World of Tanks || Glass Cannon!

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Source: QuickyBaby

– AMX CDC. Today we’re going to find out why the T8 French premium medium, the AMX CDC, is such a dangerous glass cannon!


World of Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. GLASS CANNON? Considering that tier 10 arty has less HP than tier 6 lights, your use of the term glass cannon is a bit distorted.

  2. Only at one point could i tell that MAYBE he used the apcr for its higher speed than AP rounds other than that hes obviously not marking the tank just yet so “stetpedding” it is ill assume

  3. CDC is literally shit now, i traded my shit with Chinese Td, I’m happy

  4. Gold ammo as standard is a form of cheating. Not something to be encouraged QB.

  5. Stopped watching when he shot APCR at an IS.

  6. why would you even aim when you can spamm your way out of trouble…

  7. I play the scorp for my credit grinding needs, don’t even carry gold roundd in it.

  8. QB showing players spamming gold rounds is breaking the game more.plz show skill replay not pay to win .

  9. It’s oddly selfish watching replays go up like this, gold spam or not, it’s hardly useful to teach someone how to excel their best in the over all game if one merely loads gold and relies on either their clan income or IRL pay to supplement their silver cost, as not every player can.
    Premium ammo is a bad mechanic I will agree and when you can afford it there is almost never a reason to not use it save for economy. But ignoring that keeps some people in the dirt and allows one to think They can’t get anywhere unless they gold spam.
    All things in moderation I suppose

  10. Love your channel QB but this player is one of the more cancerous elements of this game. There are better replays with better skill to feature than this ridiculous gold spam and smurfing for the soul purpose of stat padding.

  11. Comment version 1 , viewer or opposite side : What a gold spamming prick !!!
    Comment version 2 , AMX CDC owner or ”wish I have this guy in my team” : He is not using gold , he got slot nr. 2 ammo for credits , he can load only this type of ammo , I don`t mind , he is paying for it and as long as he is winning the battle I don`t care what type of ammo he`s firing . He`s losing credits , I got more xp for my shitty game and more credits .

  12. Akbar JH Walker#200

    I saw this replay on Lacho Replay ??

  13. oh boy there shoud really be a some limit to gold ammo in a tank 10% maybe (and ofc i know the will not do it because MONEYYYY….)

  14. He didn’t go AFK from disconnect, he deserted the battlefield out of protest against stat padders who shoot gold every shot rather than building a skill base.

  15. Stfu and let qb promote gold ammo he is paid by wg

  16. cdc in 2k18 meta. also that 5% tho

  17. Meds should never go to city on this map to camp and snipe. Leaving the entire medium flank open or outnumbered so the enemy meds can rush in and cap. Its their responsibility to go and protect/rush left. Not the slow heavies. 9/10 times i lose when i start at that side because meds cant go to their position. Hope this map gets removed or reworked.

  18. Disappointing replay.

  19. Singularity Raptor

    Nice Skillz

  20. Quickybaby what’s this guy doing on your account, only firing gold (95% not needed), no skill what so ever. Support those gold spammers? Why? It’s not fun to watch, it’s stupid. I’m sure you can find better amx CDC replays whit skills and a great result.

  21. Just a player with more money than brain cells.

  22. Only a cheating bastard would hide vehicle stats… Oh wait.

  23. The reason for the reduction to one server is the game is dying a quick death in NA. We used to get 25000 players on east and 10000 on west. Now we at lucky to get 20000 on the single server, usually 15000 or less. And the South American server only has 2 or 3000 at most

  24. I three marked this yesterday! 😀

  25. I got my CDC at the latest trade-in, against all advice. So far I’ve been loving this tank. Sure it’s big and has no armor but what else is new? I put improved gun rammer on it so my reload is 5.99 seconds without coffee and max out view range. I can easily recommend this tank to anyone with half a brain.

  26. Chasseur de Chars = Tankdestroyer/Panzerjäger = it should have the TD’s benefits! ;->

  27. Valentin Kovachev

    While this player is no doubt a advanced World Of Tanks player, spamming gold for no reason kindy grinds my gears… Oh and QB. How come this tank is a “Glass Cannon”, but the Leopard should be played as a “sniper” ?

  28. 8k damage and didn’t even break 200k earnings? Premiums don’t earn shit nowadays. I used to have 200k games regularly 5 years ago, but I never did 8k damage.

  29. If there is no gold Cannonball Then become NOOB

  30. Can we have some “non 5% replays” when the player actually use standard ammo and not gold ? I guess it is becoming rare

  31. Auto aim gold noob from my perspective

  32. Living on the east coast of the U.S. the ping for me hasn’t really changed. Most days it runs high 30’s to mid 40’s. There are the occasional days where it is in the 100’s. As far as the South American server, I think this is a good thing. In my experience, and I stress the “my experience”, more often than not when I take team damage or am just trolled by a team player, it is a South American player. So all in all, changing to one server in the U.S. didn’t really affect game play that much other than maybe a slightly longer queue wait time on the weekends.

  33. Socks in my pants lol QB.

  34. Shoots premium ammo to an afk tank -_- wp

  35. first prototype is faster

  36. Not disconnected, he left the game! Because when you disconnect your tank keeps going forward until it hits something!

  37. From my point of view is the CDC one of the best prem tanks in the game, but you know you are paper and dont forget the gun from France so sometimes it trolls you. 🙂

  38. Vilmantas Simpukas

    I got over 1k games in CDC and a 6 skills crew, past few years it’s unplayable.

  39. Because 212 mm of base pen is not enough at tier 8…..

  40. I stoped playing it completely! It needs a buff! It was my first T8 prem because there was no other French prem med

  41. Centralizing the east and west servers I think, was probably for the best, at least in so far as the western server was concerned. I live in the midwest of the US, so I had comparable connection rates to either server, but the eastern server had the most players(6k-8k), whereas the western server was usually stuck at around 2k-4k during the week. Those numbers usually double on the weekend. I think the Latam server is going to have a similar issue as the western server, although they will certainly have better pings now. For a weekday, the USC server has 8k-10k or so, and the Latam server around 2k-3k. I’m actually alittle jealous of the EU server, cuz I think I saw in one of your replays that it has or had a pop of 60k or so.

  42. fucking gold spammer
    this game IS pay2win
    you cant have good stats without golds

  43. WG should release a new perk: “Abusing credit card” for good stats…u know.The level of perk will increase with card use.Very impresive game …prem ammo win again

  44. Its not World of Tanks any more, its world of GOLD NOOOOOBS!!!

  45. Dank Stash Brews

    Filthy gold scub! lol

  46. FN Gold Sprayer. Gotta hate those noobs

  47. “socks in your pants” lol

  48. nevertheless nevertheless nevertheless nevertheless – features a gold spammer… just sad

  49. what a sad moron….

  50. The ClanAdventures

    So rather than shoot for a fire I’m going to detrack a afk tank with prem ammo. Now that was golden. Hope we don’t see many more games like this.

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