World of Tanks – Gold Not Included

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Source: The Jingles

In which Santinal98 makes a profit in his E-100. Without a premium account. In a tier 10 random battle.

No, really!

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 , nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Topher Merriman

    If I am in a bad situation at range, I fire HE. Personally love using it on hull-down monsters as well. Miss cross chat for that reason. The tears of a uni calling me noob for spamming HE into their gun and turret filled my soul with laughter.

  2. Fair play and kudos to the Grille on the opposing team as well, btw.

  3. And then the E-100 came across a player who not only knew how to play, but was using a Tier 10 heavy tank (any of them work really considering the scenario that this is a player who knows how to play) and the AP rounds were rendered useless. But luckily the E-100 brought HEAT so he reloaded, for 17 seconds, and got shot 2 times for free, because the enemy player loaded gold and decided to minimize the effect RNG has on the outcome of his games.

  4. theis rich pricks got to go

  5. there paying people to play

  6. He would have stood a better chance of killing the Grille if he loaded HE. 1000+ damage on a pen.

  7. Well i have a question. The E100 did great with placing his shots. What difference would it have made if he had used gold? Why does everybody care?? I guarantee most people will shoot gold at the E100 because it’s so hard to pen. I can’t afford to shoot gold often and only accidentally shoot it at light armor vehicles when I have it already loaded expecting to shoot at say an entrenched thick armored vehicle hull down etc.
    but my brother who works his ass off doesn’t mind the cost. And wants to make sure they pen and I’m talking in his E100. Everybody spams gold at him and he since he can afford it he spams gold right back at them. People say you shouldn’t people say that’s wrong people say it’s not honorable?? Who cares he’s paying for it really? I wish they’d just remove it or give each vehicle 10% gold total of all ammo but they’re not because they make money so?

  8. Great tactics, on both sides. Wish I was half as good as any of these last three players

  9. I was screaming internally that he didnt Load HE for the grille like he had it selected the entire time.

  10. E100 hit grile first time for 638, and second time on blind again low roll – 643….dunno why he didnt load HE, when he drive to cap and know only grile is alive….HE= gg win

  11. Ermagerd, E100 driver eschews gold rounds, forgets to load HE against sole surviving Grille15

  12. So, does WoT have any tiers below 7?

  13. Lol the e-100s 152 guns ap is 246 not 235 lol we love you jingles ??

  14. God that intro is so fucking cringey

  15. I don’t hammer the 2 key on the E100. Prem is my 1 key.

  16. The InfinitySkull

    I’ve had plenty of profiting games in my E-100. Not to sound asshol-ish but you just have to do decently good in a battle to get some creds from it. :/

  17. After a long day at work, beer and Jingles video.

  18. The e100 should invest in some viagra. I heard it helps with things like penetration Characteristics and hardness off materials.

  19. I only shoot gold rounds if you don’t like it too bad . If you don’t like being shot by gold get out of our way! Don’t be salty because you’re broke.

  20. The removal of Inter-Team-Chat is also all about the Gold. It is a lame excuse that they did it to stop harassment and flaming. The worst harassment and flaming always happened and still happens in team chat.
    They just did it so people couldn’t shame each other over spamming Gold anymore, which was the only think stopping people from doing it.
    I noticed this and am so sure about it, because it happened during my time away from the game. I stopped playing it for about 2 years and recently came back to it and it really is a noticeable difference. Before my hiatus, Gold spamming was still relatively rare and people who did it got ridiculed and shamed for it. When someone did it, people let each other know that you are the kind of loser who needs to buy success in this game.
    Now I came back to a very different environment. Everybody spams Gold and everybody just sees it as a normal part of the game and people call you an idiot and an noob for not doing it.
    I think removing Inter Team Chat did a lot to facilitate that development.

  21. Why is this video not playable over my chromecast?

  22. Like , playing on tier 10 is not expensive enough , you have to use premium ammo .My opinion is, this ammo should not exist, everybody should had acces equally to the possibility to do dammage and defeat the adversary not only who could afford it .And yes , many kids on WOT are using APCR when is no need , why ? Because they can .

  23. He should have had the BC empty his clip while proximity spotted to draw that grille out.

  24. So Jingles, you gonna call WG out for threatening to content ID SirFoch over him criticising them?

  25. honestly all he had to do was load HE when facing the grille. In the same scenario he either would have outright killed the grille or tracked him and taken the return fire in order for the batchat to clip the grille

  26. Pay to win game.

  27. Did anyone else hear the small European motorbike/car engine roaring in the background as the Bat-Chat made its run after the 113?

  28. jingles have you seen what’s happend to Sir Foch (I assume you have since you are friends), damn it wargaming’s pulled a Gaijin entertainment (which might add are much better due to management changes) on us. I know it’ll put you in an awkward position jingles considering your one of the major community contributors, I hope you can find a way to make it work out.

  29. not yet …. wg is really on the HEAT sales trip with the newer heavys… and less gun accuracy. So money spamming strongly encouraged – skill … not so much.

  30. You should see the SEA server where people from ‘certain nations’ spam nothing but gold by default.

  31. Jingles, what’s your take on WG going full Gaijin Censorship on Foch?

  32. 12.30 “Oh wow- that was unexpected”… really?, REALLY?! That’s the first place I would expect them to be.

    He could have won if he loaded HE for the shot against the Grille through the bush

  33. What a shitty example of not needing gold ammo. This would be a good example of how RNG should look like in the game, you know, where it doesn’t fuck you every other shot. The dam snapshots he takes in this game smh. And when he’s not rnjesusing the shots in he’s firing at the ass of ignorant e4/and other squishy tanks.

    That and as everyone else has mentioned, the pen is 246mm now. Don’t you do this for a living? Is glimpsing at the stats of a tank you are featuring to hard?

  34. Oh look The embarrassment 😀

  35. twotailedavenger

    Talking about tanks that encourage people to fling their pocket change at each other, and you fail to mention the Death Star?

  36. WHAT, an e100 not using gold ammo? I call absolute bullshit

  37. ThatAussieBloke

    Jingles: “If you’re a bad player you use gold”

    Is bad at wot

  38. ThatAussieBloke

    So you are calling people bad because they use the best ammo available to them? thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard

  39. Isn’t using gold justifiable only when facing an idiotic tank (such as jap. heavies or maus) you can’t virtually pen?There really is no other reason except from your (childish?) fixation to win an encounter even if you didn’t do well enough from the start and ended up getting raped.

  40. i feel like ive already seen this video….like a year ago, fuckign weird hahaha

  41. E100 pen was buffed. 246 now

  42. arcticwolvees06

    hey jingles if your ever bored check out the anime Haifuri i think you’d be able to appreciate it

  43. grille is CZ that explains it all lel

  44. Ye olde Premium ammo debate firing up again. Just smash that 2 key whenever you like. Piss heavy drivers off because their armour just got worthless. “but muh heavy armour” l2p and git gud. Prem ammo has been here for a long time and is probably gonna stay so get used to it already. Bunch of crybabies.

  45. Its always like this, you have got skill or money. First will get you a satisfaction that you know what are you doing. Second will get you unicum rating and sticker ‘caution, retard incoming’. But with the latest changes, there are situations where one is forced to spam gold without any other chance at all, its a shame

  46. 80k kredits for 9k damage, WG’s economy system at its best..

  47. Mightyjingles you’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s ‘Santa-Anal’…

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