World of Tanks || Greedy Pig vs SPG-15

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World of – Greedy Pig vs . Today I’m taking on in my T9 French SPG the Bat-Chatillon 155 55.

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a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. u should make a new intro qb

  2. what arty mod have you Quickybaby? Is it legal?

  3. An evil self-propelled gun. Isn’t that redundant?

  4. this arty replay is (maybe) the most useful… knowing which spot is open
    for arty, knowing when to move and not, and so on…

  5. I did this mission with FV3805, and I did 7.500 damage :D

  6. Your modpack doesnt work for me annymore since the 1 april update HELP

  7. Nick Kloosterman

    1 thing I found a shame because I can’t un zip the file

  8. I remember this livestream :D

  9. Good luck with you Japanese grinds QB I have the Type 4 heavy and tbh it
    was a little disappointing after the O Ho .. even with the top gun it
    bounces more than the E100 🙁 I hope you can do a review soon on the best
    way to play it .

  10. 0:37 , This scope is a mod ?

  11. Artillery: sapping the fun from world of tanks since introduction. That
    their ten Frenchy is especially scumbaggy. Turreted race car with an auto
    loader. Ridiculous

  12. lol i was watching the live stream and that is funny af

  13. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    is Bath chatillion 155 55 good?
    please tell good things in it and bad things 😉
    great video! :)

  14. “RageBaby” be like “**** this guy he’s getting luck of the Irish now”

  15. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Right QB, “bad gun” on this 155 55 and 155 58 😀 Those arty are so
    accurate that using the “G mode” makes them now the deadliest T9+10 arty in
    the game.
    Just yesterday i got hit in E5 for 1300 by the BC frontally (cos rng lead
    the shot right by my slightly turned turret), damn i can’t do that damage
    reliable in my GC and this thing on tier 10 has 4 shells….

    That was always the trade-off …. big dmg or accuracy. Before you needed a
    skill to lead shot to weak armor on the target from top view, now everyone
    just aims “normally” and prays for RNG to do the work. The G mode makes the
    arty like FV304, LeFH, whole French line, M44s (rapid firing and
    “accurate”) the most dangerous in the game. I am not worried if i see T92s,
    GCs anymore on enemy team, the BCs are the pain now…

  16. rapadmat elmoualy

    how you can do this visual with the arty in this time 0:35 ?

  17. what was the total dmg?

  18. Luboš Navrátil

    Most of people play tanks like artylery.

  19. I thought MagmaMusen uploading a video :D

  20. QuickyBaby, I have your xvm mod pack, is this new artillery mod in that
    pack please? If so, how do you use it? Many Thanks, I’m a big fan of your
    videos, great content :)

  21. If you want an arty challenge, go with the German line after tier 6, People
    who play that then go into the French or American arty line, find it as a
    vacation compared to the German line.

  22. Albus Dumbledore

    saw this on stream, was a pleasure to watch! :D

  23. Where can I get Quickybaby mod?

  24. glennschellekens

    how does he get that vibration when he shoots? and how did he get that

  25. Congrats for the result, QB! Nice TD mode at the end. :)

  26. 10:03 – “and I decided that the JgpzE100 is gonna be reloading ” :D

  27. mrcannotfindaname

    QB killed 2 scumbags, so what does this make him?

  28. want to know which recording software you use to record gameplay?


    QB you should do some battle map guide (for example were to stand, camp or
    which position to take as Tank types.) That would be a great help for all

  30. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Lucky Few platoon reported!

  31. Thanks for the video

    Could you give me the name of the 3rd person view ? I couldn’t seem to find
    it on the WG mod forum.
    Thank you very much

  32. 4000dmg in tier 9 arty and you get mastery, i do 6000 dmg in a tier 8 and
    no mastery…

  33. You are a great tank player.Please dont use sniper mod for artys, like a
    little cheater.

  34. nice shirt :)

  35. to fight the arty….you must be the arty…

  36. You did it your self QB.. NO arty aims for camping tds. they aim purely for
    the guys up front. Arty negates the use of heavy tank features. they ruin
    complete battles for some guys. i can give you a dozen replays of the last
    two weeks where im one shotted in a bottom tier heavy NOT standing still
    before i even fire a shot. arty ruins the game.

  37. how to fix the xvm mod

  38. oh god QB is now better than me in every last way in WOT.. XD Spg is kind
    of my last territory

  39. QB… please. Stop using the word Pig in your videos, those Peppa Pig
    suggestions man

  40. I’ll just stick with my FV304 for now…rain little shits from the sky like
    a boss.

  41. Birch is better in my opinion.

  42. LOVE that you are playing arty man! Wish you would do it a lil more often!

  43. What keys takes you to the 3rd view with the modpack?

  44. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail

    wait! G.W. Conqueror? new tank? xD

  45. Really good play

  46. i hope my change to French arty was a good idea… American arty was
    inacuarate as hell

  47. What is that arty mod?

  48. The Rebel Chicken

    “If i get sneezed on, my tank is toast.”

    A very snotty toast. Delicious

  49. 1:01 that B-C be like “ARTY SO FUN”
    and that enemy CGC .. You’re too kind QB, ofc they’re streamsniping why the
    hell would you counter arty with this British artillery, especially to kill
    tier 9 arties ?
    But well played QB awesome replay !

  50. I know I’m getting outplayed when a CGC splashes my maus equipped with a
    spall liner for 1200 and knocks out 2 modules:’)

  51. how did u get that gun arc view?

  52. great game in my favorite and most played artillery piece! 🙂 congratz on
    taking out that platoon. I can’t wait to see more arty replays, maybe
    M53/55 which I consider to be one of best artillery in game, rivalling even
    this Bat arty 🙂
    Nice to know you are playing more artillery on streams these days, I watch
    your stream very occasionally, but now I want to watch more :)

  53. Scumbag!

  54. I need this rly fast what is the mod, i had the same mod but it doesn’t
    work !!!

  55. The GW conqueror? OH GOD

  56. Don’t you feel GREAT when you kill a FULL platoon? ?, it feels like making
    fun of them.

  57. I started playing arty to do the missions… Didn’t get very far once I
    realised it was going to be pretty hard to do them without getting to
    higher tier arty.

  58. Wow, really changes my perspective on arty. Was nice to see you do awesome
    despite the circumstances. Epic game QuickyBaby!

  59. That is called an isometric view. :)

  60. It is called “crest clearance” when you try to figure out the capability of
    your gun’s firing range and the minimum depression angle that can be used
    before the crest becomes a problem. This is taught in basic artillery

  61. Hi if u aren’t created IS-3 tank review and gameplay please create i need
    to know everything about it ;)

  62. That was really good.

  63. What arty line should I go up? I’m thinking about the British and American.

  64. How are you doing that special sniper mode?

  65. i feel sorry for anyone that didn’t see this live, shit was intense!!

  66. Christian Hostetler

    >Artillery are very vulnerable
    >Doesn’t get spotted till the 10 minute mark

  67. The fact is that artillery ruins people’s games. It would be so nice if WG
    removed artillery from the game.

  68. so what was the name of that spg mod? I never did hear it.

  69. I refuse to like or support artillery in any way, which is why I will not
    be liking this video.


    13:37 You call that a headshot?

    That’s like blasting a guy in the head at 100 feet with 120mm canister shot
    and yelling, “HEADSHOT!” There’s probably not even enough of his body left
    to tell the difference.

  71. So what was the name of that mod u were using for your spg? I don’t think I
    ever heard the name. great job btw. keep up the great work.

  72. great GAME. kEEP THEM COMING.

  73. i saw this stream , but i fell asleep ?

  74. Man, that view mod is bullshit. If you’re using anything that gives you any
    kind of advantage over other players, you’re cheating.

  75. Scumbag QB

  76. “even if a mouse sneezes on me….” its ok man I got you :P

  77. Hi QB, SPG15 for T55A? This is how you do it: :)

  78. I got to watch this live on Twitch. I was on the edge of my seat!

  79. its weird for me to say this considering i hate artys so much but i think
    if i was going to play an arty id pick this its seems much less rng
    dependant plus the turret and speed seen nice the tier 10 one though is bat
    shit op i mean an autoloader arty? what were they smoking when they thought
    that was a good idea.

  80. Michael McGinley

    Is that a pershing chassis?

  81. Bjarne Sørensen

    Very nice to see a arty game QB =) thanks =)

  82. For the record, we weren’t even bothering checking the Stream. I don’t even
    watch streams when I don’t play.
    For the almost entire game we had enemy tanks in the cover and couldn’t do
    shit, then we decided to focus on counter arty after seeing 2 tracers
    coming from behind a that house.
    Seeing the stream record somene posted in the comments below made me just
    clear some things out of accusations.
    That’s all.

  83. Wtf when I clicked on this video, I scrolled down on the suggestions and it
    said peppa pig toy review.

  84. QB please tell me how to fix your mods, it not working since last update,
    and even after i removed your mods folder into 9.14.1 folder, please ???

  85. B-C 155 55= The little light tank destroyer
    B-C 155 58= Medium Auto Loading Tank Destroyer

  86. +Quickybaby did you know the maus is a real life tank located in Russia the
    hull and turret and gun is real but it’s insides are destroyed because nazi
    didn’t want russia having their tank

  87. Why not cover the map with your webcam picture while you stream, if stream
    sniping is an issue?

  88. I would love to a T-92 tank review because that thing is an absolute
    monster, plus in the U.S. we love big ass guns.

  89. QB I’m from QSF NA o7 – I’ve posted this question in our forum but thought
    I’d ask it here to for your YouTube subs. I’ve noticed the graphics quality
    from your YouTube videos look amazing!!! Is this because you’ve edited the
    videos or is it your actual gameplay. I have top of the line graphics card
    and pc and it doesn’t look close to what it looks like on your videos
    despite messing with my video settings. Or is it your hardware?

  90. Gabrien Gauthier

    Is it only me or did he not post the new version for xvm. The video is not
    there for some reason

  91. why do I hear like an echo almost when you’re talking like you’re in a huge
    hallway ? Idk odd.

  92. Dude… the ConquerorGC has played 64,000 games. :o

  93. I don’t mind french arty. I think they are WAY more balanced then the other
    nations arty. Not saying they are balanced (Tier X), just to the point
    where I don’t mind them at all. If you want to show more arty just please
    let it be french.

  94. If i turn my tracks and turret,will the gun dispersion ad?

  95. นพรีพรพั่ะทดทพากใกมกกใกสกมกมกนพ้ำฃวไวำ

  96. Hey Quickybaby, where can I download your mod pack from?

  97. bringingtherukas

    Why is this mod legal.
    QB arguement was his mods were always things you could do with a pen and
    this cant be done like that.
    This seems like the beginning of a very slippery slope.

  98. GG QB..! :)

  99. I would never recommend this 3rd person arty vision, cuz its very
    unaccurate, like the shot on GWE100. It is a completely different aiming,
    so u should only “look” with this vision, but never shot with it.
    Just sayin’.

  100. nuclearsharkattack

    QB — I play the BC-155-55 and the Bat 58 quite a bit, if you don’t mind a
    few observations ;-). First, retrain your gunner to have 100% Snap-shot and
    *then* camo, it really helps a *lot* to bring down the aim time in
    conjunction with the GLD, and coffee. Also, I run 100 octane on the Bat 55
    because it helps the traverse speed, bringing the aim time down even more
    if you are on the move as well as having better acceleration. [You cannot
    use octane on the Bat 58 as it has a 66 km/h top speed.] After the 2nd crew
    skill is complete I retrained all to BIA immediately, again, because it
    helps bring down the reload and reduce aim time. 2nd skill is camo for all
    except gunner, which is always snap shot and then camo. You will really
    like the Bat 58, my 1st game in it on Mountain Pass I got 6.6k dmg and 5
    kills. Great game you had here, btw!

  101. Quicky, How do i install your mod pack?

  102. how do you set the 3D aim QB?

  103. finally an arty video. it’s been a long while. appreciate this upload. i
    think it’s a good idea to upload arty videos every once in a while. at
    least 3 or 4 a year maybe. i have this spg too but had to sell it to to get
    my t54e1 and lorr. 40t. now i’m rockin’ the beast bc-155-58 and gettin’
    even more hated ;)

  104. Hi QuickyBaby, I have installed your mod pack but I have problems with it.
    1) It does not show anymore the damage log, 2) the hit log only shows the
    total hits that I made, does not show the hits per enemy tanks, 3) The
    artillery view does not work, 4) the extra camera (third person) view does
    not extend anymore. What should I do?

  105. Y not the 155 58

  106. i get where he’s coming from but i refuse to play arty and fuck up games
    for others the way my games get shat on by these assholes.

  107. Amazing play QB! Hopefully those guys get banned i mean what a cheaters

  108. I’d love to see a video of you completing the TD-15 on OBJ 260 missions.

  109. Zak Stratford-Smith

    This was a great example of skill and artillery. People complain about the
    fact that artillery requires little skill to do well and that can be true
    but it’s also true for normal tanks, just look at the rambo replay. If it
    wasn’t for artillery, i would have already quite WOT as normal tanks can be
    boring but Artillery bring a whole new playing style in the game. QB YOU

  110. Wheres the link for the mod?

  111. What do you press for the side view like you have kinda like sniper mode

  112. —————————-
    | WANTED: |
    | ☻/ |
    | /▌ |
    | / |
    | Bob |
    | |
    | REWARD: |
    | 9999 Dollars |

  113. MOO.doc

  114. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !
    Commenting this for past 2 months, and most of your videos have my comment
    as top , soo please listen Qb :(

  115. hello. I just want to ask. how do you change views in sniper mode for

  116. Focusing you or “the jingles effect” lol do u have the same effect in game
    as poor jingles?

  117. Quickybaby, i LOVE the Batchat 155 55 so much, cause it can troll all those
    bloody low-armored ultra-high DPM light and medium tanks quite hard 😀
    And actually: the Batchat 155 *58* really really is pretty damn bad. even
    if i fully aim my shots on non-moving targets, i most likely miss about 8
    out of 10 shots. And the other 2 deal 300dmg each …..
    Back then, when it had 4 seconds between each shell and stuff like that, i
    even got the “Hit 85% of your shots with a minimum of 10 shots done” at
    least once, nowadays I can be happy if i dont lose credits in a win without
    being damaged….one of the reasons i dont have any T10 arty anymore :c
    And also the engine roof of the T30/T34/T29/T32/Maus (yes, i even dealt
    1200dmg on several Maus by hitting the ventilation stuff xD….but not
    IS-7, because russian tenk)
    BUT ONE THING: you have to try your shots earlier when playing arty. Some
    times, when you wait, my mind is like “FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! COME ON
    COME ON DO IT DOO IIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!” (2-3 seconds of thoughts :D)
    E.g. 0:42 , there you can see if somebody plays arty often or not c:

    And to the missing arty of yours:
    – T92 is brutal, super costly, but if it hits (especially with AP) it is
    like a bloody nuke 😀 use gold HE and watch the enemies spam the chat with
    the stuff that is in these comments, too 😀 Quite funny, but responding to
    them gave me about 19 chat bans, lol…
    – Batchat 155 58: i always had bad RNG since it got nerfed, cant say
    anything about it….
    – Type 4 Heavy: Does the enemy fire APCR or HEAT? Yeah well, bye bye
    winrate….but if they don’t use skill ammo (with usually damages your ammo
    rack and makes your DPM even better) you are most likely to slowly crawl
    over destroyed tanks o/
    – Type 5 Heavy: Meh……same thing, better DPM, less effective armor due
    to even more skill ammo and more tier 10 TD and arty and fast mediums and
    fast heavies and fast light tanks……

    To say the least, i thought the gold-AP ammo on the Type 4 and 5 Heavy
    would be bad, but actually even the AP penetrates well, i only use gold AP
    vs. angled armor like on E5 or E3 and similiard stuff with no/hard

  118. I LOVE my t92…there is something totally satisfying about launching a
    nuke an opponent. Its like a bit of Fallout 4 in world of tanks. It also
    compares to the KV-2…the joke that never gets old. Drive on and thanks
    for the tanks.

  119. Great, everybody is going to be playing arty now……..RIP world of tanks

  120. i hope all arty players get cancer and die

  121. pleseeeeeeeee xD

  122. pero que partidea yessssssssssssssss que trol ensellame jugar con el is7

  123. did anybody know there were self propelled guns

  124. batteries incuded

    any tips for new arty players?

  125. Just how arty should be: low alpha, relatively accurate and somewhat good
    aiming time although could be slightly better.

  126. I mean amx 50

  127. artys is more bad than good, pls remove.

  128. The mod pack isnt working for me after the last patch..any1 else have a
    proplem with it?

  129. How are you able to view the field that way?

  130. seems like those enemy artillery players were using the Red Ball mod

  131. The Pilot Penguin

    very nice qb im grinding the american spg line atm what are you going to do
    once you fully unlock your account ?

  132. To be fair, saying Artillery takes no skill is unfair. To say artillery is
    overpoerwed is wrong. But there is no denying artillery is unbalanced.
    Being able to do so much damage per shot from a safe haven is just silly.
    It would be better if the RNG was lessened on arty to further aiming skill
    (missing for 800 damage is not balanced), increase reload time to make it
    more interesting to play, but decrease damage by about 80%, so when you do
    get hit you can get into cover. And don’t give me that crap that the FV304
    is balanced, because that thing can shoot through and over cover like it is

    Overall, Artillery, while not overpowered, just messes with the game flow.
    It is a poor design, but it is a design we have to take into account.
    Otherwise, some hulldown positions would be way way way too OP. Introducing
    arty from the start has been a mistake and its hard to rectify it now. But
    WG atleast has to try, because when I’m fighting against 3 tier X arty I
    just know the game isn’t going to be any fun, which is what the game should
    be all about.

  133. Filip “Flippen” Karlsson

    And that is why I Love the bat-chatillon 155 55 and the 58

  134. take the tier 6 american spg FULL HEAT You do tour mission in 2 or 3 try

  135. you know, its not often you get to go up to another SPG with your SPG and
    fire a big HE shell right into it… lucky you!

  136. I remember this from the stream haha

  137. Anyone know if quick baby’s mod pack will work after the is-8 ball update?

  138. *Frank Klepacki – Blow It Up, would have made an amazing ending song.*

  139. Nice upload QUicky, once again, making my trip a hell a lot easier…ty

  140. I love arty and they love me

  141. when you are in an spg,how do you arc your sight at a 75 degree angle

  142. What mod is the arty aiming in sniper mod called? Or is it in QB’s mod

  143. Perfect french accent QB !

  144. How do you do that sight on Xbox 360 Arty

  145. I want to see t92 some play in expert of this vehicle it’s a hard to see ?

  146. Is the batchat arty t9 based on the m46 chassis?

  147. How to install mod???

  148. War Gods really is one of those missions that leads to a victory lap of the
    house when you get it! So, so satisfying; especially when you only play
    arty for missions & don’t have many arty games played…

  149. Larry Salotti (DarkGamer22263)

    It looks like the arty view you get in armored warfare.

  150. GG?

  151. That spot behind the hills is the Bane of the Gods.

  152. is he using mod? or is that in the game?


  154. redball mod

  155. What an epic end xD

  156. world of tanks nOOb warr_2015

    so many arty players shots and waits to move until the shot has hitted the
    target, aand that means the enemy arty shell will probaly hit u before u
    can move if u know what i mean..

  157. >2016
    >people still bitching about arty

    tomatoes pls go and stay go

  158. Arty is in the game and will never leave. With that in mind I think that
    all arty should be nerffed to be more like the French arty. Low Alfa damage
    unless super lucky hit pens. Sucks to be one shot at full health

  159. Battle Duration: 13:37
    L33T H4X0R

  160. nice to see some one is not bashing arty ,
    p.s. not far behind you approx. 12 tanks left to unlock and obj 260 just
    about done

  161. dave w (ineedcoffeedude)

    i love the t92 in about 2 months i got 700 battles in that arty cost a lot
    as i use prem as its not accurate

  162. I like the Tier 9 French SPG thank to not being a auto-loader. I’m 4k away
    of unlocking the last French SPG and that took AGES to get there and I’m
    not sure I wanted a Auto-loader SPG. I have way more fun with my Object 261
    SPG, the smile and grim of my face to shoot a E100 with less then 1000hp or
    sightly higher with a standard 180mm Ap Shell! It is truly a Sniper Tank
    and I love it!

  163. Where do you get the arty mod and how do you get it to work in game what

  164. When players say, “Arty doesn’t require skill”, I think that what they mean
    is, “Arty requires a different set of skills than the ones that the ones
    that I’ve developed and prize.” If I’ve worked hard to develop proficiency
    in a certain skill set, then I want other players to have to use the skills
    that I’ve gained mastery of. This not only validates my investment in that
    skill, but also ensures that I have a high success rate.

  165. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    lol quicky u arent so good like me in arty ?

  166. I watched this live, sick play

  167. Arty still needs to be reworked nonetheless.

  168. Omg I See that , you’re going to have the Obj. and I’m don’t have the Stug
    IV Yet …

  169. Liam Foisy-Lentz

    Artillery is the sole reason I very nearly quit World of Tanks last month.
    I decided not to quit but rather heavily reduce my playing time.

  170. SPG-15 isnt goint to work in a Tier X arty. :(

  171. SEE GUYS!!! this arty assist mod is not illegal!!!

  172. hi quicky. Can you tell me, which mod is the best for arty?

  173. Lucky Cheaters, best fucking clan EU :v

  174. Artilery SCUMBAG

    he he ;o)

  175. sven Vander Bracht

    I’m not really a skilled player (1989wn8) but I get the conditions of that
    mission almost every day…

  176. retarded enemy xvm artynubs

  177. This makes me sick…arty…

  178. 2:15 Bla Bla Bla you just like arty you arty scum 😀 Jk.

  179. The 3-way dick platoon…

  180. Richárd Schäffer

    Fuck arty.

  181. how do you do to have this second type of view?

  182. QB dirty rotten scumbus

  183. attila eckensberger

    How it’s called? I mean the mod!

  184. Like the title xD

  185. Wow I am really surprised

  186. Did you all miss the statement where he said he only has to research 4 more
    tanks to have researched them all????? I havent been playing this last year
    and had researched all the us and brit and japanese. just huge amount of
    time to invest in that. Hats off to him of course. Plus the accuracy of
    arty is horrible Aim and aim and wiat some more and a rock sticking up from
    ground catches the round.

  187. Marco Porra Ridjan

    what mod did you use?

  188. Nicolas Vandessel

    Fuck arty. Really.

  189. Great artillery video

  190. +QuickyBaby how’s the plan on the new logo’s at the beginning/end of the
    video’s? Any news on that?

  191. Quicky – I know its off topic but can you do a review on the German M4190GF
    before if leaves the Premium shop? Also, will you be doing a new update for
    your MODS because after the update for the stupid moon tank yours doesn’t
    appear to work anymore and the Atry mod cant be wound for my
    piggies. Please and thank you

  192. Good game, makes me consider frog line

  193. Arty takes more skill to use due to rng nerfs

  194. Knight Of Louise

    That mod isn’t illegal?

  195. where i can find mod for arty pls

  196. If you want to know where arty can hit you just play german heavies for a
    hundred battles, you learn real fast :P

  197. where can you find those missions like SPG-15? I cannot even find it in
    Missions and Specials!

  198. gj qb wp… but i have one question…each time new arty mode is used /by
    pressing “G”/ there is this annoying zoom out effect when switching back to
    regular bird’s-eye view…why so? I just find it a bit uncomfortable while
    trying to quickly switch between mods to get a better shot

  199. fucking bots xwm kids arta monololols

  200. G W conquer wow that tank must be awesome

  201. Vector Signorelli

    arty haters are usually bad players,someone who doesn t know what arty
    cover is,is just a bad player…..of course… an arty will complain about
    the ludicriosly fast light and the broken 140,the then maus will complain
    about the clicker and then the light will complain about the maus
    armor,cause he can t pen it….this is just how this game works

  202. How does enemy arty know the exact spot of your arty and shoot so close?
    Simple, there’s a cheat mod for that.

  203. Gw conqueror new tank?

  204. “I am not a very good arty player yet” HAHAHAHA

  205. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    BC-155-55 looks like its on a Pershing chassis

  206. can you do a video on the M53/55

  207. Well done QB, you played that 1 in 100 arty game where you play with skill
    and do the advertised role of digging out heavily armoured campers. Now
    show the other 99 where 45%ers 1-shot aggressive mediums from the back of
    the map. You know, for balance.


  209. hahahah GW. conquer

  210. you scumbag

  211. Marcin Kozłowski

    How to be a scumbag in world of tanks turtorial:
    1.Play artillery
    2. Get high-tier artillery
    3. Use changing-angle of vision mods

    Congratulations! You’re now a sumbag. Every non-artillery player hates You

  212. When the pussy too good

    “G.W Conqueror” that sounds horrifying

  213. i missed the part where he explained how to use the arty mod, i have his
    modpack, so can someone tell me?

  214. where can i send replays?

  215. I completed one of the SPG-15 missions in the Lorraine 155-51 by driving
    into town on a Siegfried Line assault and providing surprise butt sex to a
    T95. Penetration!

  216. +QuickyBaby Why is playing artillery so bad?

  217. If you install this modpack, does it affect your other modpacks?

  218. I just did SPG-15 in my S-51 a few days ago. All you need is a camping team
    and a stupid enemy team who waits until you reload to poke out.

  219. Are you going to stop playing when your account is finished???

  220. I find playing arty boring and not very fun. But the crying and hate that
    happens when playing them after you one shot someone makes it all worth it.
    Pubby tears warm me

  221. This was actually not so bad! Do some more please?

  222. were did you download the arty mod plz give the link

  223. U planning of doing a Obj 260 review QB? please


  225. balanced.

  226. How can i activate this second arty sight that is QB using ? I got the his

  227. wtf, i thought that aiming circle is illegal

  228. Ive been waiting for this stream highlight

  229. what do u think of su 122 44

  230. GW conqueror haha

  231. Saw it on twitch live. ?

  232. so what’s the mode?

  233. What key do i press to activate that other view ??

  234. 12:45 g.w. conqueror?

  235. QB playing arti, some people rly want watch world burns!

  236. french arty is actually fun, as well as the fv304, but most others are just

  237. I loved this replay, well played QB!

  238. What is that view called? Not the overhead view but yeah

  239. What would qb do when he finishes

  240. Tomasz Borusinski

    well good job QB, in t9 arty game its hard to take spg15, but let do
    someone in proper way i do played in t10 arty in t10 game, as i made spg15
    mission, that extremely hard in bc155 58 :), and yes made it, and was so
    happy even when game was draw :)

  241. clicking is awesome MAHAHAHAHA

  242. Quickybaby=Noscumbag

  243. Here’s the Twitch vod for this clip:
    Battle starts at 1:40:00 and go to 1:53:30 for “GIT REKT!”

  244. Krisztián Mátraházi

    holy crap .. that G.W. E 100 in the enemy had 95k battles :O

  245. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    Oh god QB you were soo lucky when the Conqueror splased you ! 😉 Anyway
    great result here and That’s why I love high tier french SPGs : fast, a
    real turret and I think they are quite accruate aren’t they ? GG keep doing
    such replays

  246. You move your cursor so fast,that after watching the video,i was feeling
    sick for a few minutes

  247. Where have I seen this replay/video before ?

  248. Wasn’t this the battle QB found 20£ on his desk afterwards?

  249. Is the BC-155-55 based on the M47 hull? It looks like it…

  250. well clicked. such skilled player

  251. Nice game QB :), don’t like that you promote playing artillery though :D

  252. well Quickybaby ty for advising everyone to play artillery. the next coming
    months will be joyful in my light tanks :)

  253. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    What are the best SPGs up to tier6 for completing SPG-15 in the first set
    of missions for the StugIV?

  254. Lol I watched the livestream, qb was so happy when he got it

  255. Arty is a must have for Fem crew quests

  256. +QuickyBaby
    play also times with the german artys. Tier 8 got the same gun like the
    tier 8

  257. Josh FireBeastMan

    how do you change arty camera?

  258. 12:48 what’s a G.W conquerer lol

  259. how do you get the side view when you playing arty ??

  260. Well played… Have more games like that and youll run out of missions

  261. just wanted to say the assistant mod is awesome. one example is on
    himmelsdorf I was able to put a round into the train station and take out
    an enemy with a roof over their heads.

  262. Tomas Kratochvil

    How to get carried in wot just instal mods… It’s just stupid, mods are
    for noobs that need to get carried. Best players ESL players. They can’t
    have mods and they are still better than 98% of server maybe even 99%.

  263. You should play SPGs more often

  264. Damn quickly baby spamming gold

  265. ohh yes.. and QB has premium tanks so idiot noob… player logic

  266. Artiom Iacob (SuitedLOL)

    how did he change the view like that at 0:36?

  267. Am i just that lucky in these 2 weeks? i mean in 90-95% of my battles i get
    a full retard team (bad means here: a full retard idiot (you know 0 logic
    loser type ect) or a bad rng in the battle (fully aimed and miss) bots min
    3/battle afk the half of the team moved max 3 meters ect ect ect..) i dont
    know if its just my luck but there are more idiots now or what?

  268. Toasty Roasty Man

    when one focuses on enemy arty then one isn’t focusing on the game. Great
    game QB !!

  269. Great video. I have one question – If I would download your mode pack, will
    I have visible the WN8 in the aftergame tab as you do? Thanks.

  270. Anton Liljekvist

    GwConqueror? xD

  271. I don’t know why I at first thought you were driving the 155 58…I’m 90%
    certain you’re above that kind of sin.

  272. How do get into the gun ark mode
    Or the one quicky baby used looking at it from an angle

  273. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    “He goes into a nest of pigs right now” LMAO good one.

  274. Becouse of that games people hate artilery,but SPG-players doesen’t ???!

  275. How come when I play arty it is never as accurate?

  276. wg nerf please

  277. I like the occasional artillery video, I find it interesting and it’s
    helpful to non-artillery players. It helps me know where to put myself to
    be safe, where they hide, reloads, accuracy, etc. Bet half the comments are
    going to be people complaining it’s overpowered and that you’re a scrub for
    using it though D:

  278. Not even joking, I’m the 666th like

  279. i really like your vids and everything btw sorry for my bad english but can
    you pls next time ad the arty sniping mod if you make a new xvm video?

  280. If you disable effects in sniper mode does it get rid of the splash in zoom
    mode? What sniper mode graphical settings do you use?

  281. As well as stream snipers, there’s also a cheat mod out there that tracks
    an arty’s shell trajectory and leaves markers along it route. You just have
    to follow the route back and place the shot. Too many cheats mods out
    there. Hopefully WG will find a way of tracking them and getting rid of the

  282. Hi QB, should I go for the amx 30 or the Bat Chat

  283. 30 seconds into the video, and I already know what’s going to happen: QB’s
    going to be the last man standing and clutch the win for his team.
    …Just because I was watching the stream when it happened, doesn’t mean
    anything…his reaction was priceless though when he got it.

  284. How sinful!

  285. Lee Halverston Hayes

    Quickybaby mate love your vids keep it up

  286. how are you using your mode pack?

  287. Now I have the knowledge to play an spG XD

  288. gg that was fun to watch quicky. I love your vids!

  289. Dick butt Nick butt


  290. bring back RageBaby

  291. I like how you did a video on an illegal mod a few days ago and now you
    feature arty assist mod both of which have no place in the game.

  292. Do you think the mod helps to increase the performance of arty? I think so,
    so I want to get one

  293. Hey! I can see myself 😛 sad it had to be when i had such a meh game :3

  294. when is version 2 of your mode pack coming out?

  295. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    QB doesn’t seem to be leading his targets enough. Also, it may seem counter
    intuitive, but you want to aim slightly past your targets, because shells
    come down in an arc, and are more likely to land short.

    I think that penalising artillery for not spotting their own targets is
    ridiculous. Your BC 155 55 can spot for itself due to its speed and turret,
    but many arty have no chance of doing so effectively.

  296. how get the mudpack

  297. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    WOW! verry impressing 😀 congratz ;)

  298. Is artilery tracer still a thing? I keep overhearing bits like it have been
    removed and blah blah blah, and I can’t spot them even when I dedicate the
    round to it…

  299. i cant use your mode 🙁
    since the updates like the sentenol and space balls it made it were i cant
    you you mode pack :(

  300. I remember this game from the stream. It was a extremely exciting game.
    Even I was getting the shakes wondering if he was going to be able to

  301. Supremacia Gamer

    Children come crying over artillery … 3 … 2 … 1

  302. Can you please do a T-10 tier 9 tank review please?

  303. Hi Quickyboy, why don’t you put a delay on your stream? As it is now, any
    smart enemy will try to watch your stream and you can’t blame them for that
    imo. While I am a very noble person I certainly would do the same, if only
    I wasn’t that lazy.

  304. What is your mod pack ?

  305. its so sad, they put missions for arty to the game. Damn clickers
    everywhere just to do missions..

  306. im early… like if u r too :)

  307. Make artillery like in Armored Warfare or GTFO. It’s 100% bullshit in it’s
    current form.

  308. Is it only my XVM that stopped working after the minor patches some days
    ago? is a reinstall enough or what?

  309. And then people say arty doesn’t require skill…

  310. Can you put a link on were you got mod? I’m a arty player too :p

  311. Now all we need to do is to persuade Jingles to become one of the clickers

  312. Battle duration of 13:37

  313. after playing the S-51 so long that French Arty looks extremely fun.

  314. +QuickyBaby you assigned the Female member to your TVP T50/51 :p

  315. Artillery is still a part of the gear used in real war. So why do people
    get so angry about arty being a part of the game? :)

  316. this is why qb is super unicum and the m40 43 is unicum only

  317. Martin Nikolovski

    My modpack doesn’t work beacuse wot has updated to 9.14.1 Help

  318. You are find you are playing one of the more balance arty in the game. You
    did good and it was interesting match.

  319. nice video man gj enjoyed that watching that one

  320. João Gonçalves

    I prefer bacon than just an arty pig.

  321. can quickybaby get angry, or is he always happy?

  322. i agree with the things you said about playing arty making you aware of
    where they might be located and it helps you avoid them easier. I started
    playing arty quite a bit and my stats went from blue to unicum super fast
    because I knew where I was safe and where I wasn’t so I could play more
    aggressive in certain areas or where to hold back. I suggest to others to
    just play even a few dozen games just to learn these things and it will
    help your gameplay overall.

  323. Artafags like you belong to camps. Off to Auschwitz with you!

  324. Tiger 1 gameplay?

  325. Hey QB, are you going to do more videos on Armored Warfare ?

  326. 4:42 yep. Typical case of bad arty players that tries to counter battery at
    the wrong time: when there’s enemy tanks in the open

  327. Mooooorrrreeee plsssss

  328. Uber DooberNoober

    Great vid. BTW, XVM is toxic and mods>cheats. WOT should be mod and cheat
    free. From a monetary standpoint, it is bad business to allow mods and
    especially cheats. Compare the cost of a premium account to a cheat/hack,
    which is about $10.00. I have owned 3 businesses, the 1st 2 were very
    successful until they failed, so I feel I understand a little.

  329. i want a M103 vid

  330. That’s more like what arty should be. Nearish to the front line and not
    doing more than 500 dmg

  331. Jan-Willem Jansen

    m41 hmc is more balanced. same dam with HEAT as with HE (700) HEAT has 240
    pen cuz balance.

  332. Denzell Rodriguez

    Great advice QB. Going to go after that tier 10 arty soon to refresh my
    knowledge again.

    Lol jk I actually am a fan of playing arty, partially because people get so
    butthurt about arty players
    I might need to get back into the french arty line, i gave it up for the
    american line after about tier 5, and currently on tier 7 with the american

  334. This arty camera mod looks like it makes arty significantly easier to play
    because of the extra perspective. This new camera view allows you to
    interpret the terrain more accurately than the top-down view. Doesn’t seem
    fair to arty players who don’t know of this mod and still want to be

  335. If the M40/43 had just fired into the floor at the end it would have been a
    draw cos everyone would have died :P

  336. i am early quick be funny!:
    what if steven hawking is the real slim shady but we would never know cause
    he cant stand up?


  338. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    need 10k xp to get BC 155 58 :/

  339. Practice in arty? No such thing. It’s just point click and hope RNG rewards

  340. Charles Elite HeiHei

    minecraft pig!

  341. What is the key binding that that allows that separate view in the arty

  342. Muhammad Iskandar Zainuddin

    what spg mod is that? do u have in ur xvm mod? how u use it?

  343. Are you streaming currently ?

  344. Hoi m8 quickybaby can you make is-4 vid m8??

  345. I’m abit early

  346. I already saw that! :(

  347. scumbag baby

  348. i still think obj 261 is better vs tier 10 frenchi .. anyone else agrees ?

  349. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Whats the MOD u using on that arty ( TD view )? thx

  350. Soufiane Khatibi

    I neeeed goooooooooooooooooooold

  351. hey quickybaby, hope you are having a good day

  352. quickybaby, as a unicum, i am ashamed. kys
    Just kidding. love your vids

  353. uploaded 4 min ago wow :D

  354. ClickyBaby :)

  355. under 1k view. Hell yeah!

  356. how i can downolad modpack for actualy version in wot?

  357. You filthy scum, driving artillery. Go to the shower, and put the “shame”
    sound everywhere. Oh wait, you already did that…

  358. I would like to see a review on the ISU-152.. I know u’ve done one in the
    past, but a “newer” review would be lovely 🙂 Love ur vids m8, keep it up
    proud of ya :D

  359. what modpack do you have??

  360. NOT FIRST!!

  361. Quickybaby your xvm does not work after the new update any idea why?

  362. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    111th like :D

  363. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life


  365. I’m early. Better makes a joke. The Japanese heavy line

  366. Matteo Leforestier

    Hey QB its my sisters bday and it would make her day if you just said a
    little hello :)

  367. We need is4 content! Is4 or riot is4 or riot…..

  368. I was there!

  369. Hey QB I’m getting a pc soon! Good vid as usual :)

  370. Almost first :P

  371. the pig is more good

  372. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    BC 155 58 IS BEST ARTY

  373. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    I used to be a tank…..

    Now I’m a boat. p-p

  374. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)


  375. jørgen sæterdalen



  377. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny


  378. thanks for the video qb 🙂 never thought I’d be this early :)

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  381. you filthy arty pig

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