World of Tanks – Get Some!

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Light with lousy stealth on a city map where there's no concealment anyway? Challenge accepted!

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  1. Morning Mighty Jangles. GET SOME GET SOME!

  2. That Leo gave up on life after Dave went out of sight xD

  3. how many times did the gold ammo come back and bite his arse….

  4. I always love Jingles replays. Most of the time they’re fun, interesting, and intense battles instead of the most damage or kills ever (mostly). Battles where someone sits in one position and gets to farm all game shooting ducks isn’t all that fun to watch, no matter the score at the end.

  5. They should really implement this:
    Whenever achieving fx. Pools, your rearm and repaircost would be nulified,
    That would make that achievement special.

    However, I do NOT work at the WG company. 😀

  6. The HE nurff was the straw that broke the cammels back for me. I dont play WoT any more.

    • Reality Dysfunction


    • Quit way before that around 2018. Was always constantly playing CW nonstop and trying to maintain my unicum status. Plus the game was getting less and less fun.
      Trying to maintain an unicum status is no easy task. Basically burnt me out. What at least made me have fun was the tanks like the FV215b 183, KV-2 (152), O-I (15cm) and the rest of the Japanese heavies with the 15CM cannon. But I would have fun slamming HE into my enemies and watching them take full damage when the HE rounds do full damage.

  7. after watching a couple of your vids decided to play WoT aussie server what can I ,other than don’t bother ping is over 800 6X WoWs asia ping and anything up to 5 mins to enter battle

  8. I like the name Archie Leet. It’s probably a play on Archie Leech – better known by his stage name, Cary Grant.

  9. LTs lose penetration much more than other tanks. HEAT is a lot more effective in long ranges.

  10. Thanks for the tanks, Bert time soon???

  11. Ahhh i miss the M41 Walker Bulldog with the 10 round autoloader

    • dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

      we have that on Console called T41E1 Bulldog and a Tier 8 Premium at popular request. They should just add it back to TT since it moved up a tier anyway.

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    At 7:45

    That Leo got is turret jammed by that T20

  13. No! Not the KV-2! Stalin looks up from the Icy Depths of Hell and weeps!

  14. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    World of Tanks economy…. i know he fired too many premium shots…but with those results and 160 k + loss…with premium account on top of that. Yeah, it is stupid.

  15. 2k base XP is nuts, this was an insane game.

    Also heat doesn’t have penetration falloff, but slower velocity so either ammo can work at range, you just choose based on what you need at the time.

  16. First time in five years played this game..
    At t7 it was actually kind of fun… until the imaginary T9 bullshit tanks showed up.

  17. Ben and Dad Mechanical

    Well that thumbnail was awesome

  18. The way the aiming reticle jumped a couple of times from one weakpoint to another(especially seen at the KV2) makes the game and the player suspicious!

  19. God damn rookie kv2 players….

  20. Tanks go bewm.

  21. Amazing result, you really should get a cash reward for the medals…

  22. Prem ammo eco is even worse than a bad game in a super ship in WoWs.

  23. This is the problem why people don’t play this game it’s almost impossible to do well and make money even with a premium account you can still lose money playing a match and nobody likes losing money especially since it’s suppose to be a GAME.

  24. Well played my dude! I was rooting for you when you had 9kills and was wondering…. potential pool’s medal?

  25. daaaam

  26. The T-71 was my first tier 7 tank, and I loved it. Then I got the T-69 and the T54E1, and I hated life.

    • The T69 and T54E1 were rough to start with but once you got them upgraded they were fun to play. Need a good group so that you can be a support tank, let a heavy take a shot then pop out and unload your clip then retreat to reload, rinse and repeat. Worked like magic for me. Anytime you try to use them as main battle medium tanks is when things get bad. Got to find out the niche and work with it. Then once you get the T57 heavy then the real fun begins!

  27. World of tanks is unique among games I played by having to pay for a good match. A lot. You never earn credits (or near never) when you have fun. And you dont need to have fun to lose lots of credits on game. And you dont have that much fun in such matches too. It always seemed to me that WG not only wants you to spend time in their game (which is understandable for free to play game, or any multiplayer really), but they want to force you into vehicles you dont want to play (low tiers, gold tanks). And even if you do pay them you still need to suffer. Wonder why this joke of a game is more than 10 years old and still have some weird people playing (tho I imagine that they know each other names quite well due to playerbase dropping)

  28. Awesome. That was really impressive.

  29. Christopher Johnson

    Excellent game Archie. Well done!

  30. I look back to how bad things were when I bailed out of this garbage heap of a game years ago, and I have yet to be proven wrong

  31. revert the HE nerfs.. on Derp guns.. bring balance back..

  32. ANerdForAllSeasons

    >-163k credits


  33. “Hot surprise butt sex”

    That snapped me back to attention when I was playing Space Engineers

  34. It all started when archie duke killed that bloody ostrich

  35. That was amazing.

  36. I like turtles.

  37. Advocatus Diaboli

    Was this an episode of “Carry The Stupids”?

  38. आदित्यAditya मेहेंदळेMehendale #BringBackDislikes

    Yeah, what used to be the “hand of Stalin” is now the crate od cola and other premium-aided perks that can be loaded. The ammo “magically” hits targets that it ought not to. 10 kills is amazing and all, but stinks of “pay to win”. The amount of “win” is not proportionate to the amount of “skill”.

  39. I used to love playing my T71 DA. Such a vicious little tank.

  40. I had so many fun games in my T71 back when it had 175 pen on it’s APCR and was the equivalent of a tier 8 for matchmaking. There was one game in particular where I ran rings around a JagdTiger in the city part of Siegfried Line. A different YouTube person made a video of it for his channel.

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