World of Tanks || God Save the Queen!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – God Save the Queen! Today I’m rocking and rolling in my favourite mid tier tanks the British Comet and Cromwell!

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  1. You just have to love that that in the second match those tier 8 premium
    tanks had a 44% and 42% W/L ratio :P

  2. I love VK.30.01(p), because it has 220 damage and good turret armor

  3. I love my T67. Fast and furious!

  4. pick him apart

  5. rip apart

  6. is the comet route a good one, i have enough credits to get my Cromwell
    from my covenanter

  7. QB I’d really prefer if you didn’t move the camera so much. I really want
    to see what the player is doing and where he is aiming. If you want to
    showcase some parts or properties of the tank I’d prefer if you paused the
    game. Other than that no complaints, great stuff.

  8. My fav tank is the Conqueror. :)

  9. d xcb

  10. My love my KV-2. Even when low tier, people don’t want to go round my
    corner. And pulling those 400+ meter shots is just pure deliciousness. A
    close second is the Pz 1 C. The amount of stupid you can do in that, is
    just awesome. Zooming around the map, harrasing everyone, as long as you
    dont hit a pebble wrong, and is send flying and crashing.

  11. QB do you know that comet or cromwell have most videos about them .
    Can you stop litle bit whit that it’s not interesting to watch any more.
    That’s are one of the only tanks which you show few times in year.

  12. Hey QB, did you see that on some of the wargaming advent calendar pages
    there is a yellow splat of paint and if you hold your left mouse button and
    move over it, it’ll show parts of a code. Didn’t they have something
    similar last year? So far it’s on the 1st, 4th and 7th. :)

  13. Currently my favourite tank is the VK 36.01 H, as it has good aplha, dpm,
    enough penetration and accuracy (for me) and is very mobile for a heavy.
    Although the Armor only works at the turret if you use the gun depression
    and have a bit of luck.

  14. Favourite tank for me would be the Sherman Jumbo. The frontal armour is
    competitive even at tier 8, and is down right unfair when Top tier. The gun
    isn’t bad either.

  15. My favorites is T57 Heavy, T71 and KanonenJagdpanzer? Reason: T57 lovely
    gun, T71 just fantastic and the Kanonen because of its great camorating and
    mobility and good-ish gun

  16. Cromwell B will come in the calender for sure

  17. My favorite tank in world of tanks is changes the whole time, but overall I
    think I like my ISU-122S the most. It is a tier 7 prem. sovjet TD with a
    crazy reload an a alpha dmg of 400 I think and good pen. The short reload
    (extra short with a crew such as mine :D) is the best feature of this tank
    in my opion.

  18. My fav tank is the Cromwell knight on Xbox it amazing 

  19. my favourite tank, GOD SAVE THE COMET!!!

  20. My favorite vehicle is the Caernarvon. It has everything I hate about the
    IS 3. View range, gun depression, accuracy, and gun handling. It has better
    turret armor because of the IS 3 weakpoint over the gun. It is kinda like
    the Anti-IS-3. I am willing to play a tank with situational armor and lower
    alpha damage so that I don’t have to deal with the frustrating parts of
    that generic, boring, soviet heavy tank. That British gun handling is sexy
    as hell.

  21. I had the Comet but it felt a bit of a letdown after the Cromwell. But now
    after seeing a second video from you about the Comet…first I have to
    retrain my new crew on my recenlty bought Crom. Thnx for the vid!

  22. Tyler gaming [gaming and more]

    Nice stereotype but I luv your vids still

  23. play the TOG

  24. i have the t 34 and the crusader,should i get t 34 85 or cromwell next? Im
    thinking t 34 85 would fit me better

  25. Favourite tank? Hellcat!
    Doesn’t mean I’m good with it…

  26. while I do enjoy watching u handle those 2 tanks that well… I just aint
    the kinda player for them. I prefer my armored tanks! T32 still is one of
    my fav tanks and so is E75 and the tier 9 VK… IS3 is just awsome and well
    my most played is the Type 59… it has no competition for me… :)

  27. The comet is one of my favourite tanks but nothing can beat the kv-2?

  28. I wish there would be like tank statistic page where it shows most popular
    tank picks by all tiers. And ofc it would be autoupdating every like few

  29. Favorite tank? I would have to say My STA-2 or M46KR They aren’t
    particularly good but they feel so reliable and are always a pleasure to

  30. Bishop is love, Bishop is life- I have had my firs Radley Walters,
    Kolobanovs and 3rd mark in it

  31. my favorite vehicle in the Game now is the Patriot xD
    But my XJägeru und mein Kv-2 are pretty hilarious too.

    Greetings from Germany du Zipferlklatscher 😀
    thanks for your work

  32. QuickyBaby what is better IS6 or T34?

  33. HELLO GUYS,i decide to make world of tanks replays with montage (full
    replay) this will be first “genre” of wot replays more exactly i mean i rec
    replays and edit them with funny thing if you guys like this pls leave
    comment or like.and if im doing something bad to writing this here im so
    sorry 🙂 and if you like send some replays here for show what i mean

  34. My favorite tank?
    Its the Tiger 2! The gun and its DPM is amazing, armor and mobility are
    decent- good and it looks great while being a true legend of WW2! AND im
    not sure but I think it got a buff in the last platch or is it in the next
    By the way: Could you review the Tiger 2? That would be nice!

  35. blocked the Elc taking a shot on the Spg at the end, not good!

  36. The M4 sherman with derp is just plain fun…

  37. My favourit tank is the T34. the first time where i played this tank i was
    learning howto play WOT. Now i love this tank.

  38. What date 9.17 release?

  39. My favourite is M4A3E8

  40. I see you enjoy slaughtering arties who can’t fight back. How pathetic they
    are, if they do not let you slaughtered them.

  41. the KV-13 is one of my favorite tanks, it’s a good all-rounder thick Armour
    when you need it, good speed and ground resistance also, it has a good wee
    gun on it too

  42. Nice Sealclubbing….best player in enemy team has 51%

  43. Hey Quickybaby, what other equipment do you use for your Comet apart from
    the vertical stabilizer? Thx! :-)

  44. I already have that medals with m4

  45. favorite tanks for me is the WZ-132 and 131. They just seem to be the
    perfect mating between a light and medium tank. good mobility and good

  46. My favourite tank? KV-2 ofc

  47. Takakazu Abe (AbeTV)

    God save me from dat British!

  48. Quickybaby can we get a t95 game

  49. The KV-1 is my favorite tank out of all the tanks I’ve played thus far. It
    is very forgiving but also very rewarding. I use the 57mm gun and it has
    more DPM than the Comet, at tier 5. My reload is down to 1.9s. It’s just
    insanely good. It’s a buzzsaw of a cannon mounted on a bully of a tank.

  50. My Favourite is the T71.
    3K+ games on it. Love this Tank!

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