World of Tanks – Gold Noob

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Some RU server and running no to show how bad I am without my round crutch.


  1. Has anybody ever told you that you look a bit like Jonathan Lipnicki,

  2. Ah, it’s the RU server. Was wondering why the players were obnoxious as

  3. I use gold to kill my enemies and use their burning corpses to cover my
    hull so I can shoot more and kill their team mates. It is war….use every
    resource available.

  4. +Anfield Congratz with the win against Dortmund :D

  5. Holy fuck that artic region game Anfield, you really fucking rocked it!
    Hope you had a nice trip 🙂
    I am guessing apple getting stuck on the final round, really left the whole
    crowd with their mouths open :P

  6. Anfield, that was some good tanking, BZ!

  7. Credit earnings on standard accounts is a bit ridiculous, considering even
    a top player like you only gets 7k profit for a 6k dmg game.

  8. Absolutely great!
    I love these great T-62A matches, I have a T-62 too and is one of my
    favorite tanks, but I’m really bad at using it, these videos help me a lot
    to improve. Thank you! :)

  9. I never shoot heat and still do pretty well myself. My main issue is I
    can’t really afford to shoot heat every game lol. You do get pretty good at
    learning weak spots when only shooting standard though :)

  10. The problem is when u find a good hull down position and some shitlord
    decide that u can’t use your tank strenght and he start load 350 pen gold

  11. Hey +Anfield how do you put that chat on your streaming ? I am trying to
    stream from Latin America I hope you can help me. Salute and nice game.

  12. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    reupload?  ̄﹏ ̄

  13. I only use gold if I need to depending on the situation I’m in. So I hardly
    ever use it Even in my e100. its not as fun and rewarding having high dmg
    games using gold all the time so if my stats suffer a bit from it oh well
    fuck it lol.

  14. more premium, more skill Kappa

  15. Hi Anfield, what is your mod or setup for the small interface? and good
    work for this video, i like it =)

  16. learn to aim gold noob no skill violet stat pedah

  17. Anfield are you swedish? if so kärlek från sverige, fortsätt med dina
    videos dom är riktigt bra!

  18. without gold no wins for you

  19. i love ur vids and i like how u dont swear to much. i hope to make youtube
    vids of WOT clan wars but i want to ask my clan first.

  20. FIRST COMMENT except anfield ;)

  21. Gold noob no skill

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