World of Tanks – Good Enough

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

No-one can be great all the time, many of us struggle to be great some of the time. Being good enough is achievable, though.

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  1. 9 years old and probably unable to read or make very simple arithmetical operation … good job mitch … a good face of a winner

  2. The 9yr old is seal clubbing.

  3. Still don’t play wot since they wrecked it with clown cars and gold spam. Still watch your videos though.

  4. The cromwell played like an asshole, toptier tank, sniping across half of the map and keept on sniping while his team was grinded down

  5. Jingles can you please do a warthunder channel? Most mates jumped ship and never pay wot anymore.

  6. Concorde Makes Videos

    GG to Mitch there. I at least. Wish both you and your father the best of luck for your respective futures.

  7. Great game Mitch!!!! Well done!

  8. First Game.???
    Wait until the Honeymoon is over…
    Good Shooting..

  9. Actually Jingles the AMX 40 is a “light” tank. Okay, it may only reach it’s top speed when you throw it off a cliff, but still a light tank.

  10. Wtf i love your warship replay but this t62a replay suck 9 year old it not my problem

  11. I am so happy for the kid. It made my morning.

  12. this boy is far better than me ;(

  13. Seemsmlike a 9 year old gonna get a call from Bovington?.

  14. Mitch has gigachad DNA.

  15. I was 11 when i first started playing WOT and I was awful lol

  16. MITCH you absolute LEGEND!

  17. “actually,Jingles”, the Comet loses pretty much of the Cromwell mobility…

  18. I love your commentary and dit spinning.

  19. You can really tell Jingles is a Britt… he’s english reading skill is 2nd to none… execpt everyone above the age of 3. “To slow you idiot” he claims the churchil says ” while he actually says “To LATE you idiot” (with some corrections for his typing skills) a HUGE diffrence since capping at that point was FAR to late… churchil ofc still an idiot just not a 100% idiot merely a 90% idiot. Jingles however is not an idiot at all… I get more and more sure he Messes up on purpose for the content and meme. I mean a flawless commentary from Jingles…. there is no such thing. 🙂

  20. Beside the troll comment below… GG Mitch or Mitch JR damn great game. and for the last game… am i the only one AMAZED NOONE took the southern flank on EITHER team? execpt potentially Minimap ofc.

  21. Im realy surpised that the second game made it into our gnome overlords video. Do you remember times when only really exceptional or really funny videos made it through the cut? Yeah.

  22. 𝙧𝙞𝙧𝙞 𝙥𝙚𝙗𝙗𝙮

    Jingles, I’m wondering if anyone ever gave you this feedback. The game audio in almost every single video of yours seem to be a lot louder than your voice. This usually doesn’t bother me but this video in particular I found myself going back to try to understand what you actually say a lot more than usual, so I decided to comment on it.

    Thanks for the vids!

  23. anyone else have Clauses “my daddy lets me play his account because i only have tier 2” go through their head when they found out the player was only 9 years old? lol

  24. A 9 year old playing a game at 1040pm?

  25. Cromwell isn’t a good tank? Probably the best tier 6 tech tree medium tank! And I agree with his team, he was sniping long range, not able to shoot everything due to terrain and not getting his health into the game. He used his team as spotters. I’d be pissed too.

  26. Most players on world of tanks are mentally 9 years old children. I just got Radley Walter’s metal playing Westfield map in my E25. Playing the opposite slope in standard battle. That’s very very rare that Cromwel tank would have that whole map side to himself. My E25 on the opposite side always makes sure that won’t happen. With vision and stealth perks the E25 owns that map.

  27. 15:14

    Jingles: Now the M44 is a fast reloading artillery

    Me: Should we tell him that the M44 got is reload and accuracy nerfed ?

  28. Jingles, gg for both games!

  29. did like the M44 giving advice after only doing 134 damage,

  30. I’ve been playing WoT longer than Mitch has been alive.

    So I guess I’ll be retiring now because I’m completely outclassed by the new generation of players. Holy crow.

  31. Long enough that I can actually put my feet up and enjoy.

  32. Guess the t-62 is not playd a lot anymore if that is a master medal, and the other way around for the cromwell ^^ Really not a fan of the comet myself, basically dumpster unless you fire nothing but gold, that gun does not hold up against higher tiers, especially with almost none of the tanks since the jap heavies having any weakspots to speak of.

  33. ArthRIGHTICK…
    Jingles 2023

  34. @ 6:28 you said it’s always a mistake to load HE
    I agree with this too
    I have stopped carrying ANY HE in all of my Medium and heavy tanks because of this

  35. A win is a win. As long as you win and are not in the bottom quarter of the team you did enough things right to get that win. Winning is all that counts in pvp games.

  36. Good job to little man. 9 years old keep up the good work. Mitch this one is for you.

  37. great little player. Has more common sense than most adults

  38. When jingles said “c’mon kid”, I knew Mitch was young, I didn’t think he would be that young. Well done young Mitch

  39. GG to Cromwell

  40. Good video Jingles
    Thank You !

  41. Great job Mitch junior!

  42. Jingles logic is hilarious.

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