World of Tanks – Giantkiller

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In which takes the premium tier 6 into a street fight with tier 9 heavies, and wins. The crazy Dutch bastard.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. prem spam :/

  2. Is this the most damage done with a Type 64 ?

  3. As much as I like these amusing and good replays, i’d personally like to
    see more of the average games where advice can be given on how to do

  4. Thanks Jingles, both those vids were great :)

  5. Jouko Pentikäinen

    dirty kill stealing french bastard? Circon got the kill and he is dutch.
    Classic Jingles

  6. That match making though, oh boy. I know we give the MM crap still but it’s
    had it’ sup sand downs.

  7. y’all got any more of them circon replays?

  8. APCR in the back of tanks ?? Not a good replay.

  9. I feel like you would be an awsome radio broadcaster

  10. Hey now. I got a scout medal *and* patrol duty medal in my KV 1. On
    Malinovka. Though I do work at shoring up the weakpoints of tanks that I

  11. This game was a fucking riot to watch live on his stream!!!

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I wish I can be good as circonflexes but even though it’s hard for me to
    follow his guidance but I will one day be good as him <3

  13. unfair plane he kemp bush

  14. spiralwhirlpool2366

    If I’m as OP as circonflexes in blitz, I’d scratch that off my wish-list

  15. Circon is Dutch??

  16. 6:05 Jingles less than a minute later the frog actually does steal a kill
    from God-Emperor Circon, no need to blame him for when he is innocent.

  17. Lovely match again! It’s great when your team is competent enough to hang
    on and not die but not do too much damage giving you time to work 🙂

    It’s a fine balance but when it happens the matches become awesome for good

  18. So he spoted that MT-25 as soon he crossed that road on very limit of his
    view range!?
    I call for CHEATER!!!

  19. Suggest Circon to platoon with an M3Lee in a tier 10 game

  20. circons is idiot

  21. Join us next week to see circonpapi play the type 64 as an Artillery!

  22. Can someone link me the video of him on Karelia with the Waffenträger ausf
    E100, for scientific purposes of course ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. The Dankest Ron Paul

    “radio crack” uhh actually Jingles the French tank did not steal the IS-3
    kill. Circonflexesgot the kill.

  24. Sta-2? I thought he teamed up with AMX 50 100

  25. whats next? artillery steel wall? :D

  26. It’s amazing that he still lost 8K credits after a match performance like

  27. it’s unbelievable that such a skillful players specialy circon carrying(not
    really ma carry) a match yet it gets dislikes? is it the video
    presentation? or the play circon did that some disliked?

  28. Have you seen World Of Tanks Blitz, we have camping heavys at spawn, anime
    tanks every where, light tanks as heavy tanks, every battle has a is3
    Defender… just to name a few.

  29. “Dirty killstealing french bastard” right as Circon kills the IS3 ;)

  30. Jingles you must have missed something, heavys always kemp bush.

  31. Who wants to Join My Tea Party?

  32. Circon has the live version up on his channel too. Worth watching it just
    for his maniacal laughter all the way through it.lmao

  33. i nearly got scout in a churchill 1. needed to spot one more :(

  34. ehhhh wrong, he did load HE in his wt auf e100, but not on karelia, but
    ruinberg. tsk tsk tsk

  35. He did something as epic on yesterday’s livestream in the WZ 131 … with
    an epic last kill on a scumbag while having his tank in the air. “The
    beard” is not done yet 3 marking all his chinese light tankus

  36. Circon does the Dutch nation proud! Proud to be Dutch!

  37. i dont know what kind of charm or magic circon uses, if it was who me
    entered the city by 3 cms all the enemy guns including arty would be on me,
    ignoring all others on my team…

  38. Did I detect a lapse into a West Country accent there for a second? “Dirty
    kill-stealin’ French Bastard”

  39. Jingles,Only dutch guys play tanks like this.
    i am dutch and i got a steelwall medal in my m41 walkerbulldog, 4k scouting
    in my maus and best of all!
    TOP XP WITHOUT DOING ANY DMG!!! (or spotting) was ~700 base xp
    I got tracked 9 times by e100 in our team , he drove into me like a idiot (
    had 40% winrate,3k battles and a Wn8 i dont want to say)
    every time someone tracks you
    you get around 20xp…but he did Dmg ASWELL
    and it got up and up and up
    to ~700xp :p
    crazy isnt it?
    and i made some credits aswell :)))

  40. It’s 4am

    Ahhh hell who needs sleep
    Couldn’t sleep anyway


  42. That is the official proof: Dutch are evil :D

  43. unfair plane kemp bush

  44. Circon’s like: There arenot enough heavy tanks!!!

  45. 35 ms ping ? 200 better than mine right now

  46. Community: Light tanks are useless nowadays Wargaming!
    Circon: Hold my beer

  47. The Bathrobe Gamer

    Jingles, I have a few questions for you about War Thunder. So I found out
    about your channel when you played war thunder, and I loved that, you
    taught me a lot about the game and improved my skill in general, and I find
    it a shame that you do not play it or at least just post vids about it. I
    know why you gave up on WT, because of all the problems with Gaijin, but
    will you ever do any videos on War Thunder again? Even submitted replays?
    It would be great if you could answer, many people are asking the same

  48. I also remember this battle.

  49. Apparently a 6k damage carry in a KR isn’t enough to get noticed around
    here :(

  50. I legitimately froze in wonder and shock when I heard that Circon got a
    Scout medal in a KV-5…

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