World of Tanks || GO DOWN SWINGING!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today Valentinus of the RU server is going to go down swinging in the T9 American medium, the M46 Patton!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. That would be too bad if another game breaking mechanic (double barrel guns) couldn’t make it into the game by the holidays…too bad indeed.

  2. Excellent representation of a tech tree replay and skill in a great tank (IMHO). Well played, well commentated, well rewarded. Thanks QB!

  3. All right, THESE are the type of replays that are just the greatest and most enjoyable, just like the one with the Emil 1951! What a nice showcase from that Patton player, no premium ammo, no premium consumables, just perfect 😀

  4. Great commentary,great gameplay.

  5. These are replays we want o watch… Not that Chieftan monster kill.

  6. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Great game, very magnanimous of you QB.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  7. I’ve never liked the M46 Patton. Its mediocrity is what kills it, and it is a wildcard for all the wrong reasons. It’s too slow to be mobile, its armour is paper at worst and unreliable at best.

    (btw QB, hiw many years has it been since you played this awful tank? “good turret armour”? What?!?)

    It has standard alpha and subpar pebetration. Its accuracy acts like a French gun, all over the place, and it is in general exactly what the tiger 2 is at tier 8. Weak and power crept.

    But seeing this match, I now know what to do to do well in it. Fight nothing but bottom tier tanks, that do idiotic maneuvres, or fight the tier 8s with the lowest possible penetration.
    Then dive into a battle, luck my way out of the dumb mess and stikl takr damage, and fight 430s that don’t know what angling is.

    This game is not about skill or making smart moves. It is utter luck.

  8. That was a class act sir awarding the premium and gold to this player. Keep up the good work.

  9. This is almost same outcome as that OP bull*** had..But this player is not purple and doesn’t have retardly OP tank. Great replay

  10. Quackybaby is such a genuinely nice chap.

  11. Yes! Paper tank carry! Great replay, great commentary.
    I don’t want see shit Donkerer / Blyat mobile 279 replays!

  12. An American tank with good gun characteristics? Might have to grind through the Patton to get to tier 9

  13. This was a better video than the last with all the gold rounds……….. I would really like to see you show off some of the cheapest tanks to run in wot for the ftp players out there.

    • The cheapest tanks are anything with HE guns.
      M4, Pz IV, KV-2 (arties)
      Super cheap shells and you are always going to do damage (if you hit).

  14. Video Idea: Review a tech tree tank nobody plays, that’s not tier 10.

  15. Aries Arthur Garcia

    Im just hoping that one day wargaming will provide much more to players that doesnt use premium account in short poor players that plays this game for fun and love for the game…

  16. Yes no OP tanks, but love your videos anyways

  17. you gotta have to hand it to the enemy arty player….. he tried until the end and did indeed notice that he was spotted before he died

    • “[Y]ou gotta have to hand it to the enemy arty player”

      So we applaud people not for being good sports but for not being bad sports now? Good lord.

  18. Epic game well done and I am loving the daily vids, how long until when QB starts putting out daily videos you know it in nearly Christmas 🙂

  19. Hey QB can we get some UDES 15/16 aces game play.

  20. QB should really just talk less, kinda weird when hes saying “and he shuts down that tank” 2 minutes after the kill

  21. Oh… it’s the RU server. Lol

  22. THIS is a video I’d rather watch… Not an OP tank spamming gold rounds in a two tier spread matchup

  23. The oddest thing about the M46 Patton, everyone I know who HATES the vehicle has really good performance stats in it, but those who love it have terrible performance with it. It’s bizzare.

  24. decent turret armor? lol thing gets penned by t8 tanks with ease.

  25. I cannot believe he won that.

  26. Now THIS is pure skill, only a few gold rounds, a non premium tank. This is what QB should really be featuring and promoting, unlike yesterday.

    • @Stubbari I’d agree to that, your last sentence should be the basic knowledge.

      However, in my opnion using gold is just a proof that you can’t find a weakpoint or wait for an opening to strike, gold rounds used to be situational when you face heavies or any other tank with thick heavy armor that you know your gun can’t normally pen.

      Wrong with the playerbase? No, you’ve just gotten too accustomed with premium perks.

    • @James DC
      Let’s look at a hypothetical situation.
      I’m the best player in the world, facing a Type 5 heavy in my Chieftain. From the front my chances to pen him are around 40-60% (60% for cupola weakspot).
      With premium rounds my chances raise up to 70-80% for the flat parts. Still not 100% and I still have to aim my shots.

      So If I, the best player in the world, fire normal rounds at the Type I’m just rolling a dice and hoping to win a 50/50. How is that related to skill in any way?
      I could be aiming at the small cupola to raise my odds to 60/40. I’m the best player, holding a mouse over a spot on your screen isn’t hard for anyone. But that’s not all, is it? There is also RNG in your accuracy. The best player in the world aiming for a spot but because RNG decides my shot is going to go left I miss the cupola. How is that related to skill in any way?

      By shooting premium rounds I can eliminate some of the RNG, not all, but some.

      Now combine all this with the fact that the MM can put you against tanks 2 tiers lower or against tanks of the same tier and you can’t change your ammo loadout after seeing your enemies. Heck, you don’t even know the map you are getting. It might be Erlenberg against tanks 2 tiers lower than you where you can flank and use your mobility or then it could be Himmelsdorf against same tier tanks where there are only couple of corridors where you have to face your enemies frontally.

    • @Stubbari You just proved my point with that Type 5 scenario, I stated earlier that gold should just be situational and not be abused like a desperate power creep.

      As for the last statement, thats just being reckless and unprepared to not to double check and to strategize the loadout.

    • @James DC So if I’m shooting a Skorpion G with 330mm pen or with 270mm of pen what difference does it make? Why shouldn’t I be able to shoot the higher pen rounds if I feel like it?

    • @Stubbari Thats the end point, its just my opinion as I said from the start I can’t stop you from spamming like a tasteless player. Although I look down on those who spam gold too much.

  27. polonosuchus silesiacus

    i too get really nervous when i end up on a 1v1 against an artillery cause every time i get a good game i get killed by an arty 🙁

  28. Great game, great gesture to gift the hero.

  29. Wargaming needs to add a fight or flight system to the game. People improvise when they are in big trouble. A system where an SPG would transform into a TD. Same aiming like a TD and better accuracy than the regular SPGs accuracy. When the numbers are against them by a great margin. For example: when the team is down 7 tanks, like when it’s 3 tanks against 10. Or when it’s the only tank remaining. This would make SPGs fun and would invite more players to play SPG.

    • What a great idea. Let SPG shit on other players all game and when their turn comes change them into TD’s so they can fight back.
      While we are at it let’s buff arty dmg to 3000.

  30. What a blast, hoping to get my m46 soon <3

  31. but its tier 9 vs tier 7

  32. YES, finally a video of someone with more skill than money!

  33. I dare you to show a replay or more about the regular bad games we have.

  34. GREAT GAME! This is replay we want to see, not those full APCR Chieftain shit games.

  35. Love me the m46 can’t wait to get to the m48

  36. The only game change I want WG to do is limit Premium rounds. I’m not sure what the number should because maybe it will have to be different for every tank

  37. all those buff were nice but I just couldn’t win a game in my Leopard PTA it was awful one of the worst win rates of any tank I have ever had. On the other hand my M46 feels in invincible sometimes. I just KNOW I’m going to win its such a joy to play.

  38. Why does QB keep saying their and them.

  39. free2 play replay is indeed more pleasure to watch.

  40. plastic waterbottle

    kind of funny.. in the Korean war the Pershing was death on t34/85 and the Sherman did pretty good but the Patton actually had a really poor exchange rate with ww2 tech. interesting.

  41. Hello mr quickybaby ? can you reply VK.100 .01p .. thankyou?

  42. FFS QB IT IS coup de GRASS (grâce) you’re saying coup de gras means “fat”

  43. If you like to learn how to go down swinging – there is special clubs that offer training.

  44. QuickyBaby, this is the best that I have ever been watching. Thanks for showing a free to play tank match.
    I am a free to play too as I don’t have much time being on WOT. But I like to play it once in awhile together with my son. Love watching your YouTube channel.

  45. Edvardas Malašauskas

    Amazing game, well done QB. Love to watch this upload. Guy have skill and knows how to play.

  46. please re-visit map great map tactics

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