World of Tanks – Glorious

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Source: The Mighty

How to achieve glory in five simple steps.
1. Play a few hundred terrible matches.
2. Have a team that sucks donkey balls.
3. Have an enemy team that sucks donkey balls slightly more.
4. Git gud.
5. Git lucky.

How to achieve glory in two simple steps.
1. Play the .
2. Wait.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. InGlorious

  2. Why i play wot? I don’t. It’s like wg actively tries to kill the game off.

  3. Remember, everyone bitches about artillery, yet everyone on EU voted for this bastard french motherfucker to be released again so they could all go be scumbags

  4. The stug is utterly blind though lol

  5. Someone must have rammed them selves to death on on the StuG or appears to have been one of them games…

  6. The trouble with WoT is that the said liquid in the glass is poison and the afore mentioned quantity is irrelevant.
    But you know this coz you barely play it anymore and thus manage to avoid the need for an antidote – in fact the only ‘measure’ you should take is a good dose of pure uninstall.. Take two and call me in the morning.

  7. Had a good giggle through out the end-roll, but that final ending cracked me up completely.

  8. 10 hits, 10 kills.

    Russian tanks are balanced…

  9. good reason not to team kill campers. Team killings bad mk.

  10. It’s why I stopped playing WOW, WOWS and all the other f2p coop games. I can’t deal with morons, retards and idiots. I refuse to.

  11. what tank would you take with you to your desert island home?

  12. It’s that bloody Tank game again 🙂

  13. @The Mighty Jingles:
    I love the way you pronounce *_’Lafehvahfehfehfeh!’ :D_*

  14. your mic sounds differant

  15. Master Jingles, you are kicking ass you ornery sod (thanks)

  16. General Saufenberg

    the “flakbus” needs a siege mode.

  17. Stug 3, mastered the art of “doing absolutly nothing” to win games. Player has remained in his/her Zen stance throughout the whole match…

  18. Rumour has it, the Stug is still there to this day

  19. Silberzwiebel aka Feiges Huhn

    Stug is called RudyPL…PL….like most of them….permanent losers.

  20. I had a game in a KV-2 where I got 12 kills, and a Kolobanov Medal. That was a epic game. I have the video on YouTube as well.
    It was on WoTC though…

  21. That ending had me rolling!!

  22. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    Ah Jingles, you do make me laugh. Great game. One of the very few these days with the SHT1 matchmaking. I reacon I probably get a top tier advantage no more than 1 game in 10. It’s so frustrating i’ve kinda given up. Such a shame for a game that is so very good in many other ways 🙁

  23. Someone should do a Warspite WOWS intro for Jingles in the spirit of that TOG WOT intro

  24. A three mark KV2 is a beautiful sight to behold

  25. Question three marked using the 152 or three marked by using the 107

  26. Honestly, SPGs should be completely removed and scouts should have the ability to call in arty strikes like the ones in the Frontline mode. That would just make so much more sense…

  27. Whats better then getting up in Vacation and the first thing u see beside a cute msg form your GF is a KV2 replay by Jingles. Old men u dont know how your videos help me out. Keep it it up 😀

  28. Friedhelm Kurt Winter

    When Jingles uploads it’s usually “mehh”, nothing special, another Jingles video, but when I see..that thing..on a thumbnail… I know the video is gonna be terrific.

  29. Jingles: it’s usually called the ‘leaf blower’.

  30. Its now confirmed, what I believed to be true all this time; At these tiers, afk teammates are just generally better, than active teammates.
    That AFK stug was more useful, than most of the team.

  31. Simple man, KV-2, click, ect.

  32. “Why do we play World of Tanks”

    Well, I don’t anymore. Everyone else…I don’t know, maybe they enjoy punishment?

  33. Lmao this video made my day ???

  34. Stug out-played everyone.

  35. Kristian Aleksandrov

    Glorious KV-2!
    Your question got me thinking. Why do I keep playing WoT? At this point WoT is the online game I’ve invested a lot of money in. More than any other game. I still can’t make myself quit it and lose that investment (also I live in one of those countries where pumping money into video games rustles the jimmies of a lot of people). I’m on a break from WoT though – I found that World of Warships makes my rage and hate almost non-existent.

  36. IT is goood goood GOOD GOOD to be Alive!!!

  37. 0:00 I cant help but think that the T67 is on Methane straight from Trumps closet.

  38. the quintessential and greatest wot video ever – failing your way to victory on the backs of a better player.

  39. another never ending whining video about artillery……uggg!

  40. they have put a kv2 turret on to a IS2 chassis I think it was

  41. Tha Campin' Dutchman

    That ending is priceless. More plz. XD

  42. Loved the end

  43. ? actually jingles, that end bit was ?

  44. Norman Blankenship

    lol I had a similar match in my M40/M43 recently vs a Lorr 155/51 in which we nuked each by ramming after we both missed our kill shots, fortunately my team still had a death star that was alive. Good stuff Jingles!

  45. AFK Stug is op… please nerf!

  46. Great description to a great video with a bit of a head-scratching twist.

  47. I sold my lefefefefefe because I didn’t know how to play it and hated how slow it is. I think it was before light tanks became shit. Im sad.

  48. Think i seen the thumbnail before

  49. To be fair, I don’t think we can blame the Stug for being AFK. He was in the game at the beginning but I’m guessing that his internet cut out. It happens to me sometimes because I live in a small rural town. Players in cities get preferential internet matchmaking hehe

  50. I have a Lefh18B2. I’d feel more guilty about playing it if not for the fact that I earned it in an “On the Tracks” event for French Artillery.

    Do you know… what you sons of bitches in the Queue did to my sanity those two weeks? I went from a 54% win rate for the last 1k games to a paltry 35%. 3 out of 4 maps I got was either Himmelsdorf or bloody Ensk… and I was lucky if I had a team that wasn’t a Lemming train that comes to a screeching halt at the sight of a lone Chaffee.

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