World of Tanks – Goldfinger

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with the midas touch, a spider’s touch
Such a cold finger, beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don’t go in.

Recognise this and you’re really showing your age.

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  1. Jingles back at it featuring my replays!
    Just as a reminder I’m indeed finnish so not german like you would know if you just remembered your “Herman ze German” video.
    Actually the 112 lower plate is strong enough that it can’t penetrate itself properly angled without gold.
    Nice commentary though!

  2. What do you think the Bret and T150 should do against a 200 plus effective lowerplate amour?

  3. Of course they use gold, you old man, low tier can’t pen a 112 effectively. The problem is not gold ammo, it’s the balance IG which is fucked up, where you NEED gold to pen some tanks, and without gold, you can just go fuck yourself.
    Stop complaining about gold, complain about the actual problem which is the overall balance.

  4. I’d argue that the 5% figure may be completely factual but hardly honest….

  5. Top tier, no arty
    Of course he’s going to have a good game

  6. The GoldFinger title song is spectacular. Shirley Bassey ftw.

  7. The 112. With a little skill, and some practice, it’s the only thing you have to spend your gold on. Money well-spent… unless you don’t have a brain and/or too much money to even dare practice anything in your life to succeed. XD

  8. WGing doesn’t get it, it’s not the amount of gold ammo used that is an issue, the fact there is gold ammo fullstop is the issue, but if they remove gold ammo, people will bitch and scream like the idiots they are.
    but on topic, god damn wish my heavies would bounce shots…

  9. 5 % in total might sounds low but, as you said gingles, it´s from from all battles and all Tiers so the total amound of shot Gold is over 10.000 Bullets a Day in EACH Tier !!! Tier 1 + 2 might not that kind of many because the Bullets are nearly to expansive in there when you are not having a Premium account so it solves itselfs of why there are no that many Gold shots are fired in there I think.

  10. Gold ammo = skill a player does not have! this guy was just lucky with MM and the amount of brainless idiots on the enemy team. this was probably 1 match in a 1000. usually it goes like this, Gold hit, Gold hit, Gold hit, Gold Hit and dead! “depending on the max amount of HP you tank has, a few more gold hits or less”.
    and then wher not even talking about the BIG weakspots WG placed on some tanks!! Commanders hatches you can see from SPACE! this game evolved into a skill-less Pay 2 Win FEST, you have no idea. Armor on a tank ZERO meaning, when either players spam gold at you or WG places a GIANT COMMANDERS HATCH on your turret! Pffft why did i even start playing this game, why did i became so invested in this game? WHY?

  11. Actually Jingles, Tier 1 and 2 use autocannons, not autoloaders

  12. 2:50 Wg is taking all the stats with pz 2 and 1c and all other tanks shooting MGs with AP shells 2500 rounds per minute.. and then they have stats like 5% gold ammo shots

    Ps: ok you explained it later xD to fast comment xD sorry Jingles

    • Yep, they’re giving us the percentage across all tiers, without any adjustment for all the low-tier autocannons. And even aside from that, there’s the fact that low-tier players tend to have a lot less credits, so gold is less prevalent down there in general and not just for autocannon tanks. It’s mostly the sealclubbers who use gold down there, and if they were the majority (meaning there were no longer seals to club), they’d stop doing it because it’d no longer boost their WR.

  13. Good game, well played… Way to USE your armour.
    In WoT, everything is a tool to be learned & used to its full potential. That’s how you succeed in WoT.
    Hey wait a minute… I never gotted an ACE???
    I want an ace too!

  14. I think they meant 5% isn’t gold

  15. Forget heading to a stream to pan for a lil bit of gold just roll around tier9 they have high velocity gold and they are willing to share either that or it turns gold on contact with my tank like iv got midis’ touch

  16. adomas slanksnis

    Lower plate is 140 mm and its effectiveness is about 200. weakest spot is on a turret 160 mm. So yeah… if you in 6t you are forced to spam gold…

  17. Or you know a few student or hong kong protesters and you get the same result. Bonus points for sacrificing a fictional stuffed bear or a muslim ethnic minority.

  18. Arne Pietruszewski

    Those seeds will be jurassic when they finally start to grow.


    Lying by Omission is still Lying

  20. So, using fake premium tanks with matchmaking means you don’t have to use gold ammo. Got it.

  21. A better way to express the thought of thinking an breathing would be breathing and pressing the 2 key.

  22. So much gold is used on NA server. Not complaining since if you can afford it might as well use it but they need to rethink it a little.

  23. I really don’t take my 112 out often enough – it is fun to play, but the gun is rubbish. I usually hit a lot, don’t penetrate, but still make 40,000 silver profit. How does that work?

  24. 6:20 LOL no, Jingles
    112’s lower glacis is actually monstruously thick for a lower glacis of a tier 8 tank.

  25. Speaking of re-education camps, here’s a reminder of the present horrors going on in China against the Uighurs Muslim minority ethnic group

  26. statistics are very easy to manipulate

  27. This isn’t fair he is out in the open and there is no arty…..but look how much of the map is used now that there is no arty in the game

  28. Playing World of Tanks on both pc and console, I can tell WG stats don’t a damn thing when play any heavy tank at any teir. I just wish they would let us turn all of that gold ammo into gold that we can use.

  29. The 112 is my favourite tank in the game. Its the only tank I have 3 marked and its super fun. The pref matchmaking make this a beast. Even the low pen is fine load the HE and make most problems disappear.

  30. Hermanni is a species of tortoise :p
    (Testudo hermanni)

  31. The Tog II, she’s on sale. 😀

  32. You can’t hear the sound of an image

    Youtube starts playing Jingles’ WoT intro without sound

  33. I figure this will be buried, but I know that the 5% gold fired is BS at higher tiers. According to WoT Valor, console version, 18% of shots fired at T10 are gold. That is probably similar to PC, and most likely Wargaming does actually have the ability to tell how much gold is fired tier for tier, and they just don’t want to admit how much it scales with tiers.

  34. As Mark Twain said. There’s lies,damn lies and statistics.

  35. Wow the way You comment battles is the best of all wot streamers! Subscribed

  36. Jingles’ big fat Ahss.

  37. When your credit card isn´t strong enough to buy you the skill you need for winning.
    14 shots bounced, mostly gold ammo.
    He hit his enemies´ wallet harder than their tanks!

  38. -Sounds like an explanation of Boris’s covid testing stats.

  39. Here’s some insight on the overuse of PREMO AMMO.
    There is a BOTTOM LINE as well at the end so pay tention.

    The idea anyone needs to use Premo ammo for every shot is just silly & ignorant. PERIOD!
    The entire game is based on the premise that ALL tanks & potentially every shot you take will penetrate a given weak spot using the standard ammo provided for each tank within the tiers it sees. The exceptions to this vary & can change from moment to moment during a game so knowing when to change your ammo is a learning curve everyone should LEARN.
    (Hint: Gaming Mechanics – Wiki WoT)
    Some examples are as follows:
    1) Your tank & the tank you are shooting are at NON-ideal angles making the weak spots no longer viably weak enough & the current ammo choice being used is not enough to pen.
    2) No weak spot is visible where it’s thin/weak enough to pen due to many circumstances. Terrain, hull down, dead tank in the way. etc.
    3) Your location does not allow your tank to pinpoint a known weak spot, thus you must attempt to pen another perhaps NOT as weak spot your current ammo cannot normally pen.
    4) The elevation your tank is on, vs. the elevation your opponent’s tank is on changes the weak spot angle enough to make the current ammo choice no longer viable. etc.etc.etc…

    There are 100’s of possibilities which can arise at any time making it difficult to pen known weak spots on enemy tanks. But how many shells do you need to fire before that situation is over?
    MOST of the time/95% of the time/almost every single time, the standard ammo for YOUR tank will pen if you are aiming at weak spots as this was how the entire game was designed.
    GET USED TO THAT FACT cause its true.

    ALL the ammo in your tank has a general, specific or ideal usage. There things certain types of ammo cannot do & things you should use certain types of ammo for & knowing these differences can make or break your game. LEARN THIS. (Hint: Gaming Mechanics – Wiki WoT)
    Standard Shells: FACT: 95% of the shots you fire will be the standard ammo for your tank cause that’s how the entire game was designed around. Have you heard this before?
    HE Shells: These have mazing characteristics which allow for the removal of tracks, resetting cap circle, penning turrets when other shells keep bouncing, getting some damage when a tank is side scraping etc.
    Premo Shells: These are for the RARE occasions when your tank & the enemy tank are just not in ideal circumstances for your shell to hit their weak spot at a sufficient angle to pen it. Shit does happen, for this there is PREMO AMMO. But shit is not the norm.

    The chance you will need more than a few Premo or HE shells during an entire game is small, if you need them at all. If you aim, learn & hit the weak spots of your enemy tank, you will pen it most of the time. It takes some effort, some learning, some interest in the game at least to the point of READING a few paragraphs each day until you learn enough about any one subject be it tanks, consumables, other aspects of the game, etc. then you move onto another subject & learn more.
    If you’re seeing nothing but turrets & your standard AP shells will not pen, try HE. HE can & will do some damage but often not a lot.
    But it will let your enemy know you can now pen their turret & they will change their tactics now that you can pen them.
    So look for a different tactic to use your Standard ammo again to do more substantial damage than HE will do & DON’T just rush to use Premo ammo, there is a strong chance you won’t need it anyway.
    If you automatically change to Premo ammo every time you DON’T pen, you are just wasting shells & credits for nothing.

    E.g.: If your heavy tier X tank uses around 20 shells per game on average. At worst, you might need to use 2-3 Premo & 4-5 HE shells in the entire game. That’s NOT a lot of premo ammo.
    Sometimes you may need to continuously track an enemy & use 10 HE shells in a row to keep them tracked until a team mate can help you get the kill or reset the cap repeatedly until help arrives.
    This is not unusual & using a lot of HE shells for things like this will happen quite often, but again, that is normal. Using premo ammo like it was standard ammo is NOT normal & NOT needed.

    The entire game was designed to use standard ammo almost ALL of the time, with specific reasons & situations where you may need to use some of the other ammo options.
    This makes perfect sense.
    However, if you are noticing an increased use of Premo ammo game after game & after 5 or 10 games, you have lost more credits than gained; clearly this is NOT how the game was designed.
    If you need to use more Premo ammo than the norm game after game, you need to re-evaluate the way you are using your tanks & learn some more of the gaming mechanics cause you are doing something wrong.

    It is NOT uncommon to lose credits in a game or two, even a few games in a row, but overall, after a succession of games played, you should be earning way more than you are losing regardless of winning or losing battles. If you are NOT showing an increase in credits after a succession of games, you need to look at what you are doing wrong & if premo ammo is being overused, YOU are the issue; NOT THE GAME.


  40. TeensierPython -

    So according to jingles gold ammo is perfectly balanced and has no effect on game play. Got it.

  41. Great match he had congrats.

  42. “the data doesn’t lie!”

    “Bullshit, the data will say whatever you torture it into saying.”

  43. with the 5 percent gold ammo figure u also have to find out if gold ammo was even needed some ppl just use it on my skorpion g, you also have to look at old tanks with old outdated pen values which are kinda forced to use gold because of powercreep which i guess u could count as outliers since its just them keeping out with the forever moving goal post of bigger armour and ppl using gold because they haven’t researched the top gun of there tank is a factor in gold ammo being used which skews the numbers because if they had the top gun they would have plenty of pen so they wouldn’t use as much gold and lastly HE the only other round is shit so there are only really 2 choices if HE was more competitive then there would be a real choice or make the intutition skill on the gunner 100 percent so when he is a option we can use it.

  44. Gold ammo is the reason I quit the game.

  45. Thanks for the replay Jingles. Good one.

  46. i dont even play or really like world of tanks but nevertheless watch every single one of your videos because they are so damn enjoyable

  47. If jingles or anyone else sees this, where would I send a link to a kv2 game I recorded on Xbox the other day? I already went back through and did all the camera work

  48. 85% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

  49. This is wrong… this is so wrong…

    Tier 8 top tier matchmaking?

  50. Dear WG,

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