World of Tanks || Grille 15 cm – 11,000+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Grille 15 cm. The German tank destroyer has been out for only 24 hours and already players are having massive games in the Grille 15 cm.

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. The longest gun is on the E-50 the 8,8cm KwK/L100.

  2. Can u please subscribe to my chanel because I will probably start recording
    and uploading videos. If I get little subs I probably won’t upload nothing.

  3. this is bullshit…Putting something that even don’t exist in real life

  4. What an awesome tank 🙂 QB could you do a full tank review of the IS4 ?
    That would be amazing !

  5. The reload time on the Grille 15 cm is just way too fast for such a high
    pen high alpha gun…WG back at it again

  6. wish qb could do world of tanks blitz

  7. A Marder 2(before nerf) on steroids

  8. It’s like UE57 in tier 10.

  9. Is it for this tank or is it because of hd game version and good internet
    that allows to travel for those shells super fast. Mine are like 3 times

  10. Quickybaby it would be really nice to see a new review on recently balanced
    T-22med. Please consider if possible!

  11. +quickybaby do you think you could give some well needed advice, a younger
    sibling (cousin actually) fucked me over quite a bit in WoT, i got the IS –
    6 the T26E4 Super Pershing, the locust, SU 100-y, T14 and i think a few
    other premiums, as well as my T29, Jagdpanzer IV, KV – 85…. over a few
    days time, the little shit figured out my password while i was away for a
    few weeks, i changed my password and everything, so i know he can’t access
    my account, i currently have the AMX ELC bis and the T67 fully upgraded,
    though i only have 2.5k battles and i’m not a very good player, and i
    finished almost all my missions for the credits, do you know any easy way
    to get credit’s a bit faster so i can but back all my tanks?

  12. 69 dislikes kek

  13. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    What a retarded looking paper tank

  14. this nimble TD is extremly hard to hit with arty unless you are a goddamn
    moron and plant yourself in one spot ,they are driving me crazy i manage to
    miss whole clips with my BC 58 i want WTE100 back haha

  15. QB, do you have ace tanker in grille? :)

  16. 10:27 ITS OVER 9000 lol

  17. QuickyBaby do you watch RanZar? Hes doing cool Tank cartoons.

  18. insane rng

  19. I want my Foch 155 back….

  20. Yep the WtfE100 was replaced by a slightly less OP fantasy German TD.

  21. what headset do you use QB?

  22. It´s not merely the dpm which makes this tank so deadly. It´s the dpm
    combined with its speed and “turret” and aim time & accuracy. So people
    defending Grille´s dpm not being op seems to forget its other features
    which makes the dpm in this particulary TD so dangerous. The speed of this
    TD makes this thing very unpredictable enemy to face. It can shift like a
    medium, it can snipe very very effectively, it can spot & ambush
    (eventhough the camo aint that good), it can retreat from the battle fast
    if needed. Grille also seems to have a pretty decent gun depression to work
    ridgelines. There´s not another TD in the game so versatile that own such a
    huge potential in EVERY map in the game!

  23. #GivePewdsHisDiamondPlayButton

  24. Hallo QB! I had been now 4 times in a Team with you,and all that you really
    show is how you USE your Teammembers for yourself!There has never been some
    Teamplay of you FOR the Team,only for you!I had been a long time abbonent
    of your channel and was supporting you.But now,NOOO,not anymore after i
    have experienced your playingstyle by myself!I had been

  25. What Is the best overall country for tank destroyers

  26. Dear, QuickyBaby could you do a review on the tier 10 heavy the is – 4. Is
    it worth to keep going up the line or will I be disappointed if I get it.

  27. I think the longest gun in the game is the top gun fir the kv4

  28. Can you revisit the scorpion?

  29. Tiln TheModerator

    It has the longest gun in the game at 9.45m. The second longest is the E 50
    L/100 at 8.8 meters.

  30. 10:28 IT’S OWA 9000!!

  31. 10:27 ITS OVER 9000

  32. Helloo! I recently picked up my ace tanker in my ISU-152 doing 5.7k damage,
    and so I wanted to look for some videos about it, but I could not find
    any… If anyone could comment some links to good videos that would be
    great! And QuickyBaby, I think you should review this tank again, as your
    review is VERRRRY old. Thanks!!!

  33. Love the Grille 15 but WG took the three pieces of equipment I had in the
    Waffentrager not to mention a piece from 5 other of my tanks. 9.15 not kind
    to me so far.

  34. social3ngin33rin

    Only KV-2 has better accuracy than the Grille 15

  35. quickybaby it would be nice if you use the option for colorblind people
    like me. I have problems to differentiate between the green and red

  36. Toma Radenkovic (webhead89)

    About building up the damage quickly,that also happens to me when playing
    Jagdtiger.I feel like i didnt really do much,when i look at the dmg,i
    already did 4k.Seems like its a balance thing,between the reload,and good

  37. what headset do you have

  38. 10:25 Nice 9006 kills! ?

  39. your mod pack it sucks

  40. OVER 9000

  41. Torilla tavataan?

  42. A dreadful ugly abortion of a tank. Miss the Waffle traktor E 100. Miss the
    Auflk Panther. Well done WG, It’s all ships for me now, WOT is QB time
    watching only now.
    Between these removals and the Japanese heavies and Czech tanks they lost

  43. FantinoMussolini

    Bar has been set and the timer has been set for nerf hammer to fall
    How long do you think before it falls

  44. Incoming nerfs on this tank..

  45. QuickyBaby what is a good camouflage rating that i could compare some other
    tank camo ratings to so i know if they have good camouflage?

  46. this is how wg old trick works to convince you guys too keep playing wot.
    replace wte bcos it’s imagine tank(so why the f… you put it in the first
    place) replace it with an okay-to-nice stat tank till people start to bear
    with the change. then neft the fuck out of it. just like t22.

  47. My KV-2 is best sniper tank in game!

  48. so he actually did otk that grille??? pls qb

  49. how do you get that much gold and credits do you purchase it or it is
    provided by wargaming and your subscribers

  50. I just feel like they replaced a beast with another. This tank is just too
    damn accurate.

  51. I updated my game and now I can’t play my tier or higher tanks ;-; it says
    error tank is not currently in service… I can only use my tier 4 tanks

  52. Is there something wrong with QB? He posts a vid everyday ?

  53. hey quickybaby can u do a cromwell video pls

  54. It is severely out of proportion

  55. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    Nice sniper! :o

  56. i managed to shoot right between the gun and the metal plate dealing no dmg
    with my e-50 M

    that was frustrating

  57. torille!!!!

  58. Am I the only one that irritated by friendly Grille kept bumping on him?
    It’s was very satisfying when he got killed by just sitting himself still
    aiming at enemy under enemy fire :P

  59. Oh my god ridiculous railgun

  60. This vehicle actually seems sort of similar to a majorly up gunned Tier 7
    Scorpion TD to me. Would that assessment be correct?


  62. Yesterday my platoon mate and i in our IS-7s each shot 1 time in the side
    of the enemy grille and we both did 0 dmg. That was quite dissapointing rng

  63. БΞΛТ ТłMΞ

    The grillay 15 returns!

  64. got to love those team mates ramming in to him, at the start.

    ‘wtf are you sitting here for?!!?’
    ’emmmm ….. targets’

  65. Whats quickys opinion on matchmaking system?

  66. 10:28 : It’s over NINE THOUSAND !!!

  67. Every time I try to play with the new modpack, my game crashes…??

  68. Incoming NERF.

  69. ThePainTrain4234

    Anyone else cannot play World of Tanks since 9.15 was released? The Mac
    Wrapped is completely broken!? Biggest disappointment since I started

  70. Hey QuickyBaby do you have a review video on the Panther M10 tier 7 German
    Premium Medium

  71. Its over 9000!!!!!

  72. I like my rock…

  73. Arty players should make the Grille 15 a primary target

  74. so quicky baby his damage is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Nerf herders unite.

  76. MagicSnipeReborn


  77. Nice op player 😀 good job

  78. this tank is so broken its stupid. id rather have the old waffle back again
    and thats saying something.

  79. seeing that tomato grille die made my day

  80. no arty to rebalance OP tank? great game inc

  81. I think tank speed and aim time will be nerfed in future patches.

  82. so its a like an elc amx when you go td mode


  84. Seems pretty hard to play, am I right?

  85. do i miss something? Damage indicator says 10Ks but post-game stat says 11k.

    Also, for anyone says its OP remember a friendly Grille 15 in this video
    only make 1.6k damage. Looked like a tank that will devastating and broken
    in hand of good players, and utterly useless by tomatoes.

  86. Cris Racing and Gaming

    WOT= Waste of Time :)

  87. Looks like waffle e 100 had bad experienced on the barber shop LOL!!!

  88. that is a awesome tank:|

  89. the Grille 15 is to OP for me!

  90. Hey fellow tankers, I play on Asia server, and the 9.15 update is not here
    yet. Anyone know when?

  91. Guessing it’s using a modified panther g chassis

  92. Lutetium caption

    This is the kind of game that I think is just pure luck, off course every
    one just pop up the ridge line let people shoot.

  93. Wotko s Vokurkou

    This thing has ~3750 dpm, no aim, pin-point accuracy, enough viewrange to
    use optics and the speed… Sounds about right for a tier 10 TD, ye?

    WT was bs tank, but this is not too far behind….

  94. Prokhorovka is only good if there is no arty. Actually scratch that, this
    game is only good if there is no arty.

  95. screw WT e100 I want this tank :D

  96. When will you do your first blitz video

  97. I wanna see a epic carry game with someone using
    “This_is_only_a_long_name_to_annnoy_you” type of names lol

  98. Agree not sneaky not fexible as you would describe the tier 9 WT or Rhm.
    But still fun to play. Totally changes the concept of TD play. No you are
    more like reserve member rushing from side to side to stop the enemy break
    troughs and plugging caps in your team’s lines.

  99. I hate when I’m watching a video and then I try to move the mouse like I’m
    playing a game trying to look from other angle and shit daaamn weed why u
    do dis to me!!

  100. SUOMI MAINUTTU!!! TORILLA TAVATAAN!!! (A Finnish inside joke)

  101. So, QB doesn’t play and upload his own games anymore?

  102. If Panther’s L100 is a rapier, this is a jousting lance..

  103. Vladimir VojtaML

    Still I think this TD is pretty bad. In 90% of the cases this TD got
    instakilled by few shots from enemy team leaving us without a tier 10… It
    has no real strength in 1v1 scenarios only in using mobility and

  104. The new hellcat

  105. what i see is a tier 10 hellcat essentially


  107. Okay I need help, I deleted all the old files for all the new files for the
    new XVM now when I startup my WoT the screen is just black and wont load
    help D:

  108. SEA still have WT E100 rolling around…

  109. this tank is too fast, rate of fire of 12 seconds???? really??

  110. my 9.15 mod pack is not working

  111. “OP tank replaced by small OP tank.” hahaha. why don’t they just remove the
    autoloader on the wt e100?

  112. Last week Killerkid from GoHard tried to get his replay shown on QB’s
    channel and didn’t manage to do it and one week after that Tyne from same
    ESL team GoHard managed to do it. RIP Killerkid. Kappa

  113. ItsMeStalin - Stalin TV

    when QB said over 9000 and didn’t make a dragon ball Z reference i
    unsubscribed 10:28 i cry every time QB, why you do this?

  114. Soo.. still the same as WT auf.e100 – If u see one of theese, then focus &
    destroy them.. or they will destroy u later.

  115. At around 10:23 the damage, it’s over 9000!!

  116. I think the tier 6 Panther with super long 75mm gun, is longer then the
    grille 15.

  117. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Anybody know why I’m getting such godawful performance in the new update?
    Despite my rig being quite good (970, 4790k, 16gb ram), I’m crashing quite
    often when loading games (particularly if I alt tab whilst in queue), and
    alt tabbing in general is extremely awkward.

  118. Any idea on what map XVM he was using, I just love ot see my view range on
    the map to see where I can hide

  119. It’s actually like Obj.268/Foch155 before they got nerf. Grille 15 will get
    nerf soon not only because it’s op but also it’s a German tank lol

  120. QB the tanks name is pronounced more like “Grill,e” not “Grill,ay”.

  121. Well yeah, is tank would be OP on different maps! On the current maps not
    so much. Meds at tier 10 will still reign without any opposition. You
    really can’t stay hidden in the current meta on most maps and this tank
    gets WRECKED by HE. Splashes from arty is killing your crew like flies.
    It’s a great gun on a fast tank, but it will still get surrounded by meds
    and killed of easily.

  122. OVER 9000 DAMAGE and 6 kills

  123. Anyone else notice the IS-8 in the after action report?

  124. 10:25 OVER 9000!!!!!

  125. Holy shit that shot under the train, and that other one on the jp e100….
    Legendary accuracy. Especially the train shot cos he could have hit
    numberous obstacles but it flew thourgh. I’ve been wondering how these
    grilles hit me every fricking time, I quess ths explains it.

  126. logan Random last name this is the Internet

    ITS OVER 9000

  127. I would rather have the waffel truck in a city map
    but if its open like this map, its great.

  128. this tank is so much better than wte100 lol. “lets give a tier 10 med gun
    handling and shell velocity to a 750 alpha gun and call it a day”

    What they were thinking? lol

  129. Michael Palladino

    now if only wot worked on mac after the update

  130. “Over 9006 kills, at least what we’ve seen” That would be an impressive

  131. this tank needs to be battered with the nerf bat aim time needs to go up as
    does reload and the ground resistances need to be changed every battle ive
    been in with one of these the person has got atleast 4k damage

  132. People say this tank is OP. I say no, you get behind it when it’s a 1v1 and
    sit there and even in a batchat(which I have) you can just let him try to
    ram you and clip out, or a 1390, 1375, t71, t69, actually anyone who just
    gets behind it can finish it off. You would think this is easier said than
    done but because it’s so fast people tend to get caught sometimes in
    situations like you describe and get blown to pieces, sometimes even at
    large distances. The speed should be used to stay far away, not get far
    away when being shot at but at least you CAN kill this thing in a 1v1 and
    you don’t need at a very bloody minimum of two v one for the wt-e-100,
    which is/was and forever will be imho the most op world of tanks tank. It
    could clip out whole lanes with that 6 shot(when it had it) and even with
    4, is still capable of averaging the most damage per clip in the game. Now
    I think that title returns to the foch 155, and below that the batchat
    still I think?

    How does this affect the meta?

  133. suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan

  134. Get behind this tank and it can’t fire at you. Best feeling because the
    wt-e100 could just turn its turret like all other tanks and just shoot you

  135. Mh its OP, I am wondering why it wasnt become a russian tank.

  136. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    That shot on the E100 was amazing. He put on a clinic for taking shots when
    it is unlikely you will take return fire.

  137. Shitter replacement, OP as fuck.

  138. QB says he tried to scout with it. Sounds like he also tried to use it like
    a medium. And he wants to do away with the camo net. Its a TD but he talks
    about using it like something other than a TD. QB clearly doesn’t know how
    to use the Grille.

  139. So we traded the ebola WT auf E 100 whit ebola Grille 15 spam…GREAT!

  140. uliuliuli torilla tavataan ja putkassa halaillaan.

  141. Yes, not much of a pressure QB, but without him definitely the game’s a

  142. L/100 is the longest barrel in the game. ;)

  143. 1:47 the poor t37 just got noped so hard lololol

  144. I honestly dont think this TD should have higher DPM than the T110E3…

  145. So the replaced a SUPER OP tank destroyer with a normally OP tank
    destroyer. No wonder WG is losing players.

  146. Why can’t I ever get rng as good as this guy did. I played 25 games in my
    grille and half of my fully aimed shots where not going even close to where
    i aimed.

  147. The gun looks too heavy for the turret. Like the gun will break the turret

  148. Parker Sheffield

    This is a tier ten hellcat.

  149. Great vid, but what’s up with Quicky Babies lip?!

  150. My fear is that this tank may be over powered, not as terribly as the WT
    alf.E100 but all the same. It’s the second day of this tank actually being
    out and here’s a replay that shows someone getting results that should take
    weeks of experience with a tank to pull off. QB said it himself, Comrade
    Tyne was never really under a lot of pressure in this game, and he pulled
    off an amazing result. Maybe I’m just interpreting that in a way he didn’t
    intend it but I still worry about this tank’s power.

  151. William Phillips

    People are like, “It’s OP, but it’s not AS OP as the Waffle E 100, so just
    let it be stupidly OP and it’ll be fine.” I saw loads of 10k+ damage games
    before this thing even came off test. Not to mention that I’ve been
    snapshot so many times and even camo sniped by a tank that has “terrible

  152. Get ready for the nerf.

  153. Hi everyone

  154. Peyton Steckenrider

    yesterday when I was playing a bunch of people complained about the grille
    15 and even got rid of it and let me just say most americans were connected
    to the wt

  155. EABA EndAllBeAll

    R.I.P wft e 100

  156. AttackPenguin666

    “Probably the best sniper tank in the game” there is no contest whatsoever

  157. Let’s advertise a completely broken tank so T10 games can look awfull as
    shit for weeks to come …

  158. Having Artilery in team is only good for artilery itself. Cancerous class.

  159. My 8 kills where 2nd class :/

  160. A shoutout to Finland? It’s these moments when I don’t feel like being
    small & globally somewhat worthless.

  161. “Over 9006 kills” ;)

  162. This will eat the CDC

  163. Again a lot of scrubs that whine the new Grille 15 is OP. Maybe shout
    something after it’s been out a little longer, and not just based off a
    great replay.

  164. I just don’t play tier 10 games … 5-6 grilles per team completley fucked
    up the meta. I’ll wait a few more days untill it all calms down.

  165. Another op tank gg wargaming……

  166. I smell a nerf coming.

  167. That tank is OP as hell so what because it has so much poor armor it’s
    balanced ?! the previous one Wt e100 had the same paper thin armor but was
    OP still. That tank fires from it’s 150mm cannon like you QB stated a
    medium tank that is so much OP

  168. stupid camper tank …

  169. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    ITS OVER 9000

  170. grille 15 more op than wt e100…

  171. Hellcat old style on steroids?

  172. omg Chance a fkn OP Tank vs other OP Tank… gj WG…. what a bullshit…

  173. Mr. Hua (Kullimies)

    10:28 ITS OVER 9000!!!

  174. What font does QuickyBaby use for his thumbnails?

  175. Robert “Creeperbrine” Brine

    11:41 hey QB do you not remember that the Test server has been up for over
    a month so i bet he is really skilled with the tank…. or did you forget
    that already

  176. does anyone know if the waffle is getting swapped on xbox and when

  177. yeah this was bound to happened.

  178. Magnús Már Magnússon

    Plz do live commentary

  179. where should i link a replay of a heart break (amx 50 120) 10 kills pools
    defeat? can someone link

  180. 10:30 IT’S OVER 9000 !!!!!

  181. Ok, so I have used HE against this multiple times yesterday and was only
    able to do more damage than mid 100s once regardless of which tank/gun I
    used. Where is the ammo location on this tank?

  182. Next time use a video from your own website not from the eu replays website
    you have done this before and i hate it because it shows how un-creative
    you are

  183. i want the Grill 15 so bad O_o . . . i just have to go through the god
    awful Nashorn first with its 5 degrees of gun dipresion X_X

  184. Panther has longer barrel i think

  185. Am I the only one who doesnt think this tank is OP?
    I feel like its perfect! From the RHM, to the WT and now the Grille 15 is
    perfect predecessor. Its big, bad camo, no turret (360 degrees). Its got a
    great gun but isnt that the point, a glass cannon.

    its a teir X, shouldnt it have great gun stats if its a glass cannon.
    Also, keep in mind it has the lowest pen of any Teir X TD.

  186. Jakub Czerniejewski

    112 Got Removed From The Shop

  187. 9006 kills 10:30

  188. 10:28 OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

  189. MakeAmericaDankAgain

    is this guy from a clan qb was in

  190. Would you even go so far as to say that it goes… ludicrous speed?
    (obscure reference)

  191. QuickyBaby, what kind of headphones do you use? :)

  192. Eugenio “Atomic gaming” Dublan

    grilled 15 is OP lol just like waffle good replacement

  193. How i can get the Testerver?

  194. Alexander Stoyanov

    This replacement is too op but at least its not an autoloading shit :)

  195. 10:28 IT’S OVER 9000

  196. ImperialPiGaming

    To everyone bitching about how this tank is so OP, would you rather face a
    fully loaded waffenträger e-100? No, you wouldn’t. I loved my wt-e100, it
    was my favorite tank in the game, and it was replaced. So, quit your
    bitching and try to enjoy the game like I’m attempting to.

  197. Пейо Пешов

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    the new update is here,
    but the QB new intro is still not here !
    P.S. It is still in the OneAndOnly16’s channel !

  198. get ready for this tank to get nerfed in the next update of balancing tanks

  199. and this is the damage you need to do for an ace tanker

  200. WHYME and SANTI in that game ;o. Nice video btw

  201. Other noob grille so annoying kept driving in him

  202. It has been only 24 hours since the new patch is out and I already hate
    this OP shit tank… Especially in a 3 players platoon, it is fking
    unbelievable! You can actually chase medium tanks in this TD and move from
    on side of the map to another faster than some medium tanks! And you can
    literary run rings around heavier medium tanks like the E50M whit no
    problem! And the gun (whit that the accuracy, aim time and shell speed) is
    just batshit crazy! You can auto-aim while driving with 50-60 km/h and hit
    99% of the time! :|

  203. Jingles video was better lol

  204. ‘Disgusting arty’. But quite happy to use an over-powered, super fast TD.
    To club the rest of the field.

  205. 10:29 over nine thousand XDD

  206. Suomi!! (Yay Finland)

  207. MAYIS dance school


  208. Fu overpower, even faster than t54.

  209. ITS OVER nine thousssaaannndddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. 10:28 It’s over 9000!

  211. Watch my replay of the amx 12t my name is insane killer

  212. Uli uli suomi saatana perkele koskenkorva torille!!

  213. Jingles just uploaded the exact same match

  214. WTF E100 is OP as …, lets remove it by that blueprint more OP tank! couse
    WG’s logic. Hoping they’ll nerf it to normal stats soon

  215. 10:28 it’s over 9000!!!!!

  216. werwerwr dgdgdgdg

    that thing is so op. basically an arty with hit points speed AND accuracy

  217. quickybabby tell me what scouter say about his dmg ?It is over 9000

  218. this thing is a freaking beast. I must get it before the nerf bat finds it.

  219. LOL and WOT Gaming Channel

    most grille 15 driver’s are bullies and assholes

  220. Niffer Abderrahman

    very weak tank

  221. OVER 9000!!!

  222. Grille je Abominacija ni rodjena majka ga nebi volela

  223. Victoria “Lightning” Slavinsky

    Noooooooo my wtfauf e100 my lovely girl is gone

  224. QuickBaby livin on rock =)

  225. 0:17 so everyone with a life lived under a rock?

  226. Turpo Urpilainen

    My name is abdoul, Islam is very cool, Dont call me a fool, or else ill
    blow up your school.

  227. Arttu Nousiainen

    Uli uli uli!

  228. GD Class_Crafter

    10:28 ITS OVER 9000!


    *Everyone sees one man have a great game in a new tank*

    People be like:
    “ITS OP”
    “NURF IT WG!”

    #EveryoneLosesTheirMinds #SaltedWaffles #NurfOrNuthin

  230. Thousandsenemies

    This aim time is just insane for a 750 alpha gun

  231. Sold mine over rated

  232. GD Class_Crafter

    qb pls make the minimap smaller

  233. You're about to sound dumb , watch! :

    we already have btches whining complaining about it being OP you guys are
    the reason why WOT is getting boring now

  234. he is in RSOP tvp isn in WHYME and enemy are in SANTI

  235. Remember all you crying “omg this tank will be utter shit no camo at all
    and horrible movement gun bloom buhuuu”? :P


    ULI mainittu….

  237. that reload, aim time and accuracy JEEZ

  238. The Rusty Mechanic

    OVER 9000!

  239. Fuck that shit

  240. When dez games already featured this replay

  241. I had already saw this :(

  242. Noice

  243. Matias Mäensivu


  244. benis:3 uli

  245. 2:27 E 50 with 8.8 cm Kw.K. L/100 gun has longer gun i think

  246. So many poeple think this is op… What do you think QB?

  247. This tank is really skill dependent. The positioning is by far the most
    important aspect of playing it. Comrade had a perfect map, great team
    positioning, Encounter (where enemy players rushed to defend the cap) and
    most important, NO ARTY.

  248. Why can I only zoom 8x in my T-34 tier 5 soviet medium?

  249. PS Quickibaby could you make a full rewiev about the flak bus

  250. Another OP tank :3 and the reload is way tooooooooooo fast for a 150mm :/

  251. omg 11000 dmg

  252. Jussi Raitoniemi

    hmm…. i think ive too much stuff to say

  253. Jussi Raitoniemi

    if theres any wot players who use laptop (i guess not many, but…) please
    reply, i wanna know if YOU got it working peoperly. my game was glitzy all
    the time :(

  254. OP tank xD

  255. This is the longest gun in the game lol longer than object 261 by a decent

  256. MayorLetsPlays '-'

    Like i heard is the WT on E100 op and because this he was removed but i
    think the Grille 15 is more op (Sry for this bad English im German)

  257. The WT E100 was OP? The WT E100 was just OP for 6-10 sec, then after that
    it was just an easy target. This is too fast and have too good aim-time.
    Good call, WG

  258. DerSperminatorxD

    Bought my WT 3 months ago. AAAAAANND ITS GONE

  259. fuck you wargaming

    well…against bots and no arty, where is the vids of the same guy os by
    arty shot? oh wait nowhere just the goods vids are on the tube ;)

  260. that kill shot on the IS-7 was mint

  261. Can u make another intro

  262. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    now wargaming thinks this is too OP like wt auf e100 and replace grille 15
    with LargeTractor

  263. Jussi Raitoniemi

    im just saying, but becose you dont have armour, be in platoon with big
    tanks like E100 or Maus. the could provide good cover, right? what are your
    thoughts on this, QB?

  264. WOT’s .. it’s Grille Warfare.

  265. Jussi Raitoniemi

    hmm… if you make 950 average damage per shot, you only need 12 shots to
    that 11 000…. interesting they put so overpowered tank to the game,
    doesnt it have almost 4 rounds per minute rate of fire?

  266. I think this tank is still overpowered, the reload is fast and the alpha
    dmg is super strong the only drawback is the armor.

  267. Toasty Roasty Man

    “q” there are rumors that you will be coming out with a t- shirt with the
    caption…”I blame John Harmon” How much will it cost and where can I get

  268. Jussi Raitoniemi

    “under a rock.” thats gotta be the best line from QB ever lol

  269. omg that friendly grille drives three times into him

  270. Immediately died at the “Uli uli uli” :))

  271. uli uli uli to all the Finns out there? Is that what we sound like?

  272. Let’s drive it as much as we can until August when 9.16 comes.

    Grille 15
    – Aim time increased from 1.5s to 2.6s
    – Dispersion on turret traverse increased by 20%
    – Suspension crossing capacity decreased by 30%
    – Rate of fire decreased from 3.64 to 3.1 rounds/min.
    – 15 cm Pak L/63 dispersion increased from 0.27 to 0.34
    – Your driver quit his job and you have to push the tank yourself,
    decreasing max speed down to 1 km/h.

    Obj 268
    – Aim time decreased from “meaningless number” to 0.3s
    – Dispersion on traverse decreased from “another meaningless number” to
    – Suspension crossing capacity now receives absolutely no ground resistance
    because It floats above the ground.
    – Rate of fire increased from 3.64 to “MG-42 speed”
    – 152 mm M64 replaced with Quad Turbolaser Cannon, in collaboration with
    Star Wars, cuz they gave us money.
    – Driver replaced with a pilot since we forgot to mention that the tank can
    now fly.
    – Oh yeah, and extra 70 cm of all-around spaced armor.

  273. Niclas “Clefspeare13” Schwab

    20 shots, 18 hits, 18 penetrations. That’s pretty amazing tbh

  274. Can you please make a video about shells??

  275. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    At least you can plat WOT, since the update my game crashes all the time on
    loading screen after pressing play……

  276. Confusing BSG Commander Tigh maybe?

  277. Nice one

  278. Who else is trying to get upvotes by asking something very relatable?

  279. Hey Quickybaby! I had some problems with your modpack yesterday, but i get
    it working i put it in the wrong folder. But i wanted to ask did i do
    something wrong because i dont have the big xvm scale? Or is it removed?

  280. These things are a plague on the battlefield at the moment, T10 matches are
    filled with them.

    It seems however this “TD” is more a light tank with a massive gun than
    anything else.

  281. Yeah during this replay I wasn’t under pressure at all and it was my most
    boring ”epic” game imo. In the end I imagined doing about 8k dmg but i
    was amazed in the score that i did 11.7k dmg. Damage just seems to stack up
    really fast when u can use its excellent gun.

  282. #balanced

  283. So bullshit that you van camp so easy and still have à gold game


  285. Krišs Spalviņš

    Am I the only one who smells a nerf already?

  286. uliuliuli

  287. Nice game 🙂 from KAUNAS23

  288. boooo!

  289. awesome replay so early I gues this tank may be OP, its aim time suppose to
    be more like 1.7 and the hp/t more like 20

  290. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    I smell a nerf incoming

  291. this tank is just OP… good gun, good mobility, good pen, armour is
    useless anyway so there is nothing bad about the tank

  292. Camo looks horrific, he was spotted everywhere.

  293. I hope they nerf it fast.

  294. speed up shoot it one time ramm it and yay done, give us more crap no armor
    high tier tanks wich are good only in one-2 maps! Waffle was good on any
    map and only 15sec op cause of autoloader(just to scare others) sorry for
    the guys shooting 4 times into lower plate…those got wrecked always easy
    lol and thats all!! now nerv that silly FV’s which can oneshot mediums
    specially german leos 🙂 and nearly oneshot waffls and they have
    armor….unbelievable!! Hulldown is7 or strong turret tanks=death to all

  295. so…huh they remove a old op tanks that was nerf to dealth with a new op
    tank that will be nerf to dealth?

  296. zidane sugiharto

    pls buff obj.268 be the same like grille 15

  297. This thing is going to get nerfed to hell !

  298. How you win a tank battle in german tank? Chocolate ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ
    ͡°) ͡°) and coffee ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

  299. MajesticRaithier

    Not even 3 days after 9.15 release and Jingles and Quickybaby have already
    made a video about ridiculous Grille 15 games..
    I hear an artillery nerf hammer incoming!

  300. this tank is again a joke..They remove a WT auf e100 but they put this
    back.. and its just as OP as the WT maybe even more.. plzz wargaming go

  301. Yeah QB I thought I did like 2k dmg one game and then I noticed I did 5.5k

  302. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    same op tank than wte100

  303. Thanks QB

  304. Can someone tell me how to use the new extra zoom function?

  305. 10:29. ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

  306. this tank is already maker me hate this game more than the wt auf e100. He
    is too fast and his dpm is to hight…

  307. OP replaced by possibly more OP. No idea how it passed testing like this
    aside from maybe the same asshats that passed on the T22, Waffle etc.

  308. Vytenis Kajackas

    It is OP

  309. Jonas Sagichnicht

    wow der patch is seit 2 tagen draußen bzw.1nen und schon gibt’s solche try
    hard replays xD :D?☺

  310. War gaming replaced the most accurate tank in the game with an even more
    accurate tank and more mobile… Only removed the auto loader… GG

  311. Grilled Waffles

  312. Nerf incoming!

  313. The Pilot Penguin

    i know what your saying about the dmg stacking up, i have seen replays
    where the may have fired 4 or 5 times and when i look at the dmg panel it
    says they have done 4k dmg

  314. Grille should get auto loader 2 shells for +%50

  315. Guillaume Arreal

    Great game! Looking foward to see that beast on the console version! Any
    French tank reviews coming soon? Amx 50 120? Keep up the good work o7

  316. Julius Martinelis

    It’s almost 12 000 dmg.

  317. i am getting 100fps on max settings on the SD client now due to the 9.15
    update – is it worth upgrading to the HD client? what will happen to my

  318. suomi mainittu torille

  319. I’ll want him to play with his M48A1 Patton
    Cause he is lovely in that tank :*

  320. Only played a few games, but liking it so far. Shells travel so, so fast.
    Gun elevation isn’t great though. You’re right about the damage
    surprisingly stacking up, QB. A few times I’ve found I’ve done over 4k
    damage without feeling like I did much. Can’t wait to have a monster game.

  321. it would be more sily looking than this already when they put that big gun
    on a Luchs, but at least know they want it to be sily.

  322. Grille now King of clutch shot RNG….

  323. ‫‫, TracerHD 曳光彈

    ………..███ ]▄▄▄▄▄▃

  324. Pirate Edward Kenway

    I LOVE YOU QUICKY!! will you be at tankfest??

  325. Would like to fucking play but WOT won’t load (Client) GG wargaming

  326. I have it, I’m happy with it.

    Is it OP ? Yes.

    I feel that a mix of reload time and camo rating nerf (mild nerf please,
    don’t make another Foch out of a good tank WG, plz…) would bring this
    more in line with the rest. Right now you can snipe, stay hidden. relocate
    super fast and dish out massive damage. While it might not be a broken
    stupid machine like the Waffle was (good riddance) it is too good in the
    hands of even a vaguely decent player that has a clue about game mechanics.

  327. can you do a tank review on this vehicle?

  328. gonna get nerfed
    cus German

  329. Please nerf

  330. Uliuli

  331. +QuickyBaby Nice vid


  333. ULI ULI ULI

  334. Nikke Knatterton

    Finn clans!

  335. It seems I’ve been living under a rock…

  336. Mihailoiu Madalin

    Any of you guys have some problems after 9.15 update ?.. my wot lost some
    good amount of fps after this shit

  337. I’m using rammer, camo and binocs for a load out. I find the binocs allows
    me to burn through enemy camo and allow longer range engagements than
    optics. With the turret (even with partial rotation) binocs are more
    effective. I like this vehicle better than the vehicle it replaced. Waiting
    around 60 seconds for a reload was never fun.

  338. Siis eiks kukaan oo viel laittanu? No minä laitan!
    Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!

  339. NERF IT and the TVP T50/51 too (reload between shells)!!!

  340. I can’t get ace in this thing, even after 9.4k dmg, 1.5k assisted, and 7

  341. Textbook demonstration

  342. i knew WG was gonna do this, release it unbalanced to satisfy the WT
    players then they will nerf the ever living shit out of it

  343. It’s over 9000!!!!

  344. Too OP tank.
    But not for long I hope.

  345. why dont QB goes OVER 9000!!!! XD old meme

  346. ”Over 9000” – Quickybaby 10:25

  347. Whitetrash050 geen

    Can anybody please tell me how i get that solid aim dot? Please?

  348. Marien Passenier

    In real life, thuis thing whould flip when it shot. Iets an other fantasy

  349. Can’t believe I’m saying this but Quickybaby upload more total war videos!

  350. This shit is getting nerfed , that aim time with that kind of accuarcy is
    just OP :3 #GiveUsWTFBack #MakeWoTShitAgain

    Edit : It doesn’t matter if it has no armor or bad camo , you won’t give a
    fuck about that if you’re firing shells at people 500m away while you have
    0.27 dispersion at 100m with that kind of good shell velocity. Once they
    release the next patch notes you will see that i was right. This will get

  351. Not OP at all…another broken tank,thx WG

  352. Not the longest gun i guess, but one of the longest, i think 261 has the
    longest Kappa

  353. This is a random comments in youtube.

  354. my T-49 loves the Grille 15. I two-shotted one

  355. Stefan Nicolaescu

    Do you guys think this tank will be nerfed? I am thinking of getting one
    but i am afraid that by the time i get to it it will not be that good

  356. Grille 15 sneaky? Look at the numbers m8. Just g8


  358. Next patch will be nerfed because WG loves fantasy!

  359. 5/5 rynnäkkösipuli

  360. Ein wildes Tails

    Hey Guys i Need some help. After i installed QB Modpack, i can’t play in
    Fullscreen Mode. Anyone else have this Problem?

  361. Please not more! Enough Grille’s! Stop it please!

  362. This tank, whit a good player, can be like WT E 100 OP

  363. Exploding Baconeer

    I hate this thing, WT E100 is better

  364. can you wrote his nick?

  365. Grille Is so OP

  366. stream or video stream or video STREAM OR VIDEO ? :D

  367. Amazing game by Him 🙂 GG ( fuck all haters )

  368. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    Are that helmets on the inside of the turret? Looks like it…

  369. Joseph Stalin Jughashvili

    anyone who says ”i’m early” jokes has a free one-way trip to magadan

  370. replacing an op tank with a new op tank! yay!

  371. Henri Hammastahna

    Who else thinks that this tank is ugly asf ?

  372. 35th earliest I’ve ever been

  373. Who else is watching in 2016?

  374. aced my grille today :)

  375. Reload is WAY too fast for a 150mm

  376. It’s been 2 days and already 11k

  377. I have been on a rock these past few days :/

  378. wow

  379. cool video I really want world of tanks pc I play blitz

  380. so it’s just as overpowered as the waffle..

  381. Tank is just as broken as others Time for another banned tank

  382. oh Im early here I need to make a joke fast……….rhm b wts armor is

  383. Justin Marciniec

    22nd comment

  384. they took out an op tank to put another op tank

  385. ULI ULI ULI

  386. Aaand its nerfed

  387. 29th

  388. I’ve never been this early

  389. hey guys nice.vid love.u qb

  390. Hey QuickyBaby 🙂
    i have watched your videos since you had 10k subs, which vehicle you think
    is best medium tank all round? like decent mobility, frontal armor ( one
    very hard to pen spot ) and a good gun?

  391. kristoffer myhrvold


  392. Martynas Vanagas


  393. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh

    Who else is watching the stream?

  394. kristoffer myhrvold

    I love u QB

  395. Mik “Naf33” Z

    Yo twitch Kappa

  396. Second ?

  397. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh


  398. 1 second ago :)

  399. kristoffer myhrvold


  400. kristoffer myhrvold


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