World of Tanks – Golden Oldie

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Here’s a tank that used be all the rage but these days tends to merely be a speed bump along the road to the Object 140.

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  1. ah, the old heat-54, not so good now with the increase penetration on basically all tanks that makes the armour irrelevant

  2. Richard Winstanley

    2:00 The T-54 also used to be much lower and flatter, making it harder to hit and pen. And giving it even more of a flying saucer appearance.

  3. Much love for the consistent content through the year jingles.

  4. They killed this game sadly now its just shit in nice package,,i played it from begining and man even with 5 artys sometime it was just a joy to play,,after that they change aiming acc.. like three times keep pumping copy paste tanks stronk turerrt ridg and gold ammo which is till today first and formost problem this game,,no more team damage it gave a dose of serious,,its just garbage now

  5. German arty vs Russian medium > NOPE ! Work ass intented 😉

  6. gold power!

  7. Arty shell lands two tank lengths away splashes for 800dmg arty lands right next to Russian tank no damage. Is balance comrade

  8. I was really confused about this game at first. I saw the clantag and i thought “oh boy, a super unicum in a T-54, this is gonna be good”. But there were so many terrible decisions and points where he should have died, that i had to stop and check. Turns out, yeah, its the NA Invil and you can tell by the gameplay that the player is below average.

  9. Ok Jingles, we have to talk about health meters top. It shows the sum of health he actually saw in the game. Since he only knows about the tanks on the other side of the map by the media of his teammates radio, the health counter assumes they are all full health. Ty for coming to my TED talk , <3 you old man 🙂

  10. Jennifer Stewarts

    Its one of the things about the Artillery, some arty used to be so much fun to play. And i’m not talking about the big tier 10 things…

    the AMX 13 F3 AM, used to be one of the most fun tier 6, it was quick, small, fairly easy to conseal and… you didn’t need to play it like an arty… you could play it as a tank destroyer at times… because it came with a truely nawsty 182mm pen HEAT round. that couldn’t be used in indirect mode. On no, this round had to direct hit, its target… and you really couldn’t use the artillery view to use it. Pre-nerfs it was great because you could move up to a ridge line, direct fire at enemy tanks aiding your TD’s and tanks directly, then when nothing was in line of sight, drop back and go indirect.

    But my fav, absolute fav art, that i actually won some funny tourniments was the FV304. On yes, the little bert. I’d RUN with the mediums, stay up close to the front, i’d immobilize heavies keeping them tracked in place, and i’d actually duel, lights and open top TD’s. Seriously, one match came down to me vs 2 US Open topped TD’s, i played turretless tank destroyer with them zipping around spinning on the spot circiling cover poking out and firing direct at them… they were generally 1-2 shots with that 450 hits. but then they killed the reload time.. killed teh aim time, killed the fire on the move etc… which made no sense becaues it never was an op artillery…

  11. Jingles is very anti WOT lately, I may stop watching him soon,

  12. Grinding his way through T54 to Obj140…. jeez I started my T54 grind when you could get the Obj140 AND T62A

  13. Gold ammo spaming is exactly why I stopped playing this game. One way or another you have to pay for the ammo and that means it is no longer a truly free to play game.

    • Kristoffer Johansson

      Well, in this game I think it was ok. Lower tiers shooting gold is fine to some extent. It is the tier 10 gold spamming that is ridiculous.

    • @Kristoffer Johansson Still a free to play game should not have an element you have to buy in it to be competitive. I also found at the time I played both games the player attitudes were very different between the two on the US server. I moved to a rural area in September, 2017 so can not play either anymore. I still much prefer the naval to the tank game.

    • Kristoffer Johansson

      @Keith Plymale actually I am fully with you there, gold ammo is a shit mechanic made for profit. But you can survive as a f2p player, as I was, with a limited amount of gold ammo spending. But being competitive is hard nowadays, that’s why I haven’t played since Christmas.

  14. He made 3 lethal mistakes and survived.

  15. FYI Im not getting notifications

  16. 3:10 Jingles: This is where the video will get boring for a few minutes-

    3:35 *a wild Bourasque appears!*

  17. mah….wot it seems to become a soap opera….realism, good bye!

  18. All the talk about health advantage at the end – yes, lividterminator’s team had a huge health advantage towards the middle of the match. The enemy team managed to pull back >5k health advantage towards the end. Respect.

  19. I fondly recall getting my Mastery badge in my T-54 on “port,” back in the day.

  20. Hello from Iceland!!

  21. Arty not really a threat anymore

  22. 11:13
    Justice has been served.

  23. If this ending isnt a golden example of how shit the HE and Arty nerf were…lol 0 splash sitting still in a field in front of arty .

  24. I knew the old nickname becuase I remember reading about it on the wiki way back when. The reason I had ended up there was becuase I was trying to do research about the IRL Maus for fun. Man I had a weird childhood…..

  25. 12:12 — _”this is kind of like watching Donald Trump and Bill Gates in a slap fight….”_

    You mean *”THE FAST SHOW”* where the two men are just duking it out taking blows one after the other to see how can last the longest on the dock for the entire show?

  26. Went into matchmaking as I started the video and got westfield, lol

  27. Jonathan Spangenberg

    No friendly fire??? Wth no friendly fire in ships too. If people cant be responsible with there guns and not shoot allies then they should turn pink/blue or what ever but turn FF off that’s stupid. SMH whats the point then?

  28. Man, Livid should go and buy a lotto ticket with that last arty round.

  29. Tog bridge-jump for a double kill, & survived, 2 days ago. ))))

  30. 11:15 is why I hate this new artillery shell dynamic/system War gaming has introduced. Because with the HE shells scenarios like that happen more times than I can count, and the AP/Heat shells would’ve bounced.

  31. 11:11 ladies and gentlemen Russian BS at its finest

  32. Tomorrow’s video will be Flambass *rolls eyes*

  33. 4:10 Bourasque pens with gold
    Jingles: gives credit for the hit to the E-50

  34. What’s going on with Renegade? Well, Russian bias, of course!

  35. 3:00 And in that time, we have gone from allegations of Russian bias to naked favoritism.
    It was just one of many steps that went toward ruining an otherwise interesting game.

  36. Kv-2 sucks now, pretty much any tank that relied on HE damage.

  37. If I could have 1/10 of the luck this guy had in this game… that last arty shot was just ridiculous not to say that total noobish slide against the borsig.

  38. Ah the t54 my personal favourite t9 tank

  39. if i use nothin but gold ammo i get a loss at about 20k on a prem tank so on a good game with a prem tank i make about 100k so unless my gold doesn’t pen i can use gold as much as i want. when u add into the factor u don’t need gold when your top tier you can still make a profit using your brain.

    tldr get a lowe/t34 or if u want a td a ts-5 / t-103 and you can shoot gold all day.

  40. Man they just ruined that game.

  41. tfw you get a chat ban because RNG is kicking you in the balls over and over, and then WG has the gall to say “We hope to see you on the battlefield soon.

  42. That’s quite a vocal cat you got there, Jingles ^^

  43. The t-54 accuracy in the first few minutes of the game was unreal. Then the rng gods balanced it when he was fighting the e50

  44. 4:12 well aaaactually that was the borat that hit him. Not the e50.

  45. So are we not gonna talk about the fact that the panther 2 used to be a tier 9, like imagine how painful it was playing it back then when it was a tier9 not to mention it would be facing the russian ufo

  46. Did he really get the same amount of credits with and without Premium or is that a bug?

  47. Mediocre player but got super lucky.

  48. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    muh-Russian RNG. The first 10 shots were guided by Stalin.

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