World of Tanks – Gold Digger

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which we see that you don’t always have to spam gold at everything in sight, even if you can expect everyone to be spamming it at you.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. The leopard did apologise ?it’s not a jingles video without a mistake

    • hahahahhahahahhahahahahahaha

    • For those who don’t read comments, that Leopard has a storm heading his way. When there are idiots on WOT they will most likely be on Youtube as well.

    • +Throdwobbler Mangrove tis true that is better than most. Still not good enough. It runs the game. If I shoot someone I sincerely apologize and take the flack that comes with it. As a result I am much more careful and alert/aware so I’m not a regular offender and my team could count on me. One cannot count on Random players. Sad.

    • In the middle of WOP WOPS

      +reverendkrv yes i believe he probably missed it on purpose to be able to slag the player off and therefore make it more entertaining. I mean at the point jingles says he didn’t apologies is when the chat had faded away, therefore making the viewer agree with jingles.

    • +Mort Luby *Loads in right behind the enemy team next to their carrier*

  2. Saw this same replay on the WOT Arty Noobs You Tube a month ago.

  3. Jingles, the Leopard player did say sorry

  4. Why cant I get enemies like that

  5. 7:01 E-100 ammo racks French tank. Me: OOHHHHH, that’s friggin brutal

  6. Christopher Wilson

    He actually did haha 🙂

  7. Trixie, if you see this, /)

  8. Thank you for the upload Jingles, it’s always a pleasure to hear your comments on the replays! Continue the great work 😉

  9. 6:03 The Leopard apologized instantly 😉 Maybe you should get a magnifying glass Jingles, you know, like the ones that old retired people use 😛

  10. long as the players keep there mouths shut nothing will change…maybe “IF” players addressed the issue of tier 8 against over armored and powered tanks of mismatching, but its on you..

  11. He does apologize watch the chat

  12. The Tiger2-Tier8 heavy- gets 105mm L68
    VK4502a-Tier8 heavy- only gets L52 with less penetration than the 88mm L71.
    You wanna talk about needing gold at tier 10 heres your example.
    “Compared to the Tiger II, it has superior mobility and gun handling, but loses out on firepower”- you can handle your gun as much as you like but if it cant get the job done you’re going to have a bad time. Maybe wargaming are a bunch of flankers but its no medium, bit of a waste of time trying to go around shooting its load worthlessly.

  13. Jingles, why do you enjoy spoiling your own content? It’s the only thing I don’t like about your videos.

  14. that is4 is me and that e5 is my wife yeah yeah i know you are all gonna say we suck


  16. OTTER, I can’t stand those trolling bullies who think their unicum stats mean a damned thing in the real world none of them can actually drive a very REAL tank, here’s the thing, old tanks have clutches, that pedal on the left, yes you need to use it in order to move you scrublord losernoobs.

  17. wtf so many p2w tanks i feel sad for the tier 8 tanks and below , glad i stop playing , still like yr vids jingles keep it up

  18. 3:15 Jingles I demand that you refer to ‘special’ ammunition exactly like that from now on!

  19. GG Otter!

  20. Leo apologized immediately;)

  21. I'm A Dyslexic Klansman And I Hate Gingers

    Been waiting on a Jagdtiger review for like 6 or 7 years now Jingles. Long gone are the days of 45+ minute videos

  22. you copy – Arty Noobs videos now?

  23. Actually Jingles, the leopard in fact apologise

  24. that leopard did appologise. he said “fuck dude, sorry”

  25. –But the 15cm has bad pen!
    The 12.8 exists, you know.
    –The 12.8 has bad alpha though
    _That’s the bloody point_

  26. 6:00 ACKTUALY Jingles the leopard did apologize, Jingles? What are you.. Bang! Thump flump.

  27. Jeremy Dorfschmidt

    leopard did apologize, he just did it so quickly you missed it

  28. Well its fun mm for few tier10, crap for the rest. Dunno rly why decent matchmaker is so hard for wargaming, sure you get money for premiumspam but players get fed up fast too. Its no better on ship side, you can tryhard epic rounds and still loose every single one. Then get fed up and afk some and win all. Too bad im still somehow addicted to both games, same time hating them so much i would not touch any game that has any connection to wargaming.

  29. *”The Great and Powerful Trixie….”*
    Clearly someone is done ‘horsing around and ready to Pony Up, eh? >_>

    (well maybe some small horsing, lolz)

    Ok I’ll stop. XD

  30. You borrowed that video from WOT Arty least mension them, that is called respect..

  31. The sight of the E-25’s in this battle almost makes me want to start playing world of tanks again. Just so I can own one of those cute little buggers.

  32. Whitefox Braveheart

    ol great salt mine overlord…whats your opinion, if any, of armored warfare today. Do you beleive its still a decent game or have they lost there way and just micro transitioned the hell out of it and that all they care about anymore?

  33. Them damn OTTER clan members seal clubbing the poor tier VIIIs. :'(
    Press F to pay respects.

  34. Jingles the type 59 was recently buffed.

  35. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    240p gang

  36. 3:12 the way he says “”special”” ammunition, lol

  37. That type 59 clip is madness. Hahaha!

  38. I think that E100 players are at least intellectual players, unlike the Russian tech tree fanboys that put vaseline on their forehead, key bound the fire key to the space bar and load nothing but gold and plant and roll their head over the keyboard. Obj 268 V4 players I”m looking at you.

  39. The Great and Powerful Trixie (TM), and not one smoke bomb?
    I’m disappointed!
    And if you got that joke, you’re a NERD!!! Welcome to the club!

  40. We need a soundpack that switches the sound of getting hit with a HEAT round from that hissing noise to Jingles saying “Speshul!”.

  41. The thing is:
    You can play Tier 8 against Tier 10 without gold. Sure, you can’t sit in front of a T10 and pen it reliable, but thats not what you should do in the first place.
    But: If a low tier tank does it, you can kind of understand it.
    But reality is: alot of high, top tier, and T10 Tank drivers spam it as well. Why? Because it is simply always better.

    Because of that, I am happy to see the change they planned. At least in that case, you can win a firefight if you use standard ammo and know what your doing because your DPM is simply better than the DPM of the other sam tier tank firing at you

  42. Oh Jingles… Don’t ever change

  43. It’s really easy to refrain from firing gold, when you’re one of six tier 10 tanks in a three tier spread lobby. When the alternative to firing gold is doing no damage, why shouldn’t someone fire gold. Are people “special” for trying to contribute even a little bit in low tier matchmaking? Would you prefer your low tier teammates piss in the wind with less than 200 mms of penetration? Next video you should show us another top tier triple mark walking on people, that would be sweet.

  44. I think “special” ammo should be balanced like this: reduce its penetration to be maybe 15%-20% better than the standard ammo so you can’t just ignore armour completely but still gives you the extra penetration you need, and make it the same price or a tad more. Then if you’re shooting at targets far away you can load APCR that gives you more travel speed and less pen lost over distance, with HEAT you’d choose it over ap if you are shooting at a well angled target etc. Like armoured warefare, all ammo has an advantage and disadvantage so you choose the correct one for the situation (it might be different but thats how I remember it being)

  45. Obj705A cant aim for shit or its gun sucks

  46. I think you’re giving this guy a bit too much credit for not firing gold ammo when he’s top tier. Most people would do the same thing in his shoes. It’s really only tryhards who are going for 3 MOE or complete idiots that would just spam gold in a situation like this. And he really didn’t get that much gold fired at him. A lot less than I would expect being in a +2 match in an E 100.

  47. It’s like watching a dalek stumble upon a hello kitty convention. There’s just no competition.

  48. The great and powerful Trixie!!!! *fireworks explode from behind*

  49. Zol the Think Tank

    Kv1 replay next? Lol never got the kv 2 lol

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