World of Tanks || Grille 15 – 12,000+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 15. Today Pedro_ECT is going to give you a masterclass in the the Grille 15.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. What do you think:

    Is this tank more OP, less OP or just as OP as the WT auf E 100 was.

  2. 95% of the times, if you rush the eastern hills like he did, you end up in
    flames in the following minute, so I’d say he’s been lucky there. But his
    constant repositionning afterwards was genius.

  3. Like it !

  4. I Think Grille Is Better Than WT auf E100

  5. “Is not overpowered”
    *Immediately destroys a tier10 heavy with little effort*

  6. fooooking hell, that was a PERFECT round no damage taken and doing THAT
    MUCH DAMAGE… fock me i wish i was that good

  7. Is it just me or this video keeps stuttering in the same time position
    every time I reload it? Other videos are fine.

  8. Czechoslovakia power ! (he is from Czech 😉 )

  9. another over powered tank game boring.

  10. I saw that video? what happend to other?

  11. JgPz. E-100 vs. Grille 15… Hmm… Hard decisions :D

  12. What’s with the EHHHH in the middle of sentences

  13. i just noticed that there has been no T57 heavy replays :(

  14. I make a hastag,u send it to WG:#nomoshitmm

  15. I lvoe when some fucking retards say that I am noob, because I missed shot
    in IS-7 and they are playing Grille -_-

  16. 2:46 – lol quicky, i almost spilled my coffee

    Pedro vanished 45% of the entire enemy hp pool

  17. first 7 shots he took, not a single lowroll. a single one. why do all these
    replays have to be lucky games..

  18. My first opportunity to see, how good the Grille 15 is in real action.
    Thank you! 🙂 But, when RNJesus decides, that you won’t hit or penetrate
    anything in the match, then OP accuracy and aiming time are don’t even
    matter anymore, right?

  19. pls a video on type 4 heavy

  20. fffffffffffffffff. I’ve been working on TD15.4 for months now. I can never
    quite seem to get the right matchup on the right map for a game like this.
    5-6k is easy in my grille. 8k and 5 kills? Not so much :(

  21. Grille 15 = Utter Bullsh*t, faster than a medium and even puts half of the
    lights in shame and snapshots like a frikkin aimbot…. GJ WG

  22. 11 gold shells? seriously?

  23. only 10 low rolls including kills, i kinda hope they neft that tank…..


    i wish i was like quickybaby

  25. September 3 rd its my birthday !!!!!! ??✌️✌?

  26. mission complete??

  27. dammit quickybaby 1st of September was also the start of world War 2, Cmon

  28. Zac “FuriousYellow77” Gray

    i think that the grille is a better tank, but it cant punish people like
    the wtf e 100, and that was why the wtf had to go, because if you fucked up
    that was it, you were dead

  29. where is your comet intro(world of tanks with quickybaby)?

  30. This replay was featured in another channel (world of tanks best replay)

  31. Yesterday the Fall Weiss has started

    In a couple of weeks Germans will arrive at Warsaw

  32. Lol grille has amazing View Range, I coupled it with Coated Optic and doing
    LT job as well xD

  33. As much as I love QB and his vids , I feel that his E5 video and this video
    are a part of his selling out to WG or somethinf. He had to be paid to say
    these say these tanks aren’t OP. the only thing that isn’t OP with the
    Grille is its armor…well whoopty fuckin doo…armor has virtually been
    negated by these new guns they put out. so really what they have created is
    a tank with top mobility, top gun handling, top round velocity, excellent
    gun depression, insane back up speed, good spotting range and the only
    “bad” thing is something that barely matters anymore in this game…come on
    QB you are better than that. I’m a super unicum player like yourself, 3029
    WN8 in 22k games and think this tank is broken as hell.

  34. I hope you get over the Con-crud soon. Thanks for the video!

  35. omfg best replay i ever seen on wot

  36. I guess all tier X tanks are OP, right?

  37. Wow, 12k dmg and only 1.6k xp. Remmeber those 1.8k xp a few months ago from
    WG to get a premium tank? What else can you do to get past 1.8k xp?

  38. If the enemy just pile o the cap, instead of “no cap, kill all”. He was
    done for Grille is not the issue.

  39. Why Grille is op:
    1. Way too fast. It’s ridiculous when you are driving an IS7 to a spot 200
    meters from spawn and suddenly you get slammed in the side for 750 by a TD
    who made it there 10 seconds ago and was waiting to take off 1/3 your
    2. Insanely low aim time. This tank is clearly meant to be played like a
    sniper, so why does it have a 1.28 sec aim time with a decent crew? There
    are tanks in armored warfare that aim way slower than this and they have
    all sorts of stabilization. It just makes no sense for a sniper to need
    good aim time when it has a decent turret

  40. James Anderson (WolfieDaWolf)

    the only thing i have to say about the Grille 15 as someone who has one is
    that it is really easy to do a lot of damage, and that it does have a
    higher DPM than the WT did. i suppose the higher DPM could be making up for
    the lack of armor ANYWHERE on this tank. speed comes with a downfall, as it
    can be very tempting to push too far before you know what is going to
    happen. it really does have a bad camo rating, and if you fire while being
    in anyone’s spotting distance, good luck NOT getting spotted.

  41. do pershing tank rewiev

  42. World of Warcraft quickybaby? I’m still waiting for Warcraft 4.

  43. Master grille

  44. spiralwhirlpool2366

    What does RNG stand for?

  45. The Grille 15 just took the retired Foch 155 Killer into the next levels.
    Not only it can go place faster, it got so much better gun handling compare
    to the awful overnerf Foch 155.

  46. “Horrible chocolate combustion” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  47. You can’t take anything away from this guy in this game, 12K damage is 12k
    damage. Though the grille 15 is a little too good. It’s way more balanced
    than the WTF Auf E100 (by a million miles), but it’s still a little too
    good, even Wargaming admit that. Hopefully a nerf will address some of the
    ‘op’ aspects of the Grille 15, lets just hope it doesn’t get nerfed to the
    ground like the Foch 155…

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