World of Tanks|| ‘Ghost’ Shells seen in Himmelsdorf Slo Mo

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks|| ‘Ghost’ Shells seen in Himmelsdorf

Take a peak at a cost me 2 Kills, nothing to amazing but interesting to see a shell pass straight through a tank at slow mo
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    months, since update 9.10, it happened for something like 10 times, i used
    to blame wg, cause most of times that my shell passed trough the enemy
    tannk, without damage, it used to be a premium tank, and i thought that wg
    was favourising premium players…. but you allways have premium account…
    so, i guess that is not the reality….. even a few days ago, i was with my
    kv-2, he shells loaded, i sniped a lowe from about 300m, right in the
    center, shell passed trough it and i got a thet was close on the other side
    of the lowe….. i dont have the program that you use, and where you can
    see the shell, but i was zoomed in, and i could see the line….

  2. Johan Marais (NaughtyLemon)


  3. haha some things never change. That is rng saying you didn’t hit that fcker
    when u did. Who the hell still plays this ghost shell RNG heavy unbalanced
    bs game ?

  4. R0SEFALL also uses that opening so I got really confused.

  5. I get this fairly frequently but I’ve always put it down to the fact that I
    live in Australia and play on the NA server where my ping is about 200-250
    so the enemy tank isn’t really quite where I see it on my screen. But you
    live in the UK and presumably have a good ping on the EU server so this is
    odd. It’s always fun when it happens and then the red player doesn’t miss

  6. this shi… is happening more and more especially when you need to kill
    someone in some critical moment

  7. Anthony Van Risseghem

    Wargaming response when I sent them stuff “game working as intended” or it
    must of been your machine not showing the true path of bullet. One of the
    reason why I quit world of tanks.

  8. Reassuring to know that other people encounter stuff like this too.
    Although ghost shells seem to be more common in Armored Warfare(more
    understandable since it is still in beta) for me than in WoT.

  9. Pretty sure most of my shells do this.

  10. I know that you believe what you think you saw, but I am not sure that you
    realize that what you saw is not what happened. I have a BS, MS and a PhD.
    in WoT. (Bull Sh*t, More of the Same, Piled Higher and Deeper)

  11. I be seeing this bug in WoWS. It’s outrageous when it happens. Especially
    when it was a killing shot. Almost quit wot because of it. Keep up the good
    work sir havok.

  12. Sadly you/we aren’t playing on RU-Servers or post in the russian forum, so
    devs won’t care about what we say/would like to see.

  13. I’ve had this same issue happen to me too, Sir Havoc. Luckily, the “ghost
    shell” shots have never occured when it was truly critical or a game
    deciding moment, but it’s still rather annoying when it happens. Thankfully
    it only seems to be a random glitch and not a bug that can be easily
    exploited by a nonintegral player…

  14. can i have your mode plz

  15. great intro mate!

  16. Those must be hax…Just joking 🙂 Great video as always mate!


  18. So frustrating when this happens at a pivotal moment in the match. Gj Havoc
    keep up the good work mate. Peace from wot-uni2.

  19. +Sir Havoc seriously nobody cares.. that’s why wot is dying and players are
    pissing on that pile of shit game and his braindead dev/administrative team

  20. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Can you tell me how to do that nice camera thing (paused the game and sawed
    us where the shell gone)?

  21. i’m starting to think this is some sort of hack

  22. “I want that OP O-I” XD. Soon glad I made that gif ; 3. More are coming

  23. All Soviet tanks are equipped with some amount of Stalinium armor. Another
    little known fact is that the USSR stole the U.S. Star Wars program and
    placed it in all Russian tanks, neutralizing any potential damage a hostile
    shell may cause. Both of these are viable reasons as to why your shell did
    not cause any damage.

  24. scantrontheimmortal

    ghost shells have cost me a game a few times,its frustrating not knowing
    when it comes down to a crucial moment weather or not the shells you fire
    will even register as anything at all(hit/bounce)

  25. in one ear , out the other, just standard biology proving tanks are

  26. lol i think it was a Jingles replay these 2 team mate heavy tire 8s were vs
    2 heavys in front of them.. the allied heavy pulls up shoots backs up
    Behind his allied heavy. the allied heavy now in front aims forward shoots
    fully aimed at the tank in fron (the enemy) and then the system chat said
    that was one of ours.. as he killed the tank behind him (His allie)
    lol…….everyone was like how in the heck did the shell go backwards lols

  27. Sven Croon (MacSvensson)

    been seeing these ghosts shells more often lately, too. Very frustrating. i
    always thought it was on account of a mismatching in enemy positioning
    between server and my client. But that would be really stupid, wouldn’t it.
    You could call it “The Cloak of Lag” :-)

  28. They have “fixed” the ghost shells problem, but some patch ago they changed
    the server engine to introduce new game modes and contents, and the problem
    suddenly re-appeared. It seems to be related to some synchronization
    problem between different parts of the main program that runs in the
    server, a part says “hit” but the other says “no” and usually this one wins
    and we can see those ghost shells.

  29. Wow! Nice intro! Unfortunately ghost shells aren’t new in WoT. QB did a
    similar vid on it a while back. Hopefully with enough contributors making
    enough fuss about it WG will remove it. It’s a common game mechanic to
    balance a player’s winrate

  30. I had a LOT of ghost shells in one particular battle the other day, watched
    3 shells in a row pass straight though a slow moving tank from around

  31. thats happen to me more than three times on xbox

  32. this happens to me to pfff

  33. TheKingCobra78 [_RA_]

    Are these “ghost shells” basically when you get a small bit of ping and/or
    packet loss and you see the shot go somewhere different to it’s actual
    location on the server?

  34. Not a ghost shell, ghost tank powerup

  35. I have lost track of the amount of ghost shots I have delivered. But it is
    good to see it in SloMo thanks.

    Do you think that WG will sit up and take notice at some stage. That is,
    fix what is broken before introducing new content as I don’t think it as
    always been this bad.

  36. Was it the fact that you hit the MG port, maybe, which caused the shell to
    go right through the turret?

  37. What mod did you use to detach from the fixed camera like that?

  38. i also have them latly

  39. ghosts….spooky. proof that the game is fixed some games

  40. ive been having a good number of these ‘Ghost’ shells myself as of

  41. I’ve been getting a lot of ghost shells in the more recent patches
    unfortunately :/

  42. i cant get over the intro, its orgasmic.

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