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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. can all get a bit greedy in World of Tanks sometimes, but just how far do you push your luck?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

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  1. Vase knows, Vase rules 🙂

  2. Wow,,, just wow.

  3. All the idiot had to do was push the Type over onto its roof after *first* using the HE. Wait 29 seconds, then use the AP just as the rollover timer ticks over.

  4. stil to many GOLD NOOBS in WOT sooo stil a bad pay to win game

  5. Carma is a bitch, for all gold shells. Why promote gold players !?

  6. General Saufenberg

    world of goldspam…..

  7. Stop featuring these stupid gold spammers. 340 pen for a tiger 1? And you are proud to put this on your channel? Unsubscribed

  8. Gang Banged? I thought this is a family friendly channel… ?

  9. he got to flip it on the turret

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    Send it to Jingles. The opposite team Type 59’s replay that is.

  11. Christopher Bravo

    All he had to do was back up a bit more …

  12. The ending was great. But all that gold spam… disgusting. The score was 5 : 12 before I saw any regullar ammo.

  13. Poor fucking mauschen

  14. Should have pushed him over from the track side and then put shots into him.

  15. If only hehad rammed him on its top… greedy noob hahaha

  16. he fired HE on french arty.. if he saved HE and fired APs at both artys, he would have won the game. Btw he fired HEAT at tier 7s, so what, he maybe forgot to change the ammo after mauschen.. maybe he left it on purpose since he bounced AP of KV3 so he wanted to be sure that he is going to pen since his team was loosing and he had to win it. He would have done the same if he fired AP on jpahther and Tiger1, those HEAT changed nothing..

  17. Premium spam against bottom tier. Nope, screw this.

  18. The lack of real dispersion is too obvious. Bullets always goes on the center. 100 to 1 this is impossible by a freeplayer, this lack of real dispersion….

  19. he got greedy and got what he deserved… using heat on a stock tiger…. that’s just nuking seals.

  20. Should have rolled the T59 onto its roof.

  21. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    I am not an average player but I would have flipped him or capped and I don’t use gold.

  22. He could ram him from the other side.

  23. I dont know how I feel about this. On one hand he was greedy and got what he deserve but on the other hand it is just a bloody game damnit! It is a game for having fun! Having fun and doing silly things should be more important than winning a battle that was already lost by his teammates. I admit I would go for cap and win but at the same time I can understand his greed for having fun

  24. Well done that man at least he went for it ??

  25. yessss he got killed

  26. he should have just flipped the type 59 onto his roof

  27. maushen gang bang

  28. QB pls dont feature gold spamming vidoes in your channel boycott WG for this paytowin aspect

  29. All he got to do there was flip typ upsidedown…

  30. haha I know the player will loses

  31. Judging from the absolute skill less heat spam he deserves this noob loss. Lol. Not sorry.

  32. That happens when selfish people waste a safe win and fail their team. One glance at his stats shows clearly he only wants WN8/Stats for himself. A true unicum just would had capped instead of… But he got what he deserved for such a selfish play. *lmao*

  33. Sry QB, i love your videos but that gameplay was just goldspamming noob shit.

  34. only I was thinking of turning it on the roof and wait 30 sec???

  35. World of Gold, better play War Thunder you can play with tanks with normal ammo 🙂

  36. And that boys and girls is how you pull a Leroy Jenkins. Next time instead of using your heat rounds on Tigers maybe switch to AP. Absolutely zero reason to waste those heat rounds on the Tiger and the JP and on that Italian tank as well. For someone with “high stats” you don’t seem to be that smart. Oh wait, those stats are probably just the gold round spam.

  37. this idiot could easily turn the type on the onther side and wait 30sec

  38. he should have roll Type 59 on its roof… hahahaha

  39. HEAT against stock TIger I… what a hero

  40. T-10 should climb higher to get faster speed

  41. should’ve gone to the top of the hill

  42. He should turn him on the roof, easy…. At least He could have kolobanovs

  43. I stopped watching seeing he shoots heat at tier 7.

  44. He definitely made the right call. When you get that sort of opportunity, you roll the dice – you don’t play the safe card.

  45. What’s with the Dislikes?
    Anyway, what Font does Quicky use in his thumbnails?

  46. It makes me sad when I think how much time I’ve put into grinding up to the top tier tanks, and then I just get gold ammo shot at me in nearly every game I play. I’ve started playing lower tier tanks much more instead.

  47. Konstantinos Kalogeras

    Another pay2win gold ammo trash. Down voted..

  48. I see someone didn’t switch out of their Clan Wars loadout.

  49. hmmm.. I wouldn’t really call it “greedy”.
    More like “trying to do something special”.
    I mean: just winning this game with capping would have felt lame after such a carry. But just imagine how awesome it would have been to end it with a ram-kill.. he probably would have remembered that game for years.
    I think that would have been worth more than just a simple win.. and worth the risk.

    That being said: BOOOOOHHH for the Ammo loadout. More gold than regular Ammo is never a good sign.

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