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World of Tanks – Prototipo Standard B. Today I’m playing the T9 Italian that sets the GOLD STANDARD!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Your T20 proves that your E75 was wrong about feeling sorry for the tier 7s. +2/-2 is fine. It is the strict MM that makes you -2 about 50% of the time that is the problem. Remove the strict templates and go back to random team creation, but keep the team balancing features. Fair teams and an even distribution of top, middle, and bottom tier matches. Bring back the variety in the team make-ups and keep the game fresh game after game.

    • .. the whole “MM is broken” thing is a bloody lie.. I’m a developer it would take me about 90 minutes to write a great MM from scratch.. they can’t,fix MM it isn’t BROKEN it is working as intended! WG want as many tier ten tanks.. (which need gold to run.. so are the paying customer base…) hitting [Battle] as possible… and too many tier ten players simply play for the chance to bully littlies for stats.. tier ten can NEVER get minus matchmaking.. WG want tier 8’s (premiums or otherwise) grit in the mill: to be food for the tier tens… and get those ” tight miserable premium T8 playing buggers” to play their tier tens as many cycles as possible and a) either pay cash into the game or b) prop up the food stock or the feeding of T10’s creating more 3,5,7 battles… because the free players are simply there to be a) meat and b) leant on to encourage them to grind up as fast as possible and become T10 fee earners… WG want you to Select [T10] click [Battle] .. hoping for a 3,5,7 roflstomp…

      All the 3,5,7 MM really does is deal easy meat as often as possible to the 3 paying customers at tier ten.. to boost their stats deliberately.. then they lie and say it’s a software issue.. that way tier ten tankers hit [Battle] hoping for a 3,5,7 and when they get a “30vs30 / 15vs15 all tier ten” they don’t complain that they then spam gold, create cash for WG, cos it’s not every game that they spam gold.. and they get a chance every [Battle] click of free meat to stat boost on /do missions against… it’s a gamblers psychology tool to keep u at the table.. always has been

  2. i guess the leo pta can just fuck itself

  3. standard B also has that top half of its hull thats a mere 25mm or so. very very easy pen for most HE

  4. I’m halfway through and I don’t remember if you said this but you played this game in your fv4005 2 tech tree showcase. Your like
    Arty interrupt interrupt interrupt

  5. Is anyone able to link me to which website QB pulls community replays from? I’d like to browse some myself but cant find that info anywhere

  6. You got so mad at the mod1

  7. I watched this game live it was great!

  8. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this… Did he post this already? Or maybe that was on twitch ?

  9. QB I always enjoy your vids. Your brain power and your honest humility really works. I learn from every vid even though I am an average player still. I really liked your recent vid in the KV-1 and a non-premium account. It showed your skills. If I am ever see you on my team, I will show you support like that royalscrewup did. That was an awesome vid too! Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas Dude!

  10. Oh its the russian number generator…

  11. Great game QB!

  12. Lenin is weak
    *Stalin is disappointed in conrad*

  13. Lol enemy top tier obj 704’s nickname is Quickpick..

  14. Classic Baby,

    Insults while Complimenting.

  15. Horse race track announcer

  16. ‘hopefully my team is going to be able to finish this one off’ hahaha thats not what you said during your stream, it was so funny to watch~

  17. Good game bro. And I feel like a certain crew of people continue to give every one of your videos a thumbs down, but hey at least they keep coming back and that earns u money haha. Thumbs up from me pal!!

  18. Gold Stardard refers to how much QuickyBaby fires ‘gold ammo’, right?

  19. QB the Standard B is like a Leopard Prototype because it is the Italian Leopard prototype

  20. IDK why he was grillin the e75 so badly, its a fuckin game dude. Let people shout what they want.

  21. Before QB even mentioned the chat I was reading the E75’s comments and LMAO. I wasn’t even paying attention to what QB was saying because I was so filled with suspense on each line of text. Hahaha!

  22. I love this tank…it just works…great shell velocity, gun handling…just a great package.

  23. noiiiiiiiiice 🙂


  25. QuickyBaby I also swear that HEAT round ricocheted off that T-10…

  26. I see YOUR xvm is working. Can we get an update on the mod pack plz. You have US spoiled.

  27. “I should say thank you for making this game harder for me.” thats some serious British shade being thrown right there.

  28. QuickyBaby can you please do a video on how to increase your WN8?

  29. well played QB!

  30. I’d like to see more tier 5-7 in your F2P account.

  31. Need more Chinese heavies.

  32. QB your a liar. You say that even an AFK player will win 40% of the matches they see, I have two weekends in a row where I have been top in damage almost every game yet only win 10% of my games. This game is total BS

  33. I was just wondering:Do you text these people after the battle and tell them what you think, or that you uploaded your part of the battle on youtube?

  34. Sweet how the Mod. 1 thought he is good enough to play Commander at the end of the game..

  35. I have some replays of this tank on my channel 😉


  37. great game there QB 😀 i really love how you learned from RoyalScrewUp and put the same location to use 😀 amazing!


  39. Love how the t54lwt with no kills starts trying to tell a guy with 9 kills what to do! Nice replay, great game. Also loving the shout outs to the other players that played well.

  40. Quickybaby likes aphex twin. This is why youre my favorite YouTube.

  41. You have 268mm of APCR pen.
    You don’t need HEAT against a *tier 8* heavy.

  42. my leopard pta has a 12 sec reload and does hell of dmg in 1 min but if i miss 1 shot i am good as dead

  43. Hey QB if you have the t9 American TD the doom turtle would you upload a video of you playing it please? I’m going to unlock it soon. Your brother from another mother Rob. Thanks and no problem if you cant.

  44. Someone modpack link?

  45. Whey Gold Standard

  46. UNKWN Clan - WOT's - Xbox

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    1 – Teamwork – a founding principle of the Clan so please help this and be friendly towards those within the clan and those within public games.

    2 – Discord Rules – please follow these as stated in the discord app.

    3 – WN8 – a WN8 of 1800 or more is desirable but not essential.

    4 – Tanks – Universal tier 10 comp tanks such as Bat Chat 25t and/or IS-7 to name a couple are required.

    5 – Trolling/Sportsmanship – no trolling in battles or deliberate throwing of a game. A positive reputation is key.

    Exceptions may be made on rule 4.

    Scrims occur on weekend days (usually one a week but can be more depending on other clans availability) at 3pm est time, 8pm UK time. *competitive aspect of Clan currently on hold.

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  47. Hranislav Kostadinovic

    Obj 704 name was Quickpick!!!

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