World of Tanks – Gold Magnet

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Clickbait title alert! So what's this all about then? Well remember when Wargaming said that only 5% of all ammo fired in World of Tanks was gold? Yeah…

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  1. I’ve consistently played wot for 4 years. I can’t play it anymore. The amount of gold ammo spam is disgusting. It’s become unplayable and angering rather than fun. I think that sooner rather than later this will kill wot, it will slowly die.

  2. This problem is just as bad on console…

  3. How did you make that thingg on minimap

  4. Gold ammo and deliberately misbalanced (not a word, but imbalanced tends to mean something else these days) premium tanks where what drove me away from WoT (E25 and your ilk, I’m looking at you).
    So, what do I think? Between this and selective re-balancing I just had enough – a great shame, as I had a lot of fun over the years. However, each and every time I try to come back to WoT my stay is shorter. Maybe I just have a lower tolerance for bullshit these days.

  5. The 5% probably is from all the 30 people in the match and not only the shells that hit you.

  6. in reaction to:
    nfsfanAndrew 12 hours ago: …..The damage nerf to prem ammo would mean if 2 tanks fought, one using prem rounds, the other not, the tank using standard ammo could win with good aim due to better dpm).

    I very much doubt that would be the case, I’m talking about the ‘with good aim’ part, it ‘ll more or less be a luck factor.

    When two tanks fight it out either it being long-, mid-, or close range the player using ‘skill’ will always have the advantage over the one not using it because of the 3x RNG factor (1_ to hit, 2_ to pen and 3_ damage delt), skill rounds negates RNG to much because the hitting area, when using ‘skill’, is simply to big so you’re pretty sure you’re going to do damage with every shot but the ‘non’ user will have a very hard time hitting that cupola or what ever weak spot there is on the faced tank and that is without the interference of RNG.
    From the patch where they Nerf-ed the dispersion of all tanks, can’t remember which patch it was, basically making the aiming circle bigger, the use of ‘skill rounds’ made it self more prominent in game.

    There are some good and valid ideas about the Nerf of ‘skill rounds’ and I would like to add another option.
    Make the reload of ‘skill’ just that bit longer (15min’s longer comes to mind) to make the decision to switch a harder one.
    (Or increase RNG for ‘skill rounds’, artificially making it as hard to hit that spot as the ‘non’ user has. 😀 )

    The talk about sorts of ‘skill’ round (APCR, HEAT, HESH) and them not all being possible to Nerf is, imo, a very dumb one.. its just a name for the shell-type and pen. numbers for the calculator, of course they can all be Nerf-ed.

    To be fair, I very much doubt WG will ever change this setup because in the end Stats. chasers, players who can’t be bothered and the ones without enough ‘credits’ to load out all his tanks with ‘skill’ rounds will spend more real money for Prem. time to compensate and makes this in the long run, altho camouflaged, still a P2W game.

  7. Every single time I load into a game. 8 on up even tier 6 on up it’s almost always gold being spammed! One time came up against a platoon of three t95s and all three was shooting gold! I think premium ammunition needs to go back to being only bought with gold! Another time I was in my m41 Walker bulldog and two of the enemies or spamming heat into me and never switch to regular ammunition!

  8. Well, when you consider that when a player is using their tank to it’s advantages, say, an Object 257 hull down using it’s turret, and people start punching through the 350mm thick turret front of your machine because they pushed the 2 key instead of aiming for the obviously weak turret roof, I think there might be a problem.

  9. only 5% of people who fire “gold” ammo actually payed gold for that ammo? lol just my guess XD

  10. Nice one …. Mighty Jingles

  11. You can limit the gold ammo,if 5% is fired than,
    5% for lights and mediums and 20-10% for the heavies and Japanese day dreaming prototypes must have frontal weakspots

  12. Reduce the alpha damage and cost of gold rounds has always seemed like the simplest solution to me, that way picking the right ammo for each situation is a skill rather than a contest of who has the most credits.

  13. 75% Gold ammo?

    EDIT: Meh, I expected more.

  14. comma mistake !! Happens all the time….

  15. “I will eat my own ass.” lmao Jingles. anyway I have a replay at tier 2 where I was hit by noting but gold ammo from 4 different tanks. Come out to about 63% gold ammo. yeahhhh

  16. im not a statistics expert but you just cannot pick one battle randomly out of the millions played and say their statement isnt true. btw that 50% probably pulled down to 5% easily with any other (only one) tier 2-3 battle with a machinegun as main weapon. ofc a pz2j could ruin these statistics tho….

  17. Gold is ruining the game. There is not point in playing any t8-t10 heavy. Gold just makes your good armour weekspots. I was hull down in my t32 and had a mauchsen penetrate my GUN MANTLET!! it takes skill away from the game. Of course this is one example. I don’t even play me e100 anymore because it’s pointless when anyone can pen you

  18. T1 and T2 tanks are firing hundreds of rounds per game, usually standard ammo coz everyone pens everyone…
    So thats why its down to 5%

  19. i will really say that i stopped playing world of tanks after making it to 8 T8 heavies because all i ever got shot with was gold.

  20. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

    8:07 looks like that 171 DA got rekt

  21. Lets go back to it was in the early days when u had buy gold ammo for gold, then its over with this goldammo spamming.

  22. Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann

    Gold ammo is the reason i usally never play any tank that’s depending on armor to stay alive. I’d much rather depend on speed, stealth, hard cover and gun depression on ridges.

  23. Elephoontof theShanpes

    I feel like people don’t realize that premium ammo can be purchased by anyone using credits

  24. I will agree with Jingles here .. whenever I play my higher tier heavies, they get obliterated by gold ammo.
    Some are more susceptible to it than others, and for some reason, my M103 American heavy seems to get it worst.
    Dunno why that tank gets it so bad, but people throw gold at it like mad – It’s even worse than in the Maus.

  25. Elephoontof theShanpes

    I feel like people will fire premium ammo at you if you are in a heavy tank with decent armor

  26. Saradis Apostolidis

    Why don’t you try a Valentine II replay where they can’t pen the same tank. So they use 90% gold ammo. If you take in account the rate of fire, that’s a lot of credits. Add premium account ad here.

  27. Personally, I find the use of gold ammo takes a lot of the fun out of the game for me.

  28. realy wish these were warthunder vids. realy cant bring myself to care about WoT……

  29. The gold spam and some op premium tanks made me not enjoy WoT anymore. There are many ways wg could fix the issue but they don’t because they believe it earns them more money (?) Ex. limit the amount of gold rounds, up the cost a lot, reduce the dmg of gold ammo,..
    Oh you’re in an awesome heavy tank? Lemme just roll my 2 key and ignore the armor that you have, basicly makes heavy tanks big slow mediums.

  30. have an addon maker create that magic addon they do that tracks and collates the rounds fired in matches to an online DB like XVM does and poof data tracked! Honestly I will agree with most of the posters in here.. WG takes their data from the whole game Tier i-X and does their figure. tier i-III will obviously fire LOT more rounds as every one and their grand mother has a machine gun or auto loader. Its when players hit tier 4-6 its make or break for them as they start to realize that It actually takes skill to play the game and not everything has rapid fire hose guns.By tier 7-10 I could agree that more than 45% of rounds fired are gold rounds simply because I play the tiger II and usually die to one of two conditions: Clicker spam or gold round penetrating continuously.

  31. In wot blitz premium ammo does less damage

  32. Hi Jingles, I totally aggree with u – wg dont want to create or listen a realistic ammo statistics. Anyway the meassured low percentage of gold ammo is thanks to those players – who wants to play and using ammo as it needed. I really rarely use gold ammo – even when it really should… I totally aggree with gold when u bring some of gold for higher or heavily armored tanks – and really USE it for these situation. But those players whose bring gold ammo much more than 50% of ammo capacity – he is only want to use pay-to-win effect – and dont want to really play…. and these players cause leaving of many-many players….

  33. Yeah, would be interesting to see what numbers WG would get tier for tier.

  34. Yes, people spam gold and, while it’s on a level frustrating, I still do just fine without using gold AND it’s a free game that is quite good. Tier 8 battles are problematic at times due to the top-heavy nature of the game but even there I usually do OK. If your expectation is that MM will always generate a statistically ‘fair’ battle and that gold must be balanced in some way to enjoy the game, then I’d say don’t install XVM, play something else or both. Some tanks also are better than others and not balanced for tier. O-I for example is fairly OP for tier 6 matches. I have many thousand matches in game and have gotten far more than my money’s worth from it (since I’ve spent nothing.) I’m certainly not going to begrudge them avenues of making money any more than any other FTP game with a marketplace.

  35. tier x is just unplayable anymore with that gold spam…so glad i quit this broken game. Invest your money in other things

  36. be gone thot

  37. I dont like premium ammo, but…. the problem is much more complex unfortunately. If they remove gold ammo – there is no way to fight super heavies staying at the end of WG’s map corridors. If they try ato change the maps, to make it possible for mediums to flank etc., just changing map design won’t be enough I am afraid. It would require making bigger maps – something like in Warthunder. But with the way WOT works, these big maps kinda fail. Grand battles are a good example of that, everyone just keeps crawling at the very edges of the map, because you dont want to get spotted and hit by tanks you cant see yourself. Making larger maps in this case just simply doesnt make the game anymore enjoyable. It would require a fundamental change in the game mechanics.

  38. Well yeah, if they average **every** game and all of the ammunition fired, the matches played involving tanks that have piddly little automatic cannons or outright don’t have gold rounds (such as most Artillery) are going to outweigh the matches where Jagdpanzer E100s chuck HEAT or what have you. The thousands of rounds fired over the course of a low tier autocannon fight probably outweigh the gold fired in hundreds of high tier matches if you count on the basis of rounds fired – if they broke it down by rounds fired on average for a given tier of non-artillery vehicle (since most artillery only gets high explosive and would only skew the numbers) the average would probably sit significantly higher at certain tiers.

  39. Is the IS-3 technically a
    Gold Digger?

    Ok, im leaving im going, Dont throw your pickaxes.

  40. Ok now drive with ru etc and show us numbers. Most likely the figure is way less lol

  41. i very rarely use gold ammo but i have NO objections with any one using it on me

  42. Play world of tanks console. Ter 8 gold rounds on tap at top tier.

  43. The higher up you go in tiers the more gold spammed, but that’s just my experience – i bounce gold due to RNG so a bit more HE is used, especially in T30 to take down a mouse where i didnt expect to survive the encounter. But i’m bouncing gold with Caernarvon too – so yeah, painful frind or just spam the gold to grind a bit less at cost…. What does WG expect, for me to throw good credits at the game??

    My answer is to play arty more at mid tier for the credits and see if WG will ever address the MM at tier 8 though I expect not as its been a bread winner for large credit bundles along with glod spamming scorpions

    Note – on attack side of this kind of battle, 10 mins is a hard win without a bit of early premium to ensure a balance towards the outcome against a team that has to only survive and we ahave all the seen the Kolobanov’s medal for these encounters
    Which is why mines should only be these kind of battles with the Flag on the hill

  44. Well, wg did it once, was called historical battles, you could carry certain amount of gold ammo, and you have to think when you going to use it….

  45. Hence why WG introduced +2 mm….

  46. They Use, Ahem, Common Core “Math”.. You know..2+2= fish…

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