ammo in my tanks as I took the time to learn the
    game and where to aim at people. Turbo donkeys like this guy just spam prem
    and buy their WN8. Such shitters.

  61. Let’s be realistic here, Adrianb1979 started the game by using a couple of
    HEAT rounds but also switched to HE rounds when fighting off lightly
    armored tanks. C’mon guys that 235 penetration will not do any good when
    facing tier 9 and above heavy tanks frontally. and he seriously is not a
    Gold ammo slut since he knows how to switch round when situation presents
    itself unlike other E100s there who fires gold at a leopard.

  62. Not a single AP was given that day.

  63. ….I knew what kind of replay this was right at the
    beginning…Heat..Heat… aim?anyone?…and btw ST-1/IS-4 doesnt have
    spaced armor(only tracks)

  64. stupid gold noob he even fail to kill the enemy E100 with HE, which show us
    he is a noob, I only use heat ammo on the E100 to shoot the maus or the E3
    the rest of the tanks have weakspots to aim.

  65. Goddamn the hate is so strong. Almost makes me not want to play this
    anymore. People sound like a bunch of immature children who only complain
    about how other people play the game.

  66. i can’t wait to get this tank myself, i think it’s important to note here
    that a lot of the shots could have penned with AP. gold haters think it’s
    all P2W baddies but realistically more often than not you just pay 5x the
    money to do the same amount of damage.

  67. Don’t think this deserved the top prize. There just wasn’t anything
    exceptional about the game other than the damage accumulated and the amount
    of gold spammed.

  68. When I started playing on xbox, there was a “sentimental” feeling where I
    was able to play tanks of history. But this feeling left when I played
    more. I miss that feeling but I don’t think I’d play as well if I have that
    old mindset.

  69. for a winning replay, this was all luck and premium round….

  70. Personally I knew nothing about tanks when I started playing WOT. I was on
    my Xbox 360 one day and noticed that WOT was a free to play game in the
    store. I downloaded it and started playing and I was hooked. I then began
    doing research on WWII armour and found many fascinating things and started
    collecting books that are related to WWII. I upgraded to the WOT on PC
    about a year ago and haven’t gone back since. :)

  71. This battle doesn’t deserve to be on this channel. Unnecesery HEAT spamming
    against targets and lucky hits.

    The only thing I found that is good in this battle is the angling against
    the enemy E100. The rest is just luck and “skill”.

    You can have all the gold all the Type 59s in the world but this game is
    not that good at all.

    And before someone tells me that: “You are just jealous”
    No im fucking not. I dont even play the game anymore. But I can tell what
    is a good battle.

    This. Was. Not.

  72. What a noob replay

  73. I disagree with you saying the HEAT shells in the beginning were
    unnecessary. Ok at that exact moment, with the angling of the enemy armor,
    they might have been. But those were all targets the E100 struggles to pen
    with its AP pen. He was basically just lucky, that they presented sides and
    weakspot to him. That is really the thing: E100s wouldn’t shoot as much
    HEAT if the reload wasn’t 16,5s long, but with that kind of a reload most
    players just don’t take the risk of facing angled E100s and stuff and fire
    HEAT from the get go.

  74. That was more of the team just really making terrible mistakes and less of
    pure skill.

  75. fcking heat spamer

  76. FFing gold loser!! all prem shells should be removed wg sucks!! AW

  77. Ha, you think you went into WoT somewhat ignorant?
    My first “real” dealings with tanks was in C&C: Red Alert 2. Then following
    that, C&C Generals.
    I only very vaguely knew what a “Tiger” was when I first started playing
    WoT, and was wondering where all the Rhino and Apocalypse tanks were :

  78. Ok if this one is the highest experience of the 300K replays, then alright
    it’s a good game.

  79. I wasn’t a military fan when I started playing WoT and I’m not a warfare
    enthusiast now either (knowing that WG really does its best to make their
    game the most realistic I don’t consider it a good source of knowledge
    about tanks /sarcasm off), but undoubtly I’ve learn some facts during this
    time. My friends encouraged me to play this game and recommended KV-1 as a
    first tank to go for. It was my first tier five, eventually I got to the
    IS-7, but it still has the highest battlecount out of all, I love to
    seal-club in it from time to time.

  80. this is not a good player by me hes using HEAT too much so he is kinda op
    the enemy tier 10 heavies have nk chance against him not to talk tier 9
    heavies overall i think wg needs to nerf HEAT shells on e 100

  81. Probably the worst replay I have ever seen. And I’ve seen them a lot.

  82. Very odd fight for me, he just spams gold shells when not needed but then
    knew the correct time to switch to HE. A very very good battle but slightly
    spoiled by the heat spam.

  83. congrats gold sucker… l2p. i cant understand why u chose such gold
    spamming idiots for your competion

  84. I would much rather see a little less damage but actual skill in these
    winning replays would be nice. This was just constant luck with poorly
    aimed shot after shot. Really disappointing replay.

  85. i had to go for the bl 10 coz i saw it from jingles video so my first tier
    10 is the obj 263 great armor if you think about it

  86. the first video from qb, that i disliked. why? because of this goldspammer
    shitface. and secondly…. that last e-100… omg, made me angry.

  87. stfu about the heat rounds who cares

  88. He played well, really gg for the guy, but that enemy leopard and E100 –
    dear god, I still can;t believe what I’ve seen.

  89. ay quicky give the man a cigar top fight man keep on tankin hard ay 0 fukin
    7 to ya

  90. That shot on the batchat though. Somebody praised the German accuracy god

  91. I want the IS-8

  92. i was in your game with my amx m4 45 against your comet last sunday

  93. When I first played WoT, all I wanted to get is the Russian heavy IS-7. My
    first tierX tank and my most loved tank in the game.
    This game elevated my “tank experience” a lot. I always had a crush on
    tanks but this game made me a lot more experienced.

  94. I started right at the start of 2012, didn’t get Tetrarch:( I didn’t really
    have any tank I wanted to get, but the first (and actually still the only)
    tier ten I got was IS-4.

  95. love youre vids but the game play was lucky and unskilledfull

  96. That sizzling sound HEAT makes when it hits is actually the spray of salt
    on the armour.

  97. Hellcat

  98. This was like watching old people have sex… did some nice stuff, but also
    a lot of rushed shots and got very lucky that the enemy was super stupid.
    But still, gg, happy for you, man!

  99. I’m sorry, but this guy deserves nothing… If you want a spectacular
    replay from an E-100 driver, they will use AP and not spam HEAT to “butter”
    the enemies majority of the time…. Sorry, but this guy does not nearly
    have the skill of other E-100 drivers. I’m surprised you would let a replay
    as unspectacular as this one onto your channel.

  100. TIGER 1 !! TIGER 1 !!!

  101. Premium ammo is in the game. Deal with it.

  102. I think too that maybe the contest and also the replays in general could me
    more focused on skills… gold noobs shouldn’t be rewarded :)

  103. That end game was like two turtles trying to mate :p

  104. no hate, but seriously this is sad that guys like him get the highest xp
    round in this tank, playing like a moron and gets even worse enemys to
    punish, would do this 10/10 in same situation but y i guess arty has to
    focus unicums like me before i can have those easy farmed xps..

  105. OH btw for all the people saying the e100 driver is gold spammer…..just
    think of him as a t110e4! pretty much the same thing but german!

  106. Watching that enemy E 100 trying to flank because he only had AP while this
    guy was just shooting HEAT at his turret was a disgrace, at least load AP
    and aim for the bar on top of his tank to make a fair fight, this way it
    just made me feel bad for that good guy enemy E 100

  107. Having read the great book “Tiger Ace” the life story of Michael Wittman, I
    started up the German Heavy line with the intention of getting to the
    Tiger. Being a new WOT player and watching your reviews, I went with the
    Panther 2 and skipping the Tiger1 to get the Tiger2. I knew about WW2
    armour but WOT has renewed this interest. Fine Content, thumbs up.

  108. Holy shit I’ve seen more effective grandmas fighting than those two E-100s
    at the end, what the fuck was that

  109. Heat spamming all the way.

  110. my first Tier X will be the Tier 10 british medium whatever its called

  111. Ok guys, look. For all intents and purposes, I do respect this guy, not
    because he’s a gold spammer, but how he angled his armor and stuff. He
    knows how to play.

    The one thing I didn’t like was the dumping of the gold rounds. Yes, I do
    know that the E 100 has low penetration. This is why people need to learn
    weak spots vs. just spamming gold.

    Put this in perspective, Jingles has not shot a single round of prem ammo
    for years, and he’s done pretty well in it. I understand prem ammo is there
    to dig yourself out of a hole, but when dumping gold rounds like that it
    looks like the person doesn’t know weak spots or are just too lazy to learn.

    I have an IS-3, and I only shoot gold when I absolutely need to. It just
    makes me feel dirty if I did only APCR.

  112. People who load more prem ammo than normal need to just fuck off.

  113. i did 10k damage on my e100 using no heat rounds on my ace tanker badge in

  114. You need to give the lower tier tanks a chance. All these tier 10s, 9s and
    8s already have good tanks and they don’t really need anymore. You need to
    remember this. Lower tiers like 3,4 and 5 dont have any good tanks. I’m not
    saying these replays are bad but give the other tier players a chance. I’m
    not a hater by the way. I love your channel and everything you produce. :)

  115. I came to WoT having a grad-school level grasp of modern military history
    but having very little experience with video games in early 2013; the
    reverse will do you better in the game! I pretty much played everything
    (apart from arty) because I didn’t know any better. I did know better to
    pursue tanks that weren’t wanted in Clan Wars on the NA server. I suppose
    that the Tier X that I wanted most at the time was the T57 Heavy, which I
    got just in time for the nerf.

  116. Mladen Ševaljević

    this is a perfect example of “gold” noob

  117. very impressive, would be more impressive if he didnt use as much heat

  118. 7tormsComing Schaub

    Damn i should have played as well, i could have spammed Gold all day too.

  119. So QuickyBaby, you mean to tell me that you didn’t get a tier 10 tank
    before E100 came to the game ?! I mean you didn’t reach the Maus (which was
    on the place of E100 back then) ?

  120. thats more than 100,000 credits into ammunition which is insane ?

  121. Siema PL!

  122. The only tank I played for was the t-34

  123. Ok QB. I will put it like this. This player isnt that good like you think
    with these golds in E-100 you dont rlly dont do nothing spacial. If he play
    like this without the golds i will call him a rlly good player with brain,
    but this is just some noob smaping golds and win smething…. cmn you have
    3k Wn8 and you pick this replay. I dont rlly care if he win something or
    on, i dont even send something. But its unfair to another good players
    without golds wint just Skill.
    Dislike AGAIN QB. Think yourself

  124. Like almost every game with 10+ k damage, you need luck, a bit of skill and
    giant amount of bad players on enemy team. Nothing wrong with shooting heat
    in E100 when situation demands it, but this was pure gold spam. Great game
    for him but I would rather watch a 6 k damage game where a player outplayed
    other decent/good players. Last minute of that game was just painful to

  125. Team:Guru Lion Gaming

    Tiger 1. World of Tanks (iPad 2).

  126. Upon starting WoT….”I’ll play the Merkava”…..”Oh!?”

  127. i mean,,, how could he kill the leopard and amx like that? this is super
    lucky… but good result anyway

  128. the first tank i was interested in getting was the t-34 which i was
    disappointed in because i didnt like the 57mm gun but the t-34-85 was
    exactly my type of tank :D

  129. If he didn’t use 20 rounds of heat, would of been a great replay

  130. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    My WWII tank knowledge was good but when I started playing this game, it
    only added to it. For which I am happy.

  131. My first Tier 10 tank was the E-100 too. Just got it 2 weeks ago ;)

  132. I wanted the m4 Sherman at first, then the tiger, then the t34, all the
    iconic tanks. I would have to agree though that I didn’t know anything
    about tanks at first xD. Now with 15k games, I can safely say I know a bit
    :P. Also, the E100 was my third tier 10 with my glorious patton being
    first. And yeah the HEAT was unnecessary, I make AP work easily

  133. Starts the match, loads gold, and spams it, what a surprise, QB you don’t
    need skill for that

  134. Its not the firing of Prem that annoys me,
    Its that players associate win Rate/WN8 with skill,
    when features like Prem and Buying Crew skills Have such a impact on them.
    Calling someone a tomato/Potato because they don spend $100 a week on the
    game is the problem

  135. Overall lots of bad plays. Lucky 11k damage in a once in a lifetime game
    that fell into his lap. He didn’t earn this. OK side scraping in the first
    part. Heat spam all over the palce, I agree with QB, not needed on those
    tanks in the begining, probably needed against the high tier germans int he
    end. Bad plays are:1. 5:40 he turns his tank and turret to the WTE100,
    would have died if he had shells left2. 6:15 sits on cap rather than hunt
    the WT who should have killed him from a bush, while the rest of his team
    dies3. 7:20 still on cap waiting for the WTE100 to reload and have another
    clip at him4: 8:33 could have gone forward quick and ram killed the leo5.
    8:40 still spamming HEAT in lightly armored tanks6. 8:58 after killing the
    leo turns his back to the remaining enemy tanks rather than just reversing
    to get cover7. 10:05 HEAT into the track of E100Plus the luck involved:1.
    tons of lucky RNG shots through narrow windows that easily could ahve
    missed: 6:08, 6:532. enemy team that attacks rather than caps him outHow is
    this HEAT spam/pure luck/RNG game a top winner? He really didn’t outplay
    any body on the enemy team.

  136. Senya Borovikov (Tablelampp)

    I really tried to rush for the T-34 and the KV-1

  137. I dont hate premium ammo user. Ir rarely use premium ammo, save only few
    rounds per battle in case of I need to get out from shit situation. On the
    other hand, I’m quite an avid HE user, always packing a good amount of HE
    if my tank has big cannon. What I hate is when I do load premium ammo, the
    intended target dies but then comes a tank that my AP couod pen but I don’t
    have time to switch the shell. Feels like wasted :/

  138. rushed for the isu-152

  139. It’s an E100. HEAT is standard ammunition.

  140. When I started, I went to the tiger as well. Made it to the PZ.IV, then
    gave up and got the FB4202. Good decision I think.

  141. he’s a noob using HEAT.. don’t get me wrong I am a noob but a type 59 for
    for that wasn’t worth it. I would like to see him do that with only AP
    instead of HEAT

  142. I am an absolutely enemy of this “Heat as standard” mine. I play my E100
    with >80% AP ammo and I am good with this. I cannot understand why all
    players think, 235mm penn are not enoufg at T10.
    In my mind the “gold ammo” (I know, available for credits) should be
    replaced with legit *alternate* ammo, like the HESH ammo from british
    tanks, especially the mediums. But well…

  143. I have been a fan of (and still) Panzer General II and Blitzkrieg (as well
    as its variants, e.g. Kursk or Stalingrad)! I have many reference books and
    other materials on armored warfare. In family we have 6 officers (some
    retired) and many family friends are tankers (some of them have driven m48s
    and m60s)!!! I’m interested in defence industry and this game contributed a
    lot, e.g. sometimes by making grave mistakes on tank descriptions :)

  144. that was an awesome replay. not the best decision making but it was really

  145. how is the new pc holding up, do you wish you had upgraded sooner?

  146. inb4 “heat spammer!”

  147. Tell me again how you’re supposed to toggle ammo types with a ~16 second

    Saving your HEAT for the things that need it is a great idea in theory, but
    what happens when an enemy E100 shows up and you had that AP round loaded?
    You’re screwed, that’s what.

  148. 334 mm shell?????? That’s a very big gun lol

  149. The AMX 50B, because I loved the autoloaders! I’m grinding for the STB-1
    now, seems like a fun tank to play ^_^

  150. Inca un roman care castiga in competitia de 300k. Sunt mandru 😀 GG Adrian

    Another romanian who won in 300k competition. I’m proud!

  151. I always liked guns and big things with cannons, land vehicles anyway.
    Didn’t care much for the Tiger, just liked the aspect of being in a heavily
    armored vehicle with a giant cannon hashing it out with others, taking
    punishment and kicking ass. Getting into it, I knew very little about
    tanks, other than, heavily armored (mostly), big guns, absolutely no gas
    mileage whatsoever, and could go over most terrains.

    After nearly 10k games (on the Xbox), my playstyle was more suited to
    mediums, or at least I used them better.

  152. Oh God yes… The tiger hype was real for me. Still love playing it.

  153. My first tier X tank is E-100 or i like to call it HD-100. I just love it!

  154. With 51k battles…. I would expect him owning a Type 59

  155. Not epic replay… I see better from u QB ….


  157. Well now we all know how to win QB’s 300k subscriber contest. Spam HEAT and
    get very lucky. I’m really disappointed in you QB, your videos are usually
    so high quality, but these 300k winners didn’t really do anything special
    or interesting to win.

  158. Tiger I because my friend was showing me WoT by playing Tiger I

  159. i thought he was doing pretty good work with his turret angling but what do
    i know.

  160. I thinked that winning replay will be hymm… More skilful

  161. I played the German heavys just to get a tiger as I had seen a lot about
    them in documentary’s but when I got to play the tiger I was very
    disappointed to say the lest.

  162. I’m about to buy the e 100 as my first tier 10 tank i need 6 million
    credits so for me it will take a while.

  163. lol-i found myself turning my mouse arround to help him with Leopard :-)

  164. pay to win :P

  165. good game but not the best player :/

  166. Actually my biologie teacher told me to get the t49(t67 now) and so this
    was like my dream tank cause i really respected him as he is a very good

  167. that was an epic, gotta say but it was obvious whos gonna win because
    Adrian knows how to play E100 while the enemy E100 doesnt even carry HEAT,
    a problem I hate the most when players dont fire gold to secure a win

  168. I had full elite German tech tree first. Then I started researching other
    tech trees. I simply love the German engineering 😀

    and yes, E-100 was my first tier X as well even though I wanted Maus
    first :D

  169. The Tiger was indeed the first tank I went for when I started playing the
    game. As such, the E100 was my first tier 10. I ended up selling it because
    the 12.8 cm is the better gun, which the Maus uses. I figured the Maus has
    more health and armor, so that’s what I’m going after right now, since I’ve
    since gotten three other tier 10s since the E100. I figure it’s time to get
    back into the German heavies

  170. I have a great knowledge of tanks before playing wot. But i did not get to
    the tiger first, the IS was more attracting to me so, the first tier 10 i
    unlocked was the is 7

  171. My first line was the Hellcat line and im from EU

  172. I really wanted to get the hellcat, and i did so fairly quickly, i kept it
    for a long time, but i found myself prefering the non-turreted TD’s so much
    that after it got a mobilitiy nerf, i went ahead and sold it. i knew a
    little bit about world war 2 armor, but now i know so much more.

  173. With this gun on the WT 4 i once got 11 crits and 1050 damage on an RU-251,
    and one-shotted a Centurion 7/1 by shooting HE into the side and causing a
    fire (1100+620)

  174. I’m sorry but I seriously feel that was easy, firing HEAT and the last
    E-100 on their team was absolute derp if that was me the game would’ve been
    over. Just my opinion, great game otherwise.

  175. i wanted the tiger

  176. I rarely commentate any videos, but in this case i do make an exception.
    This game should not be supposed to win a price in the replay competition.
    The gold spam was hilarious and some shots really should not have
    hit/penetrated. In my opinion the wn8 describes this players abilities
    perfectly. That is especially true in this case. Against the enemy E100 in
    the final fight he missed a lot of shots and played far from acceptable
    even for a player of his caliber. Yes I know you had a stressful fight and
    may miss a shot but he missed several opportunities to damage his opponent
    and placed one HE shell on the worst possible place. Plus he zoomed way too
    far in.

    I really feel QBs rates and commentates all the replay exceptionally well
    but in this case i have to disagree.

  177. supporting such dumb premium ammo shooters makes me sick. whats the point
    in showing this video if u dont like his full heat play dont show it. on
    top of it u select it as a top prise winner :/ shit

  178. Next contest imma play Object 140 or T110E5 full premium or grind some
    balanced arty line instead of wasting time trying to be the different
    hipster playing 113s and E50Ms trying to get awsome games, oh well…

  179. what a shitter

  180. But what happened to the 183?

  181. I actually played world of tanks for the M26 Pershing

  182. The Tiger 1 and the IS3 for me, but this game still educated me in some of
    the aspect of armour warfare. The reason for that is I done military
    service in Italy with the Italian Air Force.

  183. The AMX 50 B was my first tank I ever wanted, thus the AMX 50 B is my very
    first tier 10 vehicle I own out of several. Even though it my original it
    is nothing short of absolutely fantastic and always a pleasure to play in.

  184. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    I also rushed for the Tiger…

  185. What a couple of donkeys at the end…

  186. That Leopard was definitely drunk.

  187. Went for the IS as my main tank, cause in soviet ww2 russia, you kick
    tigers butt

  188. I carry 15 HE, 15 Heat and 20 AP in my E100. I almost always load an HE
    first because i ten to see fast light armor tanks first. I have sent many a
    light tank back to the garage in 1 shot in the opening moments and you can
    get a hull down IS-7’s attention pretty quick.

  189. I new a lot about Tanks and ww2 so I went straight for the Porsche Tiger
    (Tiger P) cause of the 200mm of frontal armor.

  190. only gold spamming tomato with super lucky RNG …

  191. low-skilled goldspammer was lucky this time.
    that’s all

  192. To quote Jingles; that one versus one at the end was “like two old people
    having sex”….

  193. I first went up the Chinese heavy line when I first started and I was a
    little disappointed in the 113.

  194. Whilst I agree with QB that this was still a great game, and did require a
    fair amount of skill to pull off, I don’t think he should give a top prize
    to player who only fires HEAT, as it’s unfair on those who cant afford
    premium ammunition. I think he should still make a normal video on a replay
    like this but I don’t feel it deserves a prize.

  195. leopard 1 obvious padder lmao

  196. I went the all of the tiger

  197. another gold exclusive round in this competition … that leopard really
    screwed it up for his team …

  198. E-100 replay… hmmm I wonder if he’s a gold spammer (haven’t watched yet).

  199. His stats ???

  200. and ive got it

  201. Kirito Kun [Kazuto Kirigaya]

    gg dude. have fun with your type -.- D:

  202. Heat for leopard omg nooob

  203. Dislike, fuck a player that loads ONLY gold! EVEN VS A LEO!! Fuck…

  204. I love the tiger2

  205. centurion mk 7/1

  206. The very first tank I wanted to get was the Churchill mk 7 back then and
    achieved it and disappointed at the same time. :v

  207. is he dutch?
    its a dutch name tho

  208. The best way to play this game seems to be covering the enemies in gold.

  209. Ye, ye, perfect example of what you need to do in E100- shoot Prem Ammo and
    aim slightly towards the target…Dont see anything spectacular in this

  210. Cronester & Xinia Gaming

    I was interested in the game, not so much in any specific tank. After
    playing and watching video’s I wanted the Bat Chat. Later, after driving
    the KV-1 I wanted the IS-7, which I actually have now. Then I noticed that
    the T-54 gives opening to 2 tier 10 tanks. So the T-54 was the next goal.
    At some point I really started to like the t-44 and later the T-54. Mediums
    it is for me at the moment. I almost unlocked the Obj.140, I already have
    the T-62A.

    I must say, since I drove the SU-152 with the derp gun, I really like that
    tank as well.

    Opposed to you, I really do not like the comet at all. ;)

  211. Nothing wrong with spammin HEAT in E100…..all ppl with some brain do
    that. Loading HE for that WTE was a good choice and that angling especially
    towards the end was superb. But what really bothers me, is that he tried to
    cap cause he had some mission activated instead of trying to help his team
    win with a fight. Also the shots at the end were the most retarded ones
    i’ve ever seen….. I mean HEAT and HE into the tracks? Or hitting that
    wreck and not the tank?……

  212. Well, like many others in this comment section I can’t help but be a little
    bitter that a lot of the top contestants in this competition have been big
    great dirty goldspammers, and I agree that awarding them for just doing
    that (let’s be honest, Adrian’s shooting was moderate at best in this game).

    Then again! This was just a contest of doing the most damage, which these
    players have achieved. Can’t blame QB for running the contest according to
    his own rules after all. So I’ll sulk like the rest, but at least QB hasn’t
    technically done anything wrong **nod**

  213. QB has allergy to Top Gun medal. He always skips the Top Gun, like it never

  214. nice match but YÖK what a gold bot spammer L2P whitout Heat Yök what a noob
    but still nice played

  215. The amount of gold ammo fired in this replay is too damn high, immediately
    makes me feel like this one deserves it less than someone who would use
    waaaay less HEAT / APCR

  216. The Anonymous Patriot

    Here’s My feeling on Premium ammo…
    (thank God people are getting into calling it Prem now instead of Gold.. ya
    ya ya I know… hold outs)
    I look at it this way:
    1#- If a player wants to use Prem rounds, can afford the creds, then fine
    let him. If you cry because he killed you with Prem rounds… well gee its
    a good thing Kleenex is that hidden 4th Consumable slot.
    2#- I tell all the guys in My Clan to pack Prem rounds but don’t grow
    dependent on them. Mix their use and know when to use them.
    3#- In Strongholds/Skirmishes/Clan Wars people are gonna spam Prem like its
    going out of style. (at least on NA server)
    Do I like it when people spam Prem rounds all the time? Nah not at all *but
    it IS part of the game*
    Sometimes I will spam gold at someone on purpose ESPECIALLY if they make an
    ass of themselves in battle chat crying about Prem rounds.
    Get it over it
    Get over yourself.

  217. I had always been interested in armored vehicles & warfare overall, played
    tons of video war games since the early 2000’s. Seeing WoT trailers for the
    first time and then getting into the beta was great.

  218. i want the tiger first to

  219. I went to the jagd panzer E100

  220. Honeslty, they should have just load gold and rape his turret.

  221. when you entered the game 2011 did you used so many golds?

  222. I could season my food with all the salt in the comments section. Seriously
    though adrian, nicely done man, screw the haters!

  223. I am still a nub and went towards the Tiger 1. and then I found out its not
    very gucci.

  224. I was very knowledgeable about WW2 in its entirety

  225. Well, the funny thing is that ever since I was like 3-5 years old I playing
    or even talking about tanks. I’m 14 now and I can bore sooooooooo many
    teachers, it’s funny 😀
    I started play WoT in 2012 when my brother found a tank game for me to play
    and I never have stopped playing :D. 26 accounts, Over £550 spent on it :D.

    God I’m sad…………

  226. I think that competition would have been more fair and really rewarding,
    when it only has allowed replays without any gold ammunition or just very
    few and then correctly used.
    And it should reward people for showing skills not everyone has. Like great
    map awareness, quick thinking and reacting and perfect angeling of the own
    tank, knowing its strength and weaknesses completely.
    Not something like that winning cancer spamming at
    standing still-heavies, something 80% of us could have done too in his
    situation, that’s just awful.
    I would find a single hitting shot on a full speed ELC AMX at the other end
    of the map more worthy of winning than the entire replay of that gold
    spamming sky cancer.

  227. It’s amazing. Gold spamming is so hard! It’s not like he couldn’t have hit
    the last e-100’s weak spot with AP. I am tired of playing with people who
    don’t have a clue about other tank’s weak spots.

  228. 3k dmg with heat rounds is not that difficult >.>

  229. I really wanted to go to the tiger, I thought it would have amazing armor
    and a gun that would one shot everything.
    I quicky figured out it was just a game and it would be a bit unfair if
    tigers could do that :P

  230. A wild gold spammer appears

  231. well now he can grind all his HEAT money with type 59

  232. e100 looks so mobile for the massive tank and gun.

  233. Mika Moorman (SiNrY Electrix)

    I wanted to go to the hellcat i got it now and it is my favorite ?

  234. No respect for that player : full gold ? Yep you loose all your skills with
    that, before the last fight (vk B and E100) used HEAT ammo was so

  235. Just looking at the gameplay and not looking at the stats of this player.
    He hasn’t fired a SINGLE round of AP, he fires his HEAT and HE rounds into
    spaced armors, he autoaims at fast tanks trying to circle him, did i
    mention the HEAT firing? When he got circled AP would have been 100 times
    better, although it was at a short range AP travels much faster and would
    have guaranteed the kills on the amx and the leo. In the 1v2 at the end i
    would have done the same with firing gold but shooting HE at the spaced
    armor, that just made me cry.
    Most of this gameplay was pure luck and this replay should not have won
    this price in my opninion.

  236. I have great game on JT 8.8 6227 DMG

  237. negative for this vid. sorry. im sure u cud of found a better replay than
    this. typical E100 player spamming gold. i no many players that use normal
    ap and do jus as good. yes it was high damage bt hate gold spamming E100s
    coz they cant be bothered to look for weak spots

  238. This game is the perfect showcase of why WG seriously need to remove those
    retarded HEAT rounds and only give the E100 AP and HE. Buff the AP rounds
    to 250mm pen, just like the IS-7 has, and all is good. I never fire HEAT in
    my E100 unless I absolutely have to or if tomatos, just like this player
    here to be honest, spam them at me. This is coming from a 2600+ WN8 player,
    just if you seriously need to know.
    I’m sorry, this was just a disgusting game to watch in terms of skill. The
    sheer amount of blatant mistakes he’s made was cringe-worthy, even though
    some choices like using HE on the WT were good calls. It was overall
    enjoyable because “lol, alpha” and watching another retard E100 bounce all
    his AP on him, and sure, that guy needed that luck to even get those
    retarded teams, but a Type 59 as a reward for a round of full gold spam?
    Well, QB, if you think he deserves a Type 59 for that, then you think he
    deserves it and I congratulate his luck. Not his skill, however.

  239. this was a really frustrating game to watch….

  240. The last fight was just PAIN… so much PAIN….

  241. Tiger definetally

  242. gold nobs :)

  243. I wanted to play the first time in 2011 but i have got a mac so while
    wargaming didn’t put the mac version in 2014 I coulden’t play but my first
    tank was the IS-7

  244. there was nothing spectacular about this game….a case of bad enemies, not
    much better allies, and lots of HEAT….

  245. Well, not much skills but great game overall!

  246. bravo Adrian! sunt foarte mandru ca un roman a ajuns viral pe internet, si
    mai ales pe un canal atat de popular si de vizualizat. te rog sa ne faci
    mandri in continuare, asta pana ajung si yo la nivelul 9 sau 10 de la WOT.
    iar de acolo o sa preiau eu stafeta. Multan bafta si HAI ROMANIA

  247. When we will see the 14/15 kill battle played by a E-50/E-50m?

  248. i have much more respect for that enemy e100 who didn’t switch to gold like
    a little bitch. He lost a battle but kept his honor.

  249. Textbook example of pay to win in that E-100 duel

  250. Mads Fogh-Ravenberg

    I most wandet IS-7


  252. I knew alot about Russian tanks and German tanks, but not the rest of the
    armored vehicles in wot

  253. I had no clue about WW2 tanks before I started playing the game, I didn’t
    even know the names of the famous tanks like T34, Tiger or Sherman… I was
    not really intrested in WW2 at all… But the game changed everything for
    me, WW2 quickly became the most intresting time in history, I learned a lot
    about all these tanks, after so many games I now know a lot about tanks of
    that time and I know every tank in the game…

  254. I wanted the tiger too :D

  255. Lucky, not skilled. 70% of those HEAT shells were not needed

  256. This guy is just retarded. No place in this contest.

  257. you always say the e100 has the most alpha damage… but what about the vk
    72 O1 k?

  258. I love the E Tank family

  259. If you don’t fire heat in a E100 you are a liability to your team unless
    you have extremely good skills and rnjesus on your side.

  260. God I love everyone who cries about “gold” ammo. I fire even more of it
    just to piss people off, their tears are delicious. “No skill, loser, noob”
    yum yum yum yum, tastes so good. Bottom line is firing more “gold” ammo
    gets the job done faster and more efficiently if you use it right, and
    that’s all that I need.

  261. Fv 215B 183!

  262. my first tier ten tank was E-50 ausf.m

  263. Fu tomato vs tamato

  264. I did not have any experience on tanks when I started playing world of
    tanks, and I went on the british heavy tank line, and it did not go well.
    I was a second worst colour player according to XVM and got stuck on the
    I didn’t play the british heavies for 7,000 battles and now I finally
    unlocked conqueror a few weeks ago. I have 2 marks on it and love it. I now
    have 1640 WN8 and 19k games.

  265. I’m happy that you highlite the fact that he spammed wait to much HEAT at
    those tanks :)

  266. i firstly wanted t62a and then the is7

  267. Of course my firt tank was the Tiger, this was the tank i was interested

  268. Why does it matter if AP could have penetrated? Wouldn’t that end him in
    exact same result if even if he had used HEAT only when AP wasn’t enough?

  269. Just started playing 2 days before the official release, so there only were
    the Maus, IS-7 and T30 at tier 10. After release I went for the T30 because
    of … well … 750 alpha dmg which was something special back in the days
    However as I unlocked the T34, I was like “WTF is this, everyone can pen
    me! I’m a T9 tank wtf!”. So I decided to start all over with the russian
    line. So my first T9 was the T34 but my first T10 the IS-7 =)
    Btw that made me think about the old IS-4 again. Still in love with it <3

  270. This is Wot for you play high tiers where there are skiled players and BAM
    there s 2/3 of this kind of players .Spam full premium and its called
    skilled player GG WP

  271. Skill!


  272. no i actually didnt want to get the tigre i wanted to know the british line

  273. oh how many type type 59s to give away? 1 more?

  274. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    With 20 HEAT shells it’s not strange to see he has done 11k damage…

  275. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    QB does the cam associate with your voice?

  276. 46% winrate ?

  277. I saw WoT in an ad, saw “MMO RPG tank game” and though: I might as well try
    it, as it is free

    The game was a tad bit different from what I expected and I didn’t know
    anything about tanks nor about the game. World of Tanks became my main
    source of tank info, until I went deeper into the interwebs to search more
    about the tanks. That’s when I found the Tiger, didn’t really think too
    much of it, but I did see why it was feared by the Allies. The line of
    tanks, which I went down the first, was the Russians, because the IS-7 had
    a 130mm gun and I thought that was amazing. When I played the game further
    along the line up until the T-28, I figured out, that I want a tank with
    great armour and that’s when I found the Maus. The Maus, German SPG and TD
    lines were the ones I went down from that point on.

  278. lucifer cerverus krianka

    All the dislikes are from folks whom cant pen the mighty e100

  279. Qb i think u should start a series like a road to glory, where u grind
    tanks etc..
    It would be nice

  280. Just lucky the enemy were worse than him

  281. In my case I knew most of the tanks from Panzer Phase II strategy
    videogame. And just before start playing I had finished Girls und Panzer
    and in the comments some people were speaking about World of Tanks. So I
    gave it a try. My first objective was the Sherman btw ^^

  282. Hey quickybaby what do you use to record? I keep trying to record with a
    face cam but the only software I could find were Camtasia and OBS and OBS
    does t look very good during playbacks :(

  283. A case of a player who has very modest stats, but has a tank he has a very
    good feel for!

    Them marks :D

  284. eppuh hämäläinen

    Damn im early
    i guess

  285. hi qb plox relpy :D

  286. I am allergic for only premium shooters, hate ‘m. Not more than 4 or 5
    shots when you’re in really deep shit.

  287. Notice me senpai

  288. 50th xD i come early

  289. iupi QB :D

  290. first comment.but not first view?

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