World of Tanks – Good Guy Don

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Source: Mighty Jingles

It's not often I get to showcase a who's not only doing an ass-ton of damage but also playing like a decent human being, so I'm very happy to be able to do exactly that in todays' World of Tanks video. Ladies and gents, it's Good Guy Don!

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

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  1. Awesome game.

  2. at about 2 mins, look at the chat, the E100 is complaining that he’s stock and that MM screwed him by putting him in a T10 game..

  3. “Basically a waste of oxygen”
    *Exits fullscreen mode and clicks like instantly*

    Keep it up, oh mighty salt overlord!

  4. thanks jingles, great game, nice commentary as always Sir

  5. great game. thanks for sharing.

  6. elc amx is crippled now. light tanks in general are a waste of time when the meds and heavys have better view range.

  7. Did I hear a woman moaning at 7:14 and 7:18???

  8. Jingles, love your comments man, and videos. wish u didnt give away what was going to happen so early in the video ! god bless. Please keep up the hard work, you are a dying breed with your naval knowledge (i watch your world of warship videos too). Maybe try editing to where you dont blow the surprise the whole video, ya know? (also when horny wife is moaning in backround, make her happy chap!)

  9. don is a horrible shot, cant hit for shit

  10. I think this is one of the best replays you’ve shared to date, gameplay-wise. 🙂

  11. man the rng in this game

  12. ok who else would’ve tried to yolo ram the e100 on 29 health?

  13. That “I must be safe now…” moment in the cap circle by E5. Epic 🙂

  14. I didn’t watch the whole video, but how bad could his aim be to do only 6.3k damage with 30 shells who do 390 damage each. Thats 11700 potential damage and he did like half of that.

  15. WTF was that noise at 7:14 O.O…sounded like a sexual moan from a female. 7:18 and 7:38 as well, there’s no doubt.

  16. wow, one of the most satisfying videos in WoT since a long time. Great teamplay, great communication. Everything just great!

  17. Churchill GC best tank ever 🙂

  18. Florinache Florinache

    nice game,excelent team work

  19. When a tier 10 artillery does 3 damage… welcome to World of Bullshits… it has become so much fun playing high tier arties and do 100 damage on direct hits. Well done by WG.

  20. my strategy every match: move forward and dont ever stop unless defending at the end of a game.
    wn8: 1950
    recent wn8: 3350
    winrate: 64,34%

    suicide is quite efficient for stats xD

    tier 8,9 average tier played btw.

  21. This is AWESOME, the teamwork in a random battle, the awareness.

  22. Just played arty myself and WTF HAVE THEY DONE! Before I was missing but at least doing more splash damage than now and waiting 40 secs. Now I do no dmg and have to wait the SAME amount of time…
    Just DELETE arty from the game and reimburse all players with credits WG! FFS

  23. 7:18
    Jingles records his replays while watching porn on another screen xD

  24. The new MM tries to balance tanks…but it still skews all the retards onto one team

  25. now, this is a player that i respect!

  26. Ranulf Lewis Flanagan

    I believe he was still spotted when he went into that bush, he didn’t seem to wait long enough, thus the E-100 probably fired at where he saw him last, good guess, but Don could still see him aiming exactly there.

  27. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Such a beautifull replay! Absolutely beautiful!

    The E100 at the last part of the game, had to turn his turret away but keep his view on that bush, he knew the BC25t was going there. Turn his turret away to made the BC25t thinks he has lost him, and then unexpected turn the turret and shoot in the bush.

  28. Best game ever.

  29. remarkable game and an exceedingly good on the spot commander role to spontaneously pull off in a random match with those circumstances, *CLAPS*


  31. Teamplay in a pub game???? I thought that was a fairytale. Even more seeing a MT actually helping the arty. Hope i will live long enough to see it happen in a game i am in.

  32. I have a question – is anyone here in Europe playing on NA server? I’m thinking about going to NA because there is much much better behaviour in teams and less rage, but playing WoT and having lags while aiming for example, would be terrifying. How good is connection on NA server from Europe?

  33. Mohammad Asif Matin

    awesome team work…!

  34. If i was in that match, i’d be handing out all my compliments to don and the T92. Epic play from both of them

  35. that mmoment when youtube unsubs you..

  36. why havent u played war thunder for a while @TheMightyJingles

  37. This was a fantastic replay, was really interesting to watch compared to other 10k damage games 🙂

  38. This guy is a really bad Bat Chat player.I didnt like this replay.

  39. i hear a woman in the 7:16 7:19 that made a horny sound and again in 7:36 what is going on

  40. indeed one hell of a game

  41. The e-100 at the start of the match was complaining about being put in a tier 10 game??? There is no other alternative, this guy

  42. This guy had really low FPS, I think it made his aiming jittery wasting ammunition.

  43. The one time people are happy they have arty on their team.

  44. I think I know why his aim was off when he missed a lot of shots.

    if you look at the top left corner you can see ingame frame per second the ones in the brackets is jingles. but the ones without is his fps when playing. and it was hovering constantly between 10-22

    So don was litterally playing on a potate. which might excuse his lousy shooting.

  45. I’d like to have seen the xvm % chance of this game. The other team came over the top hill very quickly and with a level of confidence which makes me think that Don’s team was only on around a 20% chance to win, hence the heavys and 215b getting wiped out so quickly. Well played to Don and the arty though!

  46. If only this kind of player existed in SEA server

  47. Really heartwarming (no irony at all here !) to see such gameplay. Very nice vid, thx

  48. *in Jamaican accent* Don’s me man!

  49. Everyone here hates arty until they have to rely on them to win the match

  50. they just released the girls und panzer anglerfish pnzr 4 on Xbox. the mighty jingles

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