World of Tanks || GOOD RIDDANCE

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World of Tanks. The Object 268 v 4 was just nerfed in update .2 and I argue why I think it's good riddance to rubbish.


World of Tanks is a game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Sorry but this tank is so broken that it didn’t even had to be tested to see it is broken… TD with mobility of a Grille, armor of T95 and good damage, what can go wrong ?

  2. Why put an overpowered RUSSIAN TD in the game?
    Quicky must have took his stupid pills!
    ITS FUCKING RUSSIAN of course its overpowered
    “but there is no Russian Bias in this game”…. right?!?

  3. dont use xvm please

  4. YES, thank good it was nerfed!

    Anyone who says it was not overpowerd… well you are wrong! And its not just because im saying that, that you are wrong. You just are, regardless of mine or anyone elses opinion!

    Good video Quickybaby, totally agree with you! ?

  5. Only way to balance this is to give Jgpz E100 top speed of 50km/h

  6. I also wonder why this tank was released. I mean its obvious tier 10 MM is a delicate balance that took years to refine to achieve equilibrium between the main balancing factors: firepower, armour, mobility
    Why would they release a tank design that is actually exactly like the T110E3 – a balanced tank- but with medium like mobility on top? this is absolutely obvious that it will result in a tank twice as good as a regular one which will dominate the battlefield.
    I really had less fun playing since this tank was introduced. So yes, I am glad to see it is finally nerfed, will the nerf be enough though I wonder?

  7. 3:00 “Want to know how you can best help our your team when you are a bottom tier 8? die in a useful position for your 268 v4” – QB

  8. I don’t understand why the “don’t nerf it ppl spent money on it” is a thing: EVERYONE knew how stupidly broken OP this thing was. So for Object 263 owners it’s a pity anyway and for people who speedgrinded it in the 268 4 state KNEW that they did it to buff their own winrate because that’s how broken the thing is. I can’t feel sorry for people who spend time and money on a tank which had the clock ticking for it to be hammered. And hammering it isn’t pleasing the community, it’s common sense.

    The 268 4 is the stupidest tank that has ever set foot in this game. And yes, I played when the unnerfed WT auf E 100 was a thing, which was also stupid but at least you could cripple it with HE. This thing was just unbeatable.

  9. Exactly why I no longer play World of Tanks! World of Warships is still ok but they are starting to screw with that too now.

  10. I feel bad for all the clan players who rushed to get this tank because “Yo this tank is super meta, we’ll payout a large gold sum to players who get this tank” which is what clans like mine did…

    I didn’t fall for the hype, or the gold sum though because I knew that being at tier 2 on that line that by the time I got it it would be nerfed so I feel I dodged a bullet on this one… 6.1 million credits is a fair chunk of change no matter how good you are at making credits…

  11. 10% nerfed..well that thing still gonna eat u for breakfast tho, its not a sniper ffs, its a ussr F’in heavy tank!!

  12. Vytenis Kajackas

    Only the mighty WT auf E100 can balance this thing

  13. Clash Royale Opening

    This replay is from livestream

  14. If WG had some basic quality control going on before releasing a tank like this it would have been clear even before Test-Server launch that this thing is stupidly overpowered. It just had too many good traits and was hardly if ever counterable!
    A decently working quality control department would have detected the problems with this vehicle long before release!

  15. I would for sure like to know what is going on at the WG HQ and why it took them so long to nerf this vehicle. They always state that they listen to their community, which is true in some extent, but why have they completly ignored players feedback about the 268 v4. Both the contributors and the players have shared their opinions very strongly about this tank being OP….WHY is WG then sitting for over 120 days doing nothing. Sure they must have discussed the matter, but why not agree with the playerbase at the very beginning, that the tank was OP as it was very clear to even a baboon. Sometimes I don’t get the reason af the staff behind WG…

  16. I think it is important that “heavy” youtubers as you make a valid (or several) point when something is severly wrong. However I am reluctant to think WG is really listening as long as they are swiming in money. The only action is to stop playing but the idea of the game is still good so we are still there. There are so many other things they could focus on to improve the game instead of launching op tanks all the time.

  17. Antanas Jankauskas

    Will, I gotta say it. I watch your videos over 3 years and you keep surprising us. Your observations are very accurate. GJ, amigo.

  18. You get it wrong, It isnt suffering playing against it or grinding it. Its “fun”.. right? RIGHT?

  19. Dragan Crnogorac

    I’m the lucky one who got OBJ263 for 4 years until OBJ268v4 arrived. So I was like rush into enemy, get destroyed in 10 seconds and get into another battle in regular OBJ268 and camping so naturally deal 8000 dmg. So I was like which one OBJ is OP?

  20. Clearly WG is run by a bunch of brainless monkeys. Just have a look at the the easymode autoloaders and the state of German tanks in the game.

  21. Feel cheated? yeah I felt cheated like how I got cheated out of getting the wte100 and now stuck with the pos that is the grille 15

  22. the gaming pizaa

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  23. the gaming pizaa

    STRV 103B pls

  24. 3:08 Wtf was that bullshit shot… soviet tanks can shoot through the ground?

  25. I think WarGaming should be less concerned about nerfing tanks that people enjoy playing. The tank also has to be fun to play against (outplay possibilities through specific weaknesses). Not every patch needs to bring new stuff. Smaller balance patches inbetween content patches would help the game a lot in my opinion. Just to stop something like this from happening again.

    When it comes to the testserver i think Wargaming shoult implement a survey that pops up for players who have played a certain amount of games. It should include how powerfull/impactfull you felt on your tank and how fair/balanced it felt to play against a new tank that is about to be released.

  26. Just bring back 263 to tierX

  27. still think it was easy to take down the “old” OBJ 268 4 and when ever i played it in the four days i had it, ppl spammed heat at me… but then again i mainly play in a FOCH 155 :I so why you heff to be mad?

  28. Completely correct about that test server, I stopped playing on it cause when it’s 100% gold flying all the time I cant really test my armor on potential new tanks. It just goes to show again that WG really doesn’t listen well to the community, everyone knew the V4 was OP early on. It was all over the NA server forum with people hating it calling it broken. Listen Linda.. LISTEN. :d

  29. Just wait for OP loot crate tanks which is the norm on blitz now.

  30. 0:42 that little guy is so cute <3

  31. I have been saying for months that the test server is increasingly irrelevant. Your ideas on limiting premium ammo and limiting the number of games played in each vehicle should allow a better idea of the true characteristics of any new tank. Will WG do anything about it? Doubt it.

  32. Remember when Wargaming used to say the buffs and nerfs were for ‘historical accuracy’? I miss those days.

  33. There is making a profit, then there is seeking to maximise profit. They are two different things. You may not feel able to say that War Gaming introduce overpowered vehicles on purpose but I am. I am also able to say that the real reason RNG exists is to incentivise premium ammo – as aiming precisely at small weak points is actually redundant in this game. Everything they do, from converting experience to retraining crews is aimed at monetising. Everything. And I speak as one who has spent more real money on this game than any other game in history. I am sick of it.

  34. براہمداغ

    My question is; How come did the great minds at WG didn’t figure out how overpowered this tank as going to be in the game, when every cat, dog and mouse that plays WoT did. And was screaming about it since the test server.

  35. I’m really interested to see how many players this piece of shit cost them. I know I won’t be coming back any time soon (although I went over to WoWS so that won’t loose them any sleep). But it will be a while before I trust them enough to give Tanks another try.

  36. WG isn’t touching German Tech tree because the game is Russian

  37. Alexander Stoyanov

    I want my old 263 since the moment wg monkeys changed it…even though 268v4 was op compared to old 263 it’s just not fun to play for me

  38. Thankfully, when they downtiered the OB263 they didn’t screwed that up much, so with a crew with bia its just perfect to play.

  39. Harry Ampatzides

    this tank is still broken.period.

  40. > Uhh, this tank is outrageous, it is so overpowered
    > proceeds to use it for 100+ games to pad his statistics.

  41. Catalin Huzum Streza

    So what was so bad about the 268 v4?

    That EVERYONE could have great games in it? Wow, the unicum crowd is really showing their snobbery. I suppose the peasants should just take the beating and kiss the purple hand that clicks you.

    That it was fast and well-armored? So are the stupid Chinese heavies, which can also just out-DPM you and laugh at your armor with 340 HEAT spam. And why is it so bad to have a tank that can bounce shots with its front? This tank can push a flank. It can move past a corner. It can break those boring deadlocks when tanks are hulldown and nobody can move without exposing some weak plate. In a 268 v4 you could MOVE forward, you could actually push without being instantly blasted back to garage by a camper that refused to move for 5 minutes from his position. HOW AWFUL.

    Nobody seems to notice that for the 268 v4 had an awful gun. Awful DPM, low alpha damage for a TD, OK penetration, awful dispersion. The absolutely only good thing about it was quick aimtime – which it desperately needed considering it has no turret. Reload was LOOOOONG – some tanks could shoot you 3 times for every shot you fired at them.

    Traverse speed was awful, this thing was right at the bottom of the list. Almost every other tank could easily circle it. The armor could be penetrated with a careful aiming and a bit of luck. There was ONE tank that was not an autopen for HEAT spammers – well, I guess we can’t have that.

    I guess people prefer being blasted to bits by invisible campers in their swedish tds with insane camo, DPM and PEN, ROFL pawned by gold-spamming autoloaders or clicked to death from above by camperwagons that they can never touch but have the greatest accuracy in game. All the above happen MUCH more often than meeting a 268 v4 that engages you frontally and kills you.

  42. I am not sure, why we have super tests or test servers. Put the tanks into the game balanced! Yeah, this tank was unbalanced, but that is not my problem, how QB told, i wasted a lot of personal reservers and spent pretty much time to get this td. They nerfed that, because of crying people. If you tell them: ,,So get that if you think that is so op.” So they will answer. ,,No, i will not to play this bullshit.” Why? Because they have not enough time or they are not able to overcome low tiers. And this is not my problem as well. As usual – If i will not get it, nobody will get it. Pretty obvious behaviour. Just my opinion.

  43. Dear British people,

    The letter Z does not have a ‘ed’ after it. It’s Z not zed. Thank you.

  44. Play type 5 heavy with 140 cm gun.:-)

  45. This thing is still overpower from its armor and power ratio, think about what Foch 155 has right now, which is pretty much a old school tank. No body want to play 155 compare with this one.

  46. Cheated? Yup I think that’s the right word for the people who hard grinded that vehicle out…. I wonder what the next flavour of the month OP premium tank will be? I thought the Obj 277 might be the next thing with those ridiculous premium rounds but they seem to have actually nerfed that thing quite a lot since the test server. I never work too hard to grind out these tanks as I know sooner or later a nerf will be coming for it, don’t give in to them people! If we stop chucking away our free exp at these stupid tanks when they get released this cycle of OP to mediocre for the new tanks will become pointless for them.

  47. I like what Circonn did. He didint play this tanks cause its op.

  48. Cmon Wargaming, introducing such OP tanks that can’t be penned in order for us to use the 5% to pen it. Like ffs, playing in T8s and fighting against this, what do I do? The weak spot isn’t even weak, not even for gold. Then it has 650 alpha, it’s more fucking mobile than most tanks as well. And still, it remained OP in the game for nearly a third of a year… You’re really taking the biscuit WG.

  49. – A TD with a TD gun, mmm okay that’s fine.
    – A TD with medium tank mobility… Mmm sketchy but hopefully it’s got paper thin armour like other fast TDs
    – Hmmm no it’s got better armour and no weak spots than most heavies.
    Goodluck tier 8 and goodjob WG

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